The forced agreement with Huey Tlatoani

When you take for granted that history cannot be looked at in any other way, there will always be someone who will come to you and tell you, take a good look, there is something you haven’t seen, take another look at the landscape and discover it.

“There will be times when you will do everything in your power to get away with it, your most favourable quality is intuition and you will use it intelligently to achieve the goal”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The day came that arrival of the eight Lords of Light was present at the majestic Tenochtitlán, all of them were surprised by the structures of that city supported on the skin of a huge lake and were amazed, Zila remembered the moment when the whale held them In his barge, in the middle of the wide sea, that was the feeling of warmth that he felt when he arrived at the impressive site of the Mexicas.

Zila compares the huge city with the whale that helps them in the middle of the sea

The inhabitants made a fence to observe and greet them, they were guarded by the entourage of the priestess of the temple of the Moon and that journey surprised the locals, since on other occasions when foreigners arrived at the big city, they were generally prisoners whose destiny it was to turn them into offerings of the flowery wars.

This time the procession gave them an air of dignity and respect, they admired the faces and clothes of the men, women and children of that beautiful city; at the distance in the Temple of the Sun the figure of Huey Tlatoani could be seen, a reserved man who, pressing his lips, remembered the words said by Erandi on the eve of the meeting with the newcomers:

“Those who are about to arrive are part of my group, related to a blood agreement where you offered the heart to preserve the life of Huitzilopochtli and I offered the blood in search of the answers Quetzalcóatl needs. First of all, you cannot do anything against the newcomers. ”

There is a history of confusion regarding the figure of the Feathered Serpent, called Quetzalcóatl, many say that it was a male with an appearance similar to the Lords of Light whose task was to end the atrocities of blood offered on the stone of sacrifices.

What I can argue in my story is that none of the enlightened, now named Lords of Light, were aware of what was happening and why such living offerings were made, the only one who did not agree with the sacrifices was Erandi, we can consider her the alter ego of Quetzalcóalt, in the same way, that Alnitak was in Odin’s life.

The humanistic part of history that we are as duality involves a mystery, we all have a feminine and a masculine side and in times of war and devastation the sensitive and intuitive side of these leaders was the one that skillfully made the difference, they made school and they held their groups together in search of answers to create unity, not devastation and war.

In the case at hand, Erandi used her cunning to make Huey Tlatoani see that precisely in the figure of Quetzalcóatl were the answers that opposed what he considered necessary; But as we all know, Erandi was not a public figure in the stories told by the conquerors and some dare to say that Jesus Christ himself incarnated the feathered serpent.

Although years later religious syncretism was championed by the conquerors, this strange comparison creates profound confusion. What I can assure in my story is that Erandi used magic to convey messages to Huey Tlatoani in his dreams where he would subtly understand that a change in values ​​was necessary and even when no one can assure that this was the true history. Anyway,  I would like to consider it as that alternate reality that is sometimes necessary to see history from another perspective.

When you take for granted that history cannot be looked at in any other way, there will always be someone who will come to you and tell you, take a good look, there is something you haven’t seen, take another look at the landscape and discover it.

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Zila compares the huge city with the whale that helps them in the middle of the sea:  Picture by

The Celestial Symphony (Reflection)

Every symphony orchestra requires coordination, will and discipline, but let us see each human being as part of the whole and at the same time as in charge of an instrument to share with humanity with a great harmony

“Each moment consists of different energies, take advantage of them in the best way; then rise above all problems, move away and analyze what you see clearly from above, there is the answer to your question “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Let us remember the words said to Painani by Hora:

” The world that lives above us would have been left without that image to be able to transform something unique according to their own cultures and traditions. “

This phrase carries various connotations, if we look at the structure that Hora is creating with the help of the Lightning, we perceive that what we see in our territory like an animal of power, when reaching the top, as far as possible and penetrating the world of the stars becomes what my mental structure can conceive and I am not the same inhabiting different latitudes on the earth plane.

However, I am going to marvel in the same way no matter where I am when the crescent moon appears before me with bright Venus on one side and I am fully aware that another human far from me in another country or continent will be looking at the same thing.

Crescent moon and Venus

Now, as the Messenger says:

“Go away and analyze what you see clearly, there will be your answer”

For all of us, the cultures of the planet are different, not all of them understand each other, the diversity of beliefs makes us unique and in this way, we preserve our identity, but since ancient times when looking at the sky, we can identify the astral zoo as a legacy of humanity for future generations that will inhabit the Earth and to share with those who visit us in the future and who will undoubtedly they do not know that fabulous fabric in the celestial vault. Of course, it would be very poor to think that in other systems with one Sun or two at the centre, life does not exist, at least I refuse to accept it as an immovable truth.

Let’s go a little further with the phrase from Hora: “The world that lives up there” and now let’s reflect by adding that of the Messenger: “From above, analyze what you see.”

With these two phrases, it is true that everyone who moves away to look at the reality that we are from another perspective, will admire the Earth from a silent place, they will see it as the inhabitants of the International Space Station like a beautiful blue globe, without borders, with rivers and diverse nature, surrounded by a transparent layer of atmosphere.

With this reflection, I want to emphasize that anyone who sees the Earth from space will admire the unity and richness of a fortunate world located in a strategic place from which life made its way.

At the moment the International Space Station is one of the places where the celestial symphony is created, I do not mean anything angelic, I mean that heaven is the place where humanity is twinned, there it does not matter the mixture of genes of which you are formed, the race or the language you speak, you are a human working in unity with other beings who are committed to a high feeling that we call science, they are a group of instrumentalists who, following certain indications, achieve fascinating compositions.

That is why the human being of all times has felt a special admiration when looking at the stars and imagining that they are their reflection, that they can access them to look from above what they can see.

The future of humanity is attracted by the high heaven, for some cultures, it is the heaven of eternal rest, for others, it is the world where all those who fought for their ideals have to receive a lavish banquet, for the Lords of Light it is the place where they will meet those who already inhabit that space without limits and borders, as immaterial beings where they create strategies to enhance the spirit of men who in terrestrial life need to exalt their humanistic values, they are the defenders of that vital energy that transforms us in something more than flesh and blood beings with primary needs inhabiting the Earth.

Of course, we Asgardians are looking to the future in a habitat in Earth orbit as the possibility of extending the expectations of survival to the inhabitants of the Earth and with a different dynamic, learning to look at ourselves from above as what we are, just humanity, one whole peacefully sharing life, ideas, culture and traditions.

Every symphony orchestra requires coordination, will and discipline, but let us see each human being as part of the whole and at the same time as in charge of an instrument to share with humanity with a great harmony

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Crescent Moon and Venus photo by the author

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Never feel that your hands have been tied, even in the thickest darkness, you will always find a way to see the light and use it to your advantage.

“Letting out what we are is sometimes very difficult, we become strong when we are weaker; What logic guides what we are and feel? “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Painani’s rebellion grew with the passing of the days, she did not understand that attitude of unconditionality that Hora maintained in the face of the Lightning’s designs and therefore her anger grew more and more at every moment.

Especially since she had fought against the established with the patriarchs of her homeland, who even sacrificed human lives to please the deities.

Few things ignite our hearts and Hora was one of her great passions, despite recognizing that life is made by different paths, she had linked hers to that of that person.

Outside forces now imposed their rules and she was ready to go into battle. For Painani, what she firmly believes in, even with closed eyes, she had to defend herself, so she set out to try to understand that dark and dense space that made her weak and for which she felt powerless.

-Hora, why are you unconditional of the Lightning?

The man who loved her looked at her attentively, he knew that she would not accept evasions:

-Honoring promises is a virtue, in our position, not everyone behaves with nobility, fear paralyzes. There are times when you will realize that only your intuition will understand what this is all about.

I am not talking about a scammer who snoops to take advantage of me, it is a supernatural force that I asked for advice and the lighting, with its force, will do everything to comply with the rules of our agreement, just like me…

Painani was still obfuscated and she snapped:

The Lightning

“If those rules stopped serving you, what would you do?”

Hora looked at her thoughtfully and added:

-The skills I possess are his gift, being able to talk to you and make myself understood without being Nahua, recognize the voices of the wind, perceive your presence in the distance, look under the veil of simple reality, all of this is part of the gifts that the lighting of the thunder has given me.

Hora lowered his head and crossed his hands as he pointed out:

-You make me doubt and meditate, if perhaps a normal life without so many flights would have made me happy, perhaps I would not have known you, understanding your words would not have been so simple; possibly the water snake would have devoured me and the world that lives above us would have been left without that image to transform something unique according to its traditions and cultures.

Not everyone has the fortune to see what we have seen, what we have both shared,  somehow my friendship with the Lighting is not something you should be jealous of. I do not know what else to tell you.

Painani with those sincere words of Hora realized that she was comparing her inseparable friend the Lighting with how the Tlatoanis saw the deities and he felt that he had been wrong.

Between the Lightning and Hora, there was a creative agreement, it was not a submissive position of accountability and collection of human lives in exchange for preserving an immeasurable power where the priest of the temple would be willing to do anything to obey his master, the deity.

Then she looked at him steadily and affirmed:

-Now I recognize the difference between the forces that accompany you and those that I have suffered in the past, therefore I only see one way: Take control.

Hora embraced her with a smile at the moment he exclaimed:

“Is that your request for the Lightning?”

Painani with great seriousness asserted:

I have no idea how, but my duty is with the light, I owe myself to it and the truth dwells in it. You already told me that it is a brutal force, difficult to tame but it can be a tool in the skilled hands of magic.

Never feel that your hands have been tied, even in the thickest darkness, you will always find a way to see the light and use it to your advantage.

Author´s note:

Stock photography of lightning

That which you call vital essence

Life is a beautiful path that is not limited to what you are physically, each step encourages you to strengthen what you call spirit, call it soul or inner essence, call it whatever you want, but it is in that substance that you will be able to transcend.

“Never worry about what you have not lived, the only thing you should avoid is to stop being part of life, there are many out there who forgot this and are only survivors”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Now there is calm and all is peace between the eight friends who wait for the entourage of the priestess of the temple of the moon to leave the caves of Cacahuamilpa, they are not impatient, their days are calm and without great ups and downs.

However, one of the men in the group is perceived by the others with nervousness and the talk that afternoon of the circle of the enlightened will have to address a special topic; their meetings take place under the dim light that reaches them or they simply invoke it in the middle of total darkness.

Evaristo urges Javier to comment with everyone else what is happening to him, for them it is clear that something distresses him and it is in this way that Javier sighs and admits his dismay:

-I am restless my friends, I have tasted the sweetness of a feeling and I don’t know if she will regret seeing me and neither if she will see me as a spirit that she shared with me that night of the offering.

Zila assured everyone that they were not beings without physical essence, but enlightened beings that would somehow be in contact with the disciples of the Erandi temple and asked him not to fear, but Javier continued with his concern, putting both hands to his face and with great concern He sobbed as if he were a teenager, at the moment he exclaimed:

-I am old for a lady to see my strength, energy, a long-lasting life in common …

His friends when seeing him in that state of despair were surprised and understood that the feelings of a human being are sometimes the only thing that can be kept as a treasure to protect everything that surrounds it.

We cannot recognize Metztli as the subject of their anguish, it could surely be someone else, what we can clearly understand is that what some beings learn from love marks them, projecting themselves into everything that they failed to preserve in their past. 

There is a gift for Javier that he does not yet know and that way he will stop thinking that there are last opportunities in life, he will be one of the first promoted in the group and with that, his vision of what ends will have another perspective, but he still does not. He knows and he will not know for a long time, so let’s continue with the very accurate comment by the way that Evaristo makes:

-We are in a new world, with new learnings, life has allowed us to leave behind what damaged us Our trip to Mictlán was the most enriching for each of us, so Javier, please forget what it was and live intensely what life offers you if perhaps that young woman was able to choose you for who you are, she saw your soul, she did not see the man with knee pain problems, she saw the spirit of an enlightened being.

Diego, who all recognized him as a man with the talent of the most robust intuition of the group, was encouraged to say:

-Javier in the past we were chosen by women who saw if we had strong teeth, or we had land and horses, perhaps they noticed Details such as who we sold the cattle to and if we did it at a good price, but when we lost all that, they didn’t see anyone, they needed suppliers. They couldn’t see what we were because they stopped seeing what they needed from us.

Now we are part of a group that sees with hope what we are building and we are going to be part of that world where magic is one of the best reasons to generate unity and attachments.

Finally, Javier looked at them with his face illuminated, assuring:

“True, my friends, I must not let the past envelop me in its traps, we have been born in a new light and she will be our shield and she will show us the way.”

 If we look at the same place each one of us, our goal is common and Dayami and the priestess of the temple of the Moon have shown it to us.

They all smiled happily and extended their hands towards the fire that they invoke with the passion of someone who understands how to look to a hopeful future.

Life is a beautiful path that is not limited to what you are physically, each step encourages you to strengthen what you call spirit, call it soul or inner essence, call it whatever you want, but it is in that substance that you will be able to transcend.

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Life is undoubtedly today!

Every new beginning is exciting and at the same time fills us with fears, if you have enough support, life will show you that anything is possible.

“Observe your daily work, with it, you forget the pain, there you are rewarded with everything you have cultivated and sown; Amid everything, what you have achieved vibrates, it is your effort, enjoy it today, that is the gift of life.”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That morning they began to wake up from that lethargy and the enormous effort that each one of the eight enlightened ones lived through, some of them thought that Javier would be the one who would take the longest to return from the abysmal depths of Mictlán, the presumption was that he would be the one who had treasured the most experiences and memories in his life and therefore it would be more difficult for him to get rid of them, however, it was different, He was one of the first to return.

What tied them to the past stopped impeding each of them, that was the spirit and the sparkle on their faces when they returned; the world magically opened for all of them, a new world, new relationships and of course for many of them the hope of the offering that each one had experienced, there was the desire to complete the picture with a variety of situations that they did not imagine.

Evaristo was the third to return since the first among all had been Dayami, she had undoubtedly already received previous training and for that reason on the way had become the guide of each one of them.

With a wide smile, he embraced his partner Javier and prepared to prepare delicious Xocolatl again for all the enlightened ones; As he looked at the grains of that plant that was impressive to him, he commented to Javier:

-Brother, profits have to come and they have to go in the midst of what we are about to live in these lands, everything can change from one moment to another, it depends on the perspective with which we see the events, we will all, just complete the circle, the path will show us how to move towards something completely new.

Javier thoughtful and hoping that the drink that Evaristo was preparing was ready, warned:

-There is no mastery in what we not doing, practice will give us favourable results and there will even be tasks that we do not know that will be beneficial to us, we will have new knowledge about the shoulders, we are among the people we should be.

Each one of the travelling companions and new adventures to come was waking up, Diego was the fourth and Zila the fifth, Jacobo the sixth and Timoteo the seventh and of course everyone clearly understood the reason why the last to return would be Patricio, they knew perfectly well, that for him material goods, attachments and control over the life he led and the one he would now face was fundamental, it took him immense work to recognize that the nakedness of the soul and body is an attribute for travelling light and with an enormous effort he had to admit.

Finally, they took turns providing each others food as the procession sent by Erandi came to them to lead them to the temple of the Moon.

Every new beginning is exciting and at the same time fills us with fears, if you have enough support, life will show you that anything is possible.

Author´s notes:

Photograph of ceremonial xocolatl bowl

The insignia of power

When in life you get depressed because you feel that what you have done has harmed you and you cannot jump from that feeling, analyze how much of everything you have lived has left you a clear and strengthened teaching.

“Take off all clothing, your wounds will be your insignia; You have to remember in your body the place where you were marked at birth or by the enemy’s weapon, even those wounds that you inflicted on yourself out of ignorance. In this way the light has to show you your symbol, that which will be your shield of power ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Dayami among all of them was not considered at all as a high ranking authority, but on the contrary, a being who had learned from her wounds to heal and help others, she was not someone who was expected to hear what they wanted, possibly what she wanted was to be seen as a guide, just that.

So time asked each of them to strip off their clothes before holding hands and forming a circle of the enlightened.

The first to oppose it was Patricio, he flatly refused to be seen by a maiden and analyzed in his dimensions little endowed by his companions, to which Dayami replied:

-By your character your companions know you, by my perception I know you Inside and out, even without having human eyes to see you and the ritual is requested by the light of who I am emitting at this moment.

Upon hearing these words, the others, if they had any objection, immediately put it aside, silently stripping off their clothes to start the next journey and descend to the 6th level of Mictlán.

Dayami spoke to them again:

“Put the wound in your mind and remember how it was created, the light must recognize it and only then will it be transformed. the light will choose the order,  and give them your symbol, when need protection invoke each of you your symbol, this will be their shield

Some may attract the symbol of others, it will be an indivisible empathic knot, but we’ll find it on the way.”

Now focus!

In the middle of that calcareous formation of the Cacahuamilpa caves, a barely perceptible white light appeared in the centre of the circle formed by the eight men, increasing in size and brightness as each of them remembered their wounds.

Zila, of course, the first thing she remembered was the huge wound on her side that almost cost her her life when she defended herself from a spearman with only her hands on that boat.

Diego remembered that fishing when he was still young when the hook landed on his own body and the fish escaped.

Evaristo, had a huge wound on his leg, an arrow wound when he tried to flee from a town at war.

Javier had always felt less about his skin damaged by chickenpox, an impossible to hide mark on his face.

Patrick had a deep wound on his forearm from a money brawl in a tavern.

Santiago had no visible wounds, but the deepest was in his heart, he had created a shield of mistrust that he had strengthened before the disappointments of love and the betrayals that he experienced.

Timothy the scratch of an arrow that brushed his back in battle.

Jacobo suffered a violent fall that had left a mark on the knee and a slight limp that was accentuated when it was damp or cold.

When gathering all the wounds, something surprising happened.

As Dayami warned, some of them could link their symbol to that of others out of empathy, but they never imagined that each one of them would form a shield of power, the synchronicity of their ideals, sympathy that they felt for each other was unique and unlike anything they could have imagined.

The moment they saw in the middle of their circle of enlightened people that the light gathered each of their wounds in a kind of portentous stealth, they felt that their companionship and brotherhood was reflected in that symbol, together they projected their unity to the world of this way and not in another.

Dayami exclaimed with energy:

“When you manage to penetrate your values ​​and essence in the friendship of a group and your nakedness goes beyond the body, you will see your soul faced the other in full and resounding sincerity. The red flashes are my blood, I am now one with all of  you ”

The seal of power has decreed an unbreakable insignia.

The eight men and Dayami discovered that day that everything that had damaged them was now part of a hopeful transformation, and they smiled happily, naked and strengthened with the call of light.

When in life you get depressed because you feel that what you have done has harmed you and you cannot jump from that feeling, analyze how much of everything you have lived has left you a clear and strengthened teaching.

Author´s notes:

Drawings by the author with free filter from PicsArt

Healing water

Not all of us respond the same to the pain of loss, but we know that for some reason we stay in the world and it is up to us and our will to make the world a better place to live.

“You go from the surface to the dark bottom of all your fears, on the third level towards Mictlán, you will know how difficult it is to escape from what hurts, from everything that had no solution”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

They spent a quiet day meditating in what Dayami had asked them, to think about all those great loves, the people who crossed their lives to leave them a lesson and who they never heard from again.

Most of the enlightened ones were aware that the unresolved pain had been extinguished with mead or beer to forget about sadness or everything that they had not managed to solve in their lives, to avoid or justify their aggressive or depressive behaviour, to forget and to continue as it was in those situations that broke their souls, getting drunk had been a good solution.

Their memories came from the disastrous acts that they carried out, the aberrations they observed in a world ruled by the power of the spear, the men who killed in cold blood because they were not from the clan to steal food from them.

The death of their families in burning villages among the flames from which they had to escape wounded and heal as they could, they reminded their loves violated in battle, pierced by spears in territory invaded by those who prevented them from returning to their territories dignified as human within their rituals and traditions.

In the afternoon after the long silences that day they lived, since the indication was to remember but not share the memories,  keep them present in their mind to descend to the third level of Mictlán. They were eager for the announcement of the arrival of the river deity.

Just as on the other occasions, Dayami came to Zila’s mind, who asked them to join their hands again in a circle and asked each of them:

“What did you want more in the moments when you remembered so much pain?”

Without great differences, most of them had had a tremendous desire to get drunk, to brutalize their minds so as not to think about all that which made them angry and made them feel useless, powerless in the face of a reality that they did not want and that they had to live with.

Dayami reminded them of the times they lived on the coasts of Portugal when they began to drink water from those streams and asked them if they understood how they left behind their desire to forget and the desire to get drunk.

They all attributed it to the peace of the landscape, to the camaraderie they had achieved, they also had no way of producing their beer otherwise Evaristo might have done it to share it, but it was not like that.

Evaristo with a flash in his mind exclaimed:

-The water was enchanted by the magical substance of Dayami!

To which she replied:

-Even without proposing me, I was trying, by all means, to recognize you understand you, see in each mind of you what made you are different, it is possible, it could happen that way, of course, and she continued talking now it is not water but I managed to get you to sleep evoking a sound that everyone perceived.

Now let’s go down to the third circle of Mictlán, each one of us will see what we lost, including me; the immense pain of my death, in my case the moment when I was placed on the stone of sacrifices.

So let’s see all that pain with the look that is not in the eyes of reality and let’s try to strip ourselves of what we have been as far as possible, look for that sound that will be floating for everyone and reconstruct the painful past in another way.

Desiring must obey the will of each one of you, to make something happen we must wish it as something real. We have all lost the way to reach someone we cared about, what we have left of them are the details that they shared with us, all those simple things that were in front of us.

There are two ways: leave them intact or wrap them in delicate gifts to throw them into the future, all of them can be living teachings, training for other enlightened ones, remember that the path to light is made up of darkness.

It was at that moment that they all felt their bodies in dense sands, they were hopelessly sinking into heavy thoughts of discouragement and their task to follow Dayami’s sound was complicated and tortuous, although she did not say anything she also suffered the journey with deep pain.

Not all of us respond the same to the pain of loss, but we know that for some reason we stay in the world and it is up to us and our will to make the world a better place to live.

Author´s notes:

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The inner journey to the fire

You will not be able to escape from your past but you will ensure that it does not harm others and does not harm what you live in the present. At least you will try, you will be aware.

“You know perfectly well that hell does not exist but it inhabits you, it is your fears, blocks, frustrations; Destroying them will take you to the next step towards Mictlán, the process involves burning them in a creative fire ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Travelling to the next stage of Mictlán accompanied by of all them, allowed Dayami to relive the pain of her death and how she was able to rebuild herself of nowhere, this would be part of the teaching for the enlightened ones.

That fire or amber light that positively involved them, faded but each one felt that they had managed to comfort themselves, for an instant, they realized that they were not alone since the despair that they lived long ago in the dungeons where they were attacked by rats.

They realized that that night they would sleep meditating that the light would appear at will, despite recognizing that it would not be easy to keep it alive for long, their nightmares surfaced and their memories would be shattered again.

Dayami tried to invade them with a sonic balm to quiet their minds minutes before she told Zila, today we managed to advance in this journey, tomorrow I will return to continue.

In this way, she appeared on time on the second day, perhaps more difficult than the first:

Looking at their inner mirror and retracing what they had travelled was not the same for everyone, they had to conquer freedom with the tools they had chosen to be part of the enlightened circle, their strength was in that space where they left pain to create a new horizon.

Dayami showed each of the places they had never seen before, places where human beings were working with magical forces and sensory elements. She put in their minds situations that did not depend totally on her, because they were part of their own experiences in the past, in this way they could verify that the man in front of the mirror that each one of them was, had the distorted image in another reality that appeared as a possibility. It made them wonder:

 How far are you what you were and where do you stop being what you see? 

Each answer is unique and belongs only to them, the most important of all is that it was the same question she asked herself when she found herself floating like an amorphous and imprecise stain in that torrent of the Papaloapan River.

As much as Erandi had trained them to perform magic, to develop in specific activities, to have the courage not to deviate; none of the ascended or those enlightened on that tortuous path would know it until they were fully involved in it.

Again Dayami, through Zila, sent the following message to the other companions:

“Each of you will have to choose a camouflage of power to make your way towards the light, do not hurry, those who will surround you and those who formed part of their experiences will tell you what it should be and be aware that there can be many at the same time ”

No one is so strong to face their monsters, each one of us has walked in front of powerful enemies and our mental strength is the only thing we have to follow. There is no method, only the will; there are no enchantments either, there is simply our notion of magic. 

The enlightened ones observed before them a mirror that appeared in the centre of the circle that they formed and the figure of a being unknown to all of them, appeared from the mist, Dayami announced that it was Tezcatlipoca, “The smoking mirror”

Tezcatlipoca, the one who is everywhere and watches you with the obsidian mirror

Dayami followed in their heads issuing messages and explaining that everything you carry in your mind can be an echo in that of others and in this way your wishes are fulfilled or you will be mortified by what no longer exists and is left behind.

Finally, she asked each of them to prepare for the third day by placing in their imagination the reflection of what each of them kept as a being or a very appreciated good that they would never see anymore, that would be the element to transform in the days to follow.

You will not be able to escape from your past but you will ensure that it does not harm others and does not harm what you live in the present. At least you will try, you will be aware.

Author´s notes:

Mexican crafts and mythology, Pinterest: Texcatlipoca (Remember it at Ana Pérez Riv’s house in the book: “The bridge and the beginnings”)

Erandi´s astral vision

Life offers us unique and wonderful gifts from which we can learn and share them when possible, they are part of who we are and what we did in the company of other beings we love.

“In times of change you will do everything in your power to seek allies, all those new opportunities that open up before you, the new horizons that appear are helpful, all wisdom comes from meditation. Sometimes you lose more in a position of power, analyzing it is important. “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Thanks to the tours that Dayami made, the connection with other realities was expanded to Erandi, she observed towns where men with whom they wanted to make alliances were pleased, using maidens as part of the banquet, Erandi went further, As a woman she understood that every human being has values ​​and also needs and for her it was more profitable to link the enlightened with possible benefactors of their roots in a new world, people who would not fulfil a fleeting wish, they would be the facilitators of a bond that would be strengthened with time and when they will arrive at her lands, all of them would understand with their perception that at some point they would be in front of those ladies who were not ladies of companions, they were the women who would become their accomplices, travelling companions and allies.

At the same time, she had her eyes fixed on the peculiar personality of  Hour that was presented to her in the ceremony of the Sun, Erandi with her gaze astral vision, realize that him that they were a being that could not break a powerful pact with lightning and that was their strength and at some point would be Painani’s sadness, but no one is guaranteed happiness as a constant and that was recognized by both she and Painani herself who experienced new sensations next to a man of fire and electrifying light that showed to her the world with other nuances and He had been determined to turn a year of her life into the greatest power of teachings. 

In this way, the lunar calendar would take on a new symbology that would not only nourish the culture of a people but would also be an accumulation of data that would cover the celestial vault.

The Scorpion 

They joined different knowledge to achieve that each lunar cycle will endow them with strength and meaning to elaborate tasks according to the behaviour of the animal of power who the one that came to meet them in the next cycle.

11Ozomahtli (Mono)Patecatl
14Itzcuintli(Dog)Xipe Totec
16Cozcacuauhtli (Vulture)Xolotl
17Atl (Water)Chalchihuihtotolin
18Ehecatl (Wind)Chantico
19Cuauhtli (Eagle)Xochiquetzal
20Tochtli (Rabbit)Xiuhtecuhtli 

Let us quote verbatim data from the system referring to the lunar calendar Tonalpohualli:

The stone counting the days and destiny, ordering its universe and governing the counting of the cycles, which adjusts the lives of men and peoples to the cosmic pulsation, to the beat of the seasons and other phenomena that determine terrestrial mutations and energetic changes, that is why it did not rotate alone, it needed a second gear:

N °SignGodBody
1Cipactli (Caiman / Crocodile)TonacatecuhtliVenus
2Ehecatl (Wind)Quetzalcoatl Venus
4Cuetzpalin(lizard)Huehuecoyotl Saturn
5Coatl(Snake)Chalchihuitlicue Saturn
8Atl(Water)Xiuhtecuhtli Mars
15Cuauhtli(Eagle)Xipe TotecSol
16Cozcacuauhtli (Vulture)ItzpapalotlSol
17Ollin (Movement)XolotlSol
18Tecpatl (Flint)ChalchiuhtotolinMercury
19Quiahuitl (Rain)TonatiuhMercurio
20Xochitl (Flower)XochiquetzalVenus

Before this reality, Hora showed Painani the reflection of the sky as if it were a mirror where each power animal could be found in the sky and each deity belonging to a culture such as that of She could also be part of what other peoples considered and at every moment he indicated:

-Observe Negrita, as it is above it is below, no one escapes the power of heaven and when its strength demands us we will understand much more than what you can observe now others have already seen it and have named it, each culture and people can see it from that place that allows it to be an observer and thus they have given it different names, it understands that its essence is the same and its power is for everyone, no matter how the names.

Now only lightning can show me the power animal that must be found in a cycle and I assure you, Lightning is very careful about that.

Painani did not understand clearly what Hora was referring to when he pointed out “When his strength claimes us”, however in a previous text I made known to them in some way that it will happen, but that trip, no matter how much Hora himself insists on convincing Lightning, It should not be shared, for her it is better not to know.

Life offers us unique and wonderful gifts from which we can learn and share them when possible, they are part of who we are and what we did in the company of other beings we love.

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Time Observes

Any living experience that obeys reasons that go beyond the routine of life, involves something that has to surprise you and you should be attentive.

“Everything that you can touch makes you the owner of various creations, a good part of them do not belong to you, remember that the land you are is not the one you step on, but the one you work always thinking of a place that you do not inhabit in your time ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

There was a time when the world was not what it is now, it was not governed by the rules and borders that guard us today; its limits were different and we all hope that in the future this will continue to change.

It is good to review what history raises, whose ultimate goal is to reach what we have already addressed, those years between 2800 and 3000 that we recognize as part of the Gregorian calendar.

Each character brings us closer to what we remember and their roots have become a network of connections that are not insurmountable, but malleable and flexible, they are the warp and weft of something that we have not yet lived and that many of us want; We are going under the gaze of thunder to leave flashes between some of the pages that have already been written:

Let us remember, for example, that heartbreaking moment when the Master lying on the deck of his small Viking ship suffers and mourns the death of his beloved tutor Sol and screams between sobs under the storm:

“I will never again mud my heart with dirt”

He is aware that he will not step on the ground that saw him grow again and that causes him immense pain, but later he strengthens creating a solid space inland from Denmark next to Ellinor, the audacious woman who will accompany him to his end in this life.

So I can go pointing out each of the characters in history and their path to the future, we can see that there are very few who have to stay in the place where they were born because wherever they go they will be disseminators of great ideas and they will strengthen in the distance, recognizing that the land in which they work will be the one that will reaffirm them beyond the borders as strong beings illuminated by a light that will not be extinguished.

Perhaps the greatest fortune of each of them lies in knowing how to communicate, it is not with everyone that they will achieve that benefit, not all will read them in the same way, things have to happen that, seen before the gaze of the present, could surprise us but the root of a tree communicates in unexpected ways, so to speak.

Pay special attention to this passage:

The day after the Cacahuamilpa caverns, Zila contacted Dayami to tell her how he got that name, a Latvian word that means blue.

Let us remember that the Zila of the century that we still do not live, the XXX, according to the grandmother and great-grandmother consider him Finnish, and we do not know if the branch of his history arises there or in Latvia, but at that time the border marks were not the same, we do not know if he has a direct generational root of those who arrived in Newfoundland; or of those who inhabited the coasts of Portugal for a time.

However, due to direct generational roots or not in Professor Zila, the promise that several generations of men would bear that name is fulfilled. Regardless of this reflection, hear clearly what she asks Zila the deity of the river called Dayami:

“Tell me about the river that you most  remember or most appreciate in the land that you were born”

Zila answers:

I recall with appreciation the river Aura, in that place a wild berry and strawberry picker observed something that kept him captivated; Throughout his life, he did not forget and what I am about to tell you is not something that known.

Dayami, listen to me, I now believe this and I can stop seeing it as a legend or the vision of a madman. With everything that I am now living with, I feel that this man was telling the truth, some situations seem to have no rational explanation and certainly be seen through magic.

That man observed a woman with very white skin in a flowing dress in the middle of the snow, a white dress, accompanied by a red-furred fox with whom she was talking and from one moment to another the fox turning around made his body lights of different colours came off like a beautiful rainbow.

That is the reason why they named him Valvo, which means to look; many did it as a mockery, they were incredulous, somehow he told it with total security and I believed him.

Dayami told him:

I can communicate magically with the rivers and I know that at some point they will be part of who we are and what we want. There are raging wars in this time dear Zila, but in the future there will be other types of battles that men will not necessarily start, our work does not end and when I have news about the woman in the white dress and her fox friend I will let you know.

Now, do you understand what observes the time and what they will weave for the future?

Any living experience that obeys reasons that go beyond the routine of life, involves something that has to surprise you and you should be attentive.

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