Crossing the portal or falling into the abyss

All of them shared their doubts and questions, fascinating reflections that would lead them by the hand on a journey where the recognition of the unknown would amaze them.

The beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

In Mexico City, the Felguerez Galafik house was full of happiness, Sofía prepared the favourite cake of her daughter-in-law Citlali, cake with strawberries and chocolate, the reception was waiting for the group of 28, everything was expected and exciting.

Sofía prepared the favourite cake of her daughter-in-law Citlali

Citlali felt renewed as if the presence of her daughter in her body fortified her and gave her reason to feel full of energy. Zila arrived with his father and his mother-in-law who was returning from a trip to the north of the country, pleased to have her daughter back on planet Earth; Thirty-one people would witness what Zila would reveal to them from his long and fascinating talk with the Eggyans.

The vast majority arrived with a gift for the married couple whose pregnancy had modified many of their interests and activities, at the moment the issue of Citlali returning to the international lunar platform was not discussed, the doctor had recommended rest for the first three months for avoid surprises that could catch them off guard.

Ana Pérez Riv arrived with a gift in her hands and pointed out:

– In a few weeks the baby will let you know its gender, but since you want to keep it a secret, please will not open my gift until its delivery.

The couple looked at her with a knowing smile and Zila winked at the dean who was pleased by the presence of all the attendees.

The table talk accompanied by the delicious chocolate and strawberry cake left many questions in the audience, especially when it was mentioned that thanks to the brains of driedens many of them had the opportunity to cross the portal.

Ana Perez Riv deduced that it was impressive what the mind can do to matter and meditated on the issue of the “Intergalactic Federation” considering that many of them should not be only entities absent from matter, since there was evidence of those who had managed to cross the portal.

Some questioned themselves with deep seriousness the causes that prevented Barderian from crossing like the others; In this, Zila made a clear and precise deduction:

– The woman he loved with deep passion was prey to paralysis and we already know what that represented for her life expectancy. I do not doubt that he has offered his own life jumping into the void in search of the slightest hint of light that she left.

Citlali hugged him tenderly, without a doubt that would make a passionate lover in the face of the loss of his greatest love.

Gala, who was part of the mystical leaders present there, expressed her doubt regarding how they used the brain of the driedens seeking compatibility with those who were not and what technique they would use to concentrate that power in a bio-connector.

Ariedré, resolutely argued that without a doubt that was the question that everyone wanted to know and pointed out: “Perhaps the technical or more sophisticated part of this innovation belongs to the knowledge of the neuroscientist Ontyl”; Does anyone intuit the reason why they remain in Mar del Plata?

Most, including Ana, silently shook their heads in negative sign, she added:

– It is exciting to know that two direct descendants of Driedens are among the Eggyans; for them, the baby of Zila and Citlali would be precise that a scion or Drienden; Doesn’t the detail that the ship has offered for the person who required it seems distinctive? Maybe they knew about the pregnancy.

– Citlali put both hands to her mouth in surprise and recognized that the dean’s intuition was the most perceptive.

Zila said that they found, thanks precisely to their intuition, the right people to carry out their plans, simple people who had been fighting for years to create that human bond between the beings of the planet and felt gratified that they were all within that peculiar group.

Ana Perez Riv made a reflection that left everyone present thoughtful:

– It is important to recognize that when we start the disseminating ritual we invoke the most distant root that gives us belonging on this planet, I have the impression that in the galactic plane that they move that sign of permanence is diluted, the unit is no longer linked to the ancestors, but the human as an entity of light.

Zila reflected on it and remembered that recurring dream that sometimes was repeated with some insistence and recognized that perhaps for that reason he affirms himself as a man of the Earth and established a point of reference unlike them who no longer had a place of reference.

Perhaps we never recognize those we imagine as part of our roots in that plane of consciousness, it is a question that is not easy to take off and  

perhaps it is only part of our intuition but not of reality as such.

Alig, Zila’s father felt that many of the comments exceeded his understanding of reality and expressed his admiration for being part of a family where magic enveloped their days and gave a valuable tone to each sunrise.

All of them shared their doubts and questions, fascinating reflections that would lead them by the hand on a journey where the recognition of the unknown would amaze them.

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We cannot live in a dream forever

Dreams are a portal through which we travel in search of hope and the brightness of a new dawn, reaching it is a challenge, in which some stop believing, fortunately, daring always finds alternatives.

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Going around in circles and trying to find solutions that alleviate the suffering of the people of Eggya was not an easy matter, encouraging them in the belief that things would have a solution was not something most believed. What am I going with this comment? Back to the last moments of a world about to collapse, Barderian was hospitalized, and the portal in his mind was a fixation.

Taige decides to take the jars with the three brains to the hospital indicated by the Medreos group and that is where the person who is currently in our world in the town of Mar del Plata receives her, in the Barilli house, I mean Ontyl.

Why is he in Mar del Plata, what task keeps him away from the rest of the group?

Let’s go back to that instant when precisely Taige realizes that moment when she perceives what is happening to Paula, she realized that something was not going well with her, her energy had diminished, and that no longer stopped nothing; she fixed his gaze on that woman who had put all her interest in helping her when she was discovered by the argentine friend’s group; for Paula, the world would be something different soon; uneasiness invaded her thoughts, but she would not say anything so as not to discourage the group, much less worry her husband Rolando Alberto.

Tai later spoke with Yilia to explain what she had perceived in her dear friend Paula; they cannot grasp the ungraspable, they cannot wish for the magic to persist beyond its own energy, you cannot cry out to the universe for what will no longer be. Impossible to retain, distant and truly ethereal we would find her on the other side of the mighty life that flowed around her, fate was in the hands of time and time does not stop.

Ontyl will put all his talent to rescue Paula from death
Ontyl will put all his talent to rescue Paula from death

The couple formed by Yilia and Taige at that moment requested the assistance of Ontyl, connoisseur, and specialist in the defunct neuroscience clinic in Eggya, the site to which Taige took the jars with the driedens brains in the past,  and that is the reason why Ontyl remains in Mar del Plata because he is an expert in this area.

They would do the impossible so that Rolando did not realize Paula’s true health situation, even at the request of her who knew how important each event they were experiencing now was, therefore the challenge was enormous.

For them, what was presented as a challenge to the world and the opportunity that the plans that had been that were broken in the past was reason enough not to show signs of weakness; everything returns, life flows and summons you to move on, not to stop believing that the unity of humans is a renewal and constant breath. 

The struggle of Rolando Alberto’s group had focused on the tasks of the earth, life needed to be sustained in its roots and later in the great projects towards the stars, but there were too many people interested in preserving their attributions, stable relationships of which they got their resources and their strengths. That is why, more than ever, they understood that it was not the time to falter, it was obvious that Paula was part of that dynamism, but her health was declining.

Frint is the one who chooses Ontyl to start one of the procedures that they used during interstellar travel, the procedure would have to be adapted to the conditions inherent to Paula’s pathology. The preparation will not be used to reduce the brain pulse to the maximum, they will have to adapt their equipment and they will have to invade very delicately the brain of an earthling, whom they all admire and wish to keep alive for as long as possible in stable conditions; beating a metastasis was not an easy thing, trying was the best they could do. 

Ontyl decided to accept Karina Ballesteros, who receives training to recognize the reading of the nano-suppressor, a totally new processes for an earthling, she understood that what she saw on the reading monitor was not Eggyan language, but it was a scientific language that has been shared in various galaxies under a name was called Endelferg that allowed the development of cross-sectional research between different groups of intergalactic inhabitants. It was difficult to understand anyway, but she put all her concentration to train herself properly.

Where was Karina from? She is Chilean, a friend of Braulio who called her urgently and urged her to stop everything she was doing and meet them at the Barilli villa, she never imagined that she would understand a delicate task, never practiced before on planet Earth.

The dream of a better world was not for everyone, it was not for the Eggyans, but those who managed to travel to our Milky Way would do whatever was in their power to ensure that there was evidence of that struggle to rescue what matters.

Little by little Paula recovered her strength, grateful for the time that Eggyan’s advances allowed her to enjoy the affection of her friends, feeling the great joy of recognizing them as endearing.

Dreams are a portal through which we travel in search of hope and the brightness of a new dawn, reaching it is a challenge, in which some stop believing, fortunately, daring always finds alternatives.

Author’s drawing: “Ontyl’s assertive look”

Embracing life in search of a new light

Life can be strange, chaotic, but the sweetness and creative passion is a breath that strengthens each section of the road, no matter how hard it may be.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

There is no record of pictorial works, only that which could be rescued in the small Murdorian glass tubes; possibly with the passage of time, already settled in the peaceful areas of a hospitable land, some of the eggyans would once again think of talent oblivion that had to be left under the pressure of the immediate.

Possibly art would return to the lives of the eggyans inhabiting a new space of peace

Every nation on Earth knows that art manifestations are put aside when people decide to wage war, fight for the anxiety of imposing their ideas on others, the songs will remain where others see their brother die and are exalted with patriotism if they were victorious in a bloody battle.

Among the Eggyans let us remember that there was a time that prohibited musical manifestations because they interfered with the concentration of the driedens; Every encounter creates a difference, encourages others to imitate the one they admire, to replicate their actions. Who are the initiators, the replicators and the followers? It is evident that of the last two we will find many more.

All this was part of the reflections that floated in the air, both in Zila’s intuitive and perceptive head and in the Eggyans themselves who decided to open their intelligence and heart to a descendant of the ancient Celts, people that even he did not get to know; It was the great-grandmother who dedicated herself to inquire into the genealogical tree of the family, about those emigrants from the north in the American Continent.

Upon arriving with Sofía, his mother, she noticed that Zila face was illuminated by a different spark, smiling she said:

– Dear son, I realize that you have discovered important matters. Your wife fell asleep vomiting and nausea from a hormonal drug that was dripped on her; she is already better and just as eager to know details of your interview with the group of eggyans.

Zila looked at her and without saying a word took her by the shoulders with affection and before kissing her forehead she sent her a message that was not heard by the others who were in the waiting room:

<We must meet with the group of the 28 members so that I commented with detail the interview that I  had with the eggyans, they want to see us all in the next discussion>

Sofía nodded and hugged her son tenderly, at which point they told her that the air taxi was already waiting for her on the roof of the building.

Taking with both hands in the face of his son, she pointed out:

– I am going to say goodbye to the baby who will soon find a beautiful nest in Citlali’s body, I will speak with Ana to prepare for that meeting soon, I love you very much, son.

Zila looked at her from behind, slim, diligent, magical, that was her mother; He turned on his heels with agility to go to the room where his wife was facing a new world where she would cease to be her to be part of a different nucleus before the advent of her child, who came to their lives by passionate tenacity of a magician and the intense love that the couple had for each other. When he opened the door he looked at her with tangled hair and a decomposed face:

– I am here light of my eyes, please tell me if perhaps my smile relieves you or I need to try a little more …

– Zila, my love, it is not only your smile is your whole being, your thoughts placed in my memory, your unchained passion, all together helps me to endure these troubles, minimizes them to the extreme, but you are also my breath and you give meaning to my life in a way that sometimes I cannot describe in words.

– There are so many things that we do not know, dear Citlali, the world we live in seems like a gift and it can be so for many years, it can be modified over the years, but it is already the story that we both strengthen, our pregnancy changes many things and renews the breath of a world always surprising and sometimes discouraging. Your life alone makes sense, now we will be three to nurture new dawns.

They both looked at each other tenderly before losing themselves in a passionate kiss, waiting for the moment when their baby would be part of every sensitive fibre in their mother and father’s body.

Life can be strange, chaotic, but the sweetness and creative passion is a breath that strengthens each section of the road, no matter how hard it may be.

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Essay and Error; Live or Die

Time was running out and the need to preserve the fundamentals was imperative, we will see a journey that was beyond all logic, there was the energy of a group willing to achieve the impossible.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Zila suddenly understands the reality that the Eggyans explain to her and recognizes why on some occasions Tai likens their experience to that of a crystal through which we can see on the other side of the galaxy and find a reality that does not it is alien to us; With total regret, he comments:

– In the time that occupies us 2287, humans have expanded the population to the Moon, and in the same way to Mars, if we put the example of the distant and disappeared Moons of Pible or Yberil, I am not a connoisseur but it is not difficult to imagine Mercury changing colors and turning into an incandescent sun that would explode distributing fireballs in different directions of the Solar System; So everything we have created, the expansion we have focused on and the lives of today’s human beings who hope to leave generations populating those territories where their relatives work, would cease to be accurate, would cease to be productive, our history, culture, achievements, and feats would be turned to ashes.

Tai observes him and nods, at the moment he gives the floor to Vidra, extending his hand to give him the floor:

With the passage of time we have understood that it is not divinity, even when many consider it that way and we respect it, said Vidra

– My father was a drieden, possibly not for everyone there is the concept that some human populations have of “Divinity” It is a root that we detached a long time ago from philosophy as we see it, but I know that you understand perfectly what I mean. Now, the search to connect with others who are not, who are not drieden had nothing to do with metaphysical theories, but with the incessant need to find a way out, to avoid losing everything.

If you have time we will tell you the preliminary findings of the pioneer Barderian who met some of the group, at that time Tai was a teenager at risk of falling into the paralysis to which many were exposed.

Zila looks at her cell phone and asks them for a few minutes to make a call, since she wants to know more about what they kindly want to share.

<Mother, can you tell me how the whole process of Citlali is going, please, the interview has been the most enriching and I wonder if there is time for them to give me more information …>

<Of course son is on an intravenous chorionic gonadotropin and they check the levels of progesterone, the doctor points out that this hormone facilitates the nesting of the baby, strengthens the endometrium, and strengthens the placenta; their levels varied when they were in conditions where the Lunar gravity generates changes, let me pass the gynecologist who is assisting her to give you more information …>

<Professor Zila, if Dr. Mariano Alvez speaks, everything is responding satisfactorily, we are evaluating the placental lactogen since his wife was under a strong stress load with the bombardment of meteors in the international lunar station, the proteins and glucose need to be leveled, the oxytocin was inhibited before the presence of adrenaline, it will take us some time, go calmly to carry out your activities in two days at the most, this process will allow us to successfully place the baby in the womb …>

Zila returns to the room where they have met to attend and asks them to continue with the story, it is Vidra who takes the word:

– My father was called Yertei, he was part of the group with the infinity symbol, according to what we have learned from you we know of a German mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbi us in 1858 created a tape; But it has nothing to do with my father identifying Raudek Vilob’s lab group with something like that, at all. What my father saw was the feeling of Barderian and the inspiration that emanated from his being just by thinking of his beloved Raudek, for Barderian she was the beginning and the end of his mental universe, that is why my father when looking towards the Luna de Medreos and receiving a message from her knew who it was.

When my father arrived at the laboratory he let the team know about this feeling, which invaded the team leader with joy and at the same time facilitated the path they took and that it was not easy at all.

Barderian desperately needed to safely enter the deep space zone and let Taige know:

– I have in my possession a tool that I will not tell you about until I test it successfully, I need to know if I can turn it into one. ally in the distance, I am heading towards it I will name it test number 1, I am not sure how to assimilate the tool I am talking about but I will leave it in a blog on my desk, if I do not return, please open my house and do everything that in it I keep part of your investigation, keep Raudek informed, just in case no information about my return is known.

Ingerin Barderian I note in the log of test number 1:

Step number one: Extraction of fluid from the medulla oblongata that I inject intravenously into my body.

Step number two: Evaluation of my heart rate, it increased considerably and subsequently stabilized.

Step three: I am about to take off into deep space. Over and out.

Vidra continues the story and points out: 

– Barderian returned with the body with burns, the media televised him, his joy was evident, he named that space The portal from which the light is born. You know that place as the Cave Nebula.

The strength of the liquid obtained from the medulla oblongata of a drieden’s brain was the first step; Barderian had become the messenger between two worlds, but his scope continued, he began to create alternatives to safeguard our knowledge and was able to rescue a few Eggyans from paralysis.

On the other hand, my father witnessed the delicate and intense work that the eight scientists undertook when they appointed him as a consultant.

Time was running out and the need to preserve the fundamentals was imperative, we will see a journey that was beyond all logic, there was the energy of a group willing to achieve the impossible.

Author´s references:

In chapter one, The Bridge: Subtitle: For alchemy a perpetual flame is necessary
Translated paragraph from the book Newton Short Biography of Peter Ackroyd, Chapter XI Hero Worship p., 108

Taurus, Toro, Toroid

Now we are understanding some details and of course, there will always be doubts that will not be easy to understand but that was necessary to achieve the impossible.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Zila observed the group of Eggyans seriously and Vidra commented:

– We have advanced along paths that are not the same, but in something we agree, to preserve what is fundamental for each of us is the engine that has guided us to find a site with an important cultural and scientific heritage.

Precisely on one side of that impressive place that only you know by scientific calculations, was the planetary system where Eggya existed

A toroid is where we can find what would be the birthplace of comets surrounding the solar system, whose name for you is the Oort cloud.

Precisely on one side of that impressive place that only you know by scientific calculations, was the planetary system where Eggya existed; Tai, Yilia, Ploc Erin, Anay, Jasic, Ontyl, Mutey, and Frint, are part of the expedition, and thanks to a daring and strategic step by Tai.

Now, we are here with the Mega Vector Egg III and its crew, but none of you know if there will be more Eggyans joining the tasks of Earth. 

Zila looked at them in amazement and understood, putting his hand to his mouth, Algyl replied on this occasion:

– Now Professor Zila understands that it will not be easy to make this news known and at the same time, those who know it, may be subject to study or considered subjects that should maybe be under a Faraday box, or something similar.

Zila nodded and thanked them for their trust and Tai stressed:

– You sensed it and your group listened to the message, each question you asked us was aimed at discovering it, we are the ones who thank you for not divulging it and we are the ones who today have the privilege of making this known to you.

Moon of Medreos

We will have to go to the past and try to understand what happened to that message in the hands of the team of 8 scientists, how did they decipher them and why did it become one of the most prominent?

Only if you are intuitive enough do you already know what it is about, but we cannot leave it to the good understanding, logically:

1.- I dream of laying out a network (frontal and occipital) project and plan

2.- That it catches your desires       (frontal) part of a plan

3.- To treasure them entirely (Neocortex) basal area enlarged by pumping 

The eight scientists firmly analyzed every detail of this message, where number 1 involved frontal and occipital areas of the brain, therefore it was a project and a plan to draw; sentence 2 was placed as a planning issue that highlighted the frontal area, and by sentence 3 they understood the relationship of the neocortex enlarged by the blood supply.

Antag analyzed each of the sentences and resolved, exclaimed: 

– the project involves planning the formation of an existing network, it seems that it resembles that of fishing, and in it, Barderian decides to save something important.

Raudek looked at each of the scientists and asked:

– How many types of networks do we know and their applications? neural, electrical, computer, mycelial; All of them obey a system, if the last sentence takes us from the heart to the brain, possibly it implies the symbol of the acknowledgment of receipt that Ingerin sent us today after the first report.

Fardeg considered a logical alternative and pointed out:

– If the network obeys a drieden, we should go to one of them and request data to help us in each step of the investigation, explore with the support of one of them will give us light on the way.

All agreed, in adding a drieden to the team, they called the village of Tourum requesting the support of the person who could travel to the laboratory.

Let us remember those that were made public for humans eager to know about intergalactic travel:

In one of the interviews offered to the mass media:

One of the attendees chose to ask how a trip of such a distance was bearable without exhausting the resources of a being alive, he apologized for not knowing for sure if they and the Earthlings were similar in any of the characteristics beyond the physical and the possibility of speaking in the same language.

Anay pointed out that they had managed to develop a technique to lower the levels of activity of the body and the minimum intake of food, the cabins of their ship had cocoons that helped to preserve the body isolated from extreme radiation and there was a preparation to achieve this type of conditioning, one of them was to stay for a reasonable time in the cocoon flooded with water added with salts and lubricants based on nutrients that gave the muscles possibilities to maintain the tensor that is usually lost in interstellar travel. 

After a time that in terrestrial terms would be 45 minutes, the body is free of the liquid and it is kept for 3 hours in another cubicle that reactivates it and based on a principle very similar to what on earth calls pasteurization, to recover nutrients, sanitize and preserve at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees Celsius, all this in measurements and calculations that we have made of the measurement and weight systems on earth, to be able to explain it efficiently to all of you.

Now we are understanding some details and of course, there will always be doubts that will not be easy to understand but that was necessary to achieve the impossible.

Toroid Chart Reference:

Closing the circle reminds us of the crystal

Something has not been said, something remains floating in the air, that event is about to be discovered in the Moon of Medreos

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

References from the first book: Crystal Galaxy:

Braulio in the Barilli´s chalet commented to the group of friends who were preparing for Tai’s trip towards Mars:

In the 21st century, a researcher was given the task of devising a membrane to be able to make interplanetary travel, this person belonged to NASA, was the chemical engineer Doug Way, from the Colorado School of Mines and they also mention Engineer Larry Mason of the Lockheed company who collaborated with him; they were looking for something efficient and theoretically possible, a membrane.

The response of the eggyana was immediate apparently, they had also tried it:

-Membranes solve some problems to travel to distant worlds, but they are not viable in all cases -Tai noted- the semi-permeable barriers that form them, in a zone of asteroids or with a solar wind against it do not work.

Braulio observes her and points out:

The most exciting thing in the history of intergalactic humanity lies in the great similarity of searches, – don’t you think Tai? -In such a way that the scientific truth of the people, has an astonishing point of intersection. I could say that it is like looking out of a glass.

On the Moon upon the arrival of the Mega Vector Egg II with Yilia’s crew:

Yilia took Taige by the hands when greeting her, he felt emotion, with a strange mixture of respect for her daring, but the passion that had captivated them at one point became a confused feeling, the distance that had separated them was great and not only physical, other factors influenced the distance that occurred between them; with soft words, he asked:

“Did you think about returning, Taige, what crossed your mind when you disappeared?”

-In my mind there was the need that prevails right now, to find a hopeful place, a place where life was prosperous and it would not remind me of the world that we will never have again.

– Did you have any certainty, any sign, a clue?

-No, only the fervent desire to get such a place and I can assure you that mystical idea of ​​the distant paradise where we would find the crystal where we could look at ourselves in other faces and different bodies, is somehow true.

-Yilia looked at her in amazement and exclaimed: “You would be the warrior goddess who conquers the crystal”

Current times in Mexico:

When Zila realized what the Eggyans were saying to him, he exclaimed surprised and at the same time incredulous of what he was understanding:

– ¿Are they telling me that a drieden’s holobiont made it possible?

Yilia, with an honest smile, looked at the teacher and added:

– Possibly we look from his Galaxy to the one that was ours, as one who is observed through a glass, in the same way, that the pioneer Barderian looked at his reflection and complement through of the laboratory glass. 

The use of fossil fuels is the basic principle but its evolution could be said to be very similar to the one you have described, your perception of reality as a whole is amazing, for us you are a drieden.

We want to show you one of the messages that Barderian sent to Raudek Vilob since from this message things accelerated in an impressively way.

Yilia opened his Murdorian crystal and unfolded a hologram with the Eggyan text that Yilia himself translated:

Barderian’s message that would change everything

“I dream of laying a net that catches your desires and I can fully treasure” Ingerin Barderian.

Zila put his hands to his face and confessed:

– I try perhaps unsuccessfully to educate others in the discipline of something that is sometimes superior to the understanding of the common human, avoiding self-referential responses is not easy. You are here and we certainly listen to all of them as we perform the genetic memory dispersal ritual.

Algyen looked at Vidra and added:

– We did not know that, we only had the opportunity to see the huge network curving space and alluding to the meteorites. Logically as Yilia has pointed out, you are a drieden.

Zila summed up that there was something else to understand, they weren’t capable of what the driedens could do and who among them was?

Something has not been said, something remains floating in the air, that event is about to be discovered in the Moon of Medreos

Photographic design by the author with free PicsArt filter “The message that changed everything”


Chapter of the book Crystal Galaxy, Preparations for Mars, subtitle: “The poet waits, the scientists, no”
Chapter of the same book, A new horizon towards the future, Subtitle “Strategic scale”
Spanish ebook

Life, death, and hope.

Why does everything turn out to be a lifetime’s trajectory for us, why is what we inherited thrown away, why did we decide to kill ourselves, without understanding that something more powerful could annihilate us? Maybe there are no simple answers and no easy solutions, but it is good to think about it.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

On Earth in the present time of history Citlali, Sofía and Zila wait in the gynecological office of the assisted pregnancy laboratory; They do not say a word they are nervous and expectant when the doctor enters and points out:

– Mrs. Citlali will have to stay to perform some tests, it is something simple, basically the levels of oxytocin and some other elements that the endometrium requires to properly fix the child, whose growth so far is adequate and is in optimal health.

At that moment Zila receives a message:

<We are waiting for you in two hours, I sent you the location of the place where our meeting will be, thank you very much Professor Zila.>

– Well, I have an unavoidable commitment in two hours …

– Go easy on my son I will be aware of the details and accompanying Citlali.

The couple says goodbye with a romantic kiss.

In the past in distant Eggya, Barderian enters his house smiling, it is as if from behind he could observe the tree that his mother urged him to plant; the telephone rings insistently and on the other side of the receiver a breathless and distant voice shouts desperately:

– Barderian, we need your help, I call you from moon Piple’s, the waters of the rivers began to boil, we fled to the mountains, many fishermen perished, it was unexpected there was no time for anything, possibly it is the nucleus, I do not know if the star magnetizes it. Gather your team, It’s … ooosss …

– The signal was cut, another emergency in a short time, we already lost the area Yberil, now this.

Barederian dials another number and asks for all the help they can offer him, he runs to his Vector and desperately removes everything that is inside, shouting to himself:

<We need space, every living being that we can save, needs this space!>

In the distance, he observes Moon Piple’s, whose tonalities fluctuate due to the temperature changes they are undergoing. Ingerin knows that he cannot accelerate his machine any further, his gaze is flooded with tears of rage and impotence.

Fly over the sinister area on the tributary of the river that leads to the sea, thousands of Odré worms float, the food that gave sustenance to various areas Eggyan, the cereal fields are destroyed, ashes and wisps of smoke rise on the horizon; not only are there Odré worms in the waters, bodies with exposed bones also boiled in the angry waters of rivers and seas.

Barderian approaches the skin of that fiery and boiling sea and with one of the arms of his vector takes a sample of water in a test tube to take it for analysis. He turns angrily towards the mountain, the only place where he can find living beings.

He listens on the radio to another veteran who calls him desperately:

– Barderian, this is not going to end is the star we have to find another place!

– Tai wants to go to deep space but we cannot risk people, we do not have resources for a challenge of such magnitude. At the moment we are the only resource that all these people have, move them, distribute them in the most remote areas and keep looking.

Before Barderian’s eyes are the fields where pimelin bushes grow, people pack what they can before climbing into his ship; for him, this vision is something else, the prognosis is terrifying.

A child approaches him with tears in his eyes and Barderian responds:

– Now we are family, we all are.

Before Barderian’s eyes are the fields where pimelin bushes grow, people pack what they can before climbing into his ship

On Earth, the Eggyans see Zila’s single-engine approach, they welcome it with warmth and joy; Vidra watches him carefully and offers him a seat in the living room, Tai and Yilia smile, the others take their seats. Tai raises his hand towards Vidra, Zila observes each one of them carefully and observes Vidra with special attention, the silence is total and there is an atmosphere of peace in that place:

<We appreciate your support, the group of leaders mystics has managed to establish the bridge, their ancestors joined forces with us>

These words are not heard in the living room, Zila hears them in his head, for him, there are no surprises, the clear certainty impacts him and at the same time recognizes that his own voice is weak for all of them, despite this, they try to answer in the same way:

<The universe is surprising, fulfilling a task of such magnitude has taken us too long, but the test is real, it is possible. Who are the enhancers? >

Tai decides to answer Zila:

<Driedens, dear Professor Zila, the equivalent of mystical leaders of your planetary system.>

Why does everything turn out to be a lifetime’s trajectory for us, why is what we inherited thrown away, why did we decide to kill ourselves, without understanding that something more powerful could annihilate us? Maybe there are no simple answers and no easy solutions, but it is good to think about it.

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Tai’s dissertation on North America and the diplomatic agreement

Science has always allowed us to share, expand and strengthen ties between different cultures and its symphony is harmonious and unfolds through time.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Taking into account the established protocols, the academic staff was arranged to receive the group of Eggyans so that they could be presented with the charges and demands that the Institution of Higher Academic Studies had against Tai.

Jack, an Asgardian who received them in his cabin when they reached the town closest to the university headquarters, pointed out that the tendency of academics over time had become more inclusive in every way, branches of science that were not previously they considered themselves to be part of their chairs, they had gained ground, many other disciplines tended to disappear with the progress of digitized activities, and well, it was a world where the rigor of knowledge was highly placed in what they describe as a degree of excellence.

With a few hours of sleep, most of them set out to continue the journey to the famous university where they were waiting for their punctuality, Jack lowered various belongings from his truck so that everyone could get on without difficulty, they observed an adorable landscape with a lot of green vegetation and a fresh atmosphere, totally different from what they experienced in Iquique, another type of landscape, the wealth of the planet was a true treasure.

The corridors of the university,  reminded Tai and Yilia of the Castilviegers facilities on the moon Tuliem, a fascinating place with an ancient culture that had been preserved over time thanks to its agility to deflect asteroids. In part because of its geological formation, the couple smiled when taking into account this eccentric fact and at the same time a strategic point to advance in the future.

In a room with carved wooden armchairs, they were received by two deans, and Mrs. McGrell, greeted them with great cordiality, accompanied by the director of the astrophysics campus. Willing to manage deliberations and of course with the support of their other Eggyan companions, Taige and Yilia’s couple put their best talents in preparation for the moment that awaited them, they had already lived through thousands of difficult situations and this was another with which to face.

Clearing his voice, the director of the faculty of astrophysics prepared to read a series of charges and immediately afterward arranged different ways to remedy the embarrassing event, as he described it:

— I understand that your  real name is Taige from  Eggya, your professional position is Commander-in-chief of the intergalactic ship called  Mega Vector Egg-1 and your knowledge of astrophysics equals or surpasses that taught at this university, the dean clarified twice his voice and asked for an explanation to Tai:

— Respectable dean’s, I consider that studies may not be passed, we have different disciplines and orientations, but if a branch of my knowledge equates to what you call astrophysics.

The dean put his hand to his forehead and continued with his list of lawsuits that were more like argumentative propositions, from premise to conclusion, the Eggyans were aware that this was all going and how they could fix it, but they gave him time to elaborate and arrange each of the steps.

In the next step, Tai proposed to present an evaluative exam so that the dean and the director of the Faculty of Astrophysics would rate the knowledge that she had and if in some way these could help to establish a precedent in the face of the university of their respect to the campus and its academic discipline.

They finally agreed to deliberate with Tai on a financial amount for the non-pecuniary damage suffered by Mrs. McGrell and for preserving the prestige of the academic institution, and they agreed that Tai will take an exam that same afternoon on a sufficient basis.

Daniel requested a volume of the thesis of the distinguished graduate of the invaluable institution, and Jasik offered to create a digital version of it in the Eggyan language and Endelferg, she was undoubtedly part of one of the most important steps that they took,  that would not have been possible without their help.

The virtual library of Abudanaya in the remote village of  Medreos had a moon, it is precisely the place that Raudek Vilob’s team occupies to develop its research.

The Moon of Medreos 

The virtual library of Abudanaya in the remote village of  Medreos had a moon where the linguistic richness of nearby villagers and unknown treasured every discovery, was guarded by a large group of people that would be the equivalent of emeritus professors on earth. It is precisely the place that Raudek Vilob’s team occupies to develop its research.

Taking this data into account, Raudek spoke to her team when they met in the laboratory, traveling from Eggya to settle indefinitely in that place:

– Dear researchers, I thank you for your confidence in this new adventure, Igeldy, Antag, Folorig, Pascy, Ethym and Fardeg, have left everything to come here, I know that some miss their other colleagues whose occupations have prevented them from following us.

We do not have a large budget, as academics, you have a pension that helps you with your daily expenses, the institution offers us the equipment as payment, there is no per diem and you know it and you are here supporting a dream, thank you.

Every week we send a report of our progress to the virtual library Abudanaya, with a copy to pioneer Ingerin Barderian.

When saying these words there was some discomfort in those present and it was Igeldy who asked:

—  Have you thought that the pioneer Barderian could take too bad that it is precisely based on his notes that the investigation is undertaken? He may feel uncomfortable.

Raudek Vilob looked at her carefully and hinted at a slight smile:

— I know Ingerin, and also his ego has to value that, especially when he realizes that no matter how distant I am, I affirm myself with loyalty and special affection, giving the privileged place to each of his words. Besides, we must understand that inspiration and roots draw from something deeper and he must know it, since, in a long way, Barderian will be the one who closes the circle. We must trust it to be so.

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Reference: In the first novel Galaxia de Cristal ISBN 9781980286844
This is mentioned: Endelferg, scientific language used by intergalactic corporations Chapter 5, Preparations for Mars, subtitle The poet waits, scientists do not.

The passion of the lynx

The great passions always find a way to a breakthrough amid darkness, in impossibility and above all they illuminate the way when is necessary.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

In every culture, far or near, before history, even beyond the history of humanity itself, as is the case of Eggya; there will always be one or more lynxes, beings whose vision stands out for looking at what others have not perceived; all of them seek to find allies, people who help them transform the life that we are and place in beings with extraordinary qualities a voice, a luminous breath to advance and guide others on the way with what their soul is passionate about; that unique dictation commits them to achieve the magic of change.

Unfortunately, there are also the fanatics, dictators and believers of dogmas who consider their commitment on that side and drag humanity to follow the same path of yesteryear to do things to preserve the status quo; However, if it were not for them, the movements to encourage change would not exist, it is when groups appear that realize that things can and should be different.

With this thought I leave you when Citlali gets on the ship of the Eggyans to go to our Planet, the first human being to set foot on an alien ship:

– I am amazed at the simplicity of your equipment, thank you very much for allowing me, Captain Algyen, and first in command Vidra, it is very emotional to be here.

– We must do a simple analysis of their cellular biorhythms Citlali, which allows us to

Citlali nodded and smiled when a kind of violet light beam covered her head and later the rest of her body and the device said something incomprehensible to a human being.

Vidra, look at her with a small device in her hands, waiting for authorization.

Citlali nodded and smiled when a kind of violet light beam covered her head and later the rest of her body and the device said something incomprehensible to a human being.

Vidra replied that the mechanical voice is eggyan, this tool has replied that all her blood values ​​and levels of body and brain lipids are reasonable and within the established norm for her race and age. Thank you.

Have a seat, we will put it under the glass murdorian dome, the entrance to the Earth’s atmosphere can be a bit frightening on this ship for a human.

On Earth

The mass media began to broadcast that shortly in the Mexican aeronautical station, the alien ship would make its descent, they highlighted with joy that a woman chief of operations and coordination of the workers on the Moon was travelling in the ship, the announcement highlighted that it was the first time in human history that such an event was recorded.

The mass media made a report of the professional life of Citlali, the woman who married Professor Zila Felguerez Galafik.

Zila called her mother and told her that day was the happiest of his life, the light of his eyes returned to complete one of the tasks that would change their lives. His mother with a big smile pointed out:

– And in what way! the mass media have already pointed to her as the first human in an alien ship, what a wonder my son; the pregnancy they share with such vitality renews me and makes me immensely blissful.

– Mother I must hang up I have a message from Tai on my cell phone, see you tomorrow in the laboratory, don’t wait for us to have dinner or celebrate tonight is …

– I understand son, I understand perfectly.

Zila looked at his cell phone with curiosity with the words of Tai:

<Dear Professor Zila, I am back from the university where I had to present a series of justifications to be released from a lawsuit, fortunately, all the process was successful; I am glad that your wife will soon be by your side at the beginning of next week we will contact you, the group needs to speak in person, avoid video calls. We appreciate your understanding and patience.>

On the television monitor of his study, he observed the moment in which the Eggyans descended from that starship that had caused so much astonishment to the Orientals when their descent was present with the Mega Vector Egg II and now in the Mexican capital with the Mega Vector Egg III.

Vidra asked before descending:

– What indications are there for bioconnectors, Nahuatl or Spanish?

– Vidra, the second is the official language, which we coordinate.

A series of sessions and interviews of the most diverse awaited them and of course the moment to contact their friends and plan the next step. Zila arrived in his single-engine to the facilities where rooms were prepared for the newcomers, a luxurious resort in which they had a temazcal to show their cordiality in the Mexican style since they understood that an ostentatious dinner was not suitable for any of the newly arrived.

Total intimacy

Back at home Citlali and Zila felt that their hearts were creating a harmonious beat, a loving and vibrant concert after being away from each other for so long. Citlali began to kiss her lover with tenderness and passion, at the moment that Zila separated her from his body; she did not understand what was happening, she felt confused and let him know. 

– My beloved, you must remain completely aseptic and without the slightest impact, tomorrow you will receive our beloved baby in your body. Let’s do it my way this time.

Citlali was confused, embarrassed by such an unexpected comment, and looked at him in confusion.

– Close your eyes and follow my movements, said her beloved Zila.

– How am I going to follow you? If you ask me to close … ahhh! My love, I love you!

– That’s what I mean dear Citlali, follow me with the eyes of each of your cells, they know how to look in a completely different and magical way, the intensity is due to the enormous love we share, follow me and forget your body for that night.

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The longing for eternity Is it something more than that?

Life placed them before a possibility, it could be wrong, but Raudek Vilob’s team would do everything to found out.

The beginnings

Second chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

An ovoid diagram, perhaps spherical, that was the least of it, within that drawing the notes of Ingerin Barderian were placed in sections; at a good distance Galdeg Fardeg only saw a stack of notes and some others placed on the laboratory diagram as he approached to greet his friend and head of the Lab:

– Hello Raudek, good morning, we are already settling in the cubicles, Is there something that do you need to tell us, any instructions?

Raudek looked at him with a smile and extended her arm with a note:

– Observe and tell me from your perspective what you understand, I am interested in knowing.

It took Galdeg a few seconds to understand the context to value that note, at first glance it was a romantic message, from someone who did not think about things much when expressing himself, he just did. Glanced at the thought, and meditates the possibility that her friend had somehow lost the reason to the impact of the rejection of Ingerin and finally answered his question:

– I will read the note to figure me an idea of what you need to find under my perspective:

Fardeg said: When Barderian falls in love with you, aroused a referential response in the activity connective of his brain.

“I winding up my brain thinking how to convince your soul so that you never forget me ”

1.- Winding a skein to make a harmonious fabric

2.- With that fabric, you try to flatter the senses 

3.- The feeling that arises from that can form a memory for a long time.

Raudek watched him with her hand resting on her chin as she questioned him again:

– Where in the diagram would you place that note?

Fardeg scratched his head nervously, he knew that she would not explain what the diagram was, otherwise the assimilation of knowledge would be explicit and that was not what she used to do:

– If this is a planner I put it in the part front, only the phrase “I winding up my brain”; I would put the rest in the occipital areas, that is, in the region where you imagine something.

Raudek looked at him with a statement and pointed out:

We know about Barderian’s relationship with driedens and his development to extend knowledge, the feedback in his dealings with them is blocked because Barderian has his Ygg in very broad, but that does not prevent them from penetrating his Gynelib

Fardeg looked at her astonished and at the same time incredulous:

– When Barderian falls in love with you, aroused a referential response in the activity connective of his brain. Will you be aware of those concepts?

– I have no clue, what I can assure you is that if he had put these messages in other eyes and minds, they would have remained as a mere emotional response and would not be part of the research that can give us guidelines to perpetuate our life.

Fardeg looked at her stunned:

– I do not understand clearly what you intend through a neural network

Raudek put her hand on his colleague’s shoulder and with total seriousness asserted:

–  Galdeg Fardeg  I am not sure,  I do not know where everything will take us, the only certainty is that the driedens have the answer and do not want to act alone or simply cannot. 


Ygg in Eggyano is the part of the brain of what we call the amygdala, the most social people have it very developed.
Gynelib, is the part of the brain that earthlings recognize as the neocortex

Emotionotopy in the human right temporo-parietal cortex Giada Lettieri 1,2, Giacomo Handjaras 1,2, Emiliano Ricciardi1, Andrea Leo 1, Paolo Papale 1, Monica Betta1, Pietro Pietrini1,3 & Luca Cecchetti 1,3 *

Design and drawing with filter by the author: “Barderian’s words in the hands of Fardeg”