Before talking about Ethel…

To get to it, I will take a pause on the way and I will place the panorama of what happens in the other universes in general features, we know that the custodian of the lightning still travels in unknown directions in search of the perfect place for the souls that manage to preserve themselves in that journey of the dark death that takes them to the light and that does not happen to all.

The Mountaineer and the Lighthouse

Vuorik Hanks words to Morati: The XXIII century has shown us a path that was difficult for us to understand and alone we will never achieve what we have proposed, therefore here there is a balance that is contemplated between two concepts: Projections and Obstacles.

Interviews with leaders of the groups

"My father did a doctoral work entitled: “Ripple between particles and photoelectric effect” for me it is a work whose design could synthesize what we are now going to put at stake and its bases will allow us to activate some of his theories in progress, what he theorized now will largely become applied science." Ly Kobayashi.

The Inner Light

My mother argues that there is an invisible thread in the dynamics of human beings and their brains, this connects them with their past and that of their genes, however distant they may be. This helps to understand why we are more likened to some people and repel or are indifferent to others.

The Burst of a Galaxie

However, it never hurts to look for new reasons and alternatives to understand the meaning of the whole, however difficult it may be, we may never be able to agree, perhaps when we see the brightness of a star its light will prove us right.

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