The Calling

The Value of the Concept

2nd Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

In the dining room, the Japanese teacher talked with a positive attitude with the diners, each one of them participated in an informal and relaxing talk that allowed their minds to take off to continue with the next exhibition, suddenly Daiki, to For half a bite of his watercress salad, he got up and apologized to everyone by announcing that he had something to attend to without delay.

With a hurried step, he went to the conference room, the sun was coming in inclined through the upper windows and the professor placed himself in a meditative attitude in the silence of that great room and let his perception tell him what he had to know.

A voice within himself was precise and if we pay attention, we know who it is because he had already pointed out these words in the past:

«It seems that only the spider that weaves the intricate threads of history is the one who knows the true connections» The Messenger

Daiki perfectly understood what it was about, it was time to channel and project the messages according to what the light indicated. He did not ask questions, he knew they would not be answered except the facts, and he meditated with great serenity on what was said to him.

The spring mechanism was the basic principle of the jump and he decided that it was precisely the core of his dissertation; So when all the conference participants entered he asked them to look at the monitor that for a few seconds showed the internal hydraulic mechanism by which spiders made jumps on a surface.

Then Professor Daiki pointed out:

-If we observe Phidippus audax, we notice that this spider uses vision and hearing to concentrate on annihilating its prey, we must emulate it to pulverize a rock of phenomenal dimensions, then, let’s see … Each jump we allow continuing to a new area to destroy. 

A spider is sensitive to sounds with a range of 90 hertz, we must ensure that its perception reaches a higher range and in this way, we will avoid its destruction for the next jump.

Therefore, each sphere will have different elements, cells to capture solar wind, movement and sound detectors and a hydraulic mechanism that allows it to jump attack (1) and escape.

This has to be that way since the dimensions of the rock do not allow a frontal embrace for its massive destruction.

Then we have an arrow or bolide that expands at the precise moment, memory must precede movements, that is part of the data that we place in the sonic network, its flexibility must be such that it does not hinder the jump of the mantle in another place.

With this we will work, shortly we will listen to Professor Assim who will talk to us about the protection bases that we need in the procedure and monitoring of this artefact.

Please state your questions:

One of the participants from Ly Kobayashi’s team asked to speak:

-My name is Ehtel, gentlemen, I appreciate the information Professor Daiki, I wonder if the spraying of the area would damage the network by detaching itself after the attack. What would be the time intervals for its modification in arrow or needle until the next step?

Daiki looked at him with a smile and warned:

-It is a good question Ethel the surprise factor can spoil absolutely everything, a prefabricated model can help us to solve the mechanism and be predictive to some extent, but out there only the particular nature of the event will show us the success or the cruellest of failures.

(1) Data from Holy Lab, Cornell University where the study has been carried out by Ron Miles, professor of mechanical energy at Binghamton University and Gil Menda, from Cornell University and co-author of the study, has developed a technique to record the neural activity of a Spider.

Jumping spider stock photography

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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