The Mountaineer and the Lighthouse

The Value of the Concept

2nd Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

As is to be expected, subgroup 3-7 was waiting for Morati on this occasion, he was the man with the coordinated work between Camyra and her strategy, at lunchtime He greeted him briefly, noted that he was an affable and cordial man with ease of speech and a smile that invited everyone around him to feel confident, urged him not to talk about work and pointed out how delicious some sandwiches are not must be lost.

In his roadmap, Morati, shortly before going to the classroom where he developed his teamwork, observed that he was a psychic, who had climbed Everest and one of his books was called the Lighthouse, in the introduction to the book it read:

» We all come to this world opening our eyes to an incessant search, that reason that will become our passion, that will make us better and that will prevent our boat from losing its way. ”

With this information, the African reporter went with poise and great disposition towards the indicated place where he was received by the head of subgroup 7 whose name was Vuorik Hanks Ipeily, with intense brown eyes, straight hair, thin rim glasses, a man accustomed to endurance sports such as climbing, skiing, climbing the glasses of trees, running, jogging, gymnastics, were some of the disciplines that Morati read in his notes regarding the researcher in front of him.

Morati greet him thanking him for bringing him in and Vuorik Hanks introduced him to the rest of the group where all of them were less formal than the others he had previously visited, they raised their hands with a friendly gesture to welcome him.

As soon as Morati sat down, he was not invited to ask the first question, this time it was the opposite, Vuorik Hanks, said:

-I would like to know your challenges and achievements in a few words, in this way I will know how I can address you and explain what we do here in terms that are understandable to you.

A little confused, Morati took a few seconds to answer and finally spoke:

-My challenges focus on improving my way of spreading what matters to me as a human being and as a resident of this planet, ensuring that what I write has an echo in people to which my information reaches; Among my achievements, I consider that my work and my Asgardian activity have achieved that my country will no longer be seen as a specific region of the planet, out-bordering the gaze of every border has helped us not to focus on our needs, starting from the global needs that nourish wide regions of the planet is the right thing to do.

Another of my achievements is to fight for universal education without privileges (1) In some parts of the planet this has been possible, the human mind is capable of great feats, it only needs the tools at its fingertips and if to obtain them you have to be rich or belong to the army, or to be part of a religious creed the universality is diluted and the impediment increases.

The scientist looked at him carefully and pointed out:

-You have undoubtedly shown me the lighthouse and the mountain, in this way we can start the conversation since this site is about projections, everything that belongs to the Mountain is projections, that we want to happen and that inner voice that tells us: «Take my hand and if you can’t, remember that my hand is extended showing you where you should go»

On the other hand, there are the obstacles, those borders that prevent us from seeing the entire forest, the high tides that make us capsize in high seas and lose sight of the lighthouse.

Everyone who enters this site does not see a Finn with his group of analysts, he sees a descendant of the observer (2) if he knows my roots, but above all, he enters with a question to receive an answer since the method is not enough; observe Morati, before starting this project called OCTO, Professor Daiki gave us a piece of paper to the underbosses with these words:

Today our fight is not against other humans, it is to save the whole of humanity and it is important to highlight it.

The XXIII century has shown us a path that was difficult for us to understand and alone we will never achieve what we have proposed, therefore here there is a balance that is contemplated between two concepts: Projections and Obstacles.

Morati understood the summoning power that an exclamation said with the strength to be surprising but accurate can have and at the same time he searched in his mind for the mountain and lighthouse that constantly encouraged him.

(1) Author’s note: Let’s remember the paragraph of Our time is different from theirs: Morati advocates fighting the knowledge elite, his claim spread over time and he was known by people from distant territories who accepted his ideas as their thanks to the fact that he had the means to spread his reasoning.

(2) Let us remember Valvo who was able to see what others were not.

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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