Before talking about Ethel…

The Value of Concept

Chapter 2

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Teams will have three months to reach the next level of expectations, a process that seems long but it shouldn’t be; The only thing left is the interview with Ethel, you have to remember that she was one of the women who asked at the leaders’ conference, let’s remember her question:

One of the participants from Ly Kobayashi’s team asked to speak:

-My name is Ehtel gentlemen, I appreciate the information Professor Daiki, I wonder if the spraying of the area would damage the network when detaching after the attack, what would be the time intervals for its modification into arrow or needle until the next step?

Daiki looked at him with a smile and warned:

-It is a good question Ethel the surprise factor can spoil absolutely everything, a prefabricated model can help us to solve the mechanism and be predictive to some extent, but out there only the particular nature The event will show us the success or the cruellest of failures.

That’s right, she closes the circle, that is why her work is shared with the first team and the last one, for the leaders of the OCTO Project, is the image of the snake that devours its tail. Uróboros The word Uróboros in Greek, Ouroboros is a composition of two words. One is Oura, which is translated as «tail» and the other is boros, which is translated as «eat.» Therefore: Uróboros «Who eats his own tail» also represents the icon of infinity and for leaders, this is an important representation.

To get to it, I will take a pause on the way and I will place the panorama of what happens in the other universes in general features, we know that the custodian of the lightning still travels in unknown directions in search of the perfect place for the souls that manage to preserve themselves in that journey of the dark death that takes them to the light and that does not happen to all.

They have to remember the moment when one of those souls rises to infinite space with more questions than certainties:

In that cloud of dust and discouragement, a projection appears that manages to contain itself and take shape, everything is alien to it and it asks:

«What am I?»

-You are the one who the light has rescued

-Who was it?

-What you always were without making him notice

-What am I doing here?

-What you have to do now and forever.

-Why is your voice sad?

-You will know in time, discouragement is a flash that goes off with everything that you manage to rescue on the way and your task is just beginning.

Measuring timelessness is a challenge that you will understand when necessary and recognizing those of us who are close to you will be part of the new beginning that you now have.

All of them have died, not all are saved. Those that remain do not belong to the same religion or creed, they are absolute believers in humanity and its challenges in unity.

Their souls remain hanging in the vastness of the universe with tasks similar to the great battles where what must be demolished are not human, but everything that prevents their growth in life and later in spirit.

Now they need a place to feed on light and that place is the one that the Custodian of the Lightning seeks, who was about to lose himself in the depths of the centre of our galaxy, his journey continues to meet a splendid place that I will not yet reveal.

Ethel works with materials and at the same time with operational links. Her surname is Buora, of Italian parents, born in Germany, skilled treasure hunter in space archaeology, every space junk pot that arrives at the research centre is thoroughly analyzed by her.

We will talk about her later when she meets Morati in her last interview of the groups and subgroups of the Octo Project.

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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