Interviews with leaders of the groups

The Value of the Concept

2nd Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“There begins the diversity of who we are in those who have trained the mind in different disciplines and those who have taken into account its galactic signal as a sample of their Belonging to the Whole ”Ly Kobayashi’s words.

With this phrase Morati stayed to start the conversation with the scientist on duty as they had agreed, his turn then was with Ly Kobayashi, he found her around her team with a data board ready to start her interview, all rose from their seats when Morati appeared in the classroom and one by one bowed their heads in greeting, at the same time that Ly introduced him as the man who was in charge of global reports to publicize the work of the Octo Project.

Said the presentation, a grateful Morati Agu began with the question that seemed to him the key to the work they were doing:

-Professor Ly, your estimates of success regarding what you are about to develop, what would they be?

Ly gathered the fingers of her  hands under her chin and pointed:

-The first success we already have, is the achievement of having started and recognizing that what others have analyzed converges and is in tune with the particular research that we have in front of us, In this sense, everything we do from now on will have that same tone and consequently I wish it a success.

Morati felt comfortable with the security of that petite and experienced lady and continued:

-What is the basis of your research, how do you base it?

Ly looked at her group who tried to follow her in each argument and then she spoke:

-My father did a doctoral work entitled: “Ripple between particles and photoelectric effect” for me it is a work whose design could synthesize what we are now going to put at stake and its bases will allow us to activate some of his theories in progress, what he theorized now will largely become applied science.

-Can you explain to me why this doctoral study is important and how it helps in a practical way to what the Sonic Network needs?

-The light according to studies of scientists of antiquity warns us that it is a particle, whose characteristics allow it to bounce when encountering an obstacle, the light does not penetrate the said surface, but when combined with the impulse of the electrons, then the shock or drill effect we need works.

The jump of the Sonic Grid depends on the light levels placed in it, a constant short-time vibrato that moves in a magnification space modulated by the surface of the asteroid mass itself.

In my cybersecurity work, the use of this mechanism is to divert data to the brain that governs it and prevent it from dispersing towards the points that make it vulnerable, in this sense focusing on the objective allows me to deliver to the central brain what is necessary to nurture the computer field based on previous data.

Now what we will do in space is similar: Focus the objective that needs to be destroyed or diverted and disperse obstacles to reach it, in essence, what helps us serve a brain with vital data on Earth, in space, it will help us to destroy who would end any possibility of advancement in the civilization that we have created on this small planet of the solar system that has allowed us to exist.

Morati enthusiastically continued:

-Professor Kobayashi, I know that you have a phrase that is recognized in many research centres, it is even indicated in quotation marks in one of your books. Can you explain the meaning to me?

-Of course with pleasure, the phrase is «If you want to hide the most precious thing you have, put it in the most visible and inaccessible place for everyone» the phrase comes from a rose garden of my father, everyone could see it, but only him could touch it and take care of it; The most important thing is that the roses contained a mystery that gave to my father the opportunity to develop the most brilliant theory that his brain could create; This is very subtle to the eye and  the ear, almost imperceptible, the whisper of the wind in the rose petals gave strength to the subject of his doctoral work, the secret that leads to a rose from 5 to 96 petals, strengthened his theory since each petal vibrates with an undulation that varies with the number of petals and produces a subtle visual effect, therefore his garden only accessible to him led him to his doctoral thesis: «Ripple between particles and photoelectric effect»

Morati was moved and at the same time grateful for the presentation of the woman who would achieve the unthinkable if this were possible, together with the different groups working in the research centre.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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