The Mountaineer and the Lighthouse

Vuorik Hanks words to Morati: The XXIII century has shown us a path that was difficult for us to understand and alone we will never achieve what we have proposed, therefore here there is a balance that is contemplated between two concepts: Projections and Obstacles.

Reflections on Reality

So, we will not be gifted, limitations exist, but we can surprise ourselves daily by placing the potential we have to enter that monumental structure that is our mind and with which we can truly do magic, perhaps the ideal world does not exist but its search is a fascinating journey.

Sustaining the Changes

For Morati Agu and a good number of people, the simple fact of perceiving that the doctor of science was not recognized for having a car of the year, but for not having it, is part of the basic principle of everything that was reflected accordingly.

The Meeting and the look to the future

A quiet, constant, silent work; iron confidence and fireproof, thought crossing the dense waters of ancestral beliefs and in the end prevailing over everything that could be verifiable and that was not governed by the imposition of ideas, a path to reason and understanding was distant, however, that is the goal ” The MessengerBy Ariadne… Sigue leyendo The Meeting and the look to the future

How old is hope?

Every human being recognizes in life that there is a task to fulfil, some dedicate themselves to the external care of their enclosures, others that of their children, some others to observe the universe, each one of them forms a map over the years, that shows them the route he has travelled and discovers that in reality hope cannot be measured in years.

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