The Eras of Civilization

The value of the concept

2 ° Chapter

If we compare human beings with the eras of civilization, it is not difficult to imagine that we are living our adolescence, we visualize it within the highest per capita expenditure, energy waste and life-expanding ecological footprint as if it had no end, it is the stage in which we currently live.

We have the technology, advances in medicine, our quality of life can be preserved for up to 80 years if we know how to manage our appetites and decisions to get as far away from oxidative and behavioural stress as possible.

Well, by the year 2237, we will be in full adulthood, that maturity where we will no longer need expensive toys, nor eccentric whims and the most important expense will be to keep up the house that allows us to continue living, the house of the entire humanity, our planet.

It will be the moment when we will understand what is most valuable and that has nothing to do with immediacy, understanding that the inheritance that we will have to leave to the youngest is the opportunity to seek new territory to continue life and preserve the culture that we are and have generated over the years.

Under this introduction, you will understand that Ly Kobayashi was clear and forceful in reminding reporters that this is what occupies and worries the scientists gathered in those facilities, the number 2 research module on planet Earth.

The consternation of some of the reporters was to know the identity of the people who were not willing to change since the investigation centre was not a private place or alien to the needs of the environment.

They had no answer and it was not convenient to speculate about it, however, Camyra, who was combative by nature, did not bias so that what they discovered was fully understood by saying:

-What we can argue is that the gaze of the present is not something that allows us to see further and that commitment to humanity is distorted in those who cannot look at the horizon with the intensity necessary to understand who we are as a whole, dynamic and in search of options to preserve what matters.

Erha Kasey took the floor to indicate that the world that many beings on the planet were visualizing imposed rules that had not been presented before, reminded them of that historical moment, with the first warning of a pandemic that on the one hand warned of the dangers of the Globalization to many and, on the other hand, it achieved the impossible, as was the case of various laboratories that began to work in unity not to make great profits, but to lower the price and distribute vaccines at a minimum cost to all corners of the planet.

Finally, he made a call to the scientific community and investors who met the requirements to collaborate in the Sonic Network, pointing out that it was always good to remember the steps that humanity has gone through to visualize itself as a unit.

To be continued…

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Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

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