The Watchman

Chapter 1ts  The Sonic Network

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That night the noise of silence came deafening to the shadows that inhabited the strange dreams of Yinrú-Ha, that type of reverie that we have already experienced in passages of this series in all those who are descendants of the enlightened ones; all of them perceive in one way or another, something they must know. However, in the case of Yinrú-Ha, the experience is incomprehensible, the mixture of images and his ancestral culture confuse him.

Each image is repeated in his dreams with a certain frequency and the details ignite the imagination of the scientist who cannot understand the reasons for the dream that haunts him.

He observes a white eagle that crosses the sky until it reaches a huge snake with which he starts a strange dance, which he mistakes for an attack but is something different and enigmatic; majestic and attractive, they are movements that little by little turn into a fascinating dance.

The Chinese scientist does not understand what this strange dream represents, he suddenly observes the frenzied and surprising flapping of the white eagle, hears closely the fluttering of feathers that brush the skin of the enormous snake, which little by little spreads its wings, accompanying in a playful and exuberant flight to the eagle in its flight towards the heights of the blue sky.

For Yinrú-Ha, culturally the image represents the dragon, that apparition that prevents him from waking up trying to give him a message, for him, it is nothing other than the transformation of a dragon before the magical presence of that eagle.

The dragon in its ancestral culture represents the symbol of power, nobility and good fortune; He always wakes up startled, lost in situations that are incomprehensible to him.

Let us remember what we know in this story that long before reaching the XXIII century, the process of expanding borders in the world began, therefore, in this change of border limits, many families were forced to move if they wanted to conserve their loved ones close to them and it was in this way, their parents and grandparents lost their lives in a landslide that in that massive mobilization it was a hazardous path to be relocated was dramatic for many families. (1)

Yinrú-Ha was one of the orphans relocated for adoption with numerous groups of children in need of shelter and new homes; let us remember that also before the new world regulations, the indigent groups, as well as the groups of orphans, had to have a home to be cared for and not be part of organizations that are supported by altruistic donations, since these groups should have the means to be self-sufficient and independent from any supporting body.

He never knew who tattooed on his waist, just above his left buttock, an inscription with this phrase:

銀 茹 哈 , 這 是 他 的 名字 (Yinrú-Ha, that’s his name)

However, for the being who watches over him and that At the moment we recognize as the watchman, it is easy to recognize the reason for that message, in the same way, that in the past he was his grandmother’s lookout from a distance …

In the legion of illuminated people and the group of lords of light, as well as all those who now surround the watchman, the tradition of preserving the name of the ancestor, was part of a custom, of an invisible thread with a clear reason precise; Let us remember that the same happens with Zila, who was Al-Majus in the past and whose ancestor in the future we will see in the XXIII century, the professor and philologist of the same name who for some strange reason his dreams take him to the deep past. The question perfectly fits: Does this happen to him because of the background that his great-grandmother told him about her ancestors from Newfoundland? Maybe, but it’s still too early to tell.

However, the efforts to send him concrete and understandable messages were not easy, he had lost the common thread of his close heritage and only from his back could he read his name in the reflection of a mirror. The tattoo was done that way, not for aesthetic reasons, the grandmother was guided by the lookout to do it like that and not in another form.

The grandma remembered when she bathed his grandson the words that had been given to her in dreams:

<There is no goodness in the symbol, but in the one who bears it; the reflection can be distorted he will be guided to understand it>

This was part of the first secret revealed, and when Yinrú-Ha was able to apply and understand it, he would also be able to solve great enigmas that would be presented to him as problems and not as solutions.

Everything comes to its time and sometimes the times for timelessness are presented in different ways and with different approaches, putting hope in the details was important since in Yinrú-Ha there is a lineage that at the same time gives meaning to its task in life.

(1) Let us remember that the borders in the future according to my work «Third book of the series The Bridge and the Beginnings» have been expanded and modified for socio-economic-political reasons.

Author’s designs with free filter from PicsArt: «The Tattoo»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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