The maiden’s broken flute

The power of the mind can help sometimes, sometimes it is not possible to enter the thoughts of others with the ease that you want and it is history that accounts for it.

“The hunter is not afraid unless the prey catches him first; when you are not the prey but the sacrifice, it is your will that decides, but not always ”

The Messenger

The goddess Coyolxauhqui has a millenary history that was embedded in the soul of the inhabitants, which was mixed with the idea of ​​the Virgin who became pregnant by the grace of a God who was not yet known in this territory, but who served the evangelizers in a timely manner.

Sweeping the Temple in which Erandi was now meditating, was how she keeps a feather between her clothes and it impregnates her with the strong and audacious warrior Hutizilopochtli, who is born as an adult tearing his mother’s womb with his dagger.

Deep within the thoughts of the priestess there was another story, one that her conscience dictated:

“It is not death that unites them, she is not reborn, she simply changes as she walks through the immense star stage”

The noise of the feather headdress of Tlatoani, sways with the wind as he listens carefully to the words of his ritual companion and exclaims:

  • Your thoughts in other people’s ears can set you a certain and deadly trap, it is not worth putting words of reason in the deaf ears of who have created a structure for the domination and preservation of what has already been established.

Erandi looked at him serenely and with his hand he caressed the face of the man who tried by all means to protect her:

  • I understand that breaking beliefs that have a reason for others does not have good results, nor in my position is it possible, without it I could not do the opposite. Have you imagined that many of the skywatchers must think in the same way and prefer to be silent? From the star – smoking, until Tonatiuh; If we did not have full knowledge of all these data, neither Tonalpohualli nor Xiuhpohualli would give way to the festivities of the lord of the south; the ceremony of the new fire arrives on time when both calendars coincide.
  • This is right, beloved Erandi;  the lord of the north has to wait for his Toxcatl, but the maidens have to break their flutes before the coincidence of which you have spoken and we cannot change it. 

It is important to point out that even now all those who are part of an idea that differentiates them from others, who does not join the herd, who tries to look at reality from another perspective, must be pointed out if they openly declare themselves alien to what the group thinks.

They can be openly discriminated against for their mistakes, their lack of knowledge of the other, for not meeting certain circumstances,they can be relegated because the group decides that itsn´t  possible and healthy for them, of course it happens.

To Hutizilopochtli, among the Aztecs, the South corresponded to him and the North to the powerful lord of the shadows, the being to whom the dean Ana Pérez Riv paid tribute and recognized the powers of the occult, Tezcatlipoca, of course.

They say that Hernán Cortez uses an eclipse to subdue the inhabitants, thinking that they did not know it but it is important to clarify that they had a valuable job of predicting eclipses to those who feared because of the power they attributed to him from the deep mysteries that they could not be subdued by anyone and that is the reason why they offered sacrifices to Tezcatlipoca in a special ceremony called Toxcatl.

They had knowledge of the revolution of Venus and the calendars mentioned above Tonalpohualli, had 260 days and was exclusive for everything related to divinations; and Xiuhpohualli with 365, by means of which the cycle of crops and agricultural times were regulated and when both coincided the date that added 52 years was given and the ceremony of the New Fire was necessary, otherwise the return and continuity could succumb of stellar positions and appearances, where Mars and the Moon played an essential role in the same way.

Erandi, did not conceive that the relationship of the movements of the stars could be stopped by the blood of humans in sacrifice, the universe above was indifferent, their paths were there to explain constants, but she could not say it and when she did not achieve it she would have to use of other means so that this was known before others who only guessed, mixed their own ideas to the fact.

The power of the mind can help sometimes, sometimes it is not possible to enter the thoughts of others with the ease that you want and it is history that accounts for it.

Photo: Huitzilopochtli the brave warrior from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis

The Sun Stone of the Aztec calendar that has in the center the leader of the sky Tonatiuh (source Wikipedia)

The Smokey-Star means Comet

His name gave meaning to everything

Sometimes you can get far enough away from known space, you can believe that this will change your mood and your outlook, you could be wrong.

“The past is so different from the future since it houses what you cannot recognize when you position yourself in it”   

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

We Still do not know the name of the Ometeotl priestess, it is necessary to highlight who is owed and who she trusts to achieve objectives that are not common to all, within her diligent observations of the sky, she realizes that both the moon and the Sun when embracing in some way define a common form between them, Huitzilopochtli is a war strategist and before her, he adapts to their forms, he blends in with their desires and in this sense, they evoke the great beginnings together.

She does not exist without him for those who observe her, under this premise her strength is in the constant dialogues that they execute before the eyes of the beings that inhabit the known world and the one that has not been discovered.

Life flowed differently for her, her contemporaries nevertheless loved power and under those terms, they were going to engage in blood battles; They tried by all means to preserve certain intact knowledge, they engraved it in the stone of the temples; For Ometeotl, however, everything is in constant motion, for this reason, she argued:

“The processes that preserve life are and will be factors of change, without movement there is no life and no knowledge”

In those deliberations that entertained her dawns, arrived the Tlatoani of the Temple of the Moon and said:

– Erandi, observed that you meditate with the full awareness that there are battles that are coming.

She looked at him with bewilderment and pointed out:

  • I do not like that people are attacked for possessions and power, you know that.
  • We can do nothing, no magic dominates that warrior’s strength, his blood lust takes hold of an ever-growing group, the promises of wealth to those who achieve the victory of our race is a fact.
  • I have seen fire, eliminating the trail from the path of others, I have seen the might of our devastating everything that prevents the consolidation of the Tenochca Empire. I have to tell you a secret: 

“All the spilled blood will not go unpunished, there is a force whose advance will be fatal and I still cannot understand it, my rod was broken, precisely when I felt a power from the place where the sun appears, the spike that feeds the town was broken, there will be destruction, Huey Tlatoani believed himself invincible, his lineage will not achieve what was agreed in the land itself, something has to change forever. ”

That said, both visionaries looked at each other with sad eyes. In another part of the vast continent, the man from the south sleeps without wanting to wake up, his dream is pleasant, he observes the passage of a figure that he does not recognize and relates to an angel walking floats above the waters and all land surfaces, his feet fly, he does not touch the ground, he is extraordinarily light and his fantasy is pleasant until the flies bite his face and the ants bite his legs and he wakes up angry and in pain.

He realizes that there is a path that others travel and whose purposes are not the same as those he has in mind, he wonders what path someone would travel in flight and without stopping, where his route will take him and if it is just a message that he must decipher.

Painani will not know about him, that’s what we know, but somehow she will leave traces in his memory that could be useful or create a crisis for him; They do not speak the same language, they do not know the same rituals, the only thing that unites them is their need to get to where they are not recognized.

Sometimes you can get far enough away from known space, you can believe that this will change your mood and your outlook, you could be wrong.

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on

Author’s note Erandi means sunrise in the Nahuatl language

The path that you only intuit, does not belong to anyone and can belong to everyone

If you have the complete information you can give it the use you want, if you have the power behind a magician, you can be powerful and achieve what you want but not forever. If your magic does not govern your ambition, you will be able to reach a deep knowledge of the truth that not everyone will understand.

“If your sensory range is limited, you have infinite options to make mistakes”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The priestess of the Ometeotl temple, meditated in her enclosure analyzing her small magic gadgets and special powers:

<The Moon is defeated on its way by the Sun, on few occasions during the trip it manages to convince him, to negotiate for her life and her dreams; We never know the strength and scope of that deal.>

What she felt had not only been seen and caused panic in a wide territory that formed the crown of the Earth, what we know as the North Pole, for her it was imperceptible, difficult without a doubt it was imagining the true form of the vastness that inhabited together with other living beings. She affirmed with total security:

<Observing is not enough, feeling either, only with magic I make the thoughts make sense; energies change, some messages are repeated over time, they are phrases that I have heard and understood on the lips of others and that is a constant. Voices cross from one space to another.>

While she deliberates and enters the moments where her loneliness is the tool for analysis, in another part of the world the sea becomes an overwhelming force that wrenches calm in its wake from the once bucolic landscape: 

The man from the south contemplates the coast, great clouds are hovering over his head, he perceives that his hair has grown enough to cover it and hit him on the back, the large fish jump announcing something that he does not understand, they are dolphins or perhaps whales, he cannot know it in the distance …

Painani also observes the great hump of the great cetaceans that jump from where she is and carefully says:

<It always happens that when they leave the water they connect with the immensity of a world that they touch only a few seconds and that is enough for the magic to do its part>

None of them is aware of what happens in the places of the northern ice and the deep unease of a thousand It is for the settlers the omen of something fearsome for them is coming, but more than one Monarch will know how to use it to concentrate troops and make others bow to their interests.

If you have the complete information you can give it the use you want, if you have the power behind a magician, you can be powerful and achieve what you want but not forever. If your magic does not govern your ambition, you will be able to reach a deep knowledge of the truth that not everyone will understand.

Photo Annular eclipse Jun, 10, 2021

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The secret agreement between the Moon and the Sun in the new lands of the north

The world expects us to be what is needed of us, only just rebellion will make us what we are and preserve our independence.

“You will have messages from the future but not the one you read in the segments of a fruit, that which is really what will come”

The Messenger

The priestess looked with care, her tools to discover what her body sensed, they were messages different from what she had received before, it was time to understand that sometimes there are stellar agreements that we do not know, that we can only feel and surprise ourselves and that mark the beginning of something completely new.

With agile manoeuvring, she threw her sticks for guess what they were saying, there was again the friendly feeling of Ometeotl, she understood the mystery of a commitment of those that are difficult to break because they do not come from the one who looks at you in the face, but from that, you still do not know and that may set the tone for your steps and your goals. 

She knew that her questions would be capable of total changes, those that her eyes would not see in the future that is projected in that being for the simple fact that you are the one who allows him to walk on your path and rule with the truth what he touches.

Away from all that concentration and ideals, with her heart in suspense, Painani continues on her way, her feet aching and her soul broken by the fear of what she has recently experienced, the sands gave way to the rocks that she had to avoid with careful steps, bandaging her feet. with the skin of the fish that served as food.

She observed the horizon that she left behind, the north that was not the same as her tutor was observing, but in the end, a place that was the navel that saw her birth and that she would never see again, she sighed with the fear of not understanding that her she was waiting and at the same time encouraged by the new dawns she sensed.

Nothing we know helps us understand what we do not know, but some beings cross the jungle with a different spirit and one of them was the man from the south:

He manages to create a favourable vision of his successes, none of them will give him certainty, his value judgments are no longer tied to those of a group, he travels alone with his resources and his decisions will speak for him, no one else will.

The condor observes the passage of the man from the south

The sky showed its implacable fury and was able to penetrate the fortress that a waterfall offered him, joyfully he received the most fascinating bath of the way and he meditated to himself:

For the man from the south to think how the group was almost always a burden, now in their moments of loneliness in that immense place, everything was different, to compete being the strongest, the best, the one who was right and the one who adhered to the decisions of the group, it was no longer necessary.

But this would not be forever, his times and schedules would be fragmented by what awaited him, his destination was not the hermitage, but a vast valley populated by others where his life would have meaning, but he still did not know it.

Compositions by the author with PicArt’s free filter
Reference of the fruit segments that is nothing other than the meridians of the earth.
Photograph “The condor observes the man from the south” by the author

No character dies adrift

In life some allies come our way and show us with their perseverance that life is a fascinating journey, we are never alone if we know how to recognize them and be part of them.

“Every forgetfulness returns, all moments are history”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Taking charge of what we have built, we comment on it and we do that; otherwise, we lose the common thread of the scene that we have to live. the man from the South with all the determination launched an unexpected message of those that are only conceived when the journey needs them when there is no other way to attend to the listener.

Then he looked around and realized that the ounce was only looking at him in the distance, his territory reached that place, there was no time to change the plan, her moment was no longer that, the man observed her with those quiet nostalgia that as the days went by, he had ceased to be afraid of becoming his prey and to understand that she only took care of the passage in her territory and her space.

The man raised his arms to the sky, grateful to have managed to reach the limit of the world he knew and at the same time understand that his passage through the new path would be plagued with new predators and possibly some friends.

He felt how the shadow of a huge condor covered his body and encouraged him to continue, nothing could come between the open space of the sky and its imposing landscapes, so determined and with a firm step, he continued towards the unknown and made his way with that energy that gives him hope.

In another part of the vast continent whose name would bury stories and build others, Painani observes the piece of flint that will help her build a hunting spear and a means of sustenance; Now she knows that she is not alone, she decided one path and left the other, the bifurcation disappears as the days go by, with the career that she has been slow and constant, not abandoning is the best advice her tutor could give her and she knows it.

How many others would do the same in the course of their time, build instruments to use them and achieve their purposes? Nobody knows but what she now recognizes is that what is thought and shared creates an echo in the distance and leaves a path to follow or simply abandon.

She kept her obsidian weapon and moved away from the place where others could smell her, feel her, stalk her, covered her face with mud and her invisibility made her stronger, it is impossible to defeat a warrior disguised, her camouflage is a talent learned in that place. where it became what it now is.

The sea appeared before her eyes and she remembered the words of those who helped her at the beginning of her journey, beautiful, greenish-blue like the look of love that waits with patience and tenderness and she felt its rhythmic sway and understood that the adventure was about to change her mind. life forever, with vigour and without being entertained, she followed the path of golden sands, understanding the song of the conches and their secrets.

The intelligence of the priestess in the temple of Ometeotl had warned her of the singing of sirens, and at the same time of the immense value that a conch has to transmit messages and be part of them. Painani drew in her mind the face of that beloved teacher who set her on a path that she had possibly only travelled with the power of imagination, that intuition that had given her the absolute magic to move in the distance and perhaps in time.

The immense sea showed the solar semicircle when it vanished, losing itself in the depths of its depths; but he never stopped touching her skin, erasing her tracks as a sign of complicity, sheltering her person so as not to be persecuted by anyone who wanted to harm her.

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Reflections to conclude the short story

It only remains to reinvent ourselves and decide what follows in our own existence, to understand that reaching the other shore without burdens, without beasts that attack the soul is not a matter of now but part of a constant in the history of humanity

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“There are issues that we cannot transfer to reason, because the heart refuses”

The Messenger

We are not aware that this happened, the only one who learned from this was the one who transcended history that it was and she is undoubtedly Ana Perez Riv; She, based on intuition, followed someone’s trail, was able to look through the mirror, recognize that it was not her who was in the reflection and advanced through the threshold that was now open. Not everyone can pass, it is necessary to have something that not everyone has.

Within the fantastic genealogy, we recognize that everything returns with a different and magical form at times; That is why she carefully preserves the smoking mirror of Tezcatlipoca in her enclosure.

Now, Ometeotl, it is for the sensor, and sensitive network that gives way to the voice of the eternal and we once again find ourselves with the value of that impressive aspect that is a great instrument that we all have and that Raudek Vilob along with Ingerin Barderian recognized thanks to the Driedens, I mean the brain.

Who inhabits the construction of dual memory in the ancestral life of the roots that Ana Pérez Riv will never forget?

Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, also known as Ometeotl, place the human soul in a skull, give it life by forming it of both thoughts, the masculine and the feminine in the same being that is nothing other than the recognition of the integral human, as we see it, in the illustration:

Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, also known as Ometeotl, the duality

What about the other environments that we hardly touch?

Trade, migrations and the mixtures between different cultures brought prisoners in a boat with the promise of freedom to the shores of what the Spanish called “La Villa Rica” Veracruz. The Eastside of a sea that did not help her see What would happen possibly years later, in that way the priestess of the temple of the Moon and possessor of the gifts of Ometeotl, divined and sensed that there was hope in some and desires of possession in others.

He who travelled his journey from the South to the North, would not meet Painani, but she would transmit to him on his journey a millenary knowledge that his mind would not possibly understand when he became clouded with the beliefs that would reach him to make him part of the indoctrinated.

It only remains to reinvent ourselves and decide what follows in our own existence, to understand that reaching the other shore without burdens, without beasts that attack the soul is not a matter of now but part of a constant in the history of humanity. Taking charge of what we have built sometimes limits progress and the freedom to be different.

Author’s note: It is important to recognize that not only does the Aztec culture refer to the consideration of duality as an integral part of being, this is the example of The Messenger: Hermes had all kinds of romances. The most important of his descendants was the god Pan, born from his relationship with a nymph. From his affair with Aphrodite the beautiful Hermaphrodite was born, who later also acquired feminine features due to a nymph.

Undoubtedly the representation of the winged god of communication is not exclusive to one gender and is dual back and forth, interconnects and widens the sense of reality that we are.

The Moon is approaching Mars, Painani does not know it, she only observes

Brother or not of the Sun for her, Mars was not recognized as such, it was a dense and reddish glow that threatened the radiance of the radiant Moon, which for her would be and will be Coyolxahqui.

“Evil is not a matter of blood, nor race”

The messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

There came a moment of pressure for many nearby towns, Painani could stop at nothing, she recalled deep sadness, she knew that she had many weak points and that she could not face with the required agility some journeys, however, she could not be inclined to any other task than her own; the destination and the journey would put her to the test on various and different occasions, even without her anticipating it.

He looked at his reflection in the lake that served to refresh his aching feet, it was not the vision of the person he remembered; she realized that it was the day of the human offering and that the obsidian dagger would not pierce her chest, but that of a race sister.

The beating heart would be the catalyst for the forces where the Tlatoani of the Huitzilopochtli temple would render an account with the blood of a woman chosen to continue the times of peace in the surroundings where the Aztec empire sowed fear with its might.

The night came splendid and Painani looked up at the starry sky that next to the dazzling Coyolxauhqui, was a star that frightened her by its fierce tones lit in red and said to herself:

Conjunction of the Moon and Mars, that Painani doesn´t know

<Possibly you have drunk all the blood of the offering and now you are ready to attack with your dagger to end the beauty and freshness of the woman of every night. You will shorten her brightness, but certainly, she has to be reborn, as she always has.>  

Some memories leave our souls wounded and for Painani, her freedom meant the death of other women, therefore her commitment and her risk were worth it to be faced with courage, despite the fear and pain that she carried inside.

Brother or not of the Sun for her, Mars was not recognized as such, it was a dense and reddish glow that threatened the radiance of the radiant Moon, which for her would be and will be Coyolxahqui.

Photo of the Conjunction of the Moon and Mars

The first section of the journey

History in a space, where time celebrates its Gods, where life is strengthened by the fate of the most favoured and gifted. The memory is enough to understand how we have progressed and in what way we remain the same.

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“In her mind, the memory would be like a dagger in the soul”

The messenger

She had saved her from certain death, while she gave her a difficult task, nothing was certain, absolutely nothing; she sensed Ocelotl’s stalking gaze behind her, but the feline did not approach her, cautiously following her from a distance.


She recalled what she was told in the previous interview when she was chosen to give herself to the woman who saw Ometeotl as the ruler of the whole:

<If perhaps your intuition resides in the material, you must accept the transfer of souls, in this way you will realize that nothing is eternal and only in that way you leave the task to others. But if you are willing to accept everything that comes your way and follow the path of Painani, the goal and the glory must be yours>

However, she did not see the glory, she felt hunger and fatigue, thirst and fear of being stalked by beasts that did not have the watchdog talent of Ocelotl, of men with rapacious lust who wanted to take possession of her.

But she was trained to run with the agility of date, of a bird that gets lost in the paths of the fields and skilfully surrounds lakes and valleys, her life depended largely on speed to meet the daily challenge and up to date. next, same.

Now it was enough to be prudent and follow Citlali who shines on high and has to hide when Huitzilopochtli reigns the firmament again, he will soon tear again the white subtlety of Coyolxauhqui, in a few days she will look shattered at the top, she will take time to recover, but she always succeeds and returns to her reigning position and with that winning shine.

 She looked up in the sky and exclaimed:

Lady of the night skies gives me your energy and strength I surrender and trust in you, give me strength to face the God whose fire will temper my spirit and bend my strength, I must be reborn just like you with all the strength to fulfil my destiny.

A long journey awaited the woman with the winged feet, she was not broken, she was still grateful that she was not the maiden that in a few days they will deliver to the temple of sacrifices, where the Sun God will claim her blood.

Author’s note, reference to the link: It was the first divine manifestation that gave rise to everything. In the native Mexican language, the word “God” does not exist as such. But in their language, the word “Ometeotl” encompasses the creator of everything, the beginning, the only one. As in everything we see there are these positive and negative particles, likewise in everything we have contact with and within us.