The Celestial Symphony (Reflection)

Every symphony orchestra requires coordination, will and discipline, but let us see each human being as part of the whole and at the same time as in charge of an instrument to share with humanity with a great harmony

“Each moment consists of different energies, take advantage of them in the best way; then rise above all problems, move away and analyze what you see clearly from above, there is the answer to your question “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Let us remember the words said to Painani by Hora:

” The world that lives above us would have been left without that image to be able to transform something unique according to their own cultures and traditions. “

This phrase carries various connotations, if we look at the structure that Hora is creating with the help of the Lightning, we perceive that what we see in our territory like an animal of power, when reaching the top, as far as possible and penetrating the world of the stars becomes what my mental structure can conceive and I am not the same inhabiting different latitudes on the earth plane.

However, I am going to marvel in the same way no matter where I am when the crescent moon appears before me with bright Venus on one side and I am fully aware that another human far from me in another country or continent will be looking at the same thing.

Crescent moon and Venus

Now, as the Messenger says:

“Go away and analyze what you see clearly, there will be your answer”

For all of us, the cultures of the planet are different, not all of them understand each other, the diversity of beliefs makes us unique and in this way, we preserve our identity, but since ancient times when looking at the sky, we can identify the astral zoo as a legacy of humanity for future generations that will inhabit the Earth and to share with those who visit us in the future and who will undoubtedly they do not know that fabulous fabric in the celestial vault. Of course, it would be very poor to think that in other systems with one Sun or two at the centre, life does not exist, at least I refuse to accept it as an immovable truth.

Let’s go a little further with the phrase from Hora: “The world that lives up there” and now let’s reflect by adding that of the Messenger: “From above, analyze what you see.”

With these two phrases, it is true that everyone who moves away to look at the reality that we are from another perspective, will admire the Earth from a silent place, they will see it as the inhabitants of the International Space Station like a beautiful blue globe, without borders, with rivers and diverse nature, surrounded by a transparent layer of atmosphere.

With this reflection, I want to emphasize that anyone who sees the Earth from space will admire the unity and richness of a fortunate world located in a strategic place from which life made its way.

At the moment the International Space Station is one of the places where the celestial symphony is created, I do not mean anything angelic, I mean that heaven is the place where humanity is twinned, there it does not matter the mixture of genes of which you are formed, the race or the language you speak, you are a human working in unity with other beings who are committed to a high feeling that we call science, they are a group of instrumentalists who, following certain indications, achieve fascinating compositions.

That is why the human being of all times has felt a special admiration when looking at the stars and imagining that they are their reflection, that they can access them to look from above what they can see.

The future of humanity is attracted by the high heaven, for some cultures, it is the heaven of eternal rest, for others, it is the world where all those who fought for their ideals have to receive a lavish banquet, for the Lords of Light it is the place where they will meet those who already inhabit that space without limits and borders, as immaterial beings where they create strategies to enhance the spirit of men who in terrestrial life need to exalt their humanistic values, they are the defenders of that vital energy that transforms us in something more than flesh and blood beings with primary needs inhabiting the Earth.

Of course, we Asgardians are looking to the future in a habitat in Earth orbit as the possibility of extending the expectations of survival to the inhabitants of the Earth and with a different dynamic, learning to look at ourselves from above as what we are, just humanity, one whole peacefully sharing life, ideas, culture and traditions.

Every symphony orchestra requires coordination, will and discipline, but let us see each human being as part of the whole and at the same time as in charge of an instrument to share with humanity with a great harmony

Author´s notes:

Crescent Moon and Venus photo by the author

Photo by cottonbro on

Painani´s song

Maturing is a path that not everyone structures in the same way, there are places where they form and transform you, if perhaps your rebellion is not willing to enter that territory, you will choose the most winding and adventurous way  until you discover that the best school in life is your path.

“It is not necessary to fight against what cannot be avoided, something will be revealed to you, the apprentice does not know what the master knows, that is your destiny.”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Take control!

Why me?

I have asked myself constantly …

I have no answers, I don’t know who could explain to me

I depend on an unknown force

I wander from darkness to gloom

No answer explains what happens

All I want is to take control and

go ahead

All voices revolve around, they’re mirrors of smoke

When I get closer they are shattered …

Someday I’ll know why it happened to me

and at last to take control

This happens at the moment that Painani wakes up restlessly at dawn and observes her beloved Hora who is sleeping pleasantly by her side, she looks at him carefully and realizes that she does not see him sleeping in the hammock that he values ​​so much but in the edge of a sword.

She remembers the words that were said before going to sleep and she has to understand that things are like that and not otherwise and again it will be magic that saves moments of anguish.

Hora took her by the shoulders and stared at her when he pointed out:

-The only difference between us is that I know who will make me disappear from this plane in which I exist as a living being, but like you, I do not know the how and the when.

Painani sighed and did not answer anything when Hora questioned her:

For you there is someone who takes care of that in general terms, right?

-Yes, the lords who reign the death world: Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Underworld, together with Mictecacihuatl, who lives on the 9th level of Mictlán, she takes care of the bones of every being that has left life.

To which Hora pointed out:

-That lady must be a brave and attractive deity, the moment he kissed her and with a big yawn he went to sleep like a child placed in the hands of the universe.

It was then that she answered insistently moving Hora’s heavy body that was sleepy:

-How can you accept in such a good way ceasing to be what you are, when you know that I am a survivor of the death that had been agreed upon in a sacrifice?

Hora looked at her with bewilderment and pointed out:

– Sorry my love, I did not want to hurt your feelings, something is evident, nobody leaves on the eve and the most important thing is that even though life teaches you little, it is your only opportunity to express it, to share all that you learned.

In our case, we are fortunate we have been enlightened with something that not everyone understands and that connects us with something special. So my good advice, my beloved, is that you live and let life flow and when it ends, allow the energies to be recycled with that world that we do not know and that will lead us to a new adventure.

Again he kissed her and caressed her back when he said now come and sleep with me, but she refused to enter the hammock and sang in silence what her intimate and very personal feeling dictated. Her path will take her through a painful learning process until she understands that we are not in control of everything and it never happens the way we want and desire, precisely because we are not all made of the same substance, we do not inhabit the same dreams, although life we can be surprised over time.

Maturing is a path that not everyone structures in the same way, there are places where they form and transform you, if perhaps your rebellion is not willing to enter that territory, you will choose the most winding and adventurous way  until you discover that the best school in life is your path.

Author´s notes

Own drawing with free filter from PicsArt

The Sun doesn´t hide anything

When someone comes into your life and for many reasons you know they must be, there will be countless signs that will tell you clearly.

”Every curious mind inquires, communicates and seeks that its interlocutor does the same; the past is presented for analysis of the present, look at your roots and from there launch whatever you want the universe to adopt as its own “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That morning under the stubborn and tenacious shine of the Sun’s rays Painani started the area where her ritual would be accompanied by the symbols of her cultural roots and she addressed the daring companion who now turned her days into something entertaining and different:

-Dear Hora I have to walk to the area where the message of the Sun vibrates intensely, that For me he represents Tonatiuh, I must know some mysteries that only he will take off and I want you to be my special guest.

From the comfort zone where I lived and nurtured my childhood, there is practically nothing left for which I must return, but I will honour what I learned and what I am.

Hora took her hands and locked them in his at the moment he said:

-All traumatic experience arises an unstoppable force that urges us to create and demonstrate that life has put us to the test, it is like rising from the ashes, returning to the world. of ideas and facts. In the plane where you are looking for what is just and true, there will be those who offer you a kind love, but many times it will be flooded with the needs that that being has to complete itself, there will always be two sides of the same coin.

Painani stared at him and found in the voice of that man who sometimes changed words giving another meaning to the sentence, but for some reason, she understood his effort to make himself understood and in the intention of his words he completed the context of what she needed to acknowledge.

At that moment he moved back and removed all his clothes and looked at her naked in the front, she was surprised, she did not expect such a reaction and she put her hands to her mouth to cover her astonishment and a little her laugh at the crazy spectacle when she heard him say:

“He who appears before you naked will show that he has nothing but his sincerity and courage and will be the only thing he has to give you.”

That is me, from the front like the face of the moon but before the total presence of the Sun that falls on my naked body and thus does not hide anything at all.

Of course, I accept the honourable invitation to accompany you and be presented to the dignities of your people. I came to the world naked, I presented myself before you naked and I will leave in the same way, when the lightning decides.

Harmony and cooperation are reserved for very few people who meet for work or the ritual of something they believe in, if you look at the horizon you will see it clearly: Look around you right now, there is no one, we are the two humans alone in this jungle space. 

Happiness is not complicated, it is not total, it is not forever, but it exists; Follow your intuition as up to now and let it be the torch that illuminates your search, in the same way, that we discovered the scorpion, we will discover much more in the future.

Among the yearnings for wealth, there are the beings that move by power and right now before the sun I do not see that intention in you, you are noble and dedicated to your millennial work, a visionary power accompanies you and I will witness their advice.

Both held hands and joyfully advanced through the spaces where the power of the Sun vibrated until Painani stopped and pointed out with her ceremonial rod the exact place to start her magical ritual.

She remained crouched touching the earth with both hands and urged her partner Hora to do the same when she said:

-Erandi is my tutor and is the custodian of the temple of the moon, she has sent me saving me from certain death, she knew of your energy, I told her that someone was following me and I could not perceive it, there is a relationship between you and my ancient stone that was given to me in the lands of a town called Chichén Itzá where the wise observers of the sky live. Ek Balam is the name of the person who gave me the stone and means the Star of the Jaguar:

Painani shows Hora the stone heaven

Let´s remember this passage:

The observer from the sky named Ek Balam offered her a small gift to will remember it despite the distance, something that she would keep with affection. These were the words that the skywatcher told her:

“All beings on the planet are skywatchers, each star has a life span and is wonderfully different from human time, remember that every moment you live creating and dreaming, A star will watch over you and will want to know about your intelligence and daring, as much as you about its energy and infinite presence during your life. Let the piece of the sky be your company and the minimal presence of a star to always accompany you ” 

Hora observed with attention and understood that his arrival at the jaguar’s trap was not a coincidence and that everything had been arranged for him to meet with her and he felt happy that out of that way and manifested it to the woman he affectionately called Negrita, analyzing the stone that she showed him, he pointed out:

-The stones that fall from the sky are valuable elements, they help us to connect with other dimensions and with what we project and in the same way, They do it with what we feel for others. Let’s wait for the message from your custody, she should know about me and I about her.

Both of them calmed their minds and remained under the shelter of the Sun and its strength to receive the magic that would connect them with the world to which they arrived serene and in search of a force that they already had and would send to the universe.

When someone comes into your life and for many reasons you know they must be, there will be countless signs that will tell you so clearly.

Author’s notes: 

You can check the passage mentioned in the full post here:

Photographic composition of the author with a free PicsArt filter: “Painani shows Hora the stone of heaven”

What you tell others

When you think that your life is useless and that you are not living what you deserve, just remember smells, remember faces and with them the exchanges you had, analyze it.

“There are stories we tell to pain, that which is real and objective, but also another that we are not able to recognize until time reveals or unfreeze”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Hora met a group of people who told him how far north he really was from what he had imagined, he knew that others talk about what they know and also about everything they invent to distract you.

There were 17 between men, women and children, all of them very close, when they saw him next to his dog Duplo and a tin saucepan that hung from his side, they understood that he was not someone to fear and they invited him to their campfire.

One of the older men explained that they were going south because the farmlands were being occupied by people from other places and they needed to find better spaces where people did not impose rules that they did not understand.

Hora did not understand almost anything their language and his were not the same, so he set about the task of doing what he had seen in his dreams, explaining himself with a stick to tell them his story: 

In this way with the help of a Rod was able to explain to them the power of the lightning and at the same time the secret message that the Comet had given him and the causes that were important to him when following the path that the sky had pointed out to him.

Those gathered to listen to him, very surprised, followed each of his gestures, his mimicry was funny and Duplo’s barking was also celebrated by that group.

One of them was encouraged to share his ideas and concerns with him in the same way, since they understood that his system for dialogue with the rod and the body was the most interesting.

Hora managed to understand what he imagined, and could then describe it like this: 

New beginnings, ambition and energy always go together, everyone in their coexistence had achieved a full but abrupt life with efforts, obstacles and difficulties. Some of them had been accused and mistreated, having given everything they had, now their future was becoming uncertain and all of them wanted to receive the courage to face what would be presented to them along the way.

Having said this, the emissary of the Lightning took his rod and summoned the forces of his power to benefit the path of each of the men, women and children who, like him, undertook a hazardous path full of dangers towards a new and strange direction.

Each of them was touched by his rod and from that moment the man we all know as Hora was distinguished from among the others as the giver of the Ray and prophet of the lost valley.

How many more valleys would one have to abandon out of necessity, out of aggression, out of heartbreak? We do not know, what is certain is that the man we call Hora was a sower who, in every place that he did not tread again, left a seed whose ingenuity to strengthen himself would give something to talk about. Among all those seeds, in his motherland, grew a splendid rose bush, whose magic spread greatly, even though he was not aware of the power it had and what it was capable of for a long time.

But remember that many memories are relived thanks to smell and this is part of a story apart from the one they will know at the time, it is still too early to tell.

When you think that your life is useless and that you are not living what you deserve, just remember smells, remember faces and with them the exchanges you had, analyze it.

Author´s Note:

Drawing of the author “The teaching of the prophet”

Shipwrecked route and the pact with the sea

Make your life and its symbols the strength to lead you to the path you have imagined and to the dream of all who join it with joy.

“Whoever appreciates you does not change and understands what you are, recognizes your value, not for the group that lives in the present, but to fulfil a task that you may never know”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That place unknown to them by chance would be a strategic route that would eventually allow them to move away from the European shores forever. They made a good fire and were able to give the wounded sips of coconut water, Zila had fallen asleep.

The castaway route has stopovers for the 8 survivors

They managed to get hold of a good size fish to quench their hunger, together they remembered how risky the trip was, all the hustle and bustle to get on that boat full of spices so that everything would come to nothing.

The oldest of them all pointed out with authority that when things don’t work out it’s for a reason and that they should be grateful for the gift of life that was pushing its way between them.

Suddenly Zila woke up from his daze and the first thing he said was not very pleasant for everyone present:

– Shit, you should have let me die, it would have been an honor after that assault that we did not get rid of!

Diego with very big eyes looked at him angrily and said:

-Don’t be stubborn, Zila, that wasn’t your battle, you weren’t on par, the bastard who cut your side tremendously was the only one with a sword.

Javier, who was the oldest among them, pointed out:

-Something is waiting for you, boy, something that you don’t even know but there are reasons that we don’t understand for you to stay alive, but it must be like that. We promised to name you with the word that you repeated like a parrot when you fought between life and death, none of us knows what it means but now it is your name.

Zila put his hands to his beard and noticed that it was gone and before throwing another insult at them, Santiago snapped:

Easy, that was part of the deal, the beard and the name

The man without a beard asked:

-And who have all of you made a deal with?

The men looked at each other and the most astute one definitely had the answer:

-With that one, you named in your delirium of death, come on, let it be your baptism! and now tell us what that word means.

The once called Al-Majus smiled with joy at the group of friends and said:

-It was the only thing I saw lying on that raft or whatever it was, the blue of the sky, that for my race is the colour blue, my favourite colour.

The happy men laughed out loud when the veteran Javier pointed out to them:

-We respect your beliefs that we know you have defended above all else, let it be this shell that now I have to return to the sea, a witness that your name will endure beyond yourself. and it will be glorious.

The conch marked the destiny between both seas

All the men immediately surrounded Zila and raised their arms high as Javier threw the conch into the sea with force.

A decree made between friends has the strength and firmness of what is written in the soul of the universe, Zila would do everything in his hands, whether he wanted to or not so that his name would travel for generations, spread to various places of the planet.

For us he will always be the oldest ancestor of the university professor who lives in the XXX century, he is part of that chain of wise men and seekers of truth like so many others.

Perhaps some will give a glorious patina to what is done, others will give the brightness of the illuminated path, but before our eyes, we only observe in this part of history the path of the castaways, the place where all of them will have to face some battles. before what happens what is decreed by the conch shell.

Make your life and its symbols the strength to lead you to the path you have imagined and to the dream of all who join it with joy.

Author´s notes:

Own designs: “Ruta de Náufragos” and “The pact with the conch”

The black moon and the crabs

Life always shows us a face and it is up to us to see it as something amazing or scary, between magic and the simple life of a human being, there is a narrow path that not everyone knows.

“Each symbolism that you have around you will give you the guideline to follow some path, it will depend on you to put in each one of them, lights or shadows and make them instruments of your discoveries”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The man from the south woke up at midnight and realized that the lady who flattered him from heaven had gone into hiding, it was the first omen that it was not time to fall in love, but to put all his talents awaiting new beginnings, the moon did not he enthralled that night, nor did she give her brilliant luminosity to parts of her naked body, as she did on nights when she appeared completely radiant.

A bee landed on his torso and for Hora, without a doubt, that little insect was considered a special signal, the animal moved slowly and the farmer from the valley spoke to her:

<That’s right, ma’am, time for rough work has come, but I must continue to watch the mountain and wait a few days to return to the sowing, I know well that these fields have become a place of peace and tranquillity for her sisters and also for me.>

The bee buzzed absently and withdrew through the window of that hut of palms that did not have the gentleness of the moonlight at that time. In his restlessness, Hora did not wait long, as soon as dawn broke, he went with Duplo to watch over the mountain pass through which some stranger or several of them might cross; He did it in the same way, as he had been doing it several days ago, quietly and thoughtfully.

In another part of the Continent, a group of crabs surrounded the sleeping body of Painani at that time, the Nahuatl woman wondered what would happen in the hamlet of the nobles and in the peaceful precincts where people shared their bread and the fruits of their harvests; she tried to analyze why the Crab always carries his legacy and does not depend on anyone to protect him, if he leaves his home, as he grows he must change space but he always carries it with him.

Immediately and without much thought, she realized that she was very similar to the Crab, her home was herself, her livelihood was what she found along the way, meditating on this, gave her relief and serenity, somehow the crabs that surrounded her considered her one of them on that unknown beach and remembered the words of the Mayan sages who alerted him:

“These seas that you now travel are not the same ones you were in before.”

Then the most shocking vision that had ever been seen appeared and of which the skywatchers spoke with fear and great stealth, it was a matter that deserved all possible seriousness and that warned impressive changes in the lives of all who had the opportunity to look at it.

Painani perfectly understood the reasons for all the crabs surround her in that way, she knew that being without shelter in the presence of a comet her life was in danger and all of them had surrounded her to protect her. This did not cease to disturb her and understand that the life of the world she knew was in danger not only for her but also for many other inhabitants of the lands known and to be known.

The same event was seen by the man from the southern valleys, when he climbed from the mountainside to the top, the first thing he discovered with great amazement was a splendid formation with a fabulous tail; As we have already commented on, he was not a man of fateful beliefs, he was a practical being and he received with a smile the amazing celestial body that appeared before him and said to Duplo:

<Dear friend, that one up there is telling us where we should follow the path of our future life, the lightning has taken the trouble to put an arrow in front of our eyes, there is nothing more to say, in the days to come we will prepare everything and above all, we will be attentive to what the sky tells us while watching every detail from this mountain that gives us a privileged view to know if someone is stalking us>

Duplo raised his ears and looked at him with wide eyes as Hora caressed him and urged him to go down the slope again to return to their tasks.

Life always shows us a face and it is up to us to see it as something amazing or scary, between magic and the simple life of a human being, there is a narrow path that not everyone knows.

Author´s notes:

Photo by Alexsandro Rosa de Mello on

 Photograph of comet 15P / Finlay taken by photographer Randy Carter on 01/21/2015.

This post is written prior to the day that the Black Moon on July 10 at 1:16 UTC will take place and in the same way it will be celebrating its appearance with the constellation Cancer.

The comet that appears at the moment is Finlay, I do not know if the Comet that gave the fatal warning to the Aztecs of the arrival of the conquerors has been identified, but it is very opportune that Finlay is present in the skies now.

Thank you very much for all your comments

In truth for me it has been very pleasant to discover some of your comments that unfortunately were in the Spam folder, certainly there will be those who want the book and the complete series, but there are those who have the opportunity to read it now, if their time allows them. and make your own conclusions to what I write on this blog.

Thanks for your positive feedback

Every creator would seek to be able to sell his work and be a best-selling author, I don’t think, sometimes there is a need to share what we think and touch our thoughts to other people and this does not always need to be paid monetarily.

The world has taught many of us that if what you know is profitable your life will be wonderful, it is not always true, especially when you realize that creating is a magic to share and touch the sensitivity of others, something that is not always priceless. ; that is why I leave the book option for later.

I am very grateful for his comments and I hope to receive many more, since being a compliment is also a form of reciprocity for all those who manage to be inspired by some moment of my reading.

May you be pleased to imagine different spaces and recreate in your own personal environments, receive my warm greetings.

Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Coinciding with the universe is not easy

The powers of a sorceress will always be beyond everything we imagine, everything that others plant us as a certainty, connecting with the universe was part of her privilege.

“Those capable of vibrating in others can become the best transmitters of nightmares, but they can also be the ones who sow in the minds of others the most fascinating stories that can be built”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Many have to wonder why my characters are still linked in some way along the path, the answer is simple: No one escapes the DNA that has formed us and although everyone’s genetics have variants, talk about globality in ancient times is as valid as it is now. 

The most valuable thing and that which has placed us in various norms is genetic memory, what we have placed in the minds of others, that which makes us continue a tradition and decide that in it there is nothing new to discover, it is there and it is necessary to give it continuity, without criticism, without doubt, without contempt.

Painani was part of a special group, her tutor had placed doubt, criticism and analysis in her hands and mind to look at the same reality from different sides, her strength was in never letting an idea escape without considering it as part of a path and a destination and at the same time the responses it received from the environment were different and soon it would stop understanding with the people of the environment, their languages ​​would say in a different way what it was necessary to name and feel.

The village to which she approached received her with suspicion, enormous distrust since a Painani woman was an offense to the traditional and an outburst of unnecessary vanity. Explaining yourself in other dialects would also be complicated and a waste of time. The only resource they would understand was magic and thanks to it, Painani was able to get a place to spend the night and some food.

Knowing the power of medicinal herbs when someone had a worrisome cough that prevented them from sleeping was the resource to gain the trust of the group and follow their path with some indications that they could show her by describing them with a stick in the sands of that village.

Elsewhere we see how Erandi stands at the arrival of the New Fire initiates the celebrations, she grants a headdress to each of the women who will have to dance and recreate rhythmic sounds with their flutes before giving themselves as offerings.

Each maiden was given a flute to start the festivities of the New Fire. Celebration held every 52 years

Erandi’s words to each one of them is different and is nourished by what she sees in their eyes, those who fear but know that they were chosen, receive a different message from those who have passionately taken the commitment as a choice that is not it would be for others.

When her turn comes to Dayami, which in the Nahuatl language means Goddess of the River, the words of the priestess of the Ometeotl temple change and the speech opens a possibility for her because of what she understands vibrates in the thought of that maiden:

“The universe has endowed with magic, may your blood be the riverbed that grows in the seeds of the fields and the strength of thoughts. ”

Rarely do we find in our name the possibility of being one with it and understanding the name as part of a route, not all They conceive that way and it is not for everyone that it happens, but if that is the case and we have someone who recognizes it nearby, we will have managed to open the necessary portal. Dayami’s blood would serve a purpose beyond her death.

We still do not know the name of the man from the South, nor that of the Messenger in the course of the story we will understand that some are named as part of a journey and those who have a name to star in events and change the course of all of them. 

Despite understanding what her time determined as part of a ritual, Erandi sensed that there would be other times where life would take another form and she understood the balance between life and its cycles, precisely on that occasion; for that reason urged her to keep the blood in a bowl. Dayami’s spilled blood to make her the bridge between the shadows and her need to illuminate secrets.

The powers of a sorceress will always be beyond everything we imagine, everything that others plant us as a certainty, connecting with the universe was part of her privilege.

Ceremonial Clay Flute Photography with Free Filter by PicsArt

The future reinvents itself if it is what you really want

There are times when the truth can be placed in front of you and it will take time to understand its mystery and its realism, when you have achieved it, your world will be different forever.

“Nothing arises in solitude, all roads lead us to other beings that converge with your ideals and dreams”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At the moment that the man from the south understood that his passage through the world needed being part of something greater his life was transformed, he visualized in that figure that was flying at ground level the messenger of something he did not understand …

There are times when we need to isolate ourselves to understand the veracity of what surrounds us or disengage in the midst of deception He looked up and realized that the huge bird with shadowed wings was following in his footsteps in the immensity of the sky, encouraging the male to continue towards a rugged vision of mountains that just by looking at them caused him fear and amazement.

Nothing is more ferocious in the immense sky than the life that is shown before your eyes with all the magic of the unknown, in it you can find deep abysses of bewilderment and at the same time with the fabulous reality of all your dreams.

The hours passed and the afternoon spread scorchingly in the immensity of that vastness, the mountain peaks had white tones as if trying to imitate the white of the graceful clouds that formed in the whole environment, the man took the rock in front of him, as one who He frankly greets another being, he recognized that his materials were different and the rock would be a challenge to overcome, not the hand of a friend to whom help is offered, the rock did not embrace his hand, he remained silent and rude, waiting for the man to adapt to their forms.

Without hesitation, she took the first step and felt the dense and aggressive wind, but he took it as the only greeting that this immense mountain could offer him, her rudeness was the only thing she knew and that was enough for her to continue on her way, there was no to be discouraged, if you are a rock, you will not be something else, it will not be possible. For the man of the South to mold himself and find strategies if it was possible, it definitely was.

The next rock crumbled a bit in his hands, but the daring male-only smiled and exclaimed:

<Give me reasons not to believe you, hold my breath not to follow you. I am a fool and you will not be able to do anything to prevent my path, I can assure you>

At the top, he observed that his condor friend was lost in the immensity of the night, possibly he would find himself again in the heights and perhaps the same thing would happen as With that kind ounce, perhaps the daring adventurer would leave behind those who remain in an area because they can live in peace and joy there.

He thought of the figure of that birdman, or angel floating without touching the ground, imagined him as the most encouraging figure now that he was in the middle of heaven and earth, deftly climbing the rough skin of the rock.

In another part of the immense Painani continent she prepares her legs for a virtuous race, the terrain is once again friendly and smooth, the sands that show her what we know as the Pacific coast, allow her to advance towards the site where the lord of the days that she recognizes as Tonatiuh and says to herself:

<I am on your borders, Lord of the South, with your light I can observe my path for a few hours and it will be my destiny to follow your light.>

Erandi visited the skywatchers that day and she recognized that many of them were capable of measuring and understanding what she recognized: The belly of the Goddess of the temple was much more than the mythical image of a mystery, it was the exclamation that the most fabulous of certainties shouted at them. A silent and daring cry that many were silent and understood.

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That thin bridge that not everyone crosses

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Sometimes you realize that something does not close but your need to have someone to listen to you prevents you from seeing reality, you do not want to see it and you continue on that path of sparks where not everything is clear.

The sincerity is a narrow and fragile bridge to which not everyone is allowed to reach the other side safely.

The worst scenario is that you are no longer willing to be blindly loyal and put all the apples in a single basket, so you continue to share fruits in other spaces, with friendship, with smiles, avoiding those who want to bite the fruit without giving a Thank you.

You go to the portal where someone decides to take a part of the apples and does not eat them, he leaves them in his window and waits for the stars to illuminate them; then it makes you return, perhaps fortune has been placed in the exact space of your dreams, then that apple is valued because it integrally forms more than just that.

You invite him to weave a subtle fabric of stories, these stories match the tones that both of them use, neither is great at all, they are simple mortals who found some complicity in their stars and constellations and took the risk to see if this is really such as the stars point out.

Actually, it is not necessary to know how to listen to the stars, they have been there for millennia dictating their alertness and their joy to all equally; Only the one who knows how to listen is because he has learned to do it after hitting the reality that kept him frustrated and tormented with not changes around.

It may be that in all this magic is not built for an infinite time, but no one has come here to stay forever; At the first moment, we already know when they lie to us and we let ourselves be carried away until we discover what it was about, in the same way when it is different.

We are surprised to notice the need to please your terms and look in your mirror, just we move forward taking into account that all adventures have accomplices, even the most outlandish and angry personalities can be part of your literary plans. But into the real-life y so different the matter is separate,  the sincerity is a narrow and fragile bridge to which not everyone is allowed to reach the other side safely.