The Meeting and the look to the future

A quiet, constant, silent work; iron confidence and fireproof, thought crossing the dense waters of ancestral beliefs and in the end prevailing over everything that could be verifiable and that was not governed by the imposition of ideas, a path to reason and understanding was distant, however, that is the goal ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Well, just now we will know to whom all the final paragraphs of each story in this work belong, it is she, The Lady of the Flame, she was reflecting along with the messenger to deliver this work to us.

Many situations will be revealed to us and some others we will have to recognize for ourselves, since their permanence in magic with the passage of time will become something very different, even though they will never stop referring to the skills of intuition as a tool of great power.

Vulnerable hypotheses to be verified and theories that have to discard fallacious arguments is a distant matter at the time that occupies us, however it is the path of each one of the enlightened ones.

The story will unfortunately be placed in the hands and writings of the conquerors and its official version will defend beliefs and values that will give them power and strength, dominion over vast territories that they have to occupy with blood and shrapnel.

Under that dense veil of dogmas, induced fears, impositions and the submission of the inhabitants of various spaces, the group that will accompany and diversify with Lords of the Light, will continue its journey.

The Offering

At the time of the meeting, the 22 enlightened gathered made an offering in that Central American territory, Erandi observed the conjunction of stars that especially received them in the sky and these were her words:

Venus, the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn accompanied the offer

“There is a manifest need, there is no intention of stopping, the space promises harvests and good omens before our eyes; We must prioritize what is valuable over what we all see from above, the eyes of heaven are watching us, they are the lords of a time that awaits us, they are the voices of those who were close in times that we do not know.

We appreciate what has been achieved and everything that is yet to be presented, fortune is a malicious game, we must recognize that what it gives us can be taken away, but we will always remember with gratitude this moment of joy.

As a visionary leader, I want each of you to take common sense into account, each of us must play with your attributes, life has allowed us to communicate with a new language different from that of others, let’s use it with intelligence and measure.

The world belongs to those who see the triumphs when completing a project, when closing stages, let us not stop to look at what was not possible, let us be aware that we will have many situations against us.

Let each idea motivate you, the world is a place to take positions and be strategic, may the light accompany us and we manage to keep it on, remembering the example of The Lady of the Flame and her eternal presence among all of us. ”

They all held hands in that concentric circle where the 22 enlightened ones and the rest of the visionaries were who will keep Erandi’s words in their minds and hearts.


This is a small preview of what we are going to see in the next book that begins with a heated discussion of four men, one Arab, the other Japanese, with them is a Hindu and a descendant of Jinru.

The scenario is set in the year 2237 and the conversation centres on the interest of the Japanese to revive the theories of a pseudoscientist who lived many years ago, who he considers was not given true value for his research.

All of them are looking for a key that has turned out to be an unsuccessful path, a series of trials and errors that have left nothing good, only million-dollar losses and enormous frustration.

This book concludes on the day dedicated to Mars, November 9, 2021, and on the Asgardian calendar on the day dedicated to Jupiter, 5 Sagittarius, year 0005
Author’s notes:
Photograph of the night of November 8, 2021, by the author: «The fabulous conjunction»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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