The Creative Balance

The Value of the Concept

2nd Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Morati reviewed his electronic agenda at night and verified that subgroup 1.5 had been completed, now his appointment would be with a lady named Ofelia Navarro-Leal to close the circle of subgroup 2.6.

Later, he made a video call with her sister who notified him that

an email arrived with the instructions for photovoltaic discharges for her routine needs and she was pleasantly surprised that the energy emissions were optimal, she thought they would be less than what she received and she was very happy.

Morati pointed out that he would precisely be with the person who administered that wealth of resources for all the collaborators who were in the Research Center, her sister asked him to give her their greetings and thanks.

Thus it was that in the early hours of his day he directed his steps towards the space where he was received by Ofelia Navarro-Leal, a woman with generous shapes and large green eyes, wavy and black hair, very black,  she greeted him with a sincere handshake and she took him by the middle of the back to take it to the space where several people stood up to receive him:

-Fellows, the young Morati as you already know is doing an internal report and another to spread the world the work that all of us are doing. We welcome you, I started with the first question, please:

-How do you establish priorities and in what way do you manage your resources?

-Dear Morati, the golden rule in this department is balance, the fundamental basis is the family, the elderly and those who have not been born, all of them are the nutrients of the compost that we are when we produce wealth.

If perhaps their work has come to an end, then their harvest is called Ceres, they are now the friends and advisers of the trip and they need resources to continue with the quality of life.

For young students the matter is different and in the list of resources delivered they will see the word, Vesta, in them the vocational talent lives, they are the ones who need to nourish themselves for the journey they have started consecrated to the vocational fire.

Those who work with robotic equipment and face the praxis of creative thinking, whose dynamics is valid in their qualities for mathematical calculation, will see the word on their payroll Pallas.

There are positions of authority such as the four leaders of Project Octo who are in the middle of the trip, they are command professionals attached to their dreams and do not always carry out a methodical job, they may err in idealizing their goals, but they are the engine of the core business, its payroll in photovoltaic energy is Juno.

The group that brings together the four aforementioned asteroids are the neonates, those who have travelled in embryo conservation capsules to other planets in search of becoming pioneers, those who live in gestation on Earth or in orbit.

They are the future and although there is a self-managed law for some reception centres, it is precisely this format that nurtures the dreams of those who inhabit it and need to develop with all the possibilities at their fingertips.

Finally a special group, for all those researchers who decided to marry their working instruments, apparently they have no heirs, but their inheritance is the wealth they built with those artefacts, they contribute an equitable percentage to the four aforementioned asteroids.

Morati was captivated by this special organizational model and asked:

-Why is Greco-Roman mythology so marked on the payroll?

This depends on the project where you work, Mr Morati, it is not a general rule, the asteroid belt gives essence to the production program, if you are going to continue working with us later you will realize that the Project names the payroll, not the contrary.

However, let me warn you that there is an institutional program whose name is due to Chiron, that does not change, it is the program of biomedical services and scientific research for well-being and health.

On the other hand, dear Morati, I am not of Greek origin, my roots are Andalusian and we hope that everything you learn with us will be favourable and enriching.

Morati thanked Navarro-Leal with a smile and continued with his work towards the next subgroup with a cheerful spirit, but not before giving him his sister’s greetings.

Ofelia in a nod said:

-Being happy and nourished by our fruits is the best thing that can happen, just give to her my sincere greetings, your sister deserves, please.

One more day in that place with people willing to work, happy to be in the place that sees them flourish and give their best version of themselves.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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