The Secret of the Materials

The Value of the Concept

2nd Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Morati on this occasion will have the interview with the group leader who verifies the qualities of the materials that will be used in the sonic network, her name is Eve Moon, a woman born in Nebraska and of Korean parents, she shared her profession with one of her personal passions which were sculpture and drawing. All amalgam of substances for her recreated the subtlety of nature, she had written several books and one of them was called: «Within every rock hides a soul that wishes to be discovered»

Morati prepared to read the summary of her activities before To get to the cubicle where she and several materials professionals were working with Eve Moon, among the materials they valued was Tungsten, carbon fibres, with all its strengths, and a new alloy that was based on aluminium concentrations.

Morati went to the laboratory that was silent at that time all the scientists under Moon’s command, were concentrated in space and from a glass they observed something they had put to the test, one of them touched Moon’s shoulder and indicated that Morati had arrived, she raised her hand in a gesture of «come quickly and observe.»

Upon arrival, Morati stood by her side and indicated:

Tungsten piece

We are working with inert materials that are not very reactive to traction and corrosion, all of them must be resistant to the melting point, which is ductile to the degree of drawing in minimal expressions, the one who resists the highest on the scale will be approved.

Morati observed a force field imposed on several pieces of metals of different densities and colours, then he asked:

– At the moment, which one stands out as the winner?

-It is tungsten and a new alignment that we are testing with carbon fibres, we need it to be very light, the first one has the highest melting point reaches 3422 degrees, while the boiling point is 5555 degrees.(1)

For good performance we need that the sonic network does not deviate, does not lose parts and is not destroyed if it had an unfortunate impact on the way to its goal, that is our work and most important concern, it has already travelled to the Sun with similar materials, achieving moderately acceptable results that have allowed the creation of prospects since the 21st century, the year 2024 made a significant difference and thanks to that progress things have evolved favourably, the problem is disintegration.

We are about to face forces that do not depend on us and whose actions are autonomous to our desires and expectations, the trip will show us scenarios that are not valued by the sonic network, rocks that it will not be able to attack, it is necessary to focus on its objective.

Morati asked with curiosity: 

-Are you talking about the integrity of the materials and, on the other hand, the impulse to dilute other rocks that remain in its trajectory, explain to me if I understand to what extent the materials are linked to the memory of the system?

Eve Moon smiled with that attitude of accepting with joy that she was dealing with an intuitive and intelligent being and nodded:

-The network will be propelled on the ground, with precise data, images of the meteorite that will be its objective, when entering the territory of the asteroid belt. and lose contact with the command on the ground, it is very easy to get confused with similar rocks, that is why we need to strengthen their qualities, anticipate their movements and analyze their resistance.

At that moment the group of scientists who were observing the materials in unison made an exclamation of astonishment, Morati and Eve turned their gaze to observe and be surprised with the rock that resisted all the pressure above the others that were pulverized in painful and frustrating bursts.

One of the collaborators exclaimed:

-If we had gambled as was done in the past, right now there would be some of us with a good amount of euro-solars.

Everyone smiled, Eve happily pointed to Morati and said:

-We got it, this material is still the best for his qualities, I am glad that you had the opportunity to observe him for your report.

Morati said goodbye gratefully and acknowledged that in life we ​​have many options but there is always a winning choice.

Author´s notes:

I’ll leave it at the bottom of this post to remind you:

Let’s make a diagram so that it is understood which leader is going to work with which subgroup leader and his link:

Group 1, 5.- Operational links; Ammar, Ly with Erha.

Group 2, 6.- Training and payroll; Daiki, Augusto and Ofelia.

Group 3, 7.- Drivers and Strategies; Assim, Camyra and Vourik

Group 4, 8.- Materials and qualities; Yinrú-Ha, Eve and Ethel

(1)Wolfram or Tungsten, characteristics and uses –

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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