Who deserves all the trust?

Chapter 3

Precise Objectives

That day the leaders met again, it was necessary to act with a firm hand concerning the problem they faced, they knew that the attackers would not show their faces and the worst of all was that at one point in their negotiations they were in front of them without even knowing it; they clearly understood that everyone who allocated a budget for the Octo project would benefit and achieve other objectives that were in their support structures, at the same time they understood that it was not easy to track each of their activities many of them had their solid way of understanding each other in business and that was his cover letter.

Who deserved all the trust, who could have been subject to extortion with other shock groups that were unknown to them as scientists? It was not an easy question, the world was no longer what it had been in the past, global interaction now had to respond to the interests of the expansion that had been achieved with technological conquest and what happened on Mars depending on the Moon and at the same time of the strategists of the Earth.

But none of them gave up to feel between a rock and a hard place, if perhaps the intuition of each of them gave them answers, they could not be paralyzed by what was before them and the search for answers was not easy. 

Then Daiki with integrity pointed out:

-Gentlemen in the past, each one chose a sword, with time weapons ceased to be the answer, but the symbol of the sword is speech, it is the message that is delivered to the world and that is ours. can.

Assim for his part responded with vitality to his partner’s message:

-They cannot take away what we don’t have, their greed has to be exposed to a bait, that way and only when they see that they can take something from us. Yet each of our lives is amid a promise we have made for humanity.

Yinrú-ha meditated for a few moments before commenting:

-We all have needs, there are the humanistic ones, those that we want to share with others and those that are only ours, that belongs to us by right and that we have worked on over time, those that have shaped us into what we are now and give us identity.

For them it is different, they can delve into what others have to strengthen their networks of control; with that humanity has grown over time, the law of the stronger predator to fight the less strong, they knew how to penetrate the institutions to find legal loopholes that were favourable to them and they did not think twice, that is part of the history of humanity dear friends, we fight with that part of the DNA that history has inherited.

Ammar could not remain silent in the face of such an assertion and recognizing that human evolution was the centre of his philosophy as a Hindu, he warned:

-I want to remind you, esteemed leaders of the project that has committed us to remember a phrase from Hindu philosophy:

Whoever sees variety and not the drive dies over and over again.

We must focus on what we have proposed, let’s not digress into eccentric theories and everything that makes us look like a jumble of stories from the past, evil exists, self-centeredness is real and the greed of certain humans we will not be able to eradicate from a pen, but at the centre of this project that has committed us there are people we have known for a long time and whom we will not let fall, there will be others who will approach us because they consider that their ideals and ours are similar and we will be able to continue on that path together until something makes them fade their strength, is not our case.

The example is to continue with energy in what we have proposed, if it is true, a new bait for the voracious will appear and there we will understand who they are and why they have done it.

Everyone smiled and got up with the spirit ready to continue despite what was to come and was inevitable, for them the most valuable thing was what they could control and on which their work was focused.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Por Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Escribir es una de las actividades creativas más fascinantes que existe, indagar lo caminos de diferentes versiones, encontrar motivos para acrecentar el cauce de un relato y motivar a la lectura, es agradable para todo el que escribe

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