The Moon is approaching Mars, Painani does not know it, she only observes

Brother or not of the Sun for her, Mars was not recognized as such, it was a dense and reddish glow that threatened the radiance of the radiant Moon, which for her would be and will be Coyolxahqui.

“Evil is not a matter of blood, nor race”

The messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

There came a moment of pressure for many nearby towns, Painani could stop at nothing, she recalled deep sadness, she knew that she had many weak points and that she could not face with the required agility some journeys, however, she could not be inclined to any other task than her own; the destination and the journey would put her to the test on various and different occasions, even without her anticipating it.

He looked at his reflection in the lake that served to refresh his aching feet, it was not the vision of the person he remembered; she realized that it was the day of the human offering and that the obsidian dagger would not pierce her chest, but that of a race sister.

The beating heart would be the catalyst for the forces where the Tlatoani of the Huitzilopochtli temple would render an account with the blood of a woman chosen to continue the times of peace in the surroundings where the Aztec empire sowed fear with its might.

The night came splendid and Painani looked up at the starry sky that next to the dazzling Coyolxauhqui, was a star that frightened her by its fierce tones lit in red and said to herself:

Conjunction of the Moon and Mars, that Painani doesn´t know

<Possibly you have drunk all the blood of the offering and now you are ready to attack with your dagger to end the beauty and freshness of the woman of every night. You will shorten her brightness, but certainly, she has to be reborn, as she always has.>  

Some memories leave our souls wounded and for Painani, her freedom meant the death of other women, therefore her commitment and her risk were worth it to be faced with courage, despite the fear and pain that she carried inside.

Brother or not of the Sun for her, Mars was not recognized as such, it was a dense and reddish glow that threatened the radiance of the radiant Moon, which for her would be and will be Coyolxahqui.

Photo of the Conjunction of the Moon and Mars

The Eagle and the Mud

Life is a gift that can sometimes be shared and allows us to look at others as if it were the mirror of who we are and we could leave behind or carry it as a fond memory forever.

“Only who creates knows what faced and how to save itself”

The Messenger

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

<If your expectations are higher than your reality you will be defeated and you will fall into the eternal mud>

When Painani heard within herself that sentence, her feet with swift and agile wings were stuck in the densest and darkest mud, the sharp squawking and strengthened by the freedom of the wind appeared on her horizon, there it was, it was the powerful eagle looking at her like a despicable being, that you can forget and follow the flight; however, she knew who it was and she alerted the Chichimecas tribe that in the past had obeyed him to plant themselves in an inhospitable place where making foundations would be a challenge, but they came from afar and listened to the energetic song of the eagle.

A group diverted his step and threw an ixtle rope at her. Painani did not know what to say her life had been saved by a group of strangers who looked at her in amazement; a man with a serene gaze and very long hair the colour of ash came to her:

  • What are you doing so distant from your people and your village?
  • I am a Painani with a mission, I must continue further, I appreciate your help.
  • You must be hungry and thirsty, accept the tamali and the fruits, you can sleep in the shelter and prepare for the long journey at dawn. My name is Miztli. I guess yours was lost in the temple.
  • That’s Sir, I lost and I am Painani of the temple of Ometeotl.
  • In that case,  these lands will be remembered you as Tonalli, “the destiny and the wheel of time”
  • I gladly accept the first name that freedom has given me 

The woman covered in mud, bowed to the group and took the food they offered her, she felt grateful for such an honourable reception and when the women arrived they gave her clean clothes and a place to wash.

One of the women looked at her with joy and some anxiety when she said:

  • My name is Ameyali, I know that you have been released from the group, many of our sisters and daughters do not succeed, I feel that there is something unfair in all this, surely you have. If you come across the king’s Painani, those who bring him exotic fish and feathers from afar, none of them understand the value of a woman wrapped in winged omens, be careful.
  • In reverence of the name that all of you have given me, I will do everything possible to stay alive to the destination that has been marked for me.
  • What will you do if your paths cross and you have to stop passing?
  • As far as I know Ameyali we cannot do anything, time does not stop for anyone. The only thing I hope is to be able to take advantage of mine without falling prey to the clutches of anyone.

Dawn gave way to the chirping of some birds and with a smile of gratitude Painani Tonalli said goodbye to the group, people she would never see again and would carry their images in her memory, grateful and happy to have found them in their moments of misfortune.

Life is a gift that can sometimes be shared and allows us to look at others as if it were the mirror of who we are and we could leave behind or carry it as a fond memory forever.

Photo: Tamali: from the nahualt dialect Tamal, pre-Hispanic and ceremonial food that is consumed to date is prepared with corn

The first section of the journey

History in a space, where time celebrates its Gods, where life is strengthened by the fate of the most favoured and gifted. The memory is enough to understand how we have progressed and in what way we remain the same.

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“In her mind, the memory would be like a dagger in the soul”

The messenger

She had saved her from certain death, while she gave her a difficult task, nothing was certain, absolutely nothing; she sensed Ocelotl’s stalking gaze behind her, but the feline did not approach her, cautiously following her from a distance.


She recalled what she was told in the previous interview when she was chosen to give herself to the woman who saw Ometeotl as the ruler of the whole:

<If perhaps your intuition resides in the material, you must accept the transfer of souls, in this way you will realize that nothing is eternal and only in that way you leave the task to others. But if you are willing to accept everything that comes your way and follow the path of Painani, the goal and the glory must be yours>

However, she did not see the glory, she felt hunger and fatigue, thirst and fear of being stalked by beasts that did not have the watchdog talent of Ocelotl, of men with rapacious lust who wanted to take possession of her.

But she was trained to run with the agility of date, of a bird that gets lost in the paths of the fields and skilfully surrounds lakes and valleys, her life depended largely on speed to meet the daily challenge and up to date. next, same.

Now it was enough to be prudent and follow Citlali who shines on high and has to hide when Huitzilopochtli reigns the firmament again, he will soon tear again the white subtlety of Coyolxauhqui, in a few days she will look shattered at the top, she will take time to recover, but she always succeeds and returns to her reigning position and with that winning shine.

 She looked up in the sky and exclaimed:

Lady of the night skies gives me your energy and strength I surrender and trust in you, give me strength to face the God whose fire will temper my spirit and bend my strength, I must be reborn just like you with all the strength to fulfil my destiny.

A long journey awaited the woman with the winged feet, she was not broken, she was still grateful that she was not the maiden that in a few days they will deliver to the temple of sacrifices, where the Sun God will claim her blood.

Author’s note, reference to the link: It was the first divine manifestation that gave rise to everything. In the native Mexican language, the word “God” does not exist as such. But in their language, the word “Ometeotl” encompasses the creator of everything, the beginning, the only one. As in everything we see there are these positive and negative particles, likewise in everything we have contact with and within us.

Loose leaves

Recalling passages from The Timeless Journey that I now intend to translate, I find one of the most charming passages, a dialogue between Amin and his beloved Sie

Some esencial parts of my work

A little bit passage in The timeless Journey

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa:

Recalling passages from The Timeless Journey that I now intend to translate, I find one of the most charming passages, a dialogue between Amin and his beloved Sie:

The same thing happens with the one he writes and in his constant work he ends up discovering his reason for living, by placing the very essence of his experience in what he does, only then does he transform it into art.

Sie, looked at him in amazement and firmly she pointed out:

– Only he will leave his art at the moment that life itself extinguishes his strength and brilliance, because everything that is done with passion is definitely a constant surrender.

They both looked at each other and, smiling, they recognized that the beauty of everything that surrounded them at that moment in their lives made sense.

To which Amin points out:

-Inquiring, empowering, recognizing and not abandoning are qualities of the alchemist and we all carry one within us, an enhancer in search of excellence and perfection.

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The most despicable dungeon

We will never know which hell is worse in desolation, but with the sea wind in our favour, everything could be different.

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

“There are no spaces of our own without the complicity of the other”

The Messenger

The priestess of the temple of the Moon was meditating on what would have to happen or arrive by the path of deep water; when a man with a feathered headdress approached her with a smile:

  • I desire that Ometeotl vibrates in your dreams, lady. I see that you have completed your liberation task.
  • That’s right, Ocelotl is a guide for her, is good that the others thinking about him as a  raptor.
  • Has your rod pointed out something you didn’t expect?
  • I cannot see in the deep horizon, but some desperate person has certainly visited the lady Moon of my temple and his concern must be such that he was not impassive in her presence.
  • The moments come in the time that they are, and not in the ones we want.

Both are observed with reflective glances, the night gave way to dawn, life has been allowed to Painani, the young woman with the winged feet thanks to the skill of the woman who changed her destiny forever.

The priestess said: some desperate person has certainly visited the lady Moon of my temple and his concern must be such that he was not impassive in her presence.

Beyond the horizon, a group of the unfortunate struggle to stay alive until the next moon, hope lost and their future hung by the gallows.

They hear the squeal of a rat…

  • Damn animals are as hungry as we are, damn it!
  • Hey, what the fuck brought you here, who did you put iron in the throat?

The inmates look suspiciously at the group of newcomers who have just arrived, they realize that the gendarme cares little that space is reduced, they will be able to hang all of them or they will die in rotten attacked by the jaws of rats.

The man with a dark complexion and braided beard does not answer, he only looks at them with disgust and anger, the same way as the others do:

  • You must be the son of an al-Majus

Another of the men with defiant attitude snaps at him:

  • The same one who has had raped so many others, leave it alone, if you make a mess again, they’ll leave us without that shit they give us for food.

The robust man with the peculiar beard with a hoarse voice muttered to the group:

  • The ship where I was sailing was sold to the Christians, the Captain kicked me down when I told him that I preferred my freedom to kiss that ass for money.

Most of them broke into mocking laughter, amidst the most varied comments:

  • Brave freedom you have won al-Majus
  • Oh!, at least I threw more than three Christians to the edge of my sword, God does not have them in Glory, direct they will have gone to hell.
  • Shut up, here comes the gendarme’s son of a bitch and he’s not alone.

The jailer approached shouting:

  • More than one wretch today will be lucky, this man who accompanies me will take you to hell!

There was a tense silence and the scrutinizing look of an emissary of who knows who looked at them but not exactly as men for the gallows; He was pointing to those he saw stronger, while the jailer urged them to get up and file out of the dungeon.

Among them was the al-Majus who the night before through the crack of that filthy place had noticed the brightness of the Moon and had begged her that it all end or his gods release him or rescue him from the filth.

We will never know which hell is worse in desolation, but with the sea wind in our favour, everything could be different.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

Coyolxauhqui will speak through the green reed

Each one has a task to fulfill, be it mystical or part of an adventure to find the best that life can offer us, if your rod bends, analyze its message and do not hesitate, do not shake your hand; just let yourself be carried away by what you feel.

Short Story by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“How distant is the horizon where your dreams rest?

 The Messenger 

Decide nothing and choose nothing, do not reveal your sleepless hours on the wrong path. Thinking thoroughly is a slow process and we cannot immediately see the big picture; be laborious and leave intuition to the background at uncertain times. Now I withdraw and go to the symbols.

Painani looked at her with astonished eyes but could not see those of the lady that remained bandaged.

  • Okay, I’ll retire and start the journey …

Painani stands on the threshold of the temple, she is waiting for an answer from  Tlatoani or waits that she would remove her blindfold.

  • Go ahead, go ahead, you will not see my eyes this time, I must retain your essence and if I observe you it will not be possible! Remember everything we talked about, let the immense light of Coyolxauhqui be your guide.

The woman with agile feet retired under the immense moon that shone lighting her path, to lose herself on the horizon, her heart beating with fear and excitement at the same time.

The solitude of Tlatoani

The woman took a robust reed in her hands and walked to the upper esplanade of the temple to speak with the goddess Coyolxauhqui:

  • Beloved lady moon who shines, and integrates into the firm sky of stars, before facing the battle with the warrior daytime, tell me if I should know some new sign in the sky?

That said, the woman from the temple of the Moon offered up a green reed, robust and at the same time tender, her long hair with shades of obsidian and silver lifted with the force of the wind that invaded that space lost in the immensity of time and of which we only know traces.

The junk bent giving its signal and alert in this way, the woman knew what all this meant, but there were mysteries that would be revealed later:

The watermark points east
  • Lady, Coyolxauhqui, I understand that I must not only be vigilant of the North and the South but a water symbol also that challenges my imagination.

Tlatoani, watchwoman of the lunar temple closed her eyes and traveled with her essence towards the East, she arrived at the place where the salty waters gently and whisper the limits of the land of subtle sands and snails. She penetrated the skin of the thickly blue-hued water. She only observed the sea beasts that appeared in leaps to welcome her imperturbable and traveling soul and said to herself:

<Perhaps what I do not know will be impossible for me to perceive, perhaps it is not his time yet, I only understand that I must maintain myself. alert to this omen>

Each one has a task to fulfill, be it mystical or part of an adventure to find the best that life can offer us, if your rod bends, analyze its message and do not hesitate, do not shake your hand; just let yourself be carried away by what you feel.

Drawing of the Goddess Coyolxauhqui from Engineer Juan Carlos Estudillo’s Blog

Note from the author, it definitely alludes also to the water rune “Laguz” in German, the body of water, Anglo-Saxon, “Lagu”, seawater.

A piece of good news to spread to all

The book and its protagonist are fundamental on the cover

About Bird Spell 

First of all remember that the group of the Bird Spell Clan is a group that searches the world for those it can enlighten, it is not their idea of life in freedom to indoctrinate or bend, or to gain privileges thanks to their abilities. The story does not end, of course, this is the first book of Bird Spell.

The place where all the characters live is a place in the world that, like in other latitudes, sorcery begins a journey that is not understood in most cases, among myths in the face of the unknown, life tries to make its way towards the In the light of knowledge, It is not easy, there are groups that, like now, hold power, buy the privileges and favors of some and sow fear in others. Mythology and the arts of intuition will soon make their way to impose values ​​and give prominence to stories whose logic will remain in the minds of future generations impressively. 

Many will be motivated to move entire armies under the watchful eye of the King’s astrologer. Collecting taxes will be one of the tasks of the lord of the Earth, and what better way than to house this necessary imposition under the tutelage of Taurus or other mythic monsters. It is not difficult for all of you to intuit the path that awaits Bird and Star.

Many people, not necessarily astrologers, have realized that humanity in its periods of calm, only fits the mold that corresponds to it and its dynamism is motivated by the time it takes to erect monuments and temples, thanks to which it justifies them, and it is necessarily involved in repeating stories.

 I will not need to take such a distant leap, most know what it takes to understand what he lives now. I only trust that people who are now young enough to be indoctrinated, find someone like Mantis in their lives growing up, or can be reflected in the gaze of someone who rescues their power to marvel at life as Sun did. 

Make you doubt everything that cannot be changed because it is a dogma of faith and help you close the door of conventionalism when necessary, not when it can no longer be otherwise, as Sie will try. 

Let us remember that this story is fiction, in it, I modify many of the beliefs that are taken for granted and learned by oral or written tradition, in the next book you will be able to see more easily the relationship that could exist between the gods and their humanized version, what a change the possibility presents us.

Let´s and we´ll see.

The messenger: The substance of dreams

Painani needs to make a journey with all the training and tools that she thinking the messenger will put in her hands but isn’t like this

Short Story by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“Of what is the substance of the deepest sorrows made, which are capable of crossing entire seas and continents?”

The messenger

Nobody was offered the best place to devote themselves to living fully, but joy is a gift that we all dare to carry in all circumstances and it is not because they do not want it, it is simply something that is not for everyone.

She observes me with the attention of a good apprentice, she has not stopped wondering why I decided not to see her and continue with my eyes covered, her voice and her inflections will give me the clue to know if she is understanding what I am saying, people need feel, touch others, feel their gaze and know they feel safe. It’s not what I need from her.

There was a time when it was necessary and the certainties disappeared, now I want her to learn that from a distance is the best way to stay close to her.

I threw my question and named her:

– Painani, tell me if you are willing to make the journey with due attention to achieve your goals and reach the place where the sun shines?

<She answers me anxiously, but she takes her time, she is not completely sure of that, of making the journey and coming out triumphant, no one knows and neither does she, the journey is not for everyone and not everyone achieves it, it is true. then I listen to her:>

-Madam, I don’t know if I can do it but I am willing to try and that is why I have come to you to guide me and give me the tools to do a good job.

-The tools are your body, your senses, and the intuition that you already have and that is not different from that of any other human being, only in the mystery of the trip will you be able to awaken all those abilities that you do not know you possess.

-Will the journey make me stronger?

-I do not know, nobody knows it is part of life and in it, you must find what is necessary to achieve your goals, it only depends on what exists in your mind that you manage to do a good job, or throw away what you could be valuable.

Everything that covers the scope of our soul is not enough for us to be capable of being what we are not, those were the words of the man who was looking for the soul with winged feet and who would make a journey from South to North.

The gaze of the ounce followed him closely, she felt its fear in the sweat that passed through the wind

The gaze of the ounce followed him closely, she felt its fear in the sweat that passed through the wind, the animal did not dare to touch it, could not, there was some ingenuity and courage in that person that for the ounce’s intuition deserved of all your respect.

Some people can live during the most sinister situations without being annihilated by predators just because they are surrounded by an aura of such brilliance that it is impossible not to be enthralled by them.

Neither of them has the same beliefs, they have not grown up under the same terms but something has brought them closer together, that breath of a force more powerful than the reality that they have both witnessed, suffered, and enjoyed.

She, Painani, will make the trip because it is part of an ancestral ritual of her culture, he will do it without knowing that there is a hidden mysticism around his trip; He is driven by adventure, the need to find something better than what he has left behind.

Thus begins this journey, my presence will be able to watch the journey from afar, I have achieved the ability of not needing a physical body to be present in that place where I have been called, few know my name, everyone recognizes the strength of the messenger.

Photo by Pixabay on

The Messenger

There is a journey to conclude and another to begin and that is what life is about.

Short story by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“Every passion will take you to the place you cannot escape from”

the Messenger

How does a messenger choose you? when most of the time it is supposed to be the other way around … what I can say is that someone who chooses for you is dedicated to launching messages that only you can decipher.

How does a messenger choose you? When is easier most that be in another way around … What I can say is that someone who chooses for you, is dedicated to launching messages that only you can decipher.

-Well, I offer you a small lamp, if you need it, it will be near you.

-No, I told you blindly and that’s what I propose to do.

At some point in history, we will know who makes up this dialogue, now we are going to enter that mysterious space where one of the characters has decided to grope:

In this search, I go blind, it is more I confess that I do not intend to appear through the portal that gave me signals on some occasions.

Under the lurk of the ounce, with fear in the soul and at the same time that itch that tells you that you have entered a unique and definitive adventure, followed the path that no one would have understood in their right mind, or their worldly responsibilities.

Later, the flight of the condor served as a shadow, throughout that journey he carried in his soul the spirit of the winged feet, not because he had decided, simply because it was the dictates of his heart and he had finally met the soul that belonged to him. projected.

Recognizing puzzles in sowing time, understanding the time of all the rains was his skill, but he never forgot the spirit that was chasing him and that he was willing to reach as it was and in the time it will take him to achieve it.

Along the way he met those people who can be diluted from memory like watercolor strokes, also those who form a detailed image in the first strokes, those who do not fade over time, and the others, who are like the Layers of paint that you place and become a definitive oil where the colors give atmosphere to the memory and remain in your soul and your senses.

His time has come, I enjoy the trip, he rooted himself in the field of the majestic magic of the being with the winged feet and like the thin smoke he made a trip that apparently would be his last but it was not.

There is a journey to conclude and another to begin and that is what life is about, we go from one place to other spinning stories and defining sunrises, it only remains to go through the shadows to understand the value of the light that transforms us, we are the memory that is transformed into the layers of the canvas itself and fades over time.

Our thinking is tied to that of thousands who think and feel similar to us, we are then the layer of colour that covers the collective thought of the past and transforms it into something different in the present.

Author´s photo: “I go blind”

Mantis the sorceress in Crete

I like to remember some passages about the first book to all of you, now that I’m editing the paper book

Is very special to remember some of her phrases:

She plays a relevant role in the story beyond the life of the creature that was left under her guardianship.

The ancient Greek art of reading the waxes of a candle, the most valuable instrument of Mantis

<The thread of time weaves life and unravels stories with the same force, we just have to give events time to recognize ourselves in them.>

Some passages are so important to remember

<When someone does not look you in the face and says something very nice, I need to untrust him… Maybe he would have to respond to the one who actually brought him here. It’s definitely not me.>

Author’s photograph: “The candles speak”