The power of interpretation

Life gives us talents to understand the way, it depends on the path your understanding capacity has been shaped, each issue will be shaped by amazing creations to enlighten you or lose you.

“The most lucid vision of the future will reach you and you will understand what each mystery is about, placed before your eyes”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Hora meditated with his beloved about the allegory of the symbols that brought certain legends and myths closer to the people he had met through his travelled ensuring that his interpretations did not broaden the panorama of everyone, only of those who had grown up in a certain region or culture and their perspective placed them in a way of seeing things.

Suddenly he got up as was his custom and with a jump, he turned to look at Painani when he exclaimed:

-Imagine that we could extend the prism, expand the vision of the others, not everyone has chosen the reason to interpret their symbols, they usually do it with magical thinking or inclined to their beliefs and devotion to their deities.

He meditated a few moments and thoughtfully pointed out:

-There is a way of seeing that is logical, it is analytical, there are events that we can foresee and that not even praying to a deity can be modified even when the prayer is a pleasant subterfuge for the soul, that is undoubted; Of course, prayers and beliefs try to be a balm to change reality, but this is forceful, what it is, it is presented as it is. Everything we can intuit allows us to make profiles …

Taking a stick from the ground, he began to draw at random, it was nothing concrete, they were simple figures on the ground. 

Then he continues with his reflections:

But most of them are based on a method that he learned over time and which is called life cycles.

Painani was thinking about everything he said and asked: –

Do you think that what is a cycle for us is not for those who live in distant lands?

-Maybe there are differences, my beloved, but we don’t know, we can look for a more specific answer. Did you tell me that Dayami discovered some animals that the Castizos call horses on the other side of the wide sea, right?

Painani nodded and followed attentively to Hora’s comments, who enthusiastically pointed out:

-Imagine that both your trip and mine had been in one of those powerful animals, the cycles of time, our journey would have been different and our perception of the Time would also have been transformed, we would not have observed in the same way the life that surrounded us on the way, we would not have mixed with others in the way we did.

We would not have had the time to assimilate anything and our idea of ​​life would not have been mixed with that of others, it would have been difficult to change our perspective and our symbols would be the same, in another space, then …

Painani was terrified when hearing that and understood what Dayami had discovered, that those men on horseback did not come with the intention of understanding, but of imposing due to the lack of time to assimilate the life cycle of the others.

Then she firmly affirmed:

-Loved Hora, I understand what you are saying, reality has to be presented as it is for them …

Those loose lines drawn with a stick on the ground suddenly transformed into something different that they both observed with astonishment:

Hora raised arms and alerted Painani:

-We are before a clear vision of that reality that awaits us in a short time.

Painani threw herself into Hora’s arms when she warned:

It is precisely at that moment when the cycle will be equally covered for you, is it not?

The man, kiss her warmly the moment he smiled and happily whispered in her ear:

-Don’t live in fear,  you have been trained for the light, she is wise to understand that the cycles must complete stages, relax that what is rushing your life now, will take a back seat later, the light trains us for that, unless the weight of the present was more important to a human being, his step into the light will become painful. It’s not our case, now you understand, right?

Painani observed him with the gaze of someone who was illuminated by the wisdom of a being who knew perfectly what he was saying and they observed that figure where they recognized the power of the beast and reason, the illuminated duality of the human transforming the universe with a thrown arrow in the air.

Life gives us talents to understand the way, it depends on the path your understanding capacity has been shaped, each issue will be shaped by amazing creations to enlighten you or lose you.

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The contemplative stage is about to end

It is enough to know that the will and the surrender are part of a group where each situation that is faced will seek to balance and vibrate in unison, simply learn to observe and believe that it is true.

“What do you want and what is the plan, how will you renew creativity? It is time to see what you have in front of you and what the path outlined offers you, time to take the reins and leave behind what does not work, that which stopped working for the group, trusting in abundance is important ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Erandi remained on the esplanade of the deity of the Moon for several hours since dawn, she maintained a contemplative attitude and at the same time receptive to the forces and energies of nature and the stars that accompanied her from on high.

She focused on the energies of the men who approached her with enthusiasm and hope and was inspired by summoning the strength of the earth and trees to give them confidence in their journey.

Both they and their group need help to understand each other and they recognized the willingness of the delegation to collaborate in this integration. Some details would be easy to share and others that would remain in the evolution of each of the Lords of Light; Erandi called upon the spirits that surrounded her to gain power, giving a subtle force through an elaborate dance by her in search of balance and waiting for all thoughts to connect to do her work.

Of course, this reached her disciples, joining this call where each one of them heard within themselves: “Trust in abundance”:

Dayami, valued the connection achieved, Meztli, recognized that it was the only way to integrate what she was waiting, Painani discovered that beyond the distance that separated her from her land, a bond had been established that the blasts of the Lightning strengthened in the abundance of symbols to be rescued; Iztli appreciated the permanent contact of the priestess and observed the shine of his crosier with the sign of recognition to his honest answer delivered to the newcomers; Itzmin would discover in the course of that meditation of forces that he would be endowed with a new breath coming from Hora, Painani’s partner; then its name would be more than a simple representation of the electrifying force of the Lightning, a quality given to shape and change the forces of the environment.

In this way, a warrior with the command crosier would become a strengthened spear projected into the sky, but this has not happened yet, it is necessary to remain calm. The only thing we know was that Erandi was able to speak directly with Hora that morning when she exclaimed:

“Hora, the time has come to unify forces and abandon privilege, your gifts will be shared with those who are manifested in your same path, today I dance to give you the strength and the joy of being part of us ” 

Hora woke up with a warm sweat on his body and cheered up her beloved Painani when he told her:

“ She has recognized the unity we are with the universe and who I am. it will be shared in those whose talent can understand it and those who do not conceive of possessing it will be trained; Erandi dances this morning a fascinating and exotic dance that has called me; Come join me because the answer is in the body of each one of us.”

Without waiting for Painani to wake up completely, he lifted her in his arms and carried her under the starry sky to ignite the spark of the dance that would connect with Erandi’s energy and in that frenzy the world was surrounded by a special force. 

Alnitak smiled into the distance and recognized that this would no longer stop from anything, or anyone else.

It is enough to know that the will and the surrender are part of a group where each situation that is faced will seek to balance and vibrate in unison, simply learn to observe and believe that it is true.

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In your memories, there will always be the bent rod

It is possible that the society they address is not what they expect and many of the rituals and experiences will dislocate and terrify them, but the group that gives them strength is the one they have joined even before arriving, remember that was all due to a bent rod.

“You will want to discover secrets that go beyond the limit of loyalty, then you will understand where you are standing, and what you should expect”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Javier, as we well know, was the most concerned in matters of love and he wanted to find out once they had some confidence with the Mexica who made up the procession if they knew what like the young women who had been part of the offering and how they were.

Precisely one of the men from the Tlaxcala neighbourhood, which in Nahuatl means “Place of cornbread,” answered him. His name was Itzim whose meaning in Nahuatl is “Thunder”, the young man seriously pointed out, trying to explain himself with mimicry, some words in Spanish and others in Nahuatl:

-Erandi, the priestess of the deity Ometeotl, which for us is the union of the man and woman, as she has taught us, intelligence, wisdom and fullness emerge from them; Erandi is aware of the customs of distant villages, as you know she recently visited the Lady of Fire who lives in the heights of very distant lands.

Well, we are not given much information, we are part of the group of messengers, what has become clear to us is that she understands that every seed needs a territory to flourish, that is why she organized the offering.

Something very important that you should know is that Mrs Erandi made a show of ingenuity because all of you are the first to visit us from such a distant place and under the mystical safe-conduct of the river deity, the maiden Dayami.

Itztli, whose name means obsidian, was the only one of us who was on the threshold of the enclosure where the young women were on the day we were summoned to undertake the journey to the Cacahuamilpa caves, then, out of the corner of his eye, he observed his companion with a penetrating gaze, to whom he gave the floor:

-I am holding the messengers’ command crosier, that is why I was summoned by the priestess at dawn that day, I cannot break the rules of the Ometeotl deity and I cannot offend the privacy of anything that will form a bond as strong as a boulderstone and it is not up to me that this happens is a matter of the feelings of those who lived it.

Javier, somewhat disgruntled, accepted that the loyalty between two people is unique and, bowing his head, decided to take the comments of the Nahua men willingly.

Diego added with emotion, we have already lived those relationships where you know that what sustains them is not a private matter and we have understood that in them there is something more than a union, there is a declared matter of interests that in the end have nothing to do with love.

There was a deep silence and everyone looked at each other with certain complicity as they understood that where magic elaborates its work, the will and understanding are different, each word said was understood in the same way as you accompany the person you understand in a  dance. you don’t need too much, just follow him at each step to create a beat.

Finally, Zila pointed out: 

Erandi’s bent Rod at Zila’s call

-There is a will to create an atmosphere of understanding and if the ladies, like our new friends, have been educated in the same school, the magic will be working in our favour, do not fear Javier that the universe has connived something great, again we meet the Thunder in the figure of a friend, Itzim has especially enlightened us tonight and has given us renewed hope, also with the word of  Iztli,  thank you very much. 

It is possible that the society they address is not what they expect and many of the rituals and experiences will dislocate and terrify them, but the group that gives them strength is the one they have joined even before arriving, remember that was all due to a bent rod.

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The Pact with The Lightning

If you know the origin of your traditions, in them you will find strength and power to create new talents and preserve them over time, modify their meanings to turn them into something powerful and forget about dogmas.

“Before you, new paths will open, feed your intentions, manifest everything you want to make reality; walking the path of wisdom is not easy, it is full of obstacles, learn to expect what you have wished for, work for it “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That morning Hora got up very early and went to wake up Painani who had not agreed to accompany him in the hammock that he loved so much, he addressed her with sweet and happy words:

-My beloved, it is time for your sadness to disappear, today I will summon the Lightning to make a pact together, he must know clearly that you have decided to Take Control therefore when power is shared, you must know that you will be with a huge responsibility in your life journey.

We have to know if Lightning offers you the benefit of leadership, at that moment you will become a protector that with humility you will have to achieve important advances in the tasks that you have proposed.

He took her by the hand and led her to the clearing in the forest and raising his arms he exclaimed the presence of the Lightning with these words:

“Lord who enlightens everything, for whom nothing is hidden, let your presence appear before us, I must bring Painani, the woman I have chosen to continue the space of life that corresponds to me on this earth and she has decided to stop being an observer, she wants to participate, take control of the decisions we have, for this she will be surrounded by the power to share and need know if you offer part of the leadership summon through magic”

The sky was obscured by storm clouds that hovered in the landscape, the beam does not hit the ground spread throughout the horizon and there was total silence, suddenly before the astonished look of Painani, Lightning with precision defoliated the rod of a leafy tree and then surrounding it in a spiral and cutting it with precision, he threw it with force towards her who immobile did not know if it would be pierced by that spear that shone like fire.

Painani closed her eyes in fear but did not move, she was holding the hand of her beloved Hora and stood at the foot of the storm that was roaring up in the heights but that did not produce rain, only impressive bursts of lights that were part of the body of the Lightning.

When that kind of arrow came close to her, the tones of fire were transformed back into wood, and rolling on the air they were able to observe that it had countless colourful and mystical engravings, being close to Painani it stuck in the ground near her feet, in the same way, that he had done when he planted himself with force before her to not allow her from entering the lagoon where her beloved Hora was defending himself from the serpent, but this time he placed before her a crosier of power and in this way offered her leadership that she had requested.

Hora exclaimed raising the arm that was joined to that of his beloved on high when he said:

“Let the engravings of this crosier of power be the inheritance for those who in the future possess the strength and talent to Take Power and respond to the call of the Lightning.”


They have to remember in the third book of the series the moment when Ana Pérez Riv visits the classroom of Zila’s students, who receive her with amazement and in her hands, she carries a strange crosier with various mystical engravings, for now, they know the origin of the Crosier of the Lineage of the Enlightened.

If you know the origin of your traditions, in them you will find strength and power to create new talents and preserve them over time, modify their meanings to turn them into something powerful and forget about dogmas.

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Original photograph of the author: “The fire bolt turned into a command crosier”


Never feel that your hands have been tied, even in the thickest darkness, you will always find a way to see the light and use it to your advantage.

“Letting out what we are is sometimes very difficult, we become strong when we are weaker; What logic guides what we are and feel? “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Painani’s rebellion grew with the passing of the days, she did not understand that attitude of unconditionality that Hora maintained in the face of the Lightning’s designs and therefore her anger grew more and more at every moment.

Especially since she had fought against the established with the patriarchs of her homeland, who even sacrificed human lives to please the deities.

Few things ignite our hearts and Hora was one of her great passions, despite recognizing that life is made by different paths, she had linked hers to that of that person.

Outside forces now imposed their rules and she was ready to go into battle. For Painani, what she firmly believes in, even with closed eyes, she had to defend herself, so she set out to try to understand that dark and dense space that made her weak and for which she felt powerless.

-Hora, why are you unconditional of the Lightning?

The man who loved her looked at her attentively, he knew that she would not accept evasions:

-Honoring promises is a virtue, in our position, not everyone behaves with nobility, fear paralyzes. There are times when you will realize that only your intuition will understand what this is all about.

I am not talking about a scammer who snoops to take advantage of me, it is a supernatural force that I asked for advice and the lighting, with its force, will do everything to comply with the rules of our agreement, just like me…

Painani was still obfuscated and she snapped:

The Lightning

“If those rules stopped serving you, what would you do?”

Hora looked at her thoughtfully and added:

-The skills I possess are his gift, being able to talk to you and make myself understood without being Nahua, recognize the voices of the wind, perceive your presence in the distance, look under the veil of simple reality, all of this is part of the gifts that the lighting of the thunder has given me.

Hora lowered his head and crossed his hands as he pointed out:

-You make me doubt and meditate, if perhaps a normal life without so many flights would have made me happy, perhaps I would not have known you, understanding your words would not have been so simple; possibly the water snake would have devoured me and the world that lives above us would have been left without that image to transform something unique according to its traditions and cultures.

Not everyone has the fortune to see what we have seen, what we have both shared,  somehow my friendship with the Lighting is not something you should be jealous of. I do not know what else to tell you.

Painani with those sincere words of Hora realized that she was comparing her inseparable friend the Lighting with how the Tlatoanis saw the deities and he felt that he had been wrong.

Between the Lightning and Hora, there was a creative agreement, it was not a submissive position of accountability and collection of human lives in exchange for preserving an immeasurable power where the priest of the temple would be willing to do anything to obey his master, the deity.

Then she looked at him steadily and affirmed:

-Now I recognize the difference between the forces that accompany you and those that I have suffered in the past, therefore I only see one way: Take control.

Hora embraced her with a smile at the moment he exclaimed:

“Is that your request for the Lightning?”

Painani with great seriousness asserted:

I have no idea how, but my duty is with the light, I owe myself to it and the truth dwells in it. You already told me that it is a brutal force, difficult to tame but it can be a tool in the skilled hands of magic.

Never feel that your hands have been tied, even in the thickest darkness, you will always find a way to see the light and use it to your advantage.

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Discover the light

No matter what comes, the construction of your path is a place where your dreams will always be and in the force of its projection, you will achieve the unity of others with your ideas, however difficult it may be.

“No one wants to remain in total anonymity, you will realize that being who you are for the group where you have grown up, cried and sometimes struggled more than a responsibility is a way of bringing yourself before the light, your actions are the reflection of your Thoughts “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

While Painani was still meditating what would be the best request she would make of the Lightning through her beloved, indecisive, she did not opt ​​for one in particular and was the most personal one such as:” That I can listen to you in silence when I need it ”, even a more forceful one:“ Let the Lightning make the peoples resistant to the attack of the conquerors”; in this way, between desiring and duty, it was debated in irresolution.

Logically much is expected of the future and of work done with patience, dedicating time to someone rewards us with wealth in learning and assets; every moment in the lives of all humans has led them to overcome obstacles that have sometimes been unfathomable.

In dreams there is solidarity, the pain of loneliness and the limitations of various kinds, something is certain, no one in life is frustrated, all of the beings know that have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and that is what all this is about.

Now let us return to the caves of Cacahuamilpa were one of the men most reluctant to change and accustomed in the past to material goods, anxiously wondered how he knew the power that would accompany him, so he approached Evaristo in search of answers:

– Brother, something is bothering me. I recognize my gift as a builder, but I don’t know what I am going to build, how will I know the voices of my materials?

Evaristo stayed for a moment looking at him strangely, Patricio’s gaze was one of insistence:

-Patricio, how did those trees that a lightning strike threw across the land in our distant home on the other side of the wide sea speak to you?

There are countless ways to create connections to receive messages, do you agree?

Listening closely to the talk was Diego, who approached them and exclaimed:

-Brothers, every magician is an observer, a seeker of the spark that lights the fire in the middle of the darkness. we are discoverers of light where it is difficult to find it, make it shine and grow.

Patricio looked at them in amazement and a bit embarrassed for asking these kinds of questions, simply with a nervous laugh he replied:

-I’m a fool, I was the first of all to talk to the materials …

Zila approached the group and hugged Patricio affectionately:

-Brother, we are facing something that makes us see the world differently, if we had been immersed in our survival routines we would not have known it.

What I would like to know the most is if this awakening will help others in the same way; dreams and the road, all our intentions, sometimes I feel that we are living in a different time than everyone else.

Timoteo seriously raised his hand to declare:

-You have said it, if we were immersed in every day we would be people of this time, we could not see in advance and in good part that is what we do.

Evaristo stared at the group with a thoughtful attitude, while Timoteo added:

-It would be very difficult for us to see beyond ourselves; they live now day by day they have done it.

Javier warned:

-Maybe behind us others did it and have formed us, their intention is ours, it is as if we had launched a bolt that long ago was also fired to illuminate the future.

Over time, the arrow was transformed. It is not necessary to argue much.

Jacobo smiled and pointed:

-An arrow lit in the fire that illuminates wisdom!

They smiled happily, their destiny was looking at a place that no one had inhabited before, ready to dialogue with the universe amid the total uncertainty of all that they could not control.

No matter what comes, the construction of your path is a place where your dreams will always be and in the force of its projection, you will achieve the unity of others with your ideas, however difficult it may be.

Author´s note:

Drawing by the author with free filter from PicsArt: The arrow


Sometimes you will have a huge force before you and you will not know that with a certain talent on your part, you can tame it and achieve what no one would dare to do.

 “Everything immovable drags you and compels you to inertia, you must reject it, it is absurd to follow what has been paused”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Hora, paid special attention to the remembrance that related Painani when she observed him return to shore of the lake, she commented:

-I was watching your return to the shore of that lake with my labored breath, you did it gently without haste, giving you all the time in the world as if hoping that I would be less anxious upon your arrival.

The swaying of the waves made me reflective, that constant movement within that site that possibly has its channel heading towards a space that we do not know.

At that moment I wondered about the motivations of life, the events that have united us and those words that you said to the Ray, alerted me and at the same time I felt an attachment that I do not like to feel for you.

Hora, surprised, looked at her without understanding what the idea of ​​not wanting to feel attached to someone who loved her really meant and replied:

-It is one thing that Ray is helping me to show you a path that I intuit and in which I am looking for meaning and another very different is that when the 13 months are over I should leave, at least I don’t think this is so.

But what Rayo knows, obviously I do not know, perhaps he feels that his mission and mine on earth is limited to that, to fulfill the task that I have proposed, then he will disappear in a way that only Ray knows … What would you like to ask the Ray if that happens?

Remember clearly that he is not human, he is a powerful force, with an electrifying talent, but he moves on impulse and is somewhat gross, he does not take things with human limits, it is not possible, he cannot do it but I can ask him to.

Painani was thoughtful and did not know what to ask, in fact the question itself took her by surprise, frowning she replied: 

“I depend on a brute force to agree to grant a favor?” Perhaps his outburst does not understand subtleties, the truth is I do not know what I can ask him, I will think about it.

Hora took her by the hands and placed them between hers, large warm, and kissing her and  warned her:

-My beloved, every magician has the power to tame the forces that govern nature, just think what you have asked of him in infinity occasions to the Sun, as much as we admit that he can do whatever he wants, for me, that image, wears a golden headdress and is a divine lady with great power and for you, he is represented as the feared warrior Huitzilopochtli.

Before our eyes they carry the aspect with which we dress our dreams and sometimes even on a cloudy day we can feel their light and talent, we are the beings who understand them best.

Painani looked at his beloved with an illuminated smile and understood what he meant, however, she took time to think with total certainty what she would ask of the daring and euphoric Lightning.

Sometimes you will have a huge force before you and you will not know that with a certain talent on your part, you can tame it and achieve what no one would dare to do.

Author´s notes:

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Life as you known could be changed

When you think that what dies ends in nothingness, meditate on what that person or beings who shared your life left on you as an indelible mark, not to suffer, but to leave them in another way and under other rules.

“In each journey of the world that we know almost nothing will remain forever, only what you manage to place on the tip of your arrow will have to reach considerable heights to illuminate the new horizon”
The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Before the astonished gaze of the couple that formed Hora and Painani, the lightning illuminated the space they inhabited with a kind of spiral very similar to the snake that was travelling downstream in that piece of the trunk.

For both of them, the light of the Ray had been recreated in the serpent and drew it grandiloquently in the firmament, tearing the peaceful calm of the skies and in that way, he again sealed the pact that he promised to his custodian, even though he did not know the way. how it would be taken and at what time to the ends of the universe.

Hora had put his entire trust in the strength and power of the lightning that without words knew exactly how to make himself understood by the prophet and his beloved who was now part of that enchantment.

With tight lips Painani stared at the frank and happy smile of her beloved when he told her that the ray knew perfectly what it was doing, then she tried to articulate words and it was very difficult, she took a deep breath and after a while and before Hora’s attentive gaze exclaimed:

-I felt a deep fear that he would impede my way and make me see that I cannot be on his grounds or I cannot do anything, just accept that he has absolute control over what may happen and from the time that he decides and that made me feel devastated.

Hora looked at her tenderly and took her by the shoulders sighing at the moment that he pointed out:

-Don’t feel that you are facing a force that you cannot control, it is better to change the perspective of all that, realize what the Lightning did in the end, simply moved towards that place that we do not know and that may be the place where what we do now is taken advantage of, there are many places that we do not know that will have to take initiatives, it will depend on the strength of our talents to make people understand that there are glories among sorrows and there are good wills where people decide that it is not possible to do it in any other way and are driven to annihilate someone who is not like them, that’s what this is all about. 

Painani was reflective and understood that Hora was trying to tell her that he was an instrument just like her of something much greater, she hugged him tightly when she said in his ear:

-You are stronger than I thought, you were not afraid of losing me, you trusted in the force of the Lightning and now I understand that he will do nothing to take me but will put within my reach everything possible to keep me safe. I am an instrument of the teaching that we both build now.

Hora could not avoid the tears, a strong emotion seized him at the moment that he affirmed:

-You are Painani for something, the woman who knows the messenger and the secrets of the temple of the moon, for something you are the one who understands the value of duality, where what I am, you are and what you are for me I will be.

Let’s continue building what will be the inheritance for the house of the future!

Each step in the journey that both valued, defined, wrote and shared with the world in which they lived was the path where the clan that they formed with distant beings was enriched and with those who were close in the same way illuminated the understanding of their lives and the reason to protect the only light that stands out from the darkness, that of understanding where we are all the same essence within flesh and blood that will break with the passage of time and the only thing redeemable will be that light within each thought.

When you think that what dies ends in nothingness, meditate on what that person or beings who shared your life left on you as an indelible mark, not to suffer, but to leave them in another way and under other rules.

Author´s notes:

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Today you will know your limits

Life has limits and death is one of them, sometimes understanding that you cannot go any further is raw reality, inevitable and real.

“They say that nature is wise, it also has its own rules and moves with a dynamic that will not always be in favour of humans, it can be cruel when you least expect it and decisive when it decides that a cycle has to end., you can do nothing unless magic accompanies you on the journey, possibly so you can make a difference ”

The Messenger

Painani and Hora lived under the effects of the new moon and recognized in their strength that changes would come that they would have to accept, in no time. They realized that the drastic moment they would live and that would make them recognize their limits, especially as a couple, not as individuals within the world that saw them learn and grow during the experiences.

It was thus that sunny morning Hora entered the lagoon that was near the palm hut that they had been built to share life, Painani distractedly preparing utensils for food when she heard that the waters in the peaceful lagoon were stirring violently, When she turned her gaze to observe what was happening, she realized that her man was surrounded by a large snake, she was holding him immobile in the water and the man was trying, by all means, to get rid of that enormous force.

Deftly she took her flint knife and ran to reach it and nail the weapon to the snake, but she was surprised when her path to enter the water was impeded by a bolt of lightning that appeared out of nowhere and planted in front of her feet on the edge of the pond, the woman fell backwards and the knife flew overhead until it was lost in the nearby bushes.

She immediately realized that it was not a matter where she could intervene and she just watched what would happen, suppressing her desire to scream in desperation.

Hora,  was able to liberate his arms from the snake and raised them in search of answers from his custodian and protector the powerful  lightning … A few minutes passed before the lightning appeared again pointing to a nearby branch and with a single impact the wood dropped into the lagoon when that log arrived near Hora, he was able to place the snake on that strong branch that floated in the water and pointed out:

-May our lives, lady snake, unity in the face of despair, may both in their differences be the reason to celebrate a new moment in the teachings that I will give to my beloved, today we have both understood that there will be situations where we will not be of help to each other and for my part, I understand that in your jaws, lady Snake, I don’t have to finish my days.

Looking up he said:

I appreciate your signal lord of the electrifying light, somehow you defended the lives of the three involved at this moment, I understand that the snake is the symbol that I will be able to deliver to the month that is about to begin and its strength must shine in the spaces that I do not know and that is in the world of the stars that illuminate our nights and that remain there even when the sun prevents us from seeing them.

Today we know that each culture observed from its special perspective and way of seeing things a snake in the high sky, the constellation of Ophiuchus and that this is to a fortunate coincidence, by his part  Hora and his mystical relationship with lightning would have reasons to appoint the serpent as the representative of the following month and with this, he would again seal his promise to give his beloved one year turned into thirteen fabulous and enriching teachings.

Let us remember the exact phrase that he says to Painani when he met her:

“I will turn one year of your life into an experience in 13”

Life has limits and death is one of them, sometimes understanding that you cannot go any further is raw reality, inevitable and real.

Author´s notes

 Till  Credner

Photography of the constellation Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer

The uncertainty before the silence of the feelings

Let the hours of preparation be what gives you a glimpse of what you intuit and not otherwise.

“A broken heart usually presents itself when the information you receive is what they let you see, not what it is”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

In the temple of the moon, they receive Erandi who was penetrated in that trip astral that showed her an exceptional reality and with which her communication and magic networks would expand considerably.

Upon arrival, she found joy among her disciples and a veil of sadness in one of the enlightened women, precisely the one who travelled to the Otomi lands to celebrate the fertility ritual of the full moon, I mean Metztli.

Erandi took her by the shoulder and separated her from the group to find out what was keeping her tense and unsettled, suffering from something in particular, and asked her:

-Dear Metztli, what keeps you down and anxious?

Metztli with great tribulation commented to the priestess of the  Moon´s Temple:

-I am not sure that he can recognize me, that what we had in our soul, it wouldn’t be the same when we will see each other physically and maybe everything collapses, it worries me because I like him.

Erandi looked at her tenderly and with soft words expressed what she could say to her and that at no time could be decisive or accurate:

– Talk, to make some decision and imagine, create the balance, you do not have to worry, if he is unable to see beyond what they had is not for you; There are two options in all this, take the heart and immerse it in the storms of passion or let it sail in the calm waters of reason if you manage that balance,  you can expect what comes with confidence.

It is not you alone choosing, there are two souls in this and uncertainty is part of life, it always turns around everything that exists and surrounds us. Remain calm and surround yourself with good thoughts, the choice may have already been made, you do not know what he is thinking, remember that the richness of the soul does not shine outside but inside every living being.

We still do not know who he is, perhaps those who have followed the story without missing any details can guess who is the possible Metztli couple, whose meaning of her name is Moon of the water serpent.

Painani will have in a few days the first warning of the power of the only one who will have between them the last word.

Meanwhile, in the place where Hora and Painani remain, a relevant event will take place that will mark the sky with another type of snake in a few days, the time is approaching when the moon in the sky is hidden from everyone’s view and it is a perfect atmosphere. so that predators go out at night without being seen.

The confident Hora knows that the determining and energetic light of the ray will always be present in every event that prevents what he has agreed with the astute prophet, but Painani does not know it, she will have in a few days the first warning of the power of the only one who will have between them the last word.

But it is still too early to talk about this, since everything is gestated in due course and not before or after.

Let the hours of preparation be what gives you a glimpse of what you intuit and not otherwise.

Author´s notes:

Photo by Philippe Donn on