What you have believed

The value of the concept

2nd Chapter

Many things have remained in the soul of human beings as immovable values, we have all grown up under certain rules and concepts, precisely that is what the interlocutor of Morati was referring to when she pointed out that humanity was again at a breaking point.

Morati approached her and urged her to answer some details that for him were something new and unknown, but before he introduced himself  she replied:

-Mr Agu, you are well known in the middle for your direct questions and some annoying occasions for some people, now that you are on this site you will realize the great muddles we get into each time, by the way, my name is Ly Kobayashi (小林) (1) My specific job will be to evaluate the speed and spin of each sphere in the sonic network.

The model should give answers in those two months that we have to work with Professor Ammar’s data, the proof field will give us an overview of the scope in dimensions that should generate the result we expect by increasing the size of the prototype.

Shortly the conference of the other leader Yinrú-Ha will begin, his task will be to evaluate the processes in zero gravity for the photonic impulse, when thinking in terms of Octo I think that for him visualizing the actions of an octopus is what will give him the answer. to what is necessary for that part of the process.

Let’s remember when the Chinese professor commented:

Each sphere must consist of a sonic receiver and on the other side a mesh that captures solar energy, I have no idea if we can use another type of propellant …

Ly added:

-Sit next to me so I can clarify some technical data if necessary.

The living room was turned off and the prototype of the sonic network appeared on the monitor screen, rippling in space, once everyone had in there the image was turned off and the upper windows were opened again so that the sunlight came into the enclosure. 

One of the qualities of the octopus is its ductile capacity, if it were necessary to penetrate an area travelled by asteroids before reaching the objective, it would be very useful if each arm allows us to avoid the blockade, on the other hand, each arm will not be loose like the of the octopus when opening the sonic complex the shape will be this: 

It must be light enough to achieve the shape of a cylinder, most of the trip will be a cylindrical bolid, its opening will serve for the attack. Above all, the model must correspond to the real prototype, in a few hours we will see the evaluation of Professor Daiki who will put the qualities of the arachnids in the process.

How they are to understand the deployment, however wide it may be, will have to make leaps and we will verify that with Daiki; if anyone has questions please this is the time.

It was then that Ly approached Morati and indicated: 

– You can ask if the voltaic values ​​are homogeneous, it will be useful for your report.

When elaborating the Morati his question, the answer was simple:

-The pulses are radial Mr Agu, at the same time constant, but they must adapt to the resistance of the material with which we find ourselves and the energy-saving must give us a start of at least 4, 27 UA

Well, let’s remember that the creative process dissolves when the materials are not what we need or are not what we have, see you after lunch in this place, thank you for your attendance.

They all got up and looked at each other seriously at what awaited them and Morati touched Ly’s shoulder and  pointed out:

-It’s not the same to see it in a movie to polish it so that it works in reality …

Ly smiling pointed out:

-Digital fantasy has us given wings, now we must get them to take us where we need it.

(1) Kobayashi (小林) means «small forest»

Author’s drawing «The prototype of the sonic network»

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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