Before talking about Ethel…

To get to it, I will take a pause on the way and I will place the panorama of what happens in the other universes in general features, we know that the custodian of the lightning still travels in unknown directions in search of the perfect place for the souls that manage to preserve themselves in that journey of the dark death that takes them to the light and that does not happen to all.

The Shadow

The shadow inhabits human beings who cannot ascend to the light, all those who look at the animal part of themselves, need the attachment to the material, their hormonal secretions are valued to satisfy appetites and instincts, their tastes are epicurean, refined but with a charge that leans towards those places where the brightness must be palpable and unattainable for most mortals.

The Neurological centres

None of them knew that in the future there would be a man who at the beginning of his classes would exclaim: "Let's do magic, gentlemen", but for Willtheyard how the dean started her classes were well known, her phrase was and was still valid, he used it and it was this: "Let's make history, Asgardians"

The plans solidify, the cycle is fullfilled, the wait ends

“Nothing is more vigorous than the strength of a group to complete the circle, to understand that everything resonates and echoes in the dreams of others, vibrate in tune and recognize the allies, the signal will appear in the firmament and then you will have achieved what you thought was impossible ”The Messenger By Ariadne… Sigue leyendo The plans solidify, the cycle is fullfilled, the wait ends

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