The man and the fish pond

When the presence of a wise man approaches you and tells you what he has lived, remember when you can be his reflection and especially pay attention to his advice, you never know when you will have to do your own practice of them.

“Analyzing others can take you through different scenarios, enrich your vision and sometimes try to value them in their proper measure, but never forget that each living being on the planet is its own universe that you can approach, not always identify ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The man of the valley in his afternoons after his long work tasks in his fields and groves continued to meditate on the men who had visited him, he analyzed details that had escaped him in the conduct of all of them.

He remembered the intoxicating way in which the man with eloquent words, looked at his fields, praising them in a captivating way, he meditated that if it had not been for that way that he managed to numb his senses, perhaps he would have wielded a rod to receive them aggressively, But it was not possible, that man with delicate hands and special disposition to say the words, distracted him and somehow paralyzed his instinct to protect his fields.

He remembered that each word of that character was very similar to the bubbles that some fish form in ponds that disappear when they rise to the surface; At no time did he get his hands dirty cultivating the land like the others did, he did not mobilize to attend to any activity, he was above all an observer of everyone else’s actions.

The men who carried the Patriarch in an ornate chair were strong and helped cut fruits to take them to the kitchen, then they accompanied others to replace what they had eaten by placing new shoots and seeds from the food they shared with him in furrows, they taught him their skills in the art of cooking and making tools and hats.

Hora looked appreciatively at Duplo and said:

<Dear friend, the man of eloquent words is a loyal servant of the Patriarch just like you, he does not manufacture anything, but he cares in his own way about what his master sustains, as well as you that man is a restrained guardian.

Now I wonder if perhaps you would follow me through valleys and mountains like that man or would you stay safe from a herd in your own lands; Maybe the day will come when we have to leave what we have built and flee to other places in the same way as those men, but I don’t know, friend, I don’t know if we will have new visitors and if everyone will be as friendly and hard-working as the previous ones. >

Duplo was watching him carefully, the man from the valley, thanks to Rayo, knew perfectly well that his dog understood each of the words he said, so Hora continued to comment on details of his observations to his guardian friend when he said:

<Duplo, something that I really liked about the talk with the Patriarch of the splendid plumage was when he related to me the passage of the man who had asked him for land and goods and angrily replied that he would never do that, he would never give his possessions to someone who simply He asks for it without having shown that he can work them.

Hora exclaimed:

It must be terrible for him to recognize that now those lands no longer belong to him and he does not know those who now inhabit them, perhaps they are people who do not cultivate the same.>

Hora got up from his room and looked suspiciously

From what the others said, they were men with different customs and unknown deities … Duplo, we must be alert and think about what we are going to do in case we have to flee!

He sat back sadly and said: 

Green children can feed anyone who wants to eat from them, regardless of their beliefs and their deities, it is food, it is life and every human deserves to be fed, every living being deserves life.

Green children can feed anyone who wants to eat from them

Suddenly he got up again enraged from his room and shouted:

What I am not going to allow is that they destroy my crops in my presence and want to impose their beliefs on me, that’s why Duplo tomorrow we will go through the mountainous edges and at the first warning of stranger walkers, we will flee forever from the valley!

Hearing those screams, Duplo raised his ears and ran out in a hurry.

Hora remembered again the words of that wise Patriarch when he told him:

“Boy, there are questions that people should not ask the way they do, they cause us anger and bewilderment. Do you know why it happens? Simply because we know the kind of question that matters and that they are not capable of asking ”

That night it was difficult for him to fall asleep and at dawn, he headed towards the mountains next to Duplo, his life would change forever but that’s still too early to tell.

When the presence of a wise man approaches you and tells you what he has lived, remember when you can be his reflection and especially pay attention to his advice, you never know when you will have to do your own practice of them.

Photo by the Author, with free filter by PicsArt: “The fruits of the land”

Reflections to conclude the short story

It only remains to reinvent ourselves and decide what follows in our own existence, to understand that reaching the other shore without burdens, without beasts that attack the soul is not a matter of now but part of a constant in the history of humanity

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“There are issues that we cannot transfer to reason, because the heart refuses”

The Messenger

We are not aware that this happened, the only one who learned from this was the one who transcended history that it was and she is undoubtedly Ana Perez Riv; She, based on intuition, followed someone’s trail, was able to look through the mirror, recognize that it was not her who was in the reflection and advanced through the threshold that was now open. Not everyone can pass, it is necessary to have something that not everyone has.

Within the fantastic genealogy, we recognize that everything returns with a different and magical form at times; That is why she carefully preserves the smoking mirror of Tezcatlipoca in her enclosure.

Now, Ometeotl, it is for the sensor, and sensitive network that gives way to the voice of the eternal and we once again find ourselves with the value of that impressive aspect that is a great instrument that we all have and that Raudek Vilob along with Ingerin Barderian recognized thanks to the Driedens, I mean the brain.

Who inhabits the construction of dual memory in the ancestral life of the roots that Ana Pérez Riv will never forget?

Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, also known as Ometeotl, place the human soul in a skull, give it life by forming it of both thoughts, the masculine and the feminine in the same being that is nothing other than the recognition of the integral human, as we see it, in the illustration:

Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, also known as Ometeotl, the duality

What about the other environments that we hardly touch?

Trade, migrations and the mixtures between different cultures brought prisoners in a boat with the promise of freedom to the shores of what the Spanish called “La Villa Rica” Veracruz. The Eastside of a sea that did not help her see What would happen possibly years later, in that way the priestess of the temple of the Moon and possessor of the gifts of Ometeotl, divined and sensed that there was hope in some and desires of possession in others.

He who travelled his journey from the South to the North, would not meet Painani, but she would transmit to him on his journey a millenary knowledge that his mind would not possibly understand when he became clouded with the beliefs that would reach him to make him part of the indoctrinated.

It only remains to reinvent ourselves and decide what follows in our own existence, to understand that reaching the other shore without burdens, without beasts that attack the soul is not a matter of now but part of a constant in the history of humanity. Taking charge of what we have built sometimes limits progress and the freedom to be different.

Author’s note: It is important to recognize that not only does the Aztec culture refer to the consideration of duality as an integral part of being, this is the example of The Messenger: Hermes had all kinds of romances. The most important of his descendants was the god Pan, born from his relationship with a nymph. From his affair with Aphrodite the beautiful Hermaphrodite was born, who later also acquired feminine features due to a nymph.

Undoubtedly the representation of the winged god of communication is not exclusive to one gender and is dual back and forth, interconnects and widens the sense of reality that we are.

The Eagle and the Mud

Life is a gift that can sometimes be shared and allows us to look at others as if it were the mirror of who we are and we could leave behind or carry it as a fond memory forever.

“Only who creates knows what faced and how to save itself”

The Messenger

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

<If your expectations are higher than your reality you will be defeated and you will fall into the eternal mud>

When Painani heard within herself that sentence, her feet with swift and agile wings were stuck in the densest and darkest mud, the sharp squawking and strengthened by the freedom of the wind appeared on her horizon, there it was, it was the powerful eagle looking at her like a despicable being, that you can forget and follow the flight; however, she knew who it was and she alerted the Chichimecas tribe that in the past had obeyed him to plant themselves in an inhospitable place where making foundations would be a challenge, but they came from afar and listened to the energetic song of the eagle.

A group diverted his step and threw an ixtle rope at her. Painani did not know what to say her life had been saved by a group of strangers who looked at her in amazement; a man with a serene gaze and very long hair the colour of ash came to her:

  • What are you doing so distant from your people and your village?
  • I am a Painani with a mission, I must continue further, I appreciate your help.
  • You must be hungry and thirsty, accept the tamali and the fruits, you can sleep in the shelter and prepare for the long journey at dawn. My name is Miztli. I guess yours was lost in the temple.
  • That’s Sir, I lost and I am Painani of the temple of Ometeotl.
  • In that case,  these lands will be remembered you as Tonalli, “the destiny and the wheel of time”
  • I gladly accept the first name that freedom has given me 

The woman covered in mud, bowed to the group and took the food they offered her, she felt grateful for such an honourable reception and when the women arrived they gave her clean clothes and a place to wash.

One of the women looked at her with joy and some anxiety when she said:

  • My name is Ameyali, I know that you have been released from the group, many of our sisters and daughters do not succeed, I feel that there is something unfair in all this, surely you have. If you come across the king’s Painani, those who bring him exotic fish and feathers from afar, none of them understand the value of a woman wrapped in winged omens, be careful.
  • In reverence of the name that all of you have given me, I will do everything possible to stay alive to the destination that has been marked for me.
  • What will you do if your paths cross and you have to stop passing?
  • As far as I know Ameyali we cannot do anything, time does not stop for anyone. The only thing I hope is to be able to take advantage of mine without falling prey to the clutches of anyone.

Dawn gave way to the chirping of some birds and with a smile of gratitude Painani Tonalli said goodbye to the group, people she would never see again and would carry their images in her memory, grateful and happy to have found them in their moments of misfortune.

Life is a gift that can sometimes be shared and allows us to look at others as if it were the mirror of who we are and we could leave behind or carry it as a fond memory forever.

Photo: Tamali: from the nahualt dialect Tamal, pre-Hispanic and ceremonial food that is consumed to date is prepared with corn

Coyolxauhqui will speak through the green reed

Each one has a task to fulfill, be it mystical or part of an adventure to find the best that life can offer us, if your rod bends, analyze its message and do not hesitate, do not shake your hand; just let yourself be carried away by what you feel.

Short Story by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“How distant is the horizon where your dreams rest?

 The Messenger 

Decide nothing and choose nothing, do not reveal your sleepless hours on the wrong path. Thinking thoroughly is a slow process and we cannot immediately see the big picture; be laborious and leave intuition to the background at uncertain times. Now I withdraw and go to the symbols.

Painani looked at her with astonished eyes but could not see those of the lady that remained bandaged.

  • Okay, I’ll retire and start the journey …

Painani stands on the threshold of the temple, she is waiting for an answer from  Tlatoani or waits that she would remove her blindfold.

  • Go ahead, go ahead, you will not see my eyes this time, I must retain your essence and if I observe you it will not be possible! Remember everything we talked about, let the immense light of Coyolxauhqui be your guide.

The woman with agile feet retired under the immense moon that shone lighting her path, to lose herself on the horizon, her heart beating with fear and excitement at the same time.

The solitude of Tlatoani

The woman took a robust reed in her hands and walked to the upper esplanade of the temple to speak with the goddess Coyolxauhqui:

  • Beloved lady moon who shines, and integrates into the firm sky of stars, before facing the battle with the warrior daytime, tell me if I should know some new sign in the sky?

That said, the woman from the temple of the Moon offered up a green reed, robust and at the same time tender, her long hair with shades of obsidian and silver lifted with the force of the wind that invaded that space lost in the immensity of time and of which we only know traces.

The junk bent giving its signal and alert in this way, the woman knew what all this meant, but there were mysteries that would be revealed later:

The watermark points east
  • Lady, Coyolxauhqui, I understand that I must not only be vigilant of the North and the South but a water symbol also that challenges my imagination.

Tlatoani, watchwoman of the lunar temple closed her eyes and traveled with her essence towards the East, she arrived at the place where the salty waters gently and whisper the limits of the land of subtle sands and snails. She penetrated the skin of the thickly blue-hued water. She only observed the sea beasts that appeared in leaps to welcome her imperturbable and traveling soul and said to herself:

<Perhaps what I do not know will be impossible for me to perceive, perhaps it is not his time yet, I only understand that I must maintain myself. alert to this omen>

Each one has a task to fulfill, be it mystical or part of an adventure to find the best that life can offer us, if your rod bends, analyze its message and do not hesitate, do not shake your hand; just let yourself be carried away by what you feel.

Drawing of the Goddess Coyolxauhqui from Engineer Juan Carlos Estudillo’s Blog

Note from the author, it definitely alludes also to the water rune “Laguz” in German, the body of water, Anglo-Saxon, “Lagu”, seawater.

Mantis the sorceress in Crete

I like to remember some passages about the first book to all of you, now that I’m editing the paper book

Is very special to remember some of her phrases:

She plays a relevant role in the story beyond the life of the creature that was left under her guardianship.

The ancient Greek art of reading the waxes of a candle, the most valuable instrument of Mantis

<The thread of time weaves life and unravels stories with the same force, we just have to give events time to recognize ourselves in them.>

Some passages are so important to remember

<When someone does not look you in the face and says something very nice, I need to untrust him… Maybe he would have to respond to the one who actually brought him here. It’s definitely not me.>

Author’s photograph: “The candles speak”

Some individual traces

In this blog, the first book was not shared as a sequence, but I will only give you details that have captivated me in the second reading that I follow.

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Now that I go back down the road with another look, I am fascinated by the idea of sharing some individual traces of the journey towards the book called Bird Spell, available only in Spanish as I now take the path of translation, I find myself before a new adventure and a very different analysis format.

Discover again the history with other eyes is absolutely magic, never you can see the same in the second adventure

Let’s be faithful to the past that is a great teacher, but let’s look firmly towards the future.

Now we can remember this other passage when the sorceress called

Serpent exclaimed with restrained anger:

The sign of the chisel

– Swords, spears and shields, torture and death is sown along the way, we must be agile, skilful so as not to lose our way. Each of our eyes can see many more than just a sky, the same one that they observe without realizing its message and commitment, we can fly with the imagination, we can observe with the intuition that they fear. Our seed will be eternal, even when they cannot see how lush their legacy is.

In this blog, the first book was not shared as a sequence, but I will only give you details that have captivated me in the second reading that right now I edit to make it a book in this language, it is a challenge, I hope to achieve something acceptable, greetings readers! !!

Response to the letter of an avid blog reader

This is the answer to a kind letter from a reader of this blog to whom I send greetings and respect your privacy unless he authorizes me to give your name

Dear reader friend: in relation to the confusions that have awoken in your follow-up to reading on this blog, I will tell you some details and clues that may clear up your bewilderments:

I feel that you are in the biggest maze because to read a blog properly and taking a count that was a longer work; maybe the only one crazy to do that, is me.

You need to go to the first post, and this is the most older on that, later you can read one per one in the same timeline the oldest, the older and the less old, and then discover the new one, with the current date, so close to the present date in the calendar.

The other trouble that you have, maybe you can understand if you are reading the preface, by the way, the last posted date May 15; talking about the real sequence of the whole history. I need to say the worst scenario that you have … Please sit down and breathe slowly…

I need to translate the first book called Crystal Galaxy, and later the second book, which apparently doesn’t have any relationship with the other one, I send to you the preface copy for your knowledge, because it is not published yet in the English blog. Also, I need to send to you the draft of the Spell of bird, because it is the only work in your language that I have at the moment. I hope you can read it properly.

The fact is for me is easier to write like a book, not like a screenplay, but is a good alternative to you if you want to understand the sequence; I like the idea to publish the future a book with the screenplay, but is to remember all the work, maybe I need an employed on that, but I do not like invest any money if I do not have the certain to obtain on this some profit.

By reason of security only into your letter I can share the screeenplay draft, here the page not allow it

Thanks for your comments because Asgardia is only a subterfuge to create a different path in my book about history, is a dream very rare that I figure to change the history, the real one, just in the mind of the people that live with the same ideas to repeat the crudest history. I am a dreamer, maybe only a dreamer.

Maybe you can realize it with the preface, doest exist a Queen as an Asgardian, the characters are sorceress, they are free spirits. And the only kiss that the pioneer Barderian misses in despair is not from an Asgardian but from a scientist, his beloved Raudek Vilop, born in Eggya.

As a resident of Asgardia, I will like to imagine a different world, the fact is not possible, the life is rude, violent, dramatic; but my novel is fiction with lovely dreams of unity into humanity.

If I had in my hands a tale for Asgardian kids, maybe this will be the real alternative that I would like to read to them.

I will wait for your next letter my dear friend

PS.: As is usual with the protection of your privacy, I like the idea to put this letter in my blog, you are the most avid reader that I have, and I feel so great about this

What has become of magic, history, and its beliefs?

Great teachings are seen from different perspectives They give an idea of ​​how far we are the mirror of others and when we can see the reflection on them.

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Ana Perez Riv, with her characteristic hospitality, showed signs of being an excellent hostess, by leaving each of her guests in their rooms, she retired to her bedroom with her soul squeezed and analyzing each part of the journey that we as humans have traveled.

She remembered the blood of human sacrifices in her ancestral town, living offerings to the gods to silence his voracious instincts, hangings as offerings to Odin  that were part of the ancestral culture of his dear friend and colleague Zila. That slow process had to be wrapped in beliefs and dogmas for people to understand a type of morality they were not used to.

She contemplates in the distance the journey that differentiated them from the Eggyans, was not something fair and not plausible, but they were involved in the urgent need to sacrifice, so to speak, their inhabitants to save themselves from chaos. Ana thought that perhaps looking at the distance her ancestors also thought the same way that the world would end if these offerings were not made and she felt confused. 

Then she exclaimed to herself:

<If the errors, the haste, the ignorance that comes our way along the way could have a point of comparison that will help us to reflect, perhaps everything would be different; But no one comes from the future and tells you that they have already lived this and that it is time to meditate on the path they have traveled, until now.>

In another of the rooms where Zila and her beloved Citlali were, they had not been tired either, Their heads pondered what they had heard from the Eggyans and Zila hugged her pregnant wife’s body tightly and thought to himself with tears in his eyes:

<I don’t know what I would do if I lost the opportunity to see my baby grow up! lose the light of my eyes! >

Citlali asked him:

– Love, did none of them know that amber body would remain to form a shield for future generations, their dispersion will have been cohesive by some Drieden in particular?

Zila caressed the body of her beloved Citlali and said tenderly:

– Love, you are very insightful, perhaps the idea came from the ascended masters, the army of crimson ether, the tone of the philosopher’s stone for centuries that commands an extraordinary unity strength; sometimes I wonder if the proper name is the celestial army since they are in charge of star defense operations; Well perhaps the Eggyans have found a name whose connotations do not describe a war body.

Citlali argued delicately:

– Perhaps my beloved the symbolism of the defense army is that, but without a doubt, I am curious if magical thinking in this sense influenced the amberins, good question, doesn’t it?

In another of the rooms where Yilia and Taige were, of course, the conversations were part of the vigil, for them, it was much easier to stay awake, one part of their brain could sleep, while the other worked and divided the tasks of a very dynamic way.

Yilia argued that the work of the dendrites was very exhausting but efficient, managing to find the right terms to express them, however, he admitted something that pleasantly surprised Taige:

– My beloved, if it weren’t for Professor Zila, I think the search for adequate terminology would be costing me a lot of work, he is very receptive, it surprises me how by mere intuition he realized that Zila cannot recognize us as individual bodies, it gave me the impression that he managed to perceive us and I like his attitude a lot.

For his part, Taige pointed out:

– His daughter is very receptive, also;  I am amused that at the mother’s request they have not disclosed the girl’s gender, but her husband Zila has known it for a long time and remains silent to consent his wife, he seems so detailed to me.

I find it extraordinary, their tenacity to train normal beings to learn to grasp the world around them from a vision that resembles what they call mystical leaders; It is something that we did not do, if it weren´t for the insertion of dendrites in normal bodies, we would not have been able to reach this site.

I still wonder if all those who sacrificed their lives to help us, had they been trained, we would have saved them; learning from others what we could be done creates a kind of guilty on me for not having thought about it before.

Yilia looked at her tenderly and answered resolutely and staring at her:

– You have the answer within you, not everything was training, but also the ability to form an indissoluble team that was willing to cooperate and provide us with the appropriate tools to get ahead.

We return to Ana’s room, who keeps her gaze fixed on the starry sky from the window of her bedroom and very quietly says to herself:

The ancient Mexica city of Tenochtitlan witnessed the sacrifice of dozens of people and the subsequent placement of their skulls on a shelf as a gift to the deities.

<Macuilcalli, Tzompantli … The river of blood that gave vitality to Tlatoani, the blood and heart offered they were never understood by priests, today their meaning changes perspective, liberates humanity from dogma, and links unknown worlds.

We cannot look at the road traveled with different eyes, we had to go through hell to understand the difference between it and heaven; my world is not from the divine heaven nor the cursed hell, it is the song of the hummingbird that in rapid fluttering realizes that the causes precede effects and never in the opposite way.>

Ana suddenly understood that the course of humanity had come to a turning point where we can advance with certainty, it would possibly be easier:

<Looking back the paths we have traveled will never be the same and all love or hate becomes distance, turns to dust.>

Book reference: John Haywood’s Men from the North, introduction subtitle: The Viking Worldview, p. 23 Editorial Paidós translated version by Francisco Garcia Lorenzana.

Tzompantli photo

It is not possible to travel to the past, you can only represent it

Every pioneer in the history of mankind when he has thrown himself into the void, chasing a dream, an adventure; recognizes that uncertainty accompanies him and in front of him, there is always the dim light of hope.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

In particular, I would like to be by Ontyl’s side, but since I do not have his physical presence and in the full knowledge that we are both drieden, I can ask him to guide me from a distance, without using conventional channels to transmit to you this critical part of the story, Vidra argument.

Under the principle of causality, we know that every cause must precede effects and it is not the other way around, what we are trying to do has no turning back and no possibility of deep analysis in the face of the reality that hit us head-on.

What for Professor Zila, here present, meant using the resource of magic, for us, it was to put it as a representative of applied science and that was what was done, the team of scientists who were advised by a special being, my dad.

We knew that there was only one chronological line within the universal laws, this placed us before a violent recognition: We are finite, we can only represent ourselves from what we can keep in the silicon files, what we treasure in the Murdorian crystal, as entities alive, defeat was certain.

Ontyl has to guide me in this part so that you can understand more technical matters: The answer is found in the temporal curves and the only ones capable of bending them were the drieden vectors.

Before sending the report, Barderian sent us his acknowledgement of receipt with a modification, slight but significant for all the scientists and Yertei, my father:

When he drew the symbol on a paper at the table where they all met, the surprise Zila was capitalized and exclaimed:

Professor Zila confuses the Eggyan symbol with the Algiz rune

– But this symbol is the Algiz rune, according to the ancients announced privileged information received directly from the Gods, it is a clear reference to the protection that magical entities used through this form of communication. Although imminent dangers lurk, you will be warned in time to save yourself, your property or your loved ones.

Surprised Vidra rectified Professor Zila, it is amazing what he tells us is a concept of the vector space of an isolated system and we do not know if it makes sense to humans, but for that reason, our starships were named Mega Vectors Egg … Of course is the translation, I do not know if the term vector is the closest thing, we try to translate it in the best way to understand each other.

The central idea was to assemble an isolated system and reduce it to its minimum expression, taking into account that only what we cannot see can cross dynamic fields.

Zila again exclaimed with deep admiration and astonishment at Vidra and Ontyl’s comments:

– You are describing to us the principle of quantum physics applied to a living being!

Vidra looked at Professor Zila and immediately afterwards turned her head to the side, the callsign that received information from Ontyl:

– Ontyl acknowledges that his argument is extremely logical.

Zila realized that the day he analyzed the video of that interview with his students, it was proof that they received information from a distant environment and their connections were extremely precise, so if they were put in total isolation, they would lose their ability, interacting with each other and raised the question:

– Please answer me, have all of you stopped being individuals, unique entities?

Vidra smiled and recognized with the group of eggyans that the professor’s insight was fascinating and only affirmed assisting with her head, adding:

– The bio-connector did not work in the same way in all, it required what Raudek deduced as compatibility already that surprise activated in many channel brains that had to be turned off and only those minds with a balance between chaos and stability could undergo the test without losing their lives.

Building an implant was not easy between trial and error, many volunteers went on to form what we call process matter, somehow their deaths were necessary to form the suppressor and modifier network. 

The material could not be an instrument of a material alien to the natural structure of the individual in the process; Ontyl request me to point out clearly that each of us is made of the same material as the stars and that was our victory and also a peculiar vision towards eternity.

They all looked at each other in surprise and the mystical leaders understood that their struggle to recognize themselves in the dynamics of the universe was not in vain. It was still necessary to know what happened when Taige decided to test herself in a challenge of no return where there were only two paths: Live or die.

Every pioneer in the history of mankind when he has thrown himself into the void, chasing a dream, an adventure; recognizes that uncertainty accompanies him and in front of him, there is always the dim light of hope.

Author´s draw “The Algiz symbol”

The past: Useful to reinvent ourselves, never to anchor us

What are we made of to change what prevents us from being something else? That was one of the most complex actions, and at the same time, an impulse trying not to lose the last hope.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Zila contacted Vidra to notify her that the group of 28 were aware of the details that were entrusted to her; now they just hoped to schedule the next appointment.

Taige argued that it should be before the meeting in Vienna, where they would be given their passports, in an event that would distinguish them as the first aliens to carry them, and without a doubt, they were all summoned, a privilege that together with their Asgardian residence credential. They would be a mandatory step and at the same time an official act that formalized their stay on Earth.

So it was not necessary to wait many days before this appointment will be presented and everyone agreed to celebrate it at the home of Dean Ana Pérez Riv. Zila requested that his wife be present since this event was important for him to remain in the brain of his baby, everyone agreed happily.

Vidra introduced the talk of that day, complex and tense moments would be described in the scientists’ work:  

– At that time, the researcher and head of the group of scientists, Raudek Vilob, knew that her time was limited when she realized that her Leg began to crawl without wanting to, it was a matter of days before his paralysis was total and she decided to call the group of 9, since from the moment Yertei arrived, who you now know was my father; would stay with them. Raudek spoke to them of the great responsibility that weighed on all of them:

<None of us knows what will be our destiny, it depends entirely on the work we achieve, soon I will not be able to make dissections, not even graphics, beyond those that the computer allow me, I ask for all your support, and please, not a single word to Barderian, he is recovering from his discomforts and burns and does not need to be distracted, he may intuit with  my age, younger than his, the syndrome it will be  present, but it´s better for everyone, do not say anything to him>

The synergy work between the drieden and the following test was of great importance, as they recognized the brain as an organ with electricity and magnetism, they considered the least invasive work possible, which allowed changing the dynamics of brains that did not have drieden characteristics, in this way the following test was carried out:

Ingerin Barderian and VF team, test number 4:

Step number one: Compatibility of tej gone for the link; between the encephalic mass of drieden and common brain.

Step number two: astrocytes form scar tissue that can serve as a connector between an inert brain and a dry brain. Monitoring of illumination between both brains, consider the brain test of a living being.

Step Three: Ependymal cells help form part of the pathway through which cerebrospinal fluid circulates. They can generate efficient feedback. Once the brain substance potential drieden has been injected, take intuitive impulse brain measurements from both subjects.

Step number four: In the normal test subject it will be necessary to create an incision to place the cerebrospinal fluid, a micro-incision through the nasal cavity is recommended. Remote control to create a path or path of impulses.

Most of the subjects who volunteered were those who wanted to regain mobility and many problems arose there, cases of something similar to what is known here on Earth as myoclonus, that is, jerky movements, and in severe cases patients were lost. ; Despite knowing the risk, the volunteers were not lacking and many of their arguments were of extraordinary force:

<I come to this place because we do not have time to know if the limit between life and death is now or in a few months and if it is discovered something that enhances the journey of some, I put my body at the service of research>

Yertei, my father managed to communicate with some of them and share thoughts and modulate their heart rate; Among the drieden, it is easy to interact, the difficult thing was to involve someone without that skill and get the desired response.

When the report was sent to Barderian, he immediately communicated to Ontyl that to achieve the tests he should focus on the pilots, magnetizing the brains of those who could reach the portal in ideal conditions, if this word were the right one, since in the, In reality, no condition that would put the body of a living being under extreme pressure could be considered possible.

Ontyl recognized that it was not only to magnetize with dry influence to the brains since it was necessary to suppress the cerebral impulses; the less activity, the less wear, and tear, that idea was of great help.

Under this premise, Ontyl is now trying to stop brain metastasis in the body of a very special person for all of us, Rolando Alberto’s wife.

For most of the group of 28, what has explained to them was impressive, so Sofía asked the question:

– Under normal conditions, we can influence other humans, intuitively and definitely with the full awareness that we can do it among ourselves, with who we have trained the brain to interact and I imagine it is the same from Drieden between Drieden. But you introduced cellular material through the nose of a living being trying to avoid a syndrome that was genetically affecting a large part of the population; Were there other attempts to invade the brain under the pressure of time?

Yilia decided to answer his question:

– It was inevitable and necessary to find an invasive resource to make our bodies reduce their functions to a minimum with precise cerebral impulses; We have found information on something that resembles this condition in normal environments here on Earth, the closest thing is called Tibetan meditation, but we don’t know if it is possible in space. In our case, we name it bio-connector and its target is the neocortex, responsible for the neural computations of attention, thought, opinion, and episodic memory.

We had to reinvent ourselves, stop being what we were and that was not easy at all, to get to perfect it over time, I suffered from it closely when Taige decided that it was time to do what had to be done.

What are we made of to change what prevents us from being something else? That was one of the most complex actions, and at the same time, an impulse trying not to lose the last hope.

Photograph of the parts of the brain