Camyra and dynamic thrusters

The Value of Concept

Chapter 2

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Camyra, Group 3 leader was in a sophisticated machinery room, where various prototypes of dynamic thrusters would be put to the test; Just as the leader of that area, that is Yinrú-Ha, had pointed out, she had to clearly explain the importance of the pre-impulse in the radial expansion of energy.

Her central program was called Martialis, the name followed the patterns and objectives that came from her skills as a Kung Fu teacher, in this case, the body to be kept intact would be a kind of needle-shaped network that would move to avoid obstacles in the belt of asteroids; One of the basic values ​​was focused on optimizing energy expenditure and the effort to distribute the impact.

Therefore, an exercise of continuous effort was developed in her laboratory, she waited at the entrance for the Morati reporter who saw her from afar with the attitude of standing guard in her workspace.

Morati observed a woman with a broad back, her light brown hair gathered in a ponytail, sheathed like everyone else in that recycled overalls where a well-accomplished musculature stood out, an aquiline nose and straight cheekbones, brown eyes and some rudeness in her manner.

When Morati arrived, she received him with a bow of the head as if inviting him to enter the tatami, she greeted him kindly, for his part Morati entered the laboratory surprised to see so many artefacts unknown to him.

She looked at him seriously and introduced him to her group of technicians at the time she said:

-Let’s start Morati, our time is now.

The journalist accommodated himself in the place that was offered to him to sit down and asked his first question:

-I would like to know your concept and strategy to combine two different disciplines in a model of such magnitude.

-First, all the approach is simple, conceptualize the arts Martial not for a human confrontation, it is transformative, the opponent must be recognized and his attacker must come before with an adequate defence.

Morati looked at her in surprise and pointed out:

«The surprise factor is what you mean.»

-Of course,  Morati the difference is that a rock mass does not move like a human and in this sense, we must calculate its rotation and turn in space to strike the next blow on it and not allow it to escape.

Having said this, the woman chose to place herself in the middle of the laboratory in an attack position, at the moment she shouted the name of one of her technicians who came running to the centre around her, at the moment she shouted again:

-Deviation, the man He began to zigzag without stopping running and Camyra made a forceful guttural sound taking the man by the arm and tossing him like a sheet of paper.

-The 3D simulation computer allows us sophisticated and less crude but effective variants like the one we have shown you, Mr Agu.

Morati opened his eyes very wide, he did not expect such a fascinating scene and trying to preserve his composure he questioned again: 

-What could be the risk factors, how do you analyze the possible failure of the strategy?

Camyra looked at him seriously and nodded:

-Nothing is certain, Mr Morati, only death; My favourite word is: Conviction, in it are the various readings of history, where what we need to move forward is that, to be convinced of who we are and what instruments we have.

I will give you the example of the sorceress who falls in love with the King when the subjects realize, she is sent to the stake, now I ask her from her perspective, what do you think were the words of that poor woman before the imminence of death?

-Morati thought about it for a few seconds and pointed out:

-Words of rage and impotence in the face of the injustice to which it would be the object, I can not conceive of another explanation …

Camyra looked around and took Morati by the shoulder, stared at him and warned:

-You forgot the complete painting Morati, the words of that woman were these:

«If perhaps the purest professed love

leads me to the stake

is my fire, wrapped in fire

the only answer that I deserve»

Morati realized that to risk everything and with total conviction was worth the effort they were exerting, giving their skills a creative bias and an iron will to achieve the goal.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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