The path that you only intuit, does not belong to anyone and can belong to everyone

If you have the complete information you can give it the use you want, if you have the power behind a magician, you can be powerful and achieve what you want but not forever. If your magic does not govern your ambition, you will be able to reach a deep knowledge of the truth that not everyone will understand.

“If your sensory range is limited, you have infinite options to make mistakes”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The priestess of the Ometeotl temple, meditated in her enclosure analyzing her small magic gadgets and special powers:

<The Moon is defeated on its way by the Sun, on few occasions during the trip it manages to convince him, to negotiate for her life and her dreams; We never know the strength and scope of that deal.>

What she felt had not only been seen and caused panic in a wide territory that formed the crown of the Earth, what we know as the North Pole, for her it was imperceptible, difficult without a doubt it was imagining the true form of the vastness that inhabited together with other living beings. She affirmed with total security:

<Observing is not enough, feeling either, only with magic I make the thoughts make sense; energies change, some messages are repeated over time, they are phrases that I have heard and understood on the lips of others and that is a constant. Voices cross from one space to another.>

While she deliberates and enters the moments where her loneliness is the tool for analysis, in another part of the world the sea becomes an overwhelming force that wrenches calm in its wake from the once bucolic landscape: 

The man from the south contemplates the coast, great clouds are hovering over his head, he perceives that his hair has grown enough to cover it and hit him on the back, the large fish jump announcing something that he does not understand, they are dolphins or perhaps whales, he cannot know it in the distance …

Painani also observes the great hump of the great cetaceans that jump from where she is and carefully says:

<It always happens that when they leave the water they connect with the immensity of a world that they touch only a few seconds and that is enough for the magic to do its part>

None of them is aware of what happens in the places of the northern ice and the deep unease of a thousand It is for the settlers the omen of something fearsome for them is coming, but more than one Monarch will know how to use it to concentrate troops and make others bow to their interests.

If you have the complete information you can give it the use you want, if you have the power behind a magician, you can be powerful and achieve what you want but not forever. If your magic does not govern your ambition, you will be able to reach a deep knowledge of the truth that not everyone will understand.

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Loose leaves

Recalling passages from The Timeless Journey that I now intend to translate, I find one of the most charming passages, a dialogue between Amin and his beloved Sie

Some esencial parts of my work

A little bit passage in The timeless Journey

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa:

Recalling passages from The Timeless Journey that I now intend to translate, I find one of the most charming passages, a dialogue between Amin and his beloved Sie:

The same thing happens with the one he writes and in his constant work he ends up discovering his reason for living, by placing the very essence of his experience in what he does, only then does he transform it into art.

Sie, looked at him in amazement and firmly she pointed out:

– Only he will leave his art at the moment that life itself extinguishes his strength and brilliance, because everything that is done with passion is definitely a constant surrender.

They both looked at each other and, smiling, they recognized that the beauty of everything that surrounded them at that moment in their lives made sense.

To which Amin points out:

-Inquiring, empowering, recognizing and not abandoning are qualities of the alchemist and we all carry one within us, an enhancer in search of excellence and perfection.

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This is the first book in English regarding the novel series called Bird Spell

For a resident of Asgardia, the Space Nation that will recently turn 5 years of life, to be able to look at a different future is part of the task of every being who dreams that the planet we have may be different in a few decades.

Within the blog where I have developed each page of my work, I resorted to an epilogue to explain to the readers why it turns out that these last two texts will be part of the last part. The only reason for this has occurred is that the chronological sense of what I wrote tells me that it must be like that and that many of the readers who read the first novel will wonder if that world is given as a sequence of good intentions or part of a deeper idea.

At last, the book appears in another language
The true task of the writer is to establish a continuity in his mental investigation, each one resorts to the simpler method or that is according to his way of being and feeling, in my case, I do not write to forget who I am; I´m working on my tales to remind myself that for some reason greater than myself I decided to write to say everything that shapes a path, to be able to throw a rope to the desperate to find a light, could be that person, indeed.

It is my first attempt to write in a language that is not mine and that may not be as expressive as I can be in my native language, however by itself, the work can be read without going to the other books, I hope so. However, it is good to point out that the task is not over and it is necessary to translate the other books, it is necessary and I will see how you receive this issue, greetings readers

For a resident of Asgardia, the Space Nation that will recently turn 5 years of life, to be able to look at a different future is part of the task of every being who dreams that the planet we have may be different in a few decades, the collaborative impulse and the experience of understanding ourselves even in the face of the possibility of finding life far from our galaxy, is a metaphorical idea of analysis of the reality that we live as humans.

I hope you can find in my work that encouragement and the hope placed in the work of each of its characters.

Response to the letter of an avid blog reader

This is the answer to a kind letter from a reader of this blog to whom I send greetings and respect your privacy unless he authorizes me to give your name

Dear reader friend: in relation to the confusions that have awoken in your follow-up to reading on this blog, I will tell you some details and clues that may clear up your bewilderments:

I feel that you are in the biggest maze because to read a blog properly and taking a count that was a longer work; maybe the only one crazy to do that, is me.

You need to go to the first post, and this is the most older on that, later you can read one per one in the same timeline the oldest, the older and the less old, and then discover the new one, with the current date, so close to the present date in the calendar.

The other trouble that you have, maybe you can understand if you are reading the preface, by the way, the last posted date May 15; talking about the real sequence of the whole history. I need to say the worst scenario that you have … Please sit down and breathe slowly…

I need to translate the first book called Crystal Galaxy, and later the second book, which apparently doesn’t have any relationship with the other one, I send to you the preface copy for your knowledge, because it is not published yet in the English blog. Also, I need to send to you the draft of the Spell of bird, because it is the only work in your language that I have at the moment. I hope you can read it properly.

The fact is for me is easier to write like a book, not like a screenplay, but is a good alternative to you if you want to understand the sequence; I like the idea to publish the future a book with the screenplay, but is to remember all the work, maybe I need an employed on that, but I do not like invest any money if I do not have the certain to obtain on this some profit.

By reason of security only into your letter I can share the screeenplay draft, here the page not allow it

Thanks for your comments because Asgardia is only a subterfuge to create a different path in my book about history, is a dream very rare that I figure to change the history, the real one, just in the mind of the people that live with the same ideas to repeat the crudest history. I am a dreamer, maybe only a dreamer.

Maybe you can realize it with the preface, doest exist a Queen as an Asgardian, the characters are sorceress, they are free spirits. And the only kiss that the pioneer Barderian misses in despair is not from an Asgardian but from a scientist, his beloved Raudek Vilop, born in Eggya.

As a resident of Asgardia, I will like to imagine a different world, the fact is not possible, the life is rude, violent, dramatic; but my novel is fiction with lovely dreams of unity into humanity.

If I had in my hands a tale for Asgardian kids, maybe this will be the real alternative that I would like to read to them.

I will wait for your next letter my dear friend

PS.: As is usual with the protection of your privacy, I like the idea to put this letter in my blog, you are the most avid reader that I have, and I feel so great about this

Epilogue, the overview of the entire trip

Thanks to those who followed me, those who meditate and reflect on what I left them to think, other journeys and new adventures will come and I invite you to follow me when they happen.

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At the end of this part of the work, we can only recapitulate, look back and understand how this whole journey was so passionate and tenacious, waiting for others of equal or greater magnitude.

The story begins with the Crystal Galaxy (Galaxia de Cristal), whose time is the future, that idyllic vision where there is a kind of people who at the end of the day have been thinking the same thing for a long time and suddenly someone comes and says yes, indeed that is what they want and their path is reflected in the stars.

Later, I kept analyzing that there are no spontaneous generations and that it was necessary to review if in a world that has created a valuable and powerful culture of violence and possession, there was room for that other space that I sensed and it was simple to achieve consolidation.

I took on the task of summoning someone with enough vision to give me clues and I found her, she was listening to a beautiful bird precisely at the moment that walking through a forest falls, and her face had a mark for that reason.

Photo by

With a little groping I put my tools in front of her to see what I was going to do with them, she simply told me that she could not handle what I asked of her because her vision was not totally of this world, on one side she would intuit, and on the other eye, she would observe the reality.

Well then I understood that she was more useful than I imagined and I took her to the remote past, I placed her in the middle of the most horrible devastation that human violence can create and this is how this adventure began, she refused to die, it was not possible to kill her because she kept inside me; impossible to kill the writer.

Thus I concluded Bird Spell (Hechizo de Ave), but she could not let her intuition cease, she, the woman with the intuitive look, told me about a reality that needed to be seen from a more human way, that place where legends and myths were generated, she urged me to break them, to tear them apart and see what was inside each one of them and instead of me giving her my tools to continue, she only threw me into the sea, a violent place that was frozen and well taht was the scene where little by little other characters appeared.

Each of them lived in a world that was much more than a historical moment because what they learned there lasted for several centuries later and emerged La Travesía Atemporal (The Timeless Journey), with it new generations were born that with that new vision returned me to the beginning of my life. the first book, to the year 2287.

The woman whom I invoked to help me start all these reflections, was still in my mind, I found her in my dreams with that blood mark on her face, but she was left without saying a word. this intuitive plane or dimension somehow prompted me to continue on foot and alone.

Then I had to do with Another Gaze (Otra Mirada), I wrote a first draft that helped me to start the hard way towards some conclusion if this was possible. That other look was hers and mine, a good participatory work with which she managed to see The Bridge (El Puente) and discover the routes to cross it, I realize that looking in the dark I managed to intuit like her some details that fascinate me.

A hero appears who was a sketch in the first book Galaxia de Cristal (Crystal Galaxy) and he yells at me from far away that I needed to go to see him and understand how everything began in that time that is lost in the space of humans and I moved away with him to the reality that none of us knew in the distant land of the 7 moons called Eggya, in this way appears on the scene Los Inicios The Beginnings (Los Inicios), I definitely had to name it the second chapter, but no one would understand anything if you read it without the order established by my adventurous trip.

If something of what I have said is not taken for granted, you will be correct, the work is fiction with some reality touches, above all, it is my personal vision of the world that I would like to inhabit and that, like Sofía Galafik, the mother of Zila, I can make it grow inside me and in the vastness of my mental universe to share it with others.

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A different horizon orders chaos

The world of the future is something that we build in the present and if we can make its structures help us to continue towards the stars, we can revolutionize the established and be better versions of what we are now.

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

It is important to remember the constant transformations of the sorceress Sol, to understand that his path to the stars had happened many centuries ago, possibly this happens to the consciences that are rooted in collective thought, they are cohesive by the gravitational action of all those who think them and this, of course, is not science, only the magic of my imagination.

However, no one can be oblivious to the fact that our thoughts make others around us react, we can influence people with what we express, this is science and if it were possible to enhance it from a distance, well nobody knows. That is what dreams are made of when we project an idea and can over time make it concrete, in some way similar to what we had in mind.

Precisely those who left but were never forgotten, will live together forever in a fascinating dynamic and creating resonance.

Barderian and the sorceress Sun had put in their minds a goal under a simple statement: Preserve what matters and interest others in that awareness; Every philosopher, scientist, thinker, mystic, intellectual, writer, the social protestor is governed by very similar rules; we know by collective criteria that their ideals do not die, they also transform the people around them, their creations help society advance.

Also exist the fanatics,  who use their doctrines and teachings to attract followers and modify certain philosophies at their convenience, then, someone breaks the mold, criticizes, reflects, questions dynamize the chaos from which it will emerge with the passage of the centuries a different path.

They are those who make the wheel turns in the world upside down to discard the tinsel and every decorative subterfuge, remain perennial, eternal, united to a collective memory that regroups and sustains them even beyond their existence.

Precisely those who left but were never forgotten, will live together forever in a fascinating dynamic and creating a resonance.; Each people of the world will give them a name and value them in their own beliefs, but it is good to point out that their conscience in that swing that does not allow the emptiness in the immense cosmos does not recognize any more ideology or creed than that of being the unity of consciences to favor of what must be preserved; It seems impossible to me to imagine heaven for atheists and another for Catholics, one more apart for Muslims … I cannot conceive of something like that; I definitely cannot believe it when I think that we are all made of the same substance and in the end, there is no dress, no lavish palaces and no banquets, in a place that leaves the material of the world of the living.

We are approaching the epilogue

Once the Eggyans wore their credentials that validated them as residents on Earth, most research centers and space agencies wanted them in their facilities, their important knowledge of the cosmos, the innovations they had achieved to undertake the journey, they were placed in a privileged place to give classes and conferences.

Their forced androgyny that helped them endure the impressive journey was reversed over time, many of them fell in love again and life allowed them that the mixture between humans and Eggyans will enhance the genetics of living beings on our planet and the other spaces inhabited by intelligent beings of the cosmos.

The birth of Professor Zila and Citlali’s daughter was an event, of course, they named her Alnitak, about the flame nebula, her birthday was also received by an earth tremor in the Mexican capital, as a reminder of the day. that was conceived.

In his adolescence he sat at his father’s desk and said with total seriousness:

<Father, I do not agree that the ascended masters and mystical leaders retain that name, I think they are much more than that, let’s undertake a work To modify that idea, revolutionizing the established gives us evolutionary strength and is the best way to exclaim Let’s do magic! >

The world of the future is something that we build in the present and if we can make its structures help us to continue towards the stars, we can revolutionize the established and be better versions of what we are now.

Gif “The revolutionary chaos”

Undertaking the path to the future under the influence of The Black Moon

Dreaming is a resource that gives the future light to illuminate the habitat that contains us, possibly we are not the only ones with that dream and we will soon know it.

The Beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Ana Pérez Riv, knew that the conversation could not last long, but she understood that it was an honor that Asgardians, mystics, and eggyans have achieved such a sincere and truthful conversation, she felt it was time to announce under the influence of the moon of great opportunities a ritual for their friendship:

– Today we sow a seed that is strengthened in friendship and sincere fraternity, what we have said on this site belongs to us to be better, to spread to others the knowledge we have of life and the mysteries that each one of us keeps.

What we will not share has been defined, what we must respect as part of the world’s criteria and what will take time to change. All of you will soon meet in Vienna to consolidate your commitment in the defense of the planet and I have a proposal to make to you, a tribute to the treasure of Eggyan thought, to the courage of the pioneer Barderian and his worth; I urge to all of you to commemorate the courage of the pionner Barderian with a Pimelin seed and sow it next to an Apple seed to build a living monument for unity and the preservation of life that germinates into the future.

Dean Ana Perez Riv exclaims:

I urge to all of you to commemorate the courage of the pioneer Barderian and his worth; I urge you to offer a Pimelin seed and sow it next to an Apple seed to build a living monument for unity!

For the first time in history you will receive their residence as inhabitants of Earth and collaborators of Asgardia, aliens from a people rich in culture and technology that disappeared; The world will not be the same, today we saw ourselves in the mirror of a being that we do not imagine similar to ours, the Nazarene said it many years ago and we can remember it today:

 Specifically, the verse from Genesis that refers to this theme, he tells us: 

“And God said: Let us make the human being in our image, as our likeness. So God created the human being in his image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them ”. (Gn 2,26-27).

This for a long time was forgotten by the one who killed his fellow man for imposing his battles and making earthly glories, by everyone who bowed his fellow man for feeling superior to his essence and his race. It was difficult for them to see their God as their likeness and they visualized him in the heights and feared him.

Other thinkers in other times said something similar: 

Within the teachings of Siddharta Gautama, the philosophy that tries to explain a spiritual solution to human suffering, was his banner, a pacifist who valued what humans feel concerning their environment.

The list of historical figures who gave a humanistic message could be extended, recognizing equality and equity.

None of us believe that philosophy and beliefs are written in stone, we know that they must evolve and interact with others, recognize ourselves in others; for a long time it was thought that we would be killed by beings from other worlds, that we should defend ourselves, today we have proof that their resemblance to us, people with needs similar to ours, are made of the same essence that the cosmos is made.

Each of the Eggyans felt a special emotion, they also understood the lightness of living with a single natural satellite when they were seven moons, they embraced each other and prepared to keep with special appreciation the apple tree seed that Ana offered them to request the world, a place where her speech and her wishes that both shrubs would grow together in a special and commemorative place would be recognized.

Yilia raised his cup of coffee in the midst of all those present and exclaimed:

– I toast before all of you, my friends to the inhabited moons, the systems with life where the star that shares its heat and energy, illuminates the minds of all of us who wish to preserve with the passing of the centuries, the best version of ourselves in a front of the similarity of others.

Zila equally raised his cup and forcefully pointed out:

– I offer my toast to all my friends because life allows us to enjoy unsuspected realities, gives us strength to protect what we love, helps us never forget how fragile we are in the face of the power of the universe, and to find the strength for to flow in its immensity.

They all embraced and understood that the world would never be the same and that their legacy was already part of what they had made known to the world as an intergalactic confederation, whose reality was deeper, was the alliance, whose unified voice, it expanded among the inhabited planets, the solidary certainty, and the constancy that there would always be a new world to shelter in peace and harmony.

Photograph of the author: “The seed in memory of the pioneer Barderian and all the Eggyans”

The shocking moment that no one witnessed

Some battles occur in the most resounding of silences of which we will never know and sometimes everything depends on them.

The Beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Barderian with the shattered soul proceeded to dissect the brain of Raudek Vilob, the love of his life and giver of the vital energy that allowed him to energize every adventure, trip, endeavor, however difficult it was, she was like his vibrant light, in every task that he did, she allowed him to achieve the impossible always.

With the support of Yertei and Ontyl and advised by the entire team installed on the Moon of Medreos, they proceeded to the surgery, Barderian knew that he had to return to Eggya and spread the message of Vilob, it was important that the people knew it and were prepared by the time it all came to an end

Everyone will remember  Barderian’s depressing look, trying to be strong so as not mourn out in front of the cameras, only those close to him understood what all that was about, for other people their intuition pointed out everything they were going through, in general, there was not a day that it was not known that some other territory near the central star was dying or exploding, causing clouds of dust and falling rocks that had once been beautiful planting landscapes, literally death fell in pieces from the skies.

His last warning was to indicate that he would undertake the trip to the place with the key to the portal of stars, which he had already told them in advance, his success would prevent him from returning and his failure would not allow him to let know to anyone, he noticed them that he entrusted the future maneuvers in the hands of the team of pilots, among which were Yilia and Taige.

When he fulfilled the last wish of his beloved Raudek Vilop, head down he went to the shed where he kept his aircraft, seized with deep nostalgia, he imagined that he would feel in his body or head the voices of each of the Drieden who now they were part of his central nervous system, which would be able to shake his marrow with the presence of Raudek, who could sense it, but it was not like that.

Each dendrite was optimally integrated into his body until they became part of his being, he could not recognize among the dendrites of  Drieden and the other normal beings that now were part of his being. Nor did he know if realized all that, what was certain is that those living beings were now the electrical interconnections within their organism.

He prepared the ship to take the leap that would remove him forever from all known, his mind was playing a charade, that kind of riddle where the closest memory was his burned body without being able to penetrate the threshold and his need to return alone, just like he had done it months ago.

This time there was no return, the affront was to die or live facing a world that he did not know, of which he knew nothing and in which perhaps he would not have the opportunity to announce it to anyone.

Reach the Threshold where there is no turning back, the options are limited, live or die

The portal was in front of him, he arranged the machine horizontally and reduced its dimensions, as close to his body perimeter; like a gust, it launched itself to penetrate that place that we know as the Cave Nebula and that would later carry with pride for each Eggyan that of the Barderian Corridor.

He felt every inch of his body burn, the fireball that was his ship was pulverized exploding into pieces, his last words were:

“My love, Raudek, we are dead with everyone else this was useless”

A cloud of gases surrounded Barderian’s body who shuddered in a terrifying moan when his limbs shattered and he heard no more from him. The ship was just pieces of red-hot metal that melted, dripping in weightless volutes into the vastness of that site that gave life to thousands of stars.

Suddenly he felt aware of being a speck surrounded by others that he could not recognize and neither did they, Barderian or what was left of him, articulated an idea in his empty ether nor whatever allowed him to still think:

“I am the shipwreck of my arrogance with all of you, we fall without knowing where and even when we float in nothingness, we sink in an eternal sway where we cease to exist, the eternal revelation of an exodus motivated us and now we are pieces of stardust in the immensity of the cosmos “

That fluid without weight, elastic, ethereal, shone turning into a swaying of golden, translucent tones, where nothing and nobody heard anything, an echo crackled in the distance, the portal left behind had been crossed with Barderian and the others that perceive it. 

A silence where the wind of the fiery fire was extinguished was the only certain thing, but the uncertainty of being steam was still present in the mind of Ingerin Barderian, who refused to lose identity still lifeless, despite death itself.

Then the inconceivable happened, a fabulous fire approaches without being heard, without crackle and flames, a bolide of soft tones moves towards what remains of Barderian; he feels imprisoned in a kind of veil that contains him and he cannot avoid the proximity of that diffuse presence that he perceives without seeing it.

Perhaps the others who accompany the scattered remains of what is no longer Barderian}, feel the same but no one can know it between them; then they are impacted by the force of that mass that surrounds them without invading them, without attacking them and a thunderous noise screams without a voice, but penetrating every fiber of their weightless fluid:

“Barderian, our task together is just beginning, prepare cause that this will not be easy“

For all those who have followed the story, they know perfectly who it is and the work they will do together for the defense of the world where hope lives.

Some battles occur in the most resounding of silences of which we will never know and sometimes everything depends on them.

Photo of the Cave Nebula

Reflections in the middle of the road

The art of creating a story out of nothing and making it part of a magical world is the best excuse to stay in front of the keyboard

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa.

Today I want to comment on an essential detail regarding the term eggyan, for this, you must explain the following, like all writers, we love the epistles, those letters that come to us from friends and that we can even stamp, now there is a wonderful option called with it you don’t need paper, the letter takes its time to arrive depending on the country where you are going to receive it, it is so nice.

What is this all about? Well, I have a friend who has been interested in investigating what my story is about, and recently he told me that wants to understand what Eggya is, he found the Eggyan Egg on Facebook. But his search doesn’t have any relationship with the real truth on that matter.

No relation to the true history and the name of the planet that comes from my imagination

 I was impressed since it is someone who possibly read and did not understand what my idea of ​​the name Eggya is about, so I am going to tell you that they are the initials of my son’s name and the A at the end corresponds to my name, like this it was that I decided to baptize that wonderful space that now remains in the memory and minds of the people who managed to free themselves from destruction. At no time does the story relate to my son, it was my imagination that led me to put those words together.

That said, I will continue with the story, Raudek Vilop woke me up a few days ago with the necessary and urgent idea to explain what it was like to reach the veil of ether, that place that transforms everything and that is unlike anything we have known before, I put a small part in the podcast:

The saddest moment, full of uncertainty and a halo of hope in the distance

It will be necessary to go to the text and make it part of the story that as you know then I try with my humble knowledge of the English language, translate it in 

I take this opportunity to comment that I am analyzing the idea of ​​the compendium of history in a single volume, of course, those who read here must go back to make sense of it, there are those some follow me daily, all of them have not lost the thread of the historical time of the story, but I know that there are few and that there will be those who get bored and dedicate time to their own or other activities that take them away from the blog, it is natural.

That said, I see you in the next post, greetings and thanks for your company,  and above all thanks to my friend from the north who is surely reading me and knows that I mean him when I mentioned the where we met. By the way, only those who know the story of this blog will know how to identify me with the Avatar and Pseudonym that we use there in that epistolary and virtual space.

For now, I say goodbye and wish you all happy creative moments.

How do you explain the concept of religion to an alien?

The world has been eager to repeat rituals, considering them its bastion of security without understanding that to advance as humans we need a different dynamic.

The Beginnings 

The Bridge. Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Algyen had been left with a phrase that seemed incomprehensible to him “Inquisition” and asked the group:

– Please explain to me what concept the ancient settlers had to make Dibra, a force that should be imposed and if you were against it, it was necessary to kill you, I can’t understand that.

The eggyan stressed, for us, Dibra is a concept of spirituality, it is that moment when you can reflect in the other all your humanistic, spiritual strength to understand the needs of the other. I figure that is what you explain to us as the image of God, for us Dibra.

Anon, one of the mystical leaders present there, just a graduate student in Professor Zila’s philosophy class, listened with concentration, at the moment he pointed out with total certainty:

– Algyen, Eggyan friends; to answer this question, we must go very far in the history of humanity to a place called Nazareth, where a young man was born who understood the inequality of his people and became one of the first revolutionaries whose ideals were precisely those that humans saw at the time. another as its reflection; for the rulers in turn their ideas were a declared affront to the conservation of their hierarchies, where they had the power to be monarchs for something that was known as “Divine Designation” a well-organized subterfuge that gave them power over men and their possessions.

Years later, his personality was the flag of great battles of the most bloodthirsty to sustain the faith of Christians in the so-called “Crusades”

This man called Jehovah, for other  Yeshua, Ieshu or Jesus,  was murdered in the cruelest way imaginable, his followers needed him so that their ideals would not die and within their scarce resources and knowledge of the cosmic order, they gave an answer to his example, resurrecting his presence in the collective imagination.

Years later, his personality was the flag of great battles of the most bloodthirsty to sustain the faith of Christians in the so-called “Crusades”; support of ostentatious monuments that legalized the power of God on Earth in the figure of the ecclesiastical monarch who would occupy the papacy.

Rituals called masses were offered where a series of verses were repeated in a language only for connoisseurs, Latin, and this that I comment was repeated later in the language of each nation, the verses to adore and venerate God the father, the lavish culture of the church and its choirs sustained its rituals for almost two and a half centuries.

He did not write and it was his followers who put his words on paper, these were later modified according to the interests of the Monarchs in abbeys, He did not need temples richly decorated in gold and other precious metals, nor to repeat identical verses each end During the week in the masses that were offered around the planet, he only needed to meet with the people and talk to them about equitable conduct with their fellow men, about a serene understanding where war has no place.

In more recent times people no longer rebuild churches, breaking the structure of the Vatican, the seat on Earth of God’s power, gave way to understanding thanks to Latin American papal successors who understood that that man from Nazareth had given a diametrically opposite message to what the powerful in turn did.

If perhaps the Nazarene became an ascended being and could see the barbarism that they did in his name, I recognize that alongside sorcerers like Alnitak and others, they have not stopped fighting to penetrate the magical thinking of beings that push humanity to a way of seeing the relationships between them differently.

Currently, in this year 2287 people meet in socialization centers to remember the philosophy of theologians and make comparisons with other thinkers, finding a point of convergence; some are purists and only specialize in their own way of looking at their Dibra as you have said; We no longer contemplate the Pope in a sumptuous mansion, that place is now a museum and research center for the sciences and humanities.

Ana Perez Riv, clearly analyzed some thoughts that she herself had when remembering the ceremonial Tzompantli of the ancient Aztecs and placing her hand firmly on the table she pointed out:

– Penetrate the dark scene that allows us to see the light at the end of a deep cave flooded with fear, bewilderment, and ignorance, possibly it has not been easy for anyone, between mistakes and successes we see the weak fall, we see the subjects and servants obey and those who understand that the human is not a servant to worship emerge to no one, but a builder of freedoms to be part of the flame of knowledge.

The glances of encouragement from the visitors and their Asgardian colleagues, the mystical leaders present there, smiled, pleased by the richness of each of the reflections poured there on that historic day.

The world has been eager to repeat rituals, considering them its bastion of security without understanding that to advance as humans we need a different dynamic.

Photo The names Joshua and Jeshua in Hebrew writing with “taggim”

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