Ana Pérez Riv and the Smoking Mirror of Tezcatlipoca

In every living environment, we will always find a way to strengthen ourselves, to fan the flame of unity, especially in those moments where everything seems lost.

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That night in her secluded enclosure Ana Perez Riv meditated in front of the smoked mirror that she kept as part of a relic of her ancestors, she asked herself questions that only she could understand and whose answers would never be the same.

<What has been the use of crossing cultural and mystical bridges, when many times the only thing we have achieved is to separate ourselves from others? We have advanced, we are no longer seen as rarities of nature but the power that precedes us has marked us, with the loneliness because of Tezcatlipoca and its dark energy surrounding my natural momentum, to others giving and sharing its magic in different areas and struggling to be understood so they do not empathize with their gifts.

The time has come again to make that vital crossing, from light to shadows; As an incarnation of change during all conflict I have to invoke your strength, the moment the jaguar shows its claws, I will know that we achieved it. The fifth sun was only possible thanks to the unity of two antagonistic forces; I trust them and I will with them debate through the others who will be present.

We are not unique, we are the unity of Ometéolt and its resonance in other spaces with its own beliefs. Not all of us are from a cultural root, but those of us who will be in your presence know that in the fight we have to trust your acceptance, where there is life death exists and is a constant presence, without it you do not exist and neither do I exist.

Ana Pérez Riv, exclaims: Tloque Nahuaque! The three directions of the Cosmos protect us, it supports the Earth and its four cardinal points, let’s wait for the moment, the table is set for the forces and their omnipresent unity

Without life, there is nothing that has been created so far, of what comes from afar in search of support, they have found all of us to collaborate and rescue life>

In the dark mirror, the figure of a man has appeared in the shadow of the jaguar, and for a few seconds was lit up the room where stay Dean Pérez Riv, a descendant of Toltecs and Nahuas, The woman stood up in front of the mirror and exclaimed:

<Tloque Nahuaque! The three directions of the Cosmos protect us, it supports the Earth and its four cardinal points, let’s wait for the moment, the table is set for the forces and their omnipresent unity>

The first step was taken now, it was enough to wait for the moment when everyone would gather to start the dispersal ritual.

Meanwhile on the moon 

A burst of meteor crossed the space preceding what would come next, Citlali looked at the dark sky from the lunar surface, what she most wanted was to have time to complete the task. 

Citlali shouted on her radio monitor for Julia to put the pull of the chain at full power, and in this way leave the hatch closed, the whistle of the towing machinery for her was an achievement, things were back to normal. She began to walk to the building where the elevator was to go back into the bowels of the rocky Moon and protect herself. She said with a deep breath:

<That calm before the storm is the one I like the least, everything can happen in less time than scheduled. >

Photographic design of the author of an image of Tezcatlipoca

Author´s notes:
Smoking mirror or mirror black, Tezcatl, black; Poctli, smoke.
Ometéotl (in Nahuatl: ometeotl, ‘Double God or Dual God’, ōme dos, double; teō-tl, god ‘) in Mexica mythology is the god of creation; scholars such as Miguel León-Portilla translates Ometecuhtli (in Nahuatl: ometecuhtli, ‘two lord”ōme’ two ‘; tecuhtli, sir’)

Citlali and the Ram’s head

Possibly none of them were aware of what would happen, but all were willing to risk everything to achieve the unthinkable.

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

From the operational center in the Asgardian station on the Moon, everything was moving, the controllers of robotic machinery were prepared to seal sheds and chain excavators; It was not the first time that a meteor shower of high magnitude had been presented, but knowing the results, each time the efforts to keep afloat the entire industry of the various nations that worked together there, was necessary and essential.

Citlali saw the men with the monitors executing the arms of their robots, many of them had baptized them with special names, they considered them part of their families, without a doubt the livelihood and inheritance they would leave their children depended on those machines.

The coordination of work was already at one hundred percent, the Perigee encouraged communications with the Earth and everything indicated that good results would be obtained.

Citlali placed her hands on the sides of her hips as she organized and verified that each of the lunar station workers was doing what they were instructed to do.

Like a flash, the words of her beloved Zila reached her, those he told her before she got on the shuttle for a new season of hard work on the Moon:

<What are we before the powerful galaxy and the universe, what are they? the odds we have of surviving, are there shortcuts to support successes and results? >

Julia’s monitor began to sound, an emergency arose, excavator B’s chain dragging prevented the gate from closing and there was no other recourse than to surface and move it.

Citlali approached Julia, who with a desperate look explained what was happening:

– The tug I gave to the chain was not enough, I don’t understand, but I can’t maneuver to the next step.

Citlali scowled at her and took her by the shoulder:

– Continue with the toggle lever, keep your hands on it. When you hear my voice on the radio at full blast, I’m going out.

Jean Michael looked at her with disgust and refused to let her lookout and shaking his head, Citlali only looked at him and said:

– Boss, they are in my charge and it is within my functions their protection and good performance, that’s all.

Jean Michael knew she wouldn’t change her mind and watched her disappear into the elevator of the robotic command center.

Many of them considered her reckless, she would smile when they told her that, and her answer was already known to them:

<If I was born under the sign of Ram’s head, I have no reason to be obedient>

Meanwhile on Earth:

Zila was preparing to give his  class when someone stood on the threshold of the door of the educational module:

When they saw leader Pérez Riv go to the front and place her walking stick in the middle of her torso, more than one of the students swallowed hard difficult

– Dear professor Zila, may I?

All the students stood up, it was deference that Dean Ana Pérez Riv visited their facilities in person. Zila sensed that it was something very important because it was not usual for her to visit them. With a frank smile, he received her warmly.

The woman of small stature, carried a cane with very peculiar carved engravings, for some they were decorative and extravagant, for the initiates it was undoubtedly something very significant when they saw her go to the front and place that staff in the middle of her torso, more than one of the students swallowed hard as she kindly asked them to take their seats again.

– Your teacher has probably told you about the dispersal rite and I need to know how many of you have practiced it.

The woman observed the young students with that look where her small black eyes seemed to penetrate the mind of each one of those present.

Zila remained serene observing his  students on the side of the classroom when he observed Ofelia getting up from her seat:

– Dean is one of the most complex rituals ever performed, our achievements have been unsuccessful and perhaps it was due to the motivator we used At least they are the results in which we agree with Professor Zila.

The woman looked closely at Ofelia and nodded, hoping someone else would speak.

Mazym stood up and argued:

– The basis of this ritual lies in exploring things in their deep essence, exposing ourselves to dark power, and not always in everyday life it is possible to find ourselves faced with battles of such magnitude.

The dean observed him with a slight smile and pointed out:

– This is exactly why I need the strength of the group and of all those committed to seeing what is not possible, taking into account that they know the previous preparation, their teacher will take them to the place, tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. please all be punctual.

The woman observed Zila and both with a nod of the head said goodbye, everyone stood up as a sign of respect for the dean who glanced at them and gave them a slight and warm smile before leaving the classroom.

Photo and design “the cane” by the author Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa