The path that you only intuit, does not belong to anyone and can belong to everyone

If you have the complete information you can give it the use you want, if you have the power behind a magician, you can be powerful and achieve what you want but not forever. If your magic does not govern your ambition, you will be able to reach a deep knowledge of the truth that not everyone will understand.

“If your sensory range is limited, you have infinite options to make mistakes”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The priestess of the Ometeotl temple, meditated in her enclosure analyzing her small magic gadgets and special powers:

<The Moon is defeated on its way by the Sun, on few occasions during the trip it manages to convince him, to negotiate for her life and her dreams; We never know the strength and scope of that deal.>

What she felt had not only been seen and caused panic in a wide territory that formed the crown of the Earth, what we know as the North Pole, for her it was imperceptible, difficult without a doubt it was imagining the true form of the vastness that inhabited together with other living beings. She affirmed with total security:

<Observing is not enough, feeling either, only with magic I make the thoughts make sense; energies change, some messages are repeated over time, they are phrases that I have heard and understood on the lips of others and that is a constant. Voices cross from one space to another.>

While she deliberates and enters the moments where her loneliness is the tool for analysis, in another part of the world the sea becomes an overwhelming force that wrenches calm in its wake from the once bucolic landscape: 

The man from the south contemplates the coast, great clouds are hovering over his head, he perceives that his hair has grown enough to cover it and hit him on the back, the large fish jump announcing something that he does not understand, they are dolphins or perhaps whales, he cannot know it in the distance …

Painani also observes the great hump of the great cetaceans that jump from where she is and carefully says:

<It always happens that when they leave the water they connect with the immensity of a world that they touch only a few seconds and that is enough for the magic to do its part>

None of them is aware of what happens in the places of the northern ice and the deep unease of a thousand It is for the settlers the omen of something fearsome for them is coming, but more than one Monarch will know how to use it to concentrate troops and make others bow to their interests.

If you have the complete information you can give it the use you want, if you have the power behind a magician, you can be powerful and achieve what you want but not forever. If your magic does not govern your ambition, you will be able to reach a deep knowledge of the truth that not everyone will understand.

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The book that was needed at last !!!

Each artist and creator uses magic in their own way and ignites ideas with it, it is time to decide that nothing will stop us and that is fabulous

If we are made of a substance that identifies us, each creator and artist recognizes it in their own materials, therefore, let’s keep doing magic, gentlemen!

Walk the path that united the Clan of the Bird Spell to social groups that identified with them and recognize the value they had to enter different parts of the planet and thanks to their unique qualities to be part of the sympathy of others, is part of this crossing.

With a unique way of visualizing the Gods and recognizing their strength they have to travel through unknown lands, they will discover solidarity, make alliances and great loves will emerge, their stories and achievements will transcend.

 It is a fictional story that allows us to look at the legends that have been told to us with a new strategy, the main aim is to value and reflect on the ideas that we have formed from life and with which we have prevailed through the centuries.

As many of you may have noticed, we are now moving towards the fourth book, which departs a bit from the idea of Bird Spell, however, it has characters that correspond to the previous ones, and form that magical link that transcends, The Messenger It is on the way and now we all know that possibly it will stop being a short story, but I do not know that either, the only certainty is that the world opens the door to unsuspected paths and reading them among lynxes allows us to be visionaries of our time.

A passage to remember

About the translation of A timeless Journey that I work already. Only he who believes knows the journey and its difficulties, but is never discouraged

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

About the translation of A timeless Journey that I work already

At the Master’s words, both women smiled, their happiness was overshadowed by melancholy, but fate, even with the possibility of being modified, had already set a course for all of them and it was necessary to move on.

That night before the bonfire they prepared, they remembered old times when seven sorceresses met with the Master at night to share their experiences, their opinions and listen to the always lively comments of each one of them that so delighted and enriched the soul and the thoughts.

Tears appeared at the loss of three of them, even though they knew they had never left, somehow the human feeling imposed a challenge that was difficult to overcome.

The Master spoke and decided to seal with a ritual runic and full of hope what the moment held for them and what they could expect in the days to come:

Together they invoked the strength of Odin and implored him for clarity in the rune roll, they let him know that their future projects and plans largely depend on it, instantly the fire crackled with force and a flame of blue tones made them feel that the presence of the Bird Spell Clan was present to witness this important moment in their lives.

The Moon is approaching Mars, Painani does not know it, she only observes

Brother or not of the Sun for her, Mars was not recognized as such, it was a dense and reddish glow that threatened the radiance of the radiant Moon, which for her would be and will be Coyolxahqui.

“Evil is not a matter of blood, nor race”

The messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

There came a moment of pressure for many nearby towns, Painani could stop at nothing, she recalled deep sadness, she knew that she had many weak points and that she could not face with the required agility some journeys, however, she could not be inclined to any other task than her own; the destination and the journey would put her to the test on various and different occasions, even without her anticipating it.

He looked at his reflection in the lake that served to refresh his aching feet, it was not the vision of the person he remembered; she realized that it was the day of the human offering and that the obsidian dagger would not pierce her chest, but that of a race sister.

The beating heart would be the catalyst for the forces where the Tlatoani of the Huitzilopochtli temple would render an account with the blood of a woman chosen to continue the times of peace in the surroundings where the Aztec empire sowed fear with its might.

The night came splendid and Painani looked up at the starry sky that next to the dazzling Coyolxauhqui, was a star that frightened her by its fierce tones lit in red and said to herself:

Conjunction of the Moon and Mars, that Painani doesn´t know

<Possibly you have drunk all the blood of the offering and now you are ready to attack with your dagger to end the beauty and freshness of the woman of every night. You will shorten her brightness, but certainly, she has to be reborn, as she always has.>  

Some memories leave our souls wounded and for Painani, her freedom meant the death of other women, therefore her commitment and her risk were worth it to be faced with courage, despite the fear and pain that she carried inside.

Brother or not of the Sun for her, Mars was not recognized as such, it was a dense and reddish glow that threatened the radiance of the radiant Moon, which for her would be and will be Coyolxahqui.

Photo of the Conjunction of the Moon and Mars

The Eagle and the Mud

Life is a gift that can sometimes be shared and allows us to look at others as if it were the mirror of who we are and we could leave behind or carry it as a fond memory forever.

“Only who creates knows what faced and how to save itself”

The Messenger

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

<If your expectations are higher than your reality you will be defeated and you will fall into the eternal mud>

When Painani heard within herself that sentence, her feet with swift and agile wings were stuck in the densest and darkest mud, the sharp squawking and strengthened by the freedom of the wind appeared on her horizon, there it was, it was the powerful eagle looking at her like a despicable being, that you can forget and follow the flight; however, she knew who it was and she alerted the Chichimecas tribe that in the past had obeyed him to plant themselves in an inhospitable place where making foundations would be a challenge, but they came from afar and listened to the energetic song of the eagle.

A group diverted his step and threw an ixtle rope at her. Painani did not know what to say her life had been saved by a group of strangers who looked at her in amazement; a man with a serene gaze and very long hair the colour of ash came to her:

  • What are you doing so distant from your people and your village?
  • I am a Painani with a mission, I must continue further, I appreciate your help.
  • You must be hungry and thirsty, accept the tamali and the fruits, you can sleep in the shelter and prepare for the long journey at dawn. My name is Miztli. I guess yours was lost in the temple.
  • That’s Sir, I lost and I am Painani of the temple of Ometeotl.
  • In that case,  these lands will be remembered you as Tonalli, “the destiny and the wheel of time”
  • I gladly accept the first name that freedom has given me 

The woman covered in mud, bowed to the group and took the food they offered her, she felt grateful for such an honourable reception and when the women arrived they gave her clean clothes and a place to wash.

One of the women looked at her with joy and some anxiety when she said:

  • My name is Ameyali, I know that you have been released from the group, many of our sisters and daughters do not succeed, I feel that there is something unfair in all this, surely you have. If you come across the king’s Painani, those who bring him exotic fish and feathers from afar, none of them understand the value of a woman wrapped in winged omens, be careful.
  • In reverence of the name that all of you have given me, I will do everything possible to stay alive to the destination that has been marked for me.
  • What will you do if your paths cross and you have to stop passing?
  • As far as I know Ameyali we cannot do anything, time does not stop for anyone. The only thing I hope is to be able to take advantage of mine without falling prey to the clutches of anyone.

Dawn gave way to the chirping of some birds and with a smile of gratitude Painani Tonalli said goodbye to the group, people she would never see again and would carry their images in her memory, grateful and happy to have found them in their moments of misfortune.

Life is a gift that can sometimes be shared and allows us to look at others as if it were the mirror of who we are and we could leave behind or carry it as a fond memory forever.

Photo: Tamali: from the nahualt dialect Tamal, pre-Hispanic and ceremonial food that is consumed to date is prepared with corn

A piece of good news to spread to all

The book and its protagonist are fundamental on the cover

About Bird Spell 

First of all remember that the group of the Bird Spell Clan is a group that searches the world for those it can enlighten, it is not their idea of life in freedom to indoctrinate or bend, or to gain privileges thanks to their abilities. The story does not end, of course, this is the first book of Bird Spell.

The place where all the characters live is a place in the world that, like in other latitudes, sorcery begins a journey that is not understood in most cases, among myths in the face of the unknown, life tries to make its way towards the In the light of knowledge, It is not easy, there are groups that, like now, hold power, buy the privileges and favors of some and sow fear in others. Mythology and the arts of intuition will soon make their way to impose values ​​and give prominence to stories whose logic will remain in the minds of future generations impressively. 

Many will be motivated to move entire armies under the watchful eye of the King’s astrologer. Collecting taxes will be one of the tasks of the lord of the Earth, and what better way than to house this necessary imposition under the tutelage of Taurus or other mythic monsters. It is not difficult for all of you to intuit the path that awaits Bird and Star.

Many people, not necessarily astrologers, have realized that humanity in its periods of calm, only fits the mold that corresponds to it and its dynamism is motivated by the time it takes to erect monuments and temples, thanks to which it justifies them, and it is necessarily involved in repeating stories.

 I will not need to take such a distant leap, most know what it takes to understand what he lives now. I only trust that people who are now young enough to be indoctrinated, find someone like Mantis in their lives growing up, or can be reflected in the gaze of someone who rescues their power to marvel at life as Sun did. 

Make you doubt everything that cannot be changed because it is a dogma of faith and help you close the door of conventionalism when necessary, not when it can no longer be otherwise, as Sie will try. 

Let us remember that this story is fiction, in it, I modify many of the beliefs that are taken for granted and learned by oral or written tradition, in the next book you will be able to see more easily the relationship that could exist between the gods and their humanized version, what a change the possibility presents us.

Let´s and we´ll see.

El camino que inspira y motiva al escribir

Hace algún tiempo Galaxia de Cristal le dio un giro impresionante a lo que mi mente pensaba respecto a la vida en el espacio y la vida del espacio lejano a nosotros

Soy una blogger que le gusta la dinámica de escribir diseñando las atmósferas de sus trabajos con la compañía de los libros y sus blogs; el diseño que explora un libro tiene su espejo en los blogs, nos inspiran y motivan a seguir con una buena dosis de profesionalismo y sin perder la perspectiva en la medida de nuestras posibilidades.

Todos nos hemos puesto en algún momento a diseñar un blog con motivos específicos, publicitarios, de divulgación, para vender un producto o simplemente para soñar juntos en un mundo dominado por las ideas y las palabras engarzadas en un estilo de decir las cosas; ahí vamos buscando que la creatividad no se nos caiga, que la belleza de un momento y su nostalgia no sea ajena a los que nos leen y nos inste a compartir todo aquello que nos apasiona.