The Mountaineer and the Lighthouse

Vuorik Hanks words to Morati: The XXIII century has shown us a path that was difficult for us to understand and alone we will never achieve what we have proposed, therefore here there is a balance that is contemplated between two concepts: Projections and Obstacles.

The Creative Balance

"For young students the matter is different and in the list of resources delivered they will see the word, Vesta, in them the vocational talent lives, they are the ones who need to nourish themselves for the journey they have started consecrated to the vocational fire." Navarro-Leal words

Interviews with leaders of the groups

"My father did a doctoral work entitled: “Ripple between particles and photoelectric effect” for me it is a work whose design could synthesize what we are now going to put at stake and its bases will allow us to activate some of his theories in progress, what he theorized now will largely become applied science." Ly Kobayashi.

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