Your training for progress is different from the training for the future

Value Concept

2nd Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The work scheme that had been delivered to Morati Agu was as follows:

The 4 leaders of the Octo Project work with 8 subgroups, each one with their bosses and from the 5th to the 8th group, these are logistical support, therefore, according to the scheme, they had to meet with a man from Mexico named Augusto Avila in charge of the training centre.

When Morati came to the room where he presented the work guidelines to all his colleagues, he received him with a wide smile and pointed out:

-Well, come over Morati, they are now the ones receiving training, gentlemen, ladies, this man as you already know will spread to the world what we are doing in this Research Center, pay attention because this day’s class will deal with everything I tell Mr Agu!

A grateful Morati smiled at the carefree attitude of the Mexican who offered him 30 millilitres of coffee from Oaxaca before starting and pointed out:

-It’s not from my land, I’m from a town near Mexitin, (1) of ancient and visionary ancestors. Take a seat and ask the first question dear Morati.

Encouraged and happy with that extra dose of coffee that was undoubtedly a surprising privilege, Morati asked him what was the most important thing for the training at the Research Center.

Ávila took the tip of his moustache and made it roll, meditated for a moment and said confidently and loudly so that his group would be aware of his words:

-We cannot work training people for progress, that is not a matter of our competence, that term is in disuse, people took the idea of ​​progress as the strongest motivation to enrich peoples and nations, now we cannot use that concept, the future demands a lot of energy it is like a creature that needs to be fed, like a seed in the process of growth, we cannot stop to see if her dresses are adequate or showy, or if she or he is going to go out for a ride in a fashionable car, no, that is different concerning the past.

Whether it is a creature or a seed, must be nurturing it with the truth, with the talent to recognize the risk of its existence, with the ability and poise so that it grows aware of its limitations and its strengths, that is the most efficient and valued among each one. of us.

Morati wrote down in his notebook and then asked:

-I understand that you have usually to review the zodiacal charts of your collaborators to find out about their strengths and weaknesses. Can you tell me a little more about it?

Morati with a smile affirmed that he was correct that some of that lived in his birth chart and pointed out that he had Geminis in midheaven. Ávila continued with his dissertation with great professionalism:

-I am not a scientist, I am a man trained in the social sciences, my work leads me to see myself with various groups and in various fields, my best friends are artists, actors, people who know how to pour into the minds of others the idea of ​​the world we need, many of them are bombarded with the energy of their fanatics and sometimes they come to me to do purification rituals. In my ancestral roots lives the blood of the Moon, is what my ancestors have told me 

What we do know is to direct the minds of the members of this team to strive to be forewarned, here the working hours can be very exhausting and a scattered mind cannot recognize what to do when it is necessary.

We talk with their relatives so that they understand that if they have special rituals when they enter here they will not always be able to make video calls to celebrate their grandmother, nor to withdraw because their aunt got sick. As long as this happens during peak working hours, in your private rooms and when the internet signal is available, all these are possible. In my particular case, if I don’t send a few passionate kisses to my partner every night, my life becomes completely unbalanced and well, if something prevents me from doing it at least I know that in spirit she has sent them to me.

All those present in that room smiled happily at the sympathy of Professor Augusto Ávila.

On the other hand, balancing the groups is not a factor of gender but of sensory strength, their fire and water are valuable and those who have air in their natal charts are perfect communicating the necessary steps for the progress of a project.

The galactic signal of those born under earth symbols is highly favoured in positions where the project has already made considerable progress and for those who mark the route maps of each activity.

Morati raised his pen to ask:

-How do you see the concept of opportunity, Professor Ávila?

Ávila observed him seriously and pointed with the tip of his index finger to all his group present, at the moment he exclaimed:

-None of them has come this far because they had the opportunity to do so, it was their thoughts that summoned them to the space that needs them. They are seeds that the wind placed on fertile land, their inner strength drove them!

Morati felt involved in that moment and realized that no one comes by chance to the place that will see him flourish, to the place where dreams are possible, he arrives because it cannot be otherwise, he looked into the deep black eyes of the Mexican and he understood the true value of magic.

(1) Author’s note: He was precisely an ascended from the family that formed Santiago and Metztli.

«La Luna», photograph by the author

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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