Ethel Boura, Filter the Message

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa  Morati decided that the time had come to go to the place where the woman who closes the circle in the subgroup is located.  Upon arrival, the scientist received him with a friendly smile, an affable lady with reddish hair and blue-green eyes, very straight, falling behind her like a silk… Sigue leyendo Ethel Boura, Filter the Message

A dream that started in Argentina 2003-2021

It was precisely virtual newspaper Miguel Schettino's who gave me the opportunity to begin this adventure that was emerging in my mind as something that I never thought would become a journey for so long. Later I lost track of Miguel and his wife Mabel, but the dream was still in my mind and my… Sigue leyendo A dream that started in Argentina 2003-2021

Unfolding the Sonic Network

Undoubtedly that is what intuition is about, “It does not matter that you do not listen to me, you will always know that there is a way to get to the place you have decided, Then you will understand that what you have dreamed of is true ”, that was the expression of the scientists and with that, they would advance in search of saving the home that belongs to all of us and its natural satellite that now served as the central base for deep space.

Lights, shadows, nuances…

When the world is uncertain, when everything falls apart, is when we must remember that we are part of a whole, whose unity gives us an argument not to give up and walk to that place where we can accomplish what we have proposed.

What is the light?

Life is a constant preparation, in it it is very difficult to know what awaits us, there are crossroads, insurmountable crossroads, in the end, it will depend on your preparation that life rewards you or get lost in the labyrinth. 

Painani´s song

Maturing is a path that not everyone structures in the same way, there are places where they form and transform you, if perhaps your rebellion is not willing to enter that territory, you will choose the most winding and adventurous way  until you discover that the best school in life is your path.

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