Lightning and spark-proof love

«The day will come when you recognize an indelible tattoo on your soul, then no matter how much you do to erase it, it will remain there until the end of time, then you will understand that not everyone will be able to tattoo on it, and not everyone will know how to understand ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Very early in the fascinating space where Painani and Hora lived, things were going to turn the colour of an ant and not in metaphorical terms… This would cause one of the most revealing upsets ever imagined.

Painani watched from the threshold of her palm hut, how Hora worked with the heaps of healing herbs that they would later take to the various nearby towns, however, she was not comfortable, it made her nervous to see the way her partner worked  to deal with the ants, she irritated her greatly and with great disgust, she approached him to throws her anger: 

-It can’t be that you like working naked, and on top of that you let all the ants walk through your body, I can’t tolerate that!!

Hora with a frank smile answered:

-Well, it is good that you do not tolerate it, it is not what they are looking for, my dear. They prefer me

Painani with her fists clenched and trying to keep calm, couldn’t help shouting:

«Sure, the ants won’t get on me and the times that they dare, they have they sting me hard.»

Hora,  impassive and with great serenity and sure of what he was said:

-Course all they itch you because you do not want to know anything of them; the ants feel your smell of rejection and before you want to kill them with a swatted them prefer to rip you off you a good bite.

That was the last straw, Painani no longer tolerated this scenario  at the moment she said:

-I’m going to run, I’ll take the heaps of medicinal herbs, whatever there are, you can stay with your friends … At the moment she hurriedly raised the herbs shaking them to prevent an ant from being among them and Hora said to her:

-Look, woman, with what difficulty they cross my legs the body hair prevents them from walking and it seems that they make twice the effort to stay in my body.

Painani took him by the face and told him before planting a frenzied and loving kiss:

-I don’t understand how I can love someone who is made of substances unknown to me and who is also loved by the playful ants …

She prepare her utensils for the journey and she went to visit villages, where he urged people to take care of themselves, he touched the children’s stomachs and warned them that if it was inflamed, it was often because some worms had built a colony of friends inside to eat what the child ate and he was sharing the food he needed to grow and it was necessary to get the invaders out of his body.

She touched the knees of the elderly and recommended hot water cloths to heal the pain when walking, finally, he suggested telling a story to those he managed to gather in the square of the place to look at the stars and look for a scorpion,  a man with the body of a beast and a fabulous snake that a brave man held in his arms and if they managed to see them they could draw them on root leaves that she gave them to show them when she returned accompanied by her beloved Hour. 

Sometimes there were ailments that only the Lightning Custodian could resolve, but they remained on her to-do list by the time they both made that journey.

Lightning was brutal, as Hora had pointed out, but he knew how to recognize who was in front of him and he would never forget the woman to whom he threw the burning branch and that she, holding the hand of her beloved, did not move and waited with integrity that that trunk turned into a tool of power, that reaches her and nail itself in front of her feet.

Their life together was long and fruitful, but they never had children, the very idea of ​​seeing them disappear turned into lightning, made them choose to grant honours to the moon and recognize their cycles to love each other when she has been announced the possibility and share their wisdom with all children from nearby regions, their parents and grandparents.

Later we will know how the crosier of power reaches Aztec lands and is still too early to say.

Life rewards everything that is done with passion places you at the centre of great avatars and shows you options where only you will know the path to choose; let your wise experience then lead your way.

Author´s notes:

Lightning Photography with Free Filter by PicsArt

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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