The Silent Wall

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

So each of the men present at that meeting meditated on the relevance of their investigations, it was up to them that their working groups consider their investigations as something of importance to advance and above all else, important issues to invest again with millionaire sums so that in the end everything getting would collapse and people were already distrustful and at the same time with a depressed attitude towards impotence since every intelligent brain that was on earth was useless in that issue.

Then he takes the word Yinrú-Ha, that was the name of the Chinese man who belonged to the legendary lineage of the Yin-rú he was the most exacerbated and anxious because he remembered the past of a place that for their culture was of vital importance and exclaimed:

-The Silent Wall, is the monument that brings us closer to the deep past of each of my ancestors, but the moment we stand on it we perceive the pain and suffering of thousands of brothers who spent their lives building, now Heaven has shown us an unflattering omen:

«No matter how long something has taken you to do, in seconds it can become nothing and at the end of the road even what we inherit from others will be forgotten forever.»

All of them were silent before the heartfelt and profound words of their partner, scientist and researcher.

The Japanese did not know what to answer but he understood perfectly that the matter that was vibrating in the Chinese wall could be fundamental in the process that took place in that place in the past, but considering his comment controversial, he preferred to remain silent.

It was at that moment that the Hindu man decided to talk to the group and took a small Tibetan bowl from his briefcase, everyone was somewhat surprised but they knew that no one was going to leave without exhausting their arguments to answer the questions and great concerns that afflict them.

His name is Ammar, it means «alive, immortal»; With great subtlety, he began to vibrate his bowl at the same time he observed the change in the faces of each of those present in that place, after a few minutes he stopped and asked them to give their impressions of what they had perceived when all of them were listening to the bowl:

The Chinese Yinrú-HA appreciated that pleasing sound, as it calmed his mind in discouragement when remembering the monumental Chinese wall

On his side, Daiki, the Japanese whose name meant being of great courage and courage, pointed out with great confidence:

-The universe vibrates approximately with a frequency of 432 Hertz, synchronicity allows us to wrap ourselves in a peaceful environment and equalize our energies, thank you very much, Ammar.

Then the colleague from Arabia, whose name is Assim, which means «the one who guarantees and protects, who can be approached by adversity and evil,» asks in dismay:

“It is still not clear to me what he is trying to demonstrate, but it is clear that there are two extremes in any process, the subtle and the dense and serious, the one that builds and the one that destroys.

When Daiki, Yinrú-Ha, Assim and Ammar mention these words, they hear someone knocking on the door of the room and without waiting for permission to enter, they do so with the tea and cookies service; a diligent and petite lady puts down the tray and asks if she can serve them tea, to which everyone shakes their heads in denial and she leaves with a smile.

Assim resolutely continues the conversation pointing out that the lady of the service was precisely a clear example of a meteorite, her irruption is announced but she does not ask for permission, she simply positions herself.

At that moment, Daiki takes the floor and points out energy:

-Now they understand that it is true, matter vibrates at a certain wave frequency to break a crystal, it takes at least 105 decibels, 556 Hertz.

I agree with Ammar, in the same way, that they can be curative, the way a sound is emitted, it can become the most destructive power, as Assim has pointed out; The most important detail is that we are talking about solid rock, whose speed is impressive and its drag of an immeasurable impact force. Do you understand what I mean?

Each of the men was meditating on the structure capable of combating something of great magnitude with a sound emission, but something was not entirely viable, they also recognized that any innovation would require thousands of solar euros in lost capital investments.

The only one who smiled with satisfaction was Ammar who requested a tactile board to make a drawing that would be very special for everyone … 

To be continued…


Author’s drawing: «The Broken Glass»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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