Let´s play with what we have on the table

Achieving what only magic can is a work of fine spinning that takes time and perseverance, they have achieved it, but unknown forces until now could change everything forever, it will depend on them and at the same time they will be faced with the hazards of destiny.

The sequence, what is not forgotten and the glow of hope

May all the reasons to mobilize your neurons in the search for better options be your greatest motivation, each path opens up to a new and adventurous space where your step and that of those who accompany you will be fascinating!

The Stars their distance and resonance

Then you will understand that those who have noticed that as it is above, it is below, have not fallen in love with the reflection, refuting the false is a foggy path and with great difficulties, just analyze it.

Lightning and spark-proof love

Life rewards everything that is done with passion places you at the centre of great avatars and shows you options where only you will know the path to choose; let your wise experience then lead your way.

Lights, shadows, nuances…

When the world is uncertain, when everything falls apart, is when we must remember that we are part of a whole, whose unity gives us an argument not to give up and walk to that place where we can accomplish what we have proposed.

How old is hope?

Every human being recognizes in life that there is a task to fulfil, some dedicate themselves to the external care of their enclosures, others that of their children, some others to observe the universe, each one of them forms a map over the years, that shows them the route he has travelled and discovers that in reality hope cannot be measured in years.

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