Never stop brightening your dreams

«Part of the whole it will be shared with others, there will always be a contraption where random scenarios show but remember that every magician or sorcerer choose how and when launching their learning tools and teaching»

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The Lords of light, during the time they inhabited the spaces of the Aztec empire under the direction of Erandi and Quizary Taiyari, projected, built, imagined, and dispersed ideas to the four directions of the wind so that they would form part of the seed of teachings necessary for foster the future.

All of them were aware that they should not be demoralized before the onslaught of a reality that none of them had sought, that reality that is atrocious and that provokes the anger of the bravest, on the contrary, their incentive to move forward was based on the foundations of that nothing have been happening at the beginning of a distant vision of their own life experience.

The moment came when they stepped on the same beaches where Painani’s dream was protected by a large group of crabs, when observing them Erandi understood that each of them had witnessed the exhaustion and painful experiences that one of his most outstanding apprentices had undergone.

The Priestess of the former Temple of the Moon felt an impressive pride and recognized that Painani’s preparation allowed her to achieve the impossible; At the same time, she realized that she did not have the age or the strength to complete the journey and communicated it to the group.

The Crab houses a home in its shell, it reminds us that the house of the human is everything that surrounds it

-Brothers all, please listen! This site was protected by the symbol of the crab and we must notify Hora, he must recognize in his investigations the power of an animal of great strength that is likewise capable of crossing under the waters as hiding in soft spaces from the sands.

Other peoples that we do not know have to give it special attributes, for us the crabs of these beaches will be the custodians of a daring and tenacious traveller, our companion Painani.

On the other hand, I will need, like anyone who does not feel strong enough to move forward, help to continue on the path in some sections that are difficult for me and that are difficult for some of you.

I request Evaristo‘s help to prepare ointments in advance to protect foot sores, not until they appear; Likewise, helps Patricio to build a contraption to avoid walking to anyone who requires it, not to give him privileges, but to help him follow our mission.

That afternoon each of them had what was necessary to help each other and continue the journey. 

While they were taking food and healing the wounds on their feet and building a cot that could help those in pain, one of the enlightened ones spoke:

-I have an announcement for you, said Zila, now can I tell you the name of the sorcerer concealed in the conquerors’ crew, as Dayami heard it and the man stared at the stellar home of the Flame Lady, his name is Yinrú.

Even though none knew the meaning in Mandarin Chinese Rú means: Enter

All of them were surprised that the skin tone of the man was yellow as Dayami said to Zila, and they don’t know what means his name, Santiago said:

– A new way appears of seeing and understanding magic appears in these lands, new customs and dilemmas to decipher, we enter a terrain where those of us who have travelled from the other shore of the wide sea is going ahead. All of you brothers, listen carefully that this man He is as human as we are and if they have told him yellow with contempt, it is that he is a Chinese, a man from distant lands, who the hazards of fate have allowed him to enter in unknown territory, as unknown as for us yours.

The world will take time to understand that no matter the colour of your skin, your blood and viscera will always be those of a human being, with similar feelings and values; They will also entertain themselves by creating separations and welcoming into their groups those who are similar to them, repelling the others, making them disappear.

Author’s Notes:

Crab Constellation Image:  Star-Chart

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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