The North Signal

Assim intervened to comment on the following: Intuition is fundamental and the constant analysis of every detail, despite all our experience we could not fully trust the process if it were not for the ascended masters who have preceded us, certainly no one leaves at all, much less them, since they will be and are a constant presence in the most critical moments of our lives.

The Meeting and the look to the future

A quiet, constant, silent work; iron confidence and fireproof, thought crossing the dense waters of ancestral beliefs and in the end prevailing over everything that could be verifiable and that was not governed by the imposition of ideas, a path to reason and understanding was distant, however, that is the goal ” The MessengerBy Ariadne… Sigue leyendo The Meeting and the look to the future

The plans solidify, the cycle is fullfilled, the wait ends

“Nothing is more vigorous than the strength of a group to complete the circle, to understand that everything resonates and echoes in the dreams of others, vibrate in tune and recognize the allies, the signal will appear in the firmament and then you will have achieved what you thought was impossible ”The Messenger By Ariadne… Sigue leyendo The plans solidify, the cycle is fullfilled, the wait ends

Never stop brightening your dreams

The world will take time to understand that no matter the colour of your skin, your blood and viscera will always be those of a human being, with similar feelings and values; They will also entertain themselves by creating separations and welcoming into their groups those who are similar to them, repelling the others, making them disappear.

Let´s play with what we have on the table

Achieving what only magic can is a work of fine spinning that takes time and perseverance, they have achieved it, but unknown forces until now could change everything forever, it will depend on them and at the same time they will be faced with the hazards of destiny.

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