I find myself thinking about the title

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

A heated discussion of four men, one Arab, the other Japanese, with them has been invited a Hindu and a descendant of Yinrú, the sorcerer we met arriving in the year around 1492 to the American continent.

The scenario is set in the year 2237 and the conversation centres on the interest of the Japanese man to revive the theories of a pseudoscientist who lived many years ago, who he considers was not given true value for his research.

All of them are looking for a key that has turned out to be an unsuccessful path, a series of trials and errors that have left nothing good, only million-dollar losses and enormous frustration.

They already lived the traumatic experience in the year 2135, when Bennu by chance of fate and although NASA had predicted that it would not hit us, when passing through the asteroid belt it was hit by a rock of impressive size and that deviation causes pieces of the huge rock when brushing with the atmosphere will be destroyed into particles and will impact the Earth, precisely on the Chinese Wall, destroying several kilometres of the colossal monument, as described in the third book of the series.

Going with some stories in zigzag allows the sequence of constancy of unity and a going and going back in time where history defines us and shows us the different paths from different perspectives, is the idea of ​​the writing method that I used.

Under this frame of reference, these four men argue heatedly in the facilities of a building that belongs to a space research institution, in a world that no longer resembles the one we now know.

The Japanese, whose name we will later know, arrives there with stunned thinking and recognizing that hyper-industrialization has not created better people, on the contrary, it has isolated them.

On the other hand, the Arab warns that he is going to meet with a group that has different ways of thinking and his concerns when getting on the elevator of that impressive and modern building is that in the fight for climate change, has not been equitable, people have dedicated himself to thinking about how to solve geo-locatable interests, losing the view of everything.

The Hindu is the last to arrive, he bows to the three men who offer him a seat and he thinks that nothing that his ancestors did in the past to enhance the human spirit, has established solid foundations in the humans of the time that he lives. He recognizes that they are humans who have forgotten the importance of looking inside.

Finally, the Chinese man who is a distant relative of  Yinrú and the ancestral lineage of sorcerers who I barely outlined in the last book, takes the floor at the moment he reads the report that was given to him and with a frown and a deep voice, he asks suspiciously to the Japanese man who quoted them all there:

-So you consider to be found in that strange study on the life of water, some solution; what the hell is that and how do you explain that in it the solution we are looking for is found to what is happening?

The Japanese, without being offended by the reluctant and antagonistic posture of the man from China, responds with a calm voice:

-The matter vibrates in a wave resonance that is imperceptible to us, what your mind concentrates as logical thought emits a fluctuation, in the same way, that it does what your thoughts formulate as part of a feeling.

At that moment, the Hindu enthusiastically accommodates himself in the chair, recognizing in what the man points out as a defence of his argument something that he understands perfectly, but he does not understand what all this is about and his attention keeps him with his gaze fixed on him. The Japanese man continues his dissertation:

-It is the way we recognize the other, we can accept or reject him, but now let´s imagine what happens at minute levels of interaction that we can magnify that nanometric scale at macro levels.

The men who listen to him look at each other in bewilderment and do not understand what kind of material he is talking about, but unable to ask a question, they follow the voice of the Japanese man:

We have to try something, the life of the planet depends on it, Bennu’s experience still has repercussions on the inhabitants of the Earth and so far we have not sustained the lives of the inhabitants of the Moon, there are millionaire teams that we have lost, high-tech control towers, which keep the robotic technicians informed of what is happening in Mars, and the Moon is susceptible to receiving more blows, but the permanence of humans there is temporary, however, what happens here would be a collapse, because we are the nerve centre of what happens out there, until now.

Many years later, when none of them was left alive on Earth, they would be recognized for their work as explained in technical terms and with various variations by the group of aliens led by Tai, and her coupler Yilia, and their team; However, in the middle of the road these talks are given and these situations have made the mechanisms that drive the economy and the way of coexistence of humans different from what we have now.

Let us remember that according to the third book, at this time the Asgardians have already nurtured many areas of the entire planet with their alternatives. It is very possible that this book has a collaborator, but there is no final agreement so far …

Author´s notes:

This is a note from a newspaper that can clarify the aforementioned about Bennu: https://www.dw.com/es/la-nasa-anuncia-que-asteroide-bennu-podr%C3%ADar-chocar-con-la -land-from-2135 / a-58842056

Man from Japan remembers Masaru Emoto and the Hidden Messages of the water

Another aspect that he remains to recall:  Theremin, sonic waves that do not need physical contact

Let us remember that by the 23rd century the men and women of Eggya have already reached the third book with their powerful idea of rescuing worlds in danger of extinction and with the passage of time the project will bear the name of the Barderian effect, but in this book we haven’t reached that moment yet

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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