Reflections on Reality

The Value of the Concept

2nd Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

In short, if everything that forms the fabric of our dreams were something achievable according to the central idea of ​​the whole, things would be determined under a careful and detailed look that it would have no distraction from what the real world dictates, we could see that future space from a detailed and consequential sphere that would tell us that the next step is determined by what a specific group of characters have planned for this to happen.

The reality is more complex and the only thing we can aspire to is to look at certain aspects of that diversity with the magnifying glass of the treasure hunters of ideas and let what in reality happen, where dreams cease to be ours and depend on a reality that we are not aware of, that is not governed by a block of concrete or divine plan, much less determined by a single vision.

Unifying criteria is one of the aspirations of certain groups that coincide, considering humanity as a core part of concrete aspirations; It is difficult to believe that consensus is harmonious at all times. By understanding that intelligence is a plural expression, we approach a diverse panorama and an outbreak of expressions.

Not all humans are capable of expressing themselves radially, not all of them will develop a panorama of attitudes to understand what is best for the society they live in. If the ascended beings have that wide threshold to see in the intelligence a horizon that is not diffuse, we can only foresee it, we can never consider it a fact.

So the mental image of what we perceive has to dictate that we achieve it thanks to the fact that we can understand the world from the attentive gaze of our own experience.

Nowadays many of us could consider ourselves functionally disabled, since to the extent that we make use of digital media, we put a look to the future in the hands of digital virtuality, we manage to reach a larger audience because the machine we use gives us the advantage To make a simultaneous translation of what we want to say, if we did it with words directly our functional disability would be evidenced. Genius has stumbling blocks.

The advantage over impossibility? Definitely yes; Noting details about people that are not easy to see with the naked eye is a highly valued factor that not everyone possesses, in the same way, a polyglot is valued because his skill opens up paths in that territory, even when his intellectual world would be limited to certain scopes; The handling of tools and physical agility is not available to all humans, it can be developed, but genetic factors influence, the athletic body is formed, but there is a certain body inclination for the achievement to be successful.

These are just examples that can lead us to a reality that weighs, when we would like things to be one way and not another, it happens in the physical world and the world of ideas, they show us what we did not expect.

Throughout the story and the series Spell of Bird, we know beings that are capable of enhancing their human qualities, their perceptions of reality and with this shape the space that in history they have had to live; However, we all have the potential to develop it, as the psychologist Howard Gardner points out.

So, we will not be gifted, limitations exist, but we can surprise ourselves daily by placing the potential we have to enter that monumental structure that is our mind and with which we can truly do magic, perhaps the ideal world does not exist but its search is a fascinating journey.

(1)  Gardner, Howard (1998). «A Reply to Perry D. Klein’s ‘Multiplying the problems of intelligence by eight'». Canadian Journal of Education 23 (1): 96–102. do: 10.2307 / 1585968. JSTOR 1585790.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

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