Between the past and the future

“Probably the beliefs of all human beings will prevail for a considerable time, there will be times when it will be important to recognize that their attachment is due to heredity, changes are sometimes executed by a different awareness and they will not always be fair, but nothing arises spontaneously ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The Road would longer, in Erandi’s mind was the memory of her student Painani who resolved and in the full knowledge that she would never see the land where she was born. She started on the road to the South, now things could change and in a prudent time she and hers will return, but even Erandi herself was not clear about that, they were times of profound changes in the Mexican lands and all its surroundings.

On the way, Jacobo seriously asked Quizari Taiyari if it was easy for him to understand the reactions that the sound of the conch shell will have aroused in Wuey Tlatoani’s mind:

-Jacobo, something is evident, the message marks the change, life must be respected, now we know that for the deities their food is different, for them to understand it, situations such as those that are about to live must happen and it will be very hard, the balance will not depend on us, but it will do its job effectively, it is a reality.

Jacobo nodded with a frown, he knew from experience that beliefs had been imposed by the sword in many places that he knew and were aware that their exodus would not prevent all those in that silent caravan from feeling firsthand what would come to their senses and their hearts enlightened.

They were accompanied by some relatives and disciples who felt that the journey would be bearable and who recognized that they were better from the outside to bring about the necessary changes and then integrate again into a world that would be transformed.

Many of them, decided to stay and pointed out to the Lords of Light that they would be witnesses of their visions and tenacious writers of each event and that each roll of amate would not see the public light, they would not be transformed by the brushes of the conquerors, they would move the ideas with the understanding that each one of them would need time to be part of a transformation, they would make groups leave alive what the fallen one wrote and they indicated strategic points where the written scrolls would be awaiting their return.

While all this is happening, Wuey Tlatoani looks with anger and frustration at the walls of his enclosure, the torrential rain had rudely washed the bleeding walls that he so revered.

These events are presented under the gaze of the Lady of the Flame, at the moment that she perceives that a man is observing her from the deck of a boat.

I will make a short parenthesis to locate them in terms of the beings that inhabit the belt of Orion and their times:

Alnitak, Sol, the lady of the Flame: Deep Past

Mintaka, Itzmin, the messenger of Fire: Bright Past

Alnilam, Barderian, the daring traveller: Distant future.

So, let’s go back and get closer to the boat where they shout at the sorcerer, who nobody knows who he is, is one more, a dungeon dweller who was freed to embark on a ruthless adventure, exposed to the dangers of the monstrosities of the sea:

-Hey! you yellow along with these others, you have to clean the deck.

The man turns and with a hard and resentful look, he snaps at the one who orders:

-Cobrizo, what’s your name?

-What the hell is that about? If we get out alive when we reach difficult to land, it will be that we meet again …

The sorcerer looks at him challengingly and exclaims:

-Between the copper and the yellow there are two humans with names, what do you think?

The man who ordered him to clean the deck nods and reluctantly tells him:

-Genaro, at the moment he puts his hands on his waist, waiting for a response from the yellow one:

-My name is Yinrú, and we will come out of this alive, you’ll see.

All the men laugh uproariously as they prepare to clean the planks of that boat.

Let’s go back to the lands of the Aztec empire:

Among the caravan that walks to the south, Zila gives them a warning from Dayami:

-We will have a sign in the sky to recognize the place where we will meet Hora and Painani in a few more months, so let’s go with energy and without pause, protect your feet and go ahead brothers, life awaits!

Soon they will be 22 enlightened, along with a group of relatives and disciples, but the time and the journey will be inevitable.

Author’s Notes: Author’s

photograph: «The washed wall”

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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