The maiden’s broken flute

The power of the mind can help sometimes, sometimes it is not possible to enter the thoughts of others with the ease that you want and it is history that accounts for it.

“The hunter is not afraid unless the prey catches him first; when you are not the prey but the sacrifice, it is your will that decides, but not always ”

The Messenger

The goddess Coyolxauhqui has a millenary history that was embedded in the soul of the inhabitants, which was mixed with the idea of ​​the Virgin who became pregnant by the grace of a God who was not yet known in this territory, but who served the evangelizers in a timely manner.

Sweeping the Temple in which Erandi was now meditating, was how she keeps a feather between her clothes and it impregnates her with the strong and audacious warrior Hutizilopochtli, who is born as an adult tearing his mother’s womb with his dagger.

Deep within the thoughts of the priestess there was another story, one that her conscience dictated:

“It is not death that unites them, she is not reborn, she simply changes as she walks through the immense star stage”

The noise of the feather headdress of Tlatoani, sways with the wind as he listens carefully to the words of his ritual companion and exclaims:

  • Your thoughts in other people’s ears can set you a certain and deadly trap, it is not worth putting words of reason in the deaf ears of who have created a structure for the domination and preservation of what has already been established.

Erandi looked at him serenely and with his hand he caressed the face of the man who tried by all means to protect her:

  • I understand that breaking beliefs that have a reason for others does not have good results, nor in my position is it possible, without it I could not do the opposite. Have you imagined that many of the skywatchers must think in the same way and prefer to be silent? From the star – smoking, until Tonatiuh; If we did not have full knowledge of all these data, neither Tonalpohualli nor Xiuhpohualli would give way to the festivities of the lord of the south; the ceremony of the new fire arrives on time when both calendars coincide.
  • This is right, beloved Erandi;  the lord of the north has to wait for his Toxcatl, but the maidens have to break their flutes before the coincidence of which you have spoken and we cannot change it. 

It is important to point out that even now all those who are part of an idea that differentiates them from others, who does not join the herd, who tries to look at reality from another perspective, must be pointed out if they openly declare themselves alien to what the group thinks.

They can be openly discriminated against for their mistakes, their lack of knowledge of the other, for not meeting certain circumstances,they can be relegated because the group decides that itsn´t  possible and healthy for them, of course it happens.

To Hutizilopochtli, among the Aztecs, the South corresponded to him and the North to the powerful lord of the shadows, the being to whom the dean Ana Pérez Riv paid tribute and recognized the powers of the occult, Tezcatlipoca, of course.

They say that Hernán Cortez uses an eclipse to subdue the inhabitants, thinking that they did not know it but it is important to clarify that they had a valuable job of predicting eclipses to those who feared because of the power they attributed to him from the deep mysteries that they could not be subdued by anyone and that is the reason why they offered sacrifices to Tezcatlipoca in a special ceremony called Toxcatl.

They had knowledge of the revolution of Venus and the calendars mentioned above Tonalpohualli, had 260 days and was exclusive for everything related to divinations; and Xiuhpohualli with 365, by means of which the cycle of crops and agricultural times were regulated and when both coincided the date that added 52 years was given and the ceremony of the New Fire was necessary, otherwise the return and continuity could succumb of stellar positions and appearances, where Mars and the Moon played an essential role in the same way.

Erandi, did not conceive that the relationship of the movements of the stars could be stopped by the blood of humans in sacrifice, the universe above was indifferent, their paths were there to explain constants, but she could not say it and when she did not achieve it she would have to use of other means so that this was known before others who only guessed, mixed their own ideas to the fact.

The power of the mind can help sometimes, sometimes it is not possible to enter the thoughts of others with the ease that you want and it is history that accounts for it.

Photo: Huitzilopochtli the brave warrior from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis

The Sun Stone of the Aztec calendar that has in the center the leader of the sky Tonatiuh (source Wikipedia)

The Smokey-Star means Comet

That thin bridge that not everyone crosses

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Sometimes you realize that something does not close but your need to have someone to listen to you prevents you from seeing reality, you do not want to see it and you continue on that path of sparks where not everything is clear.

The sincerity is a narrow and fragile bridge to which not everyone is allowed to reach the other side safely.

The worst scenario is that you are no longer willing to be blindly loyal and put all the apples in a single basket, so you continue to share fruits in other spaces, with friendship, with smiles, avoiding those who want to bite the fruit without giving a Thank you.

You go to the portal where someone decides to take a part of the apples and does not eat them, he leaves them in his window and waits for the stars to illuminate them; then it makes you return, perhaps fortune has been placed in the exact space of your dreams, then that apple is valued because it integrally forms more than just that.

You invite him to weave a subtle fabric of stories, these stories match the tones that both of them use, neither is great at all, they are simple mortals who found some complicity in their stars and constellations and took the risk to see if this is really such as the stars point out.

Actually, it is not necessary to know how to listen to the stars, they have been there for millennia dictating their alertness and their joy to all equally; Only the one who knows how to listen is because he has learned to do it after hitting the reality that kept him frustrated and tormented with not changes around.

It may be that in all this magic is not built for an infinite time, but no one has come here to stay forever; At the first moment, we already know when they lie to us and we let ourselves be carried away until we discover what it was about, in the same way when it is different.

We are surprised to notice the need to please your terms and look in your mirror, just we move forward taking into account that all adventures have accomplices, even the most outlandish and angry personalities can be part of your literary plans. But into the real-life y so different the matter is separate,  the sincerity is a narrow and fragile bridge to which not everyone is allowed to reach the other side safely.

Some individual traces

In this blog, the first book was not shared as a sequence, but I will only give you details that have captivated me in the second reading that I follow.

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Now that I go back down the road with another look, I am fascinated by the idea of sharing some individual traces of the journey towards the book called Bird Spell, available only in Spanish as I now take the path of translation, I find myself before a new adventure and a very different analysis format.

Discover again the history with other eyes is absolutely magic, never you can see the same in the second adventure

Let’s be faithful to the past that is a great teacher, but let’s look firmly towards the future.

Now we can remember this other passage when the sorceress called

Serpent exclaimed with restrained anger:

The sign of the chisel

– Swords, spears and shields, torture and death is sown along the way, we must be agile, skilful so as not to lose our way. Each of our eyes can see many more than just a sky, the same one that they observe without realizing its message and commitment, we can fly with the imagination, we can observe with the intuition that they fear. Our seed will be eternal, even when they cannot see how lush their legacy is.

In this blog, the first book was not shared as a sequence, but I will only give you details that have captivated me in the second reading that right now I edit to make it a book in this language, it is a challenge, I hope to achieve something acceptable, greetings readers! !!

The Lady of the Wasps

Nature can be a great teacher, it not only teaches us, it also helps us reason

by Araidne Gallardo Figueroa

That woman had been thinking in the cafeteria about a problem that had her absorbed, she withdrew somewhat uncomfortable when she saw that for the umpteenth time a subject was looking at her from another table as if it were the best landscape to rest his eyes.

She never realized that this was actually until the day she woke up at dawn and observed that her analysis of percentages and exponential growth had become a reality.

There is a world that tries by all means to preserve itself and will look for the place where life can wait… But it was not the case, some places are not for everyone, much less the kitchen; for every wasp, she was also a beautiful landscape.

Unfortunately, her first reaction was to exterminate the insects with which it would have been really difficult to dialogue and exchange points of view. As an advocate of life on the planet felt a feeling of great sorrow and the meditating end with crude pragmatism:

“Every living deserves life, their own space and freedom to come and go within the terms of respect for the other”

She had to meditate seriously if it was worth the argument to add:

Every living being with reasoning and cultural attachment …

The rain had been increasing during the night, the habitat of the wasps collapsed and they sought refuge, therefore the only thing she could say was with total seriousness and without being moved:

“The strengthening of the structure cannot be guaranteed, if development bases our reason for existing without meditating why”

Photo by Katerin Toro on

Undertaking the path to the future under the influence of The Black Moon

Dreaming is a resource that gives the future light to illuminate the habitat that contains us, possibly we are not the only ones with that dream and we will soon know it.

The Beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Ana Pérez Riv, knew that the conversation could not last long, but she understood that it was an honor that Asgardians, mystics, and eggyans have achieved such a sincere and truthful conversation, she felt it was time to announce under the influence of the moon of great opportunities a ritual for their friendship:

– Today we sow a seed that is strengthened in friendship and sincere fraternity, what we have said on this site belongs to us to be better, to spread to others the knowledge we have of life and the mysteries that each one of us keeps.

What we will not share has been defined, what we must respect as part of the world’s criteria and what will take time to change. All of you will soon meet in Vienna to consolidate your commitment in the defense of the planet and I have a proposal to make to you, a tribute to the treasure of Eggyan thought, to the courage of the pioneer Barderian and his worth; I urge to all of you to commemorate the courage of the pionner Barderian with a Pimelin seed and sow it next to an Apple seed to build a living monument for unity and the preservation of life that germinates into the future.

Dean Ana Perez Riv exclaims:

I urge to all of you to commemorate the courage of the pioneer Barderian and his worth; I urge you to offer a Pimelin seed and sow it next to an Apple seed to build a living monument for unity!

For the first time in history you will receive their residence as inhabitants of Earth and collaborators of Asgardia, aliens from a people rich in culture and technology that disappeared; The world will not be the same, today we saw ourselves in the mirror of a being that we do not imagine similar to ours, the Nazarene said it many years ago and we can remember it today:

 Specifically, the verse from Genesis that refers to this theme, he tells us: 

“And God said: Let us make the human being in our image, as our likeness. So God created the human being in his image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them ”. (Gn 2,26-27).

This for a long time was forgotten by the one who killed his fellow man for imposing his battles and making earthly glories, by everyone who bowed his fellow man for feeling superior to his essence and his race. It was difficult for them to see their God as their likeness and they visualized him in the heights and feared him.

Other thinkers in other times said something similar: 

Within the teachings of Siddharta Gautama, the philosophy that tries to explain a spiritual solution to human suffering, was his banner, a pacifist who valued what humans feel concerning their environment.

The list of historical figures who gave a humanistic message could be extended, recognizing equality and equity.

None of us believe that philosophy and beliefs are written in stone, we know that they must evolve and interact with others, recognize ourselves in others; for a long time it was thought that we would be killed by beings from other worlds, that we should defend ourselves, today we have proof that their resemblance to us, people with needs similar to ours, are made of the same essence that the cosmos is made.

Each of the Eggyans felt a special emotion, they also understood the lightness of living with a single natural satellite when they were seven moons, they embraced each other and prepared to keep with special appreciation the apple tree seed that Ana offered them to request the world, a place where her speech and her wishes that both shrubs would grow together in a special and commemorative place would be recognized.

Yilia raised his cup of coffee in the midst of all those present and exclaimed:

– I toast before all of you, my friends to the inhabited moons, the systems with life where the star that shares its heat and energy, illuminates the minds of all of us who wish to preserve with the passing of the centuries, the best version of ourselves in a front of the similarity of others.

Zila equally raised his cup and forcefully pointed out:

– I offer my toast to all my friends because life allows us to enjoy unsuspected realities, gives us strength to protect what we love, helps us never forget how fragile we are in the face of the power of the universe, and to find the strength for to flow in its immensity.

They all embraced and understood that the world would never be the same and that their legacy was already part of what they had made known to the world as an intergalactic confederation, whose reality was deeper, was the alliance, whose unified voice, it expanded among the inhabited planets, the solidary certainty, and the constancy that there would always be a new world to shelter in peace and harmony.

Photograph of the author: “The seed in memory of the pioneer Barderian and all the Eggyans”

The greatest reward in the hall of death

There are times when we recognize our limitations, but there will always be a small window through which we can look at that light that captivates and surprises us.

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Taige when expressing that comment looked with tenderness and love at the eyes of her beloved Yilia and remembered something that she did not say to anyone,  they were precisely the words of Barderian before the answer she gave him:

<In something we are alike dear Taige, we are two crazy lovers that we can never be next to the person we love due to circumstances, but we lead them as an indelible mark forever>

Barderian said to Taige:

<In something we are alike dear Taige, we are two crazy lovers that we can never be next to the person we love due to circumstances, but we lead them as an indelible mark forever>

Professor Zila suddenly understood that all human pain does not fit in the feeling of an Eggyan when losing his root world and searching for words with some difficulty, he finally got to the point:

– I figure out there were many deceased who were lost in the immensity of the cosmos trying that incredible and dangerous attempt, could you explain that part of the story to us, I must understand that many of the words that support your story are the closest to our understanding, the translator is impressive, it is also the age we observe of all of you after such a long journey.

At that they knocked on the door of Dean Perez Riv, they were Braulio and Frint who had just arrived from Chile and they hugged with great joy, after the presentations, Yilia asked Braulio to comment to all those present about his experience with the bioconnector.

Braulio sat down, took a sip of the delicious coffee with cinnamon that Ana prepared, and warned:

– I must confess that in the long run, I have managed to capture details that at that time did not correspond to the translation, well says Professor Zila, our Eggyan friends They look for words that achieve the similarity and give us a general context of a reality that we can hardly imagine but that memory I have alive as if it had been yesterday. I remember saying to Tai:

(Let’s go to the stage as Braulio lived it)

-I put myself in your hands, Tai, from now on -announced Braulio, slapping him hard on the back of the neck

Tai answered him seriously in front of the group in Mar del Plata: 

– For me this answer is a step towards intimacy, friend, you have decided to give me your essence so as not to lose me.

-Karina looked at them with tremulous emotion, her eyes flickered with tears, her friend willingly agreed to put something on his head in an act of loyalty and friendship towards an alien.

Braulio was excited about the experience since he would be the first Earthman with an alien device in his body:

-Verify me, I will be able to understand emotions that I cannot conceive, I don’t know what I can achieve but I thank everyone so much. Let’s move on to the procedure …

Tai nodded and without delay began:

She took out a sharp syringe without a receptacle for liquids and withdrew its connector from the back of her head, near the cerebellum, took it with an instrument, to look at it through a lens and separated a portion of it and said aloud:

This part contains traits of my genetic memory, when coming into contact with Brany’s cells, I suppose there will be a fusion to create a linked world of ideas, composed of both memories.

Paula smiled and commented: This is similar to what happens when a stem cell is touched by the genetic arsenal of another being, you remember biotechnologists, who have turned other living beings into resistant machines against pests and insecticides that could exterminate all a plot of strong fruit. In our world, genetic engineering was highly criticized until a few decades ago.

-Perhaps Paula, in a certain way the life of planet Earth is a mirror of the achievements of other worlds from the human perspective, the fauna, and flora, they are also living beings. This is not far from the conception that is thousands of light-years away.

Tai recovered her bioconnector, placing it in the back of her brain, with the syringe in her hand, she went to Braulio, placed the bio-connector on his arm, centimeters below his shoulder; his friend shuddered at the metallic cold on his skin and then nothing; apparently nothing.

It will take one to three hours to see the first symptoms, I can not give you any antecedents, the bioconnector that I have was placed in my early childhood, several centuries ago.

Taige clarified to the group regarding the last sentence mentioned by Braulio that although it was in some way true, the reality is that within her being there was not a unique Eggyan inhabited as they had already mentioned before, given the need to preserve ourselves, we had was recourse to contain in ourselves the dendrites of a significant number of Eggyans who could not travel individually and that we managed to mix with the genetic material of the Drieden, we enhanced their vitality and at the same time, they helped us to remain of a reasonable age during the trip.

Frint intervened in that part as a connoisseur and specialist of the brain issue:

– The brain is the one that directs its electrical pulses to the spinal cord, the spinal nerve of a living being consists of 31 pairs of nerves, in our case the multiplicity is very higher.

We could say with all property that the hall of death, chose to reward us uniquely and we can divide it into inner dendrite and diffuse and amber dendrite, about the second, Vidra can explain it in enough detail.

Do you remember the message that all of you heard in the celebration of your ritual? they were sent a message to all of you during the ritual that they performed in this beautiful house.

The astonishment was present among all the attendees, some of them with clear signs of exhaustion, the dawn was advancing and Ana addressed the group:

– Dear Frint, thank you for your words to my beloved home, I imagine that it would be good for you to rest, I notice exhaustion in many of those present, I offer them my rooms.

Most agreed with a grateful smile, without a doubt the world opened a window to the unknown that somehow resembled eternity.

Photo by Isabella Mariana on

Reference of the color text: Crystal Galaxy novel by Ariadne Gallardo Chapter 4, Friends and reunions, subtitle: How and where to take off?

It is not possible to travel to the past, you can only represent it

Every pioneer in the history of mankind when he has thrown himself into the void, chasing a dream, an adventure; recognizes that uncertainty accompanies him and in front of him, there is always the dim light of hope.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

In particular, I would like to be by Ontyl’s side, but since I do not have his physical presence and in the full knowledge that we are both drieden, I can ask him to guide me from a distance, without using conventional channels to transmit to you this critical part of the story, Vidra argument.

Under the principle of causality, we know that every cause must precede effects and it is not the other way around, what we are trying to do has no turning back and no possibility of deep analysis in the face of the reality that hit us head-on.

What for Professor Zila, here present, meant using the resource of magic, for us, it was to put it as a representative of applied science and that was what was done, the team of scientists who were advised by a special being, my dad.

We knew that there was only one chronological line within the universal laws, this placed us before a violent recognition: We are finite, we can only represent ourselves from what we can keep in the silicon files, what we treasure in the Murdorian crystal, as entities alive, defeat was certain.

Ontyl has to guide me in this part so that you can understand more technical matters: The answer is found in the temporal curves and the only ones capable of bending them were the drieden vectors.

Before sending the report, Barderian sent us his acknowledgement of receipt with a modification, slight but significant for all the scientists and Yertei, my father:

When he drew the symbol on a paper at the table where they all met, the surprise Zila was capitalized and exclaimed:

Professor Zila confuses the Eggyan symbol with the Algiz rune

– But this symbol is the Algiz rune, according to the ancients announced privileged information received directly from the Gods, it is a clear reference to the protection that magical entities used through this form of communication. Although imminent dangers lurk, you will be warned in time to save yourself, your property or your loved ones.

Surprised Vidra rectified Professor Zila, it is amazing what he tells us is a concept of the vector space of an isolated system and we do not know if it makes sense to humans, but for that reason, our starships were named Mega Vectors Egg … Of course is the translation, I do not know if the term vector is the closest thing, we try to translate it in the best way to understand each other.

The central idea was to assemble an isolated system and reduce it to its minimum expression, taking into account that only what we cannot see can cross dynamic fields.

Zila again exclaimed with deep admiration and astonishment at Vidra and Ontyl’s comments:

– You are describing to us the principle of quantum physics applied to a living being!

Vidra looked at Professor Zila and immediately afterwards turned her head to the side, the callsign that received information from Ontyl:

– Ontyl acknowledges that his argument is extremely logical.

Zila realized that the day he analyzed the video of that interview with his students, it was proof that they received information from a distant environment and their connections were extremely precise, so if they were put in total isolation, they would lose their ability, interacting with each other and raised the question:

– Please answer me, have all of you stopped being individuals, unique entities?

Vidra smiled and recognized with the group of eggyans that the professor’s insight was fascinating and only affirmed assisting with her head, adding:

– The bio-connector did not work in the same way in all, it required what Raudek deduced as compatibility already that surprise activated in many channel brains that had to be turned off and only those minds with a balance between chaos and stability could undergo the test without losing their lives.

Building an implant was not easy between trial and error, many volunteers went on to form what we call process matter, somehow their deaths were necessary to form the suppressor and modifier network. 

The material could not be an instrument of a material alien to the natural structure of the individual in the process; Ontyl request me to point out clearly that each of us is made of the same material as the stars and that was our victory and also a peculiar vision towards eternity.

They all looked at each other in surprise and the mystical leaders understood that their struggle to recognize themselves in the dynamics of the universe was not in vain. It was still necessary to know what happened when Taige decided to test herself in a challenge of no return where there were only two paths: Live or die.

Every pioneer in the history of mankind when he has thrown himself into the void, chasing a dream, an adventure; recognizes that uncertainty accompanies him and in front of him, there is always the dim light of hope.

Author´s draw “The Algiz symbol”

Tai’s dissertation on North America and the diplomatic agreement

Science has always allowed us to share, expand and strengthen ties between different cultures and its symphony is harmonious and unfolds through time.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Taking into account the established protocols, the academic staff was arranged to receive the group of Eggyans so that they could be presented with the charges and demands that the Institution of Higher Academic Studies had against Tai.

Jack, an Asgardian who received them in his cabin when they reached the town closest to the university headquarters, pointed out that the tendency of academics over time had become more inclusive in every way, branches of science that were not previously they considered themselves to be part of their chairs, they had gained ground, many other disciplines tended to disappear with the progress of digitized activities, and well, it was a world where the rigor of knowledge was highly placed in what they describe as a degree of excellence.

With a few hours of sleep, most of them set out to continue the journey to the famous university where they were waiting for their punctuality, Jack lowered various belongings from his truck so that everyone could get on without difficulty, they observed an adorable landscape with a lot of green vegetation and a fresh atmosphere, totally different from what they experienced in Iquique, another type of landscape, the wealth of the planet was a true treasure.

The corridors of the university,  reminded Tai and Yilia of the Castilviegers facilities on the moon Tuliem, a fascinating place with an ancient culture that had been preserved over time thanks to its agility to deflect asteroids. In part because of its geological formation, the couple smiled when taking into account this eccentric fact and at the same time a strategic point to advance in the future.

In a room with carved wooden armchairs, they were received by two deans, and Mrs. McGrell, greeted them with great cordiality, accompanied by the director of the astrophysics campus. Willing to manage deliberations and of course with the support of their other Eggyan companions, Taige and Yilia’s couple put their best talents in preparation for the moment that awaited them, they had already lived through thousands of difficult situations and this was another with which to face.

Clearing his voice, the director of the faculty of astrophysics prepared to read a series of charges and immediately afterward arranged different ways to remedy the embarrassing event, as he described it:

— I understand that your  real name is Taige from  Eggya, your professional position is Commander-in-chief of the intergalactic ship called  Mega Vector Egg-1 and your knowledge of astrophysics equals or surpasses that taught at this university, the dean clarified twice his voice and asked for an explanation to Tai:

— Respectable dean’s, I consider that studies may not be passed, we have different disciplines and orientations, but if a branch of my knowledge equates to what you call astrophysics.

The dean put his hand to his forehead and continued with his list of lawsuits that were more like argumentative propositions, from premise to conclusion, the Eggyans were aware that this was all going and how they could fix it, but they gave him time to elaborate and arrange each of the steps.

In the next step, Tai proposed to present an evaluative exam so that the dean and the director of the Faculty of Astrophysics would rate the knowledge that she had and if in some way these could help to establish a precedent in the face of the university of their respect to the campus and its academic discipline.

They finally agreed to deliberate with Tai on a financial amount for the non-pecuniary damage suffered by Mrs. McGrell and for preserving the prestige of the academic institution, and they agreed that Tai will take an exam that same afternoon on a sufficient basis.

Daniel requested a volume of the thesis of the distinguished graduate of the invaluable institution, and Jasik offered to create a digital version of it in the Eggyan language and Endelferg, she was undoubtedly part of one of the most important steps that they took,  that would not have been possible without their help.

The virtual library of Abudanaya in the remote village of  Medreos had a moon, it is precisely the place that Raudek Vilob’s team occupies to develop its research.

The Moon of Medreos 

The virtual library of Abudanaya in the remote village of  Medreos had a moon where the linguistic richness of nearby villagers and unknown treasured every discovery, was guarded by a large group of people that would be the equivalent of emeritus professors on earth. It is precisely the place that Raudek Vilob’s team occupies to develop its research.

Taking this data into account, Raudek spoke to her team when they met in the laboratory, traveling from Eggya to settle indefinitely in that place:

– Dear researchers, I thank you for your confidence in this new adventure, Igeldy, Antag, Folorig, Pascy, Ethym and Fardeg, have left everything to come here, I know that some miss their other colleagues whose occupations have prevented them from following us.

We do not have a large budget, as academics, you have a pension that helps you with your daily expenses, the institution offers us the equipment as payment, there is no per diem and you know it and you are here supporting a dream, thank you.

Every week we send a report of our progress to the virtual library Abudanaya, with a copy to pioneer Ingerin Barderian.

When saying these words there was some discomfort in those present and it was Igeldy who asked:

—  Have you thought that the pioneer Barderian could take too bad that it is precisely based on his notes that the investigation is undertaken? He may feel uncomfortable.

Raudek Vilob looked at her carefully and hinted at a slight smile:

— I know Ingerin, and also his ego has to value that, especially when he realizes that no matter how distant I am, I affirm myself with loyalty and special affection, giving the privileged place to each of his words. Besides, we must understand that inspiration and roots draw from something deeper and he must know it, since, in a long way, Barderian will be the one who closes the circle. We must trust it to be so.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Reference: In the first novel Galaxia de Cristal ISBN 9781980286844
This is mentioned: Endelferg, scientific language used by intergalactic corporations Chapter 5, Preparations for Mars, subtitle The poet waits, scientists do not.

The longing for eternity Is it something more than that?

Life placed them before a possibility, it could be wrong, but Raudek Vilob’s team would do everything to found out.

The beginnings

Second chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

An ovoid diagram, perhaps spherical, that was the least of it, within that drawing the notes of Ingerin Barderian were placed in sections; at a good distance Galdeg Fardeg only saw a stack of notes and some others placed on the laboratory diagram as he approached to greet his friend and head of the Lab:

– Hello Raudek, good morning, we are already settling in the cubicles, Is there something that do you need to tell us, any instructions?

Raudek looked at him with a smile and extended her arm with a note:

– Observe and tell me from your perspective what you understand, I am interested in knowing.

It took Galdeg a few seconds to understand the context to value that note, at first glance it was a romantic message, from someone who did not think about things much when expressing himself, he just did. Glanced at the thought, and meditates the possibility that her friend had somehow lost the reason to the impact of the rejection of Ingerin and finally answered his question:

– I will read the note to figure me an idea of what you need to find under my perspective:

Fardeg said: When Barderian falls in love with you, aroused a referential response in the activity connective of his brain.

“I winding up my brain thinking how to convince your soul so that you never forget me ”

1.- Winding a skein to make a harmonious fabric

2.- With that fabric, you try to flatter the senses 

3.- The feeling that arises from that can form a memory for a long time.

Raudek watched him with her hand resting on her chin as she questioned him again:

– Where in the diagram would you place that note?

Fardeg scratched his head nervously, he knew that she would not explain what the diagram was, otherwise the assimilation of knowledge would be explicit and that was not what she used to do:

– If this is a planner I put it in the part front, only the phrase “I winding up my brain”; I would put the rest in the occipital areas, that is, in the region where you imagine something.

Raudek looked at him with a statement and pointed out:

We know about Barderian’s relationship with driedens and his development to extend knowledge, the feedback in his dealings with them is blocked because Barderian has his Ygg in very broad, but that does not prevent them from penetrating his Gynelib

Fardeg looked at her astonished and at the same time incredulous:

– When Barderian falls in love with you, aroused a referential response in the activity connective of his brain. Will you be aware of those concepts?

– I have no clue, what I can assure you is that if he had put these messages in other eyes and minds, they would have remained as a mere emotional response and would not be part of the research that can give us guidelines to perpetuate our life.

Fardeg looked at her stunned:

– I do not understand clearly what you intend through a neural network

Raudek put her hand on his colleague’s shoulder and with total seriousness asserted:

–  Galdeg Fardeg  I am not sure,  I do not know where everything will take us, the only certainty is that the driedens have the answer and do not want to act alone or simply cannot. 


Ygg in Eggyano is the part of the brain of what we call the amygdala, the most social people have it very developed.
Gynelib, is the part of the brain that earthlings recognize as the neocortex

Emotionotopy in the human right temporo-parietal cortex Giada Lettieri 1,2, Giacomo Handjaras 1,2, Emiliano Ricciardi1, Andrea Leo 1, Paolo Papale 1, Monica Betta1, Pietro Pietrini1,3 & Luca Cecchetti 1,3 *

Design and drawing with filter by the author: “Barderian’s words in the hands of Fardeg”