The Mountaineer and the Lighthouse

Vuorik Hanks words to Morati: The XXIII century has shown us a path that was difficult for us to understand and alone we will never achieve what we have proposed, therefore here there is a balance that is contemplated between two concepts: Projections and Obstacles.

The Meeting and the look to the future

A quiet, constant, silent work; iron confidence and fireproof, thought crossing the dense waters of ancestral beliefs and in the end prevailing over everything that could be verifiable and that was not governed by the imposition of ideas, a path to reason and understanding was distant, however, that is the goal ” The MessengerBy Ariadne… Sigue leyendo The Meeting and the look to the future

The Stars their distance and resonance

Then you will understand that those who have noticed that as it is above, it is below, have not fallen in love with the reflection, refuting the false is a foggy path and with great difficulties, just analyze it.

Erandi´s commitment and her warnings

Life will put forces in your path that will pull your understanding and with which, if you are capable, you will be able to weave the most amazing fabric of stories in a warp and weft that can never be broken.

Storms of ideas, storms of vital energy

If you are what you write, believe what you say, in every word you remember you will feel that the truthfulness of your words is unforgettable, they will become part of your synapse and the DNA of the time you have lived.

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