That thin bridge that not everyone crosses

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Sometimes you realize that something does not close but your need to have someone to listen to you prevents you from seeing reality, you do not want to see it and you continue on that path of sparks where not everything is clear.

The sincerity is a narrow and fragile bridge to which not everyone is allowed to reach the other side safely.

The worst scenario is that you are no longer willing to be blindly loyal and put all the apples in a single basket, so you continue to share fruits in other spaces, with friendship, with smiles, avoiding those who want to bite the fruit without giving a Thank you.

You go to the portal where someone decides to take a part of the apples and does not eat them, he leaves them in his window and waits for the stars to illuminate them; then it makes you return, perhaps fortune has been placed in the exact space of your dreams, then that apple is valued because it integrally forms more than just that.

You invite him to weave a subtle fabric of stories, these stories match the tones that both of them use, neither is great at all, they are simple mortals who found some complicity in their stars and constellations and took the risk to see if this is really such as the stars point out.

Actually, it is not necessary to know how to listen to the stars, they have been there for millennia dictating their alertness and their joy to all equally; Only the one who knows how to listen is because he has learned to do it after hitting the reality that kept him frustrated and tormented with not changes around.

It may be that in all this magic is not built for an infinite time, but no one has come here to stay forever; At the first moment, we already know when they lie to us and we let ourselves be carried away until we discover what it was about, in the same way when it is different.

We are surprised to notice the need to please your terms and look in your mirror, just we move forward taking into account that all adventures have accomplices, even the most outlandish and angry personalities can be part of your literary plans. But into the real-life y so different the matter is separate,  the sincerity is a narrow and fragile bridge to which not everyone is allowed to reach the other side safely.

The Eagle and the Mud

Life is a gift that can sometimes be shared and allows us to look at others as if it were the mirror of who we are and we could leave behind or carry it as a fond memory forever.

“Only who creates knows what faced and how to save itself”

The Messenger

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

<If your expectations are higher than your reality you will be defeated and you will fall into the eternal mud>

When Painani heard within herself that sentence, her feet with swift and agile wings were stuck in the densest and darkest mud, the sharp squawking and strengthened by the freedom of the wind appeared on her horizon, there it was, it was the powerful eagle looking at her like a despicable being, that you can forget and follow the flight; however, she knew who it was and she alerted the Chichimecas tribe that in the past had obeyed him to plant themselves in an inhospitable place where making foundations would be a challenge, but they came from afar and listened to the energetic song of the eagle.

A group diverted his step and threw an ixtle rope at her. Painani did not know what to say her life had been saved by a group of strangers who looked at her in amazement; a man with a serene gaze and very long hair the colour of ash came to her:

  • What are you doing so distant from your people and your village?
  • I am a Painani with a mission, I must continue further, I appreciate your help.
  • You must be hungry and thirsty, accept the tamali and the fruits, you can sleep in the shelter and prepare for the long journey at dawn. My name is Miztli. I guess yours was lost in the temple.
  • That’s Sir, I lost and I am Painani of the temple of Ometeotl.
  • In that case,  these lands will be remembered you as Tonalli, “the destiny and the wheel of time”
  • I gladly accept the first name that freedom has given me 

The woman covered in mud, bowed to the group and took the food they offered her, she felt grateful for such an honourable reception and when the women arrived they gave her clean clothes and a place to wash.

One of the women looked at her with joy and some anxiety when she said:

  • My name is Ameyali, I know that you have been released from the group, many of our sisters and daughters do not succeed, I feel that there is something unfair in all this, surely you have. If you come across the king’s Painani, those who bring him exotic fish and feathers from afar, none of them understand the value of a woman wrapped in winged omens, be careful.
  • In reverence of the name that all of you have given me, I will do everything possible to stay alive to the destination that has been marked for me.
  • What will you do if your paths cross and you have to stop passing?
  • As far as I know Ameyali we cannot do anything, time does not stop for anyone. The only thing I hope is to be able to take advantage of mine without falling prey to the clutches of anyone.

Dawn gave way to the chirping of some birds and with a smile of gratitude Painani Tonalli said goodbye to the group, people she would never see again and would carry their images in her memory, grateful and happy to have found them in their moments of misfortune.

Life is a gift that can sometimes be shared and allows us to look at others as if it were the mirror of who we are and we could leave behind or carry it as a fond memory forever.

Photo: Tamali: from the nahualt dialect Tamal, pre-Hispanic and ceremonial food that is consumed to date is prepared with corn

The most despicable dungeon

We will never know which hell is worse in desolation, but with the sea wind in our favour, everything could be different.

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

“There are no spaces of our own without the complicity of the other”

The Messenger

The priestess of the temple of the Moon was meditating on what would have to happen or arrive by the path of deep water; when a man with a feathered headdress approached her with a smile:

  • I desire that Ometeotl vibrates in your dreams, lady. I see that you have completed your liberation task.
  • That’s right, Ocelotl is a guide for her, is good that the others thinking about him as a  raptor.
  • Has your rod pointed out something you didn’t expect?
  • I cannot see in the deep horizon, but some desperate person has certainly visited the lady Moon of my temple and his concern must be such that he was not impassive in her presence.
  • The moments come in the time that they are, and not in the ones we want.

Both are observed with reflective glances, the night gave way to dawn, life has been allowed to Painani, the young woman with the winged feet thanks to the skill of the woman who changed her destiny forever.

The priestess said: some desperate person has certainly visited the lady Moon of my temple and his concern must be such that he was not impassive in her presence.

Beyond the horizon, a group of the unfortunate struggle to stay alive until the next moon, hope lost and their future hung by the gallows.

They hear the squeal of a rat…

  • Damn animals are as hungry as we are, damn it!
  • Hey, what the fuck brought you here, who did you put iron in the throat?

The inmates look suspiciously at the group of newcomers who have just arrived, they realize that the gendarme cares little that space is reduced, they will be able to hang all of them or they will die in rotten attacked by the jaws of rats.

The man with a dark complexion and braided beard does not answer, he only looks at them with disgust and anger, the same way as the others do:

  • You must be the son of an al-Majus

Another of the men with defiant attitude snaps at him:

  • The same one who has had raped so many others, leave it alone, if you make a mess again, they’ll leave us without that shit they give us for food.

The robust man with the peculiar beard with a hoarse voice muttered to the group:

  • The ship where I was sailing was sold to the Christians, the Captain kicked me down when I told him that I preferred my freedom to kiss that ass for money.

Most of them broke into mocking laughter, amidst the most varied comments:

  • Brave freedom you have won al-Majus
  • Oh!, at least I threw more than three Christians to the edge of my sword, God does not have them in Glory, direct they will have gone to hell.
  • Shut up, here comes the gendarme’s son of a bitch and he’s not alone.

The jailer approached shouting:

  • More than one wretch today will be lucky, this man who accompanies me will take you to hell!

There was a tense silence and the scrutinizing look of an emissary of who knows who looked at them but not exactly as men for the gallows; He was pointing to those he saw stronger, while the jailer urged them to get up and file out of the dungeon.

Among them was the al-Majus who the night before through the crack of that filthy place had noticed the brightness of the Moon and had begged her that it all end or his gods release him or rescue him from the filth.

We will never know which hell is worse in desolation, but with the sea wind in our favour, everything could be different.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

Coyolxauhqui will speak through the green reed

Each one has a task to fulfill, be it mystical or part of an adventure to find the best that life can offer us, if your rod bends, analyze its message and do not hesitate, do not shake your hand; just let yourself be carried away by what you feel.

Short Story by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“How distant is the horizon where your dreams rest?

 The Messenger 

Decide nothing and choose nothing, do not reveal your sleepless hours on the wrong path. Thinking thoroughly is a slow process and we cannot immediately see the big picture; be laborious and leave intuition to the background at uncertain times. Now I withdraw and go to the symbols.

Painani looked at her with astonished eyes but could not see those of the lady that remained bandaged.

  • Okay, I’ll retire and start the journey …

Painani stands on the threshold of the temple, she is waiting for an answer from  Tlatoani or waits that she would remove her blindfold.

  • Go ahead, go ahead, you will not see my eyes this time, I must retain your essence and if I observe you it will not be possible! Remember everything we talked about, let the immense light of Coyolxauhqui be your guide.

The woman with agile feet retired under the immense moon that shone lighting her path, to lose herself on the horizon, her heart beating with fear and excitement at the same time.

The solitude of Tlatoani

The woman took a robust reed in her hands and walked to the upper esplanade of the temple to speak with the goddess Coyolxauhqui:

  • Beloved lady moon who shines, and integrates into the firm sky of stars, before facing the battle with the warrior daytime, tell me if I should know some new sign in the sky?

That said, the woman from the temple of the Moon offered up a green reed, robust and at the same time tender, her long hair with shades of obsidian and silver lifted with the force of the wind that invaded that space lost in the immensity of time and of which we only know traces.

The junk bent giving its signal and alert in this way, the woman knew what all this meant, but there were mysteries that would be revealed later:

The watermark points east
  • Lady, Coyolxauhqui, I understand that I must not only be vigilant of the North and the South but a water symbol also that challenges my imagination.

Tlatoani, watchwoman of the lunar temple closed her eyes and traveled with her essence towards the East, she arrived at the place where the salty waters gently and whisper the limits of the land of subtle sands and snails. She penetrated the skin of the thickly blue-hued water. She only observed the sea beasts that appeared in leaps to welcome her imperturbable and traveling soul and said to herself:

<Perhaps what I do not know will be impossible for me to perceive, perhaps it is not his time yet, I only understand that I must maintain myself. alert to this omen>

Each one has a task to fulfill, be it mystical or part of an adventure to find the best that life can offer us, if your rod bends, analyze its message and do not hesitate, do not shake your hand; just let yourself be carried away by what you feel.

Drawing of the Goddess Coyolxauhqui from Engineer Juan Carlos Estudillo’s Blog

Note from the author, it definitely alludes also to the water rune “Laguz” in German, the body of water, Anglo-Saxon, “Lagu”, seawater.

The messenger: The substance of dreams

Painani needs to make a journey with all the training and tools that she thinking the messenger will put in her hands but isn’t like this

Short Story by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“Of what is the substance of the deepest sorrows made, which are capable of crossing entire seas and continents?”

The messenger

Nobody was offered the best place to devote themselves to living fully, but joy is a gift that we all dare to carry in all circumstances and it is not because they do not want it, it is simply something that is not for everyone.

She observes me with the attention of a good apprentice, she has not stopped wondering why I decided not to see her and continue with my eyes covered, her voice and her inflections will give me the clue to know if she is understanding what I am saying, people need feel, touch others, feel their gaze and know they feel safe. It’s not what I need from her.

There was a time when it was necessary and the certainties disappeared, now I want her to learn that from a distance is the best way to stay close to her.

I threw my question and named her:

– Painani, tell me if you are willing to make the journey with due attention to achieve your goals and reach the place where the sun shines?

<She answers me anxiously, but she takes her time, she is not completely sure of that, of making the journey and coming out triumphant, no one knows and neither does she, the journey is not for everyone and not everyone achieves it, it is true. then I listen to her:>

-Madam, I don’t know if I can do it but I am willing to try and that is why I have come to you to guide me and give me the tools to do a good job.

-The tools are your body, your senses, and the intuition that you already have and that is not different from that of any other human being, only in the mystery of the trip will you be able to awaken all those abilities that you do not know you possess.

-Will the journey make me stronger?

-I do not know, nobody knows it is part of life and in it, you must find what is necessary to achieve your goals, it only depends on what exists in your mind that you manage to do a good job, or throw away what you could be valuable.

Everything that covers the scope of our soul is not enough for us to be capable of being what we are not, those were the words of the man who was looking for the soul with winged feet and who would make a journey from South to North.

The gaze of the ounce followed him closely, she felt its fear in the sweat that passed through the wind

The gaze of the ounce followed him closely, she felt its fear in the sweat that passed through the wind, the animal did not dare to touch it, could not, there was some ingenuity and courage in that person that for the ounce’s intuition deserved of all your respect.

Some people can live during the most sinister situations without being annihilated by predators just because they are surrounded by an aura of such brilliance that it is impossible not to be enthralled by them.

Neither of them has the same beliefs, they have not grown up under the same terms but something has brought them closer together, that breath of a force more powerful than the reality that they have both witnessed, suffered, and enjoyed.

She, Painani, will make the trip because it is part of an ancestral ritual of her culture, he will do it without knowing that there is a hidden mysticism around his trip; He is driven by adventure, the need to find something better than what he has left behind.

Thus begins this journey, my presence will be able to watch the journey from afar, I have achieved the ability of not needing a physical body to be present in that place where I have been called, few know my name, everyone recognizes the strength of the messenger.

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The Lady of the Wasps

Nature can be a great teacher, it not only teaches us, it also helps us reason

by Araidne Gallardo Figueroa

That woman had been thinking in the cafeteria about a problem that had her absorbed, she withdrew somewhat uncomfortable when she saw that for the umpteenth time a subject was looking at her from another table as if it were the best landscape to rest his eyes.

She never realized that this was actually until the day she woke up at dawn and observed that her analysis of percentages and exponential growth had become a reality.

There is a world that tries by all means to preserve itself and will look for the place where life can wait… But it was not the case, some places are not for everyone, much less the kitchen; for every wasp, she was also a beautiful landscape.

Unfortunately, her first reaction was to exterminate the insects with which it would have been really difficult to dialogue and exchange points of view. As an advocate of life on the planet felt a feeling of great sorrow and the meditating end with crude pragmatism:

“Every living deserves life, their own space and freedom to come and go within the terms of respect for the other”

She had to meditate seriously if it was worth the argument to add:

Every living being with reasoning and cultural attachment …

The rain had been increasing during the night, the habitat of the wasps collapsed and they sought refuge, therefore the only thing she could say was with total seriousness and without being moved:

“The strengthening of the structure cannot be guaranteed, if development bases our reason for existing without meditating why”

Photo by Katerin Toro on

A different horizon orders chaos

The world of the future is something that we build in the present and if we can make its structures help us to continue towards the stars, we can revolutionize the established and be better versions of what we are now.

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

It is important to remember the constant transformations of the sorceress Sol, to understand that his path to the stars had happened many centuries ago, possibly this happens to the consciences that are rooted in collective thought, they are cohesive by the gravitational action of all those who think them and this, of course, is not science, only the magic of my imagination.

However, no one can be oblivious to the fact that our thoughts make others around us react, we can influence people with what we express, this is science and if it were possible to enhance it from a distance, well nobody knows. That is what dreams are made of when we project an idea and can over time make it concrete, in some way similar to what we had in mind.

Precisely those who left but were never forgotten, will live together forever in a fascinating dynamic and creating resonance.

Barderian and the sorceress Sun had put in their minds a goal under a simple statement: Preserve what matters and interest others in that awareness; Every philosopher, scientist, thinker, mystic, intellectual, writer, the social protestor is governed by very similar rules; we know by collective criteria that their ideals do not die, they also transform the people around them, their creations help society advance.

Also exist the fanatics,  who use their doctrines and teachings to attract followers and modify certain philosophies at their convenience, then, someone breaks the mold, criticizes, reflects, questions dynamize the chaos from which it will emerge with the passage of the centuries a different path.

They are those who make the wheel turns in the world upside down to discard the tinsel and every decorative subterfuge, remain perennial, eternal, united to a collective memory that regroups and sustains them even beyond their existence.

Precisely those who left but were never forgotten, will live together forever in a fascinating dynamic and creating a resonance.; Each people of the world will give them a name and value them in their own beliefs, but it is good to point out that their conscience in that swing that does not allow the emptiness in the immense cosmos does not recognize any more ideology or creed than that of being the unity of consciences to favor of what must be preserved; It seems impossible to me to imagine heaven for atheists and another for Catholics, one more apart for Muslims … I cannot conceive of something like that; I definitely cannot believe it when I think that we are all made of the same substance and in the end, there is no dress, no lavish palaces and no banquets, in a place that leaves the material of the world of the living.

We are approaching the epilogue

Once the Eggyans wore their credentials that validated them as residents on Earth, most research centers and space agencies wanted them in their facilities, their important knowledge of the cosmos, the innovations they had achieved to undertake the journey, they were placed in a privileged place to give classes and conferences.

Their forced androgyny that helped them endure the impressive journey was reversed over time, many of them fell in love again and life allowed them that the mixture between humans and Eggyans will enhance the genetics of living beings on our planet and the other spaces inhabited by intelligent beings of the cosmos.

The birth of Professor Zila and Citlali’s daughter was an event, of course, they named her Alnitak, about the flame nebula, her birthday was also received by an earth tremor in the Mexican capital, as a reminder of the day. that was conceived.

In his adolescence he sat at his father’s desk and said with total seriousness:

<Father, I do not agree that the ascended masters and mystical leaders retain that name, I think they are much more than that, let’s undertake a work To modify that idea, revolutionizing the established gives us evolutionary strength and is the best way to exclaim Let’s do magic! >

The world of the future is something that we build in the present and if we can make its structures help us to continue towards the stars, we can revolutionize the established and be better versions of what we are now.

Gif “The revolutionary chaos”

Undertaking the path to the future under the influence of The Black Moon

Dreaming is a resource that gives the future light to illuminate the habitat that contains us, possibly we are not the only ones with that dream and we will soon know it.

The Beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Ana Pérez Riv, knew that the conversation could not last long, but she understood that it was an honor that Asgardians, mystics, and eggyans have achieved such a sincere and truthful conversation, she felt it was time to announce under the influence of the moon of great opportunities a ritual for their friendship:

– Today we sow a seed that is strengthened in friendship and sincere fraternity, what we have said on this site belongs to us to be better, to spread to others the knowledge we have of life and the mysteries that each one of us keeps.

What we will not share has been defined, what we must respect as part of the world’s criteria and what will take time to change. All of you will soon meet in Vienna to consolidate your commitment in the defense of the planet and I have a proposal to make to you, a tribute to the treasure of Eggyan thought, to the courage of the pioneer Barderian and his worth; I urge to all of you to commemorate the courage of the pionner Barderian with a Pimelin seed and sow it next to an Apple seed to build a living monument for unity and the preservation of life that germinates into the future.

Dean Ana Perez Riv exclaims:

I urge to all of you to commemorate the courage of the pioneer Barderian and his worth; I urge you to offer a Pimelin seed and sow it next to an Apple seed to build a living monument for unity!

For the first time in history you will receive their residence as inhabitants of Earth and collaborators of Asgardia, aliens from a people rich in culture and technology that disappeared; The world will not be the same, today we saw ourselves in the mirror of a being that we do not imagine similar to ours, the Nazarene said it many years ago and we can remember it today:

 Specifically, the verse from Genesis that refers to this theme, he tells us: 

“And God said: Let us make the human being in our image, as our likeness. So God created the human being in his image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them ”. (Gn 2,26-27).

This for a long time was forgotten by the one who killed his fellow man for imposing his battles and making earthly glories, by everyone who bowed his fellow man for feeling superior to his essence and his race. It was difficult for them to see their God as their likeness and they visualized him in the heights and feared him.

Other thinkers in other times said something similar: 

Within the teachings of Siddharta Gautama, the philosophy that tries to explain a spiritual solution to human suffering, was his banner, a pacifist who valued what humans feel concerning their environment.

The list of historical figures who gave a humanistic message could be extended, recognizing equality and equity.

None of us believe that philosophy and beliefs are written in stone, we know that they must evolve and interact with others, recognize ourselves in others; for a long time it was thought that we would be killed by beings from other worlds, that we should defend ourselves, today we have proof that their resemblance to us, people with needs similar to ours, are made of the same essence that the cosmos is made.

Each of the Eggyans felt a special emotion, they also understood the lightness of living with a single natural satellite when they were seven moons, they embraced each other and prepared to keep with special appreciation the apple tree seed that Ana offered them to request the world, a place where her speech and her wishes that both shrubs would grow together in a special and commemorative place would be recognized.

Yilia raised his cup of coffee in the midst of all those present and exclaimed:

– I toast before all of you, my friends to the inhabited moons, the systems with life where the star that shares its heat and energy, illuminates the minds of all of us who wish to preserve with the passing of the centuries, the best version of ourselves in a front of the similarity of others.

Zila equally raised his cup and forcefully pointed out:

– I offer my toast to all my friends because life allows us to enjoy unsuspected realities, gives us strength to protect what we love, helps us never forget how fragile we are in the face of the power of the universe, and to find the strength for to flow in its immensity.

They all embraced and understood that the world would never be the same and that their legacy was already part of what they had made known to the world as an intergalactic confederation, whose reality was deeper, was the alliance, whose unified voice, it expanded among the inhabited planets, the solidary certainty, and the constancy that there would always be a new world to shelter in peace and harmony.

Photograph of the author: “The seed in memory of the pioneer Barderian and all the Eggyans”

The shocking moment that no one witnessed

Some battles occur in the most resounding of silences of which we will never know and sometimes everything depends on them.

The Beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Barderian with the shattered soul proceeded to dissect the brain of Raudek Vilob, the love of his life and giver of the vital energy that allowed him to energize every adventure, trip, endeavor, however difficult it was, she was like his vibrant light, in every task that he did, she allowed him to achieve the impossible always.

With the support of Yertei and Ontyl and advised by the entire team installed on the Moon of Medreos, they proceeded to the surgery, Barderian knew that he had to return to Eggya and spread the message of Vilob, it was important that the people knew it and were prepared by the time it all came to an end

Everyone will remember  Barderian’s depressing look, trying to be strong so as not mourn out in front of the cameras, only those close to him understood what all that was about, for other people their intuition pointed out everything they were going through, in general, there was not a day that it was not known that some other territory near the central star was dying or exploding, causing clouds of dust and falling rocks that had once been beautiful planting landscapes, literally death fell in pieces from the skies.

His last warning was to indicate that he would undertake the trip to the place with the key to the portal of stars, which he had already told them in advance, his success would prevent him from returning and his failure would not allow him to let know to anyone, he noticed them that he entrusted the future maneuvers in the hands of the team of pilots, among which were Yilia and Taige.

When he fulfilled the last wish of his beloved Raudek Vilop, head down he went to the shed where he kept his aircraft, seized with deep nostalgia, he imagined that he would feel in his body or head the voices of each of the Drieden who now they were part of his central nervous system, which would be able to shake his marrow with the presence of Raudek, who could sense it, but it was not like that.

Each dendrite was optimally integrated into his body until they became part of his being, he could not recognize among the dendrites of  Drieden and the other normal beings that now were part of his being. Nor did he know if realized all that, what was certain is that those living beings were now the electrical interconnections within their organism.

He prepared the ship to take the leap that would remove him forever from all known, his mind was playing a charade, that kind of riddle where the closest memory was his burned body without being able to penetrate the threshold and his need to return alone, just like he had done it months ago.

This time there was no return, the affront was to die or live facing a world that he did not know, of which he knew nothing and in which perhaps he would not have the opportunity to announce it to anyone.

Reach the Threshold where there is no turning back, the options are limited, live or die

The portal was in front of him, he arranged the machine horizontally and reduced its dimensions, as close to his body perimeter; like a gust, it launched itself to penetrate that place that we know as the Cave Nebula and that would later carry with pride for each Eggyan that of the Barderian Corridor.

He felt every inch of his body burn, the fireball that was his ship was pulverized exploding into pieces, his last words were:

“My love, Raudek, we are dead with everyone else this was useless”

A cloud of gases surrounded Barderian’s body who shuddered in a terrifying moan when his limbs shattered and he heard no more from him. The ship was just pieces of red-hot metal that melted, dripping in weightless volutes into the vastness of that site that gave life to thousands of stars.

Suddenly he felt aware of being a speck surrounded by others that he could not recognize and neither did they, Barderian or what was left of him, articulated an idea in his empty ether nor whatever allowed him to still think:

“I am the shipwreck of my arrogance with all of you, we fall without knowing where and even when we float in nothingness, we sink in an eternal sway where we cease to exist, the eternal revelation of an exodus motivated us and now we are pieces of stardust in the immensity of the cosmos “

That fluid without weight, elastic, ethereal, shone turning into a swaying of golden, translucent tones, where nothing and nobody heard anything, an echo crackled in the distance, the portal left behind had been crossed with Barderian and the others that perceive it. 

A silence where the wind of the fiery fire was extinguished was the only certain thing, but the uncertainty of being steam was still present in the mind of Ingerin Barderian, who refused to lose identity still lifeless, despite death itself.

Then the inconceivable happened, a fabulous fire approaches without being heard, without crackle and flames, a bolide of soft tones moves towards what remains of Barderian; he feels imprisoned in a kind of veil that contains him and he cannot avoid the proximity of that diffuse presence that he perceives without seeing it.

Perhaps the others who accompany the scattered remains of what is no longer Barderian}, feel the same but no one can know it between them; then they are impacted by the force of that mass that surrounds them without invading them, without attacking them and a thunderous noise screams without a voice, but penetrating every fiber of their weightless fluid:

“Barderian, our task together is just beginning, prepare cause that this will not be easy“

For all those who have followed the story, they know perfectly who it is and the work they will do together for the defense of the world where hope lives.

Some battles occur in the most resounding of silences of which we will never know and sometimes everything depends on them.

Photo of the Cave Nebula

Reflections in the middle of the road

The art of creating a story out of nothing and making it part of a magical world is the best excuse to stay in front of the keyboard

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa.

Today I want to comment on an essential detail regarding the term eggyan, for this, you must explain the following, like all writers, we love the epistles, those letters that come to us from friends and that we can even stamp, now there is a wonderful option called with it you don’t need paper, the letter takes its time to arrive depending on the country where you are going to receive it, it is so nice.

What is this all about? Well, I have a friend who has been interested in investigating what my story is about, and recently he told me that wants to understand what Eggya is, he found the Eggyan Egg on Facebook. But his search doesn’t have any relationship with the real truth on that matter.

No relation to the true history and the name of the planet that comes from my imagination

 I was impressed since it is someone who possibly read and did not understand what my idea of ​​the name Eggya is about, so I am going to tell you that they are the initials of my son’s name and the A at the end corresponds to my name, like this it was that I decided to baptize that wonderful space that now remains in the memory and minds of the people who managed to free themselves from destruction. At no time does the story relate to my son, it was my imagination that led me to put those words together.

That said, I will continue with the story, Raudek Vilop woke me up a few days ago with the necessary and urgent idea to explain what it was like to reach the veil of ether, that place that transforms everything and that is unlike anything we have known before, I put a small part in the podcast:

The saddest moment, full of uncertainty and a halo of hope in the distance

It will be necessary to go to the text and make it part of the story that as you know then I try with my humble knowledge of the English language, translate it in 

I take this opportunity to comment that I am analyzing the idea of ​​the compendium of history in a single volume, of course, those who read here must go back to make sense of it, there are those some follow me daily, all of them have not lost the thread of the historical time of the story, but I know that there are few and that there will be those who get bored and dedicate time to their own or other activities that take them away from the blog, it is natural.

That said, I see you in the next post, greetings and thanks for your company,  and above all thanks to my friend from the north who is surely reading me and knows that I mean him when I mentioned the where we met. By the way, only those who know the story of this blog will know how to identify me with the Avatar and Pseudonym that we use there in that epistolary and virtual space.

For now, I say goodbye and wish you all happy creative moments.