The Magic Link of Genetic Memory

Many of the ascended ones recognized themselves in the diversity of their beliefs, where it was definitive to think that he who does not believe, does not stop being a believer of what he puts all the intensity of his passions and creativity.

Taking the first step and not stopping

The centre of the galaxy is the constant reminder of our limited existence, when the centre calls us, everything will be different, nothing will make us recognizable and like stardust, we will be the light that will join the universe from another place, with another task for undertaking and new goals to value.

The Burst of a Galaxie

However, it never hurts to look for new reasons and alternatives to understand the meaning of the whole, however difficult it may be, we may never be able to agree, perhaps when we see the brightness of a star its light will prove us right.

The Meeting and the look to the future

A quiet, constant, silent work; iron confidence and fireproof, thought crossing the dense waters of ancestral beliefs and in the end prevailing over everything that could be verifiable and that was not governed by the imposition of ideas, a path to reason and understanding was distant, however, that is the goal ” The MessengerBy Ariadne… Sigue leyendo The Meeting and the look to the future

Never stop brightening your dreams

The world will take time to understand that no matter the colour of your skin, your blood and viscera will always be those of a human being, with similar feelings and values; They will also entertain themselves by creating separations and welcoming into their groups those who are similar to them, repelling the others, making them disappear.

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