The Shadow

The Value of the Concept

2nd Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Assim at the end of the conference exchanged some phrases with Daiki, both knew that they will receive protection despite the shadow, for many, the shadow is something difficult to understand but at the same time, we live daily.

The shadow inhabits human beings who cannot ascend to the light, all those who look at the animal part of themselves, need the attachment to the material, their hormonal secretions are valued to satisfy appetites and instincts, their tastes are epicurean, refined but with a charge that leans towards those places where the brightness must be palpable and unattainable for most mortals.

When they finally die, they can’t recognize another type of shine than the one they lost with their possessions, that is, everything they clung to in life, they are used to being buried with their jewels and their most showy dresses; at the end of the day, the materials that shine will be those that will last for several centuries until they are found by archaeologists from any time before humanity lives in the XXIII century.

Yes, it cannot be otherwise, the time of minimalism reached humanity because there are things that are not sustainable for much longer than necessary in such a growing population.

The teachers who were leading the conferences were part of the ascended group and in this way, it was not difficult for them to understand that what is above is below, led them to feel great uncertainty, where all the people who died without the motivations to convert to the light, being alpha males with economic power, they had not learned to hold the light either, that which shines inside living beings that recognize their spirituality or soul as their culture dictates.

It is for this reason that Itzmin comments to the lady with the flame:

“They vanish, all of them ceased to exist definitively, they could not bear to stop being what they were; they did not nurture the vital part to continue to the next level ” (1)

That was the reason why Itzmin and the lady that inhabits Alnitak saw them pulverize when they reached the timeless place where her soul had to be sustained, shining thanks to the power they had cultivated within her in life. Beyond the brightness was the power to help humanity, the beings who were his brothers and who live in the earthly and will continue to do so, now I think it is easy to understand the moment when the Lady of the Flame, in the third  book in the series tells Barderian who was still astonished and lost on that threshold between life and death, ethereal and bewildered when she says:

“Barderian, we have work to do!

Well with this we continue with the conference that corresponds to Professor Assim, another ascended who could well be considered a renegade at this time in the face of the purism of Islam since he could not comply with what Islam once established: The “shahada” (testimony), The “salat” (to practice prayer), The “zakat” (to give alms), The “sawm” (out fast), The “hajj” (pilgrimage to the holy place).

However, the veneration of a deity, kneeling and worshipping him, were scenes of the past. Different values ​​and other circumstances caught the attention of humans. 

Like the Catholic religion whose place of worship and maximum expression had been transformed into a research centre, the same happened with Islam, the crossing of cultures working together resulted in a more homogeneous vision of what beliefs were, the Asgardian humanism was penetrating the fibres of various cultural, literary and scientific aspects and no established belief could be isolated from its dynamics. Even though not everyone embraced the idea of ​​being an Asgardian, they understood a new philosophy that could not but be considered vital to be manifested.

With that, we advance to what Assim called:

Protection bases that we need in the procedure and monitoring of this artefact.

This was expressed on the blackboard and later he began his dissertation, with these words: 

Fellow researchers, I have to name: «The place where the sun sets» to this structural scenario of data protection and investigation processes, recalling the area Maghreb in Africa, a place that Morati Agu must know perfectly, he is our guest, we thank his participation with us on this journey.

Morati rose from his seat to be recognized by all attendees and thanked Professor Assim with a nod.

The professor then pointed out that the name gave him the option of an interesting connotation:

Abyad and his magic have to accompany us in the process, the value of Tau is 400 and if we give each number a sonic value we are recreating a constant: Alif gives us one and Ba has the value 2, so on. We already discussed this with Professor Ly Kobayashi, the radial pulses are part of her work in this project.

With that said, Ly stood up and thanked the teacher for the mention with the classic Japanese greeting joining her hands and leaning her body forward.

The base will be the Maghreb, it allows a work where we will not be hacked and it is easy to understand, in this way we will advance with a unique code that we have created among ourselves over time and as Professor Daiki pointed out, we are carriers of the threads that we have a tissue.

I understand that many of the collaborators who will be in other areas do not recognize this code and that is precisely why it’s important, those who will not work on it, will not recognize it, it is a kind of computer DNA that the team in charge understands perfectly, but We inform them especially in case they are asked, it will be necessary not to mention the Maghreb in those terms and when they hear:

  «The place where the sun sets»

All of you will be able to understand that something is happening there, according to the context of the conversation.

(1) Let’s remember the subtitle: «The great gifts» in the first chapter.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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