Integrate the force to the next level

Let us remember that the magician is the force in all magical activity, all his resources are empowered by his will.

“The influence you can exert on the forces that accompany you is vital, by coming into contact with the essence of others you can clearly understand to what extent you can intervene in any decision they make”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Dayami that afternoon got in touch with Zila to prepare them for the seventh level towards the depths of Mictlán, now they had a sigil, they recognized their strengths and understood their weaknesses, so she asked him that when they join they will leave an identity stamp before going down, that way they could return without getting lost.

Zila spoke to all of them and asked them what they could leave at the entrance that formed an intersection between the sixth and seventh levels, and the first to speak was Javier:

-We could leave the seal of power, it is our defense, everyone’s identity. as a group.

Diego shook his head negatively said seriously:

-No, that is our shield if we leave it stuck in the threshold. I think it is dangerous, it must accompany us to the end, we cannot leave it as an ornament far from us.

Patricio, who always put practicality ahead, pointed out:

-All of us have skills but the most basic of all is the one we have in our hands, with them we can mark the entrance, what do you think?

Timoteo with a smile said that he agreed to the moment that Evaristo with great disposition warned:

-There must be a way to make a stain on the stone, before starting the ritual I am going to put some elements together to form a mixture where we can ink our hands.

Jacobo with a positive attitude exclaimed:

-It is the best way to leave a signal, if it is a good idea mate, I agree, would it have to be something that did not vanish, or is the intention sufficient for it to be perceived?

Santiago finally warned:

-Right now we are a united force and I feel that the warmth of our hands with the ink that Evaristo prepares will fulfill the objective unless Dayami has something else to say, she gave us to choose a stamp.

Zila was the only one who could talk to Dayami, when they were not in a ritual circle, it was he who could perceive Dayami’s voice so they all fell silent for her to communicate again.

Then Zila affirmed:

-She says that she is fine and reminds us that her blood will be on the seal giving recognition to the ritual.

In this way the threshold was marked:

The seal of the enlightened ones on the threshold towards the seventh level of the Mictlan.

Each one of them understood that in that seal they had left a part of themselves waiting to be discovered by something unknown, when they met again in the magic circle, each one of them felt a current of wind travel through their bodies, a kind of warning of they were not alone.

Dayami addressed everyone:

“Magic uses instruments to focus us, but magic belongs to us, it is who we are and what we believe in.”

From the seal, wrapped in an energetic wind, a faint thread was detached, barely perceptible, which followed them towards the next level and took three turns in the body of each one of them as their minds imagined an intricate maze that was getting darker for them each time more and more.

Dayami spoke to them again pointing out:

“Discover in the voices what they tell you and understand who they are and why they speak to you”

This was the most complex part for everyone, it was not something shared by others, they felt alone before a test that confronted them with their feelings, the voices of those who were no longer there, their claims, and later those same voices left out the image of the person they had recognized to appear on the faces of people they had treated years later creating a strong confusion in his soul when comparing them with who they were not.

They remembered the moments when they were with someone thinking about other people who would no longer return to their lives, at that moment several of them began to despair to try to escape from those images and the invisible bond that kept them tied with three magic turns it prevented moving outside the circle.

Dayami spoke again:

“Each one must solve the riddle, must invalidate the false image and regain consciousness, there is no method in this you are alone, solve it!”

They recognized that what had confronted them in the past with living beings was now a memory, what had been spoiled no longer had a solution, but had left the teaching to be able to free themselves.

At that moment they felt that the barely perceptible rope or loop that was holding them together little by little released them from their bindings.

Dayami finally exclaimed:

“We have conquered the ghosts of the past, we have strengthened who we are on the way to the light” 

They all felt that their breathing became slow again, that they could finally separate the past from the present and a deep relief took hold from each of them. They had the option of taking the tip of that magic strand to return or doing it on their own feet, the rope would be there to guide them back to reality.

Let us remember that the magician is the force in all magical activity, all his resources are empowered by his will.

Author´s notes:

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Balancing is the most difficult task

In life, there will be many groups and many friends, but those who become your allies must be those who draw on the same source of power, revolve around it and make it their reason for being.

“Life will always show you alternatives, you can choose them at random or balance your options by placing thoughts in each action”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Going down to the fifth level of the Aztec underworld would not be easy at all, they, the enlightened ones, would have They have to recognize the options that were presented to them in life and that they had to accept out of necessity and those that they had to forget despite not wanting to.

The first to suffer from all this was Dayami, chosen to be part of the sacrifices in the festivities of the calendrical cycle have turned 52, she would have to be part of the living offerings to the Sun and accept her destiny by singing music with a ceremonial flute, she remembered when her face was filled with joy when she heard Erandi say to her:

Let us remember the passage as it was related:

The ceremonial flute of the maidens prior to the sacrifice

When it was her turn to Dayami, which in the Nahuatl language means Goddess of the River, the words of the priestess Ometeotl changes and the speech opens a possibility,  she understands and  vibrates  in the thought of that maiden:

“The universe has endowed you with magic, be your blood the riverbed that grows and feeding the seeds of the fields and the strength of thoughts “

Rarely do we find in our name the possibility of being one with it and understanding it as part of a journey, not everyone conceives it that way and it is not for everybody, but it happens, but if it is the case, someone who recognizes, we will have managed to open the necessary portal. Dayami’s blood would serve a purpose beyond her death.

Over time, Dayami understands perfectly what is the reason why the light changed everything for her and under the harvest moon she understood at the moment that they lived next to the eight enlightened ones that the journey travelled was bearing fruit.

Then she goes back to Zila to begin the descent to the fifth level of Mictlán with these words:

– Let us join hands again in the ceremonial circle, Zila, all companions, today we celebrate an important achievement we celebrate the acts of each one of us as light protectors and diffusers; what we cease to be has endowed us with two paths, in one governs the reason and in the other the great passions that move us forward.

The smoking mirror of Tezcatlipoca makes us recognize that within what we are the death that we will be is present, to be reborn in those who learned from us what is important to preserve.

Now watch what you were!

On this occasion, none of them saw separate images, they all saw the same apparition in the centre of the circle:

A rider with a torch in his hand sets fire to the ceremonial circle and makes the horse jump off into the gloom.

Dayami continues speaking:

“ Of course,  perhaps you had goals to accomplish, people to obey and honour, tasks to abide by, wealth to obtain, recognition to receive … Everything ceased to be. ”

They saw Tezcatlipoca again and this time his warrior’s face under the skin of the jaguar gradually turns before the astonished gaze of the eight enlightened into a skull.

Dayami continues:

“They have died to material life just like me, each passion is seen under the light of magic, all the reasons that their mind shows them obey the same goal, today we all saw the same thing, we have tuned the senses, We advance in understanding that magic is our strength. ”

In life, there will be many groups and many friends, but those who become your allies must be those who draw on the same source of power, revolve around it and make it their reason for being.

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Photographic Composition of an Aztec Ceremonial Flute with Free Filter by PicsArt

Remember this post and the following 3 after this

Filter, recreate, stage

All your fears are the product of what you have lived, of those moments where you have failed and they have abandoned you, remember that everything that left you behind did because he had already given you teaching, now it is your turn to be the Master.

“Avoid falling into that speech that you already know, the one that you have already made; activates what is not easy to perceive with the gaze, only then will the magic be fulfilled ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The eight enlightened ones locked in the caves of Cacahuamilpa, began to feel claustrophobic, it was difficult for them to fall asleep and they were upset since they knew that for no reason they had to get out of there and with the passing of the hours and the days the situation was suffocating for them after having been so long in the open sea and enjoying the great stellar spectacle.

The sensory deprivation to which they were subjected prevented them from relaxing their minds, evoking some entity even without wondering, put all of them in great contradiction with what they had managed to understand in the open sea.

Some of them began to hallucinate with images of fantastic animals or fear of the noises evoked by the resonance of the echo in the caves. 

Zila alerted Dayami, asked for her support if the caravan that would escort them to the Temple of the Moon delayed, this would be a disaster in a few hours.

Dayami understood that training is one of the most useful and necessary tasks for the ascended, they had arrived there by chance of fate and at the same time by the intervention of forces such as those invoked by Erandi, but they needed something more and she spoke with Zila:

-When you balance what you feel with what you think, things are easier, it is natural that now you do not feel that you are stepping on solid ground, there is a side that perceives sensations in your mind and another that analyzes them; your friends and you, have received information and it is mixing with what they had learned a long time ago and in it, there are many things that can be discarded, but it is not easy.

I’m going to ask you all to hold hands in a circle, remember the circle that made them what they are, there is no fire here and it is dangerous to light one then when you close your eyes I need to know what you see, I will do everything possible because they can see a light similar to fire in the centre then we can begin to train the mind.

Zila told all his companions:

Dayami will help us, I need all of us to hold hands. Now close your eyes and say out loud what you see.

Evaristo observed snakes in the water that he would use to boil guava leaves and oranges for nausea; Patricio felt his legs were numb and his back itched, he began to try to see if it was ants that were climbing on his body; Diego watches what he had managed to catch for dinner escape from his fishing net; Javier painfully remembers the day the woman he loved left him; Santiago The only thing in mind is to run out of the grotto and shout into the open air; Timoteo observes a cross among the limestone formations of the cave but when he gets closer he disappears and feels guilty; Jacobo watches as his giver of power Bormanicus comes out of the sea and snatches the conch, with great anger, without him understanding the reasons and Zila, who is the one closest to Dayami, remembers with dismay that he never had the opportunity to have a name like all his companions until the day he stopped being Al-Majus, as they scornfully called him to become Zila.

When everyone spoke aloud what they saw their sobs invaded the place and little by little they noticed how all those memories faded when they observed an amber light in the middle of their circle and at that moment Dayami was able to address all of them:

“Advise Those who have to govern the path of the ascended is a complex task, each idea will give us a new problem, what they were and what they are, it will not be separated of all of you but if we can filter what damages us with reason, together with the will and imagination coupled with magic we can build what we need to be.

It will not be the same for everyone, your experiences are not the same, neither are your roots, but the light that governs your actions has already been recognized and is in you; there are underworlds, called hells, that some will carry forever. Realize why that place is made of fire, fire filters, fire reduces to bones what was previously a body with flesh, fire transforms.

What remains after the fire we call Mictlán, is the resting place of the dead, there are nine dimensions, we will go through each one of them and with the remains that remain in our hands we will build the scene we need; Today is day 1 of the tour, the ceremonial bonfire cannot die, it is necessary and our strength is in it. “

The eight friends when they opened their eyes felt that a soft breeze surrounded their bodies and a pleasant relief, the hope returned to them.

All your fears are the product of what you have lived, of those moments where you have failed and they have abandoned you, remember that everything that left you behind did because he had already given you teaching, now it is your turn to be the Master.

Author’s Notes:

Photographic composition of a piece of amber by the author, with filter free by PicsArt

Erandi´s astral vision

Life offers us unique and wonderful gifts from which we can learn and share them when possible, they are part of who we are and what we did in the company of other beings we love.

“In times of change you will do everything in your power to seek allies, all those new opportunities that open up before you, the new horizons that appear are helpful, all wisdom comes from meditation. Sometimes you lose more in a position of power, analyzing it is important. “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Thanks to the tours that Dayami made, the connection with other realities was expanded to Erandi, she observed towns where men with whom they wanted to make alliances were pleased, using maidens as part of the banquet, Erandi went further, As a woman she understood that every human being has values ​​and also needs and for her it was more profitable to link the enlightened with possible benefactors of their roots in a new world, people who would not fulfil a fleeting wish, they would be the facilitators of a bond that would be strengthened with time and when they will arrive at her lands, all of them would understand with their perception that at some point they would be in front of those ladies who were not ladies of companions, they were the women who would become their accomplices, travelling companions and allies.

At the same time, she had her eyes fixed on the peculiar personality of  Hour that was presented to her in the ceremony of the Sun, Erandi with her gaze astral vision, realize that him that they were a being that could not break a powerful pact with lightning and that was their strength and at some point would be Painani’s sadness, but no one is guaranteed happiness as a constant and that was recognized by both she and Painani herself who experienced new sensations next to a man of fire and electrifying light that showed to her the world with other nuances and He had been determined to turn a year of her life into the greatest power of teachings. 

In this way, the lunar calendar would take on a new symbology that would not only nourish the culture of a people but would also be an accumulation of data that would cover the celestial vault.

The Scorpion 

They joined different knowledge to achieve that each lunar cycle will endow them with strength and meaning to elaborate tasks according to the behaviour of the animal of power who the one that came to meet them in the next cycle.

11Ozomahtli (Mono)Patecatl
14Itzcuintli(Dog)Xipe Totec
16Cozcacuauhtli (Vulture)Xolotl
17Atl (Water)Chalchihuihtotolin
18Ehecatl (Wind)Chantico
19Cuauhtli (Eagle)Xochiquetzal
20Tochtli (Rabbit)Xiuhtecuhtli 

Let us quote verbatim data from the system referring to the lunar calendar Tonalpohualli:

The stone counting the days and destiny, ordering its universe and governing the counting of the cycles, which adjusts the lives of men and peoples to the cosmic pulsation, to the beat of the seasons and other phenomena that determine terrestrial mutations and energetic changes, that is why it did not rotate alone, it needed a second gear:

N °SignGodBody
1Cipactli (Caiman / Crocodile)TonacatecuhtliVenus
2Ehecatl (Wind)Quetzalcoatl Venus
4Cuetzpalin(lizard)Huehuecoyotl Saturn
5Coatl(Snake)Chalchihuitlicue Saturn
8Atl(Water)Xiuhtecuhtli Mars
15Cuauhtli(Eagle)Xipe TotecSol
16Cozcacuauhtli (Vulture)ItzpapalotlSol
17Ollin (Movement)XolotlSol
18Tecpatl (Flint)ChalchiuhtotolinMercury
19Quiahuitl (Rain)TonatiuhMercurio
20Xochitl (Flower)XochiquetzalVenus

Before this reality, Hora showed Painani the reflection of the sky as if it were a mirror where each power animal could be found in the sky and each deity belonging to a culture such as that of She could also be part of what other peoples considered and at every moment he indicated:

-Observe Negrita, as it is above it is below, no one escapes the power of heaven and when its strength demands us we will understand much more than what you can observe now others have already seen it and have named it, each culture and people can see it from that place that allows it to be an observer and thus they have given it different names, it understands that its essence is the same and its power is for everyone, no matter how the names.

Now only lightning can show me the power animal that must be found in a cycle and I assure you, Lightning is very careful about that.

Painani did not understand clearly what Hora was referring to when he pointed out “When his strength claimes us”, however in a previous text I made known to them in some way that it will happen, but that trip, no matter how much Hora himself insists on convincing Lightning, It should not be shared, for her it is better not to know.

Life offers us unique and wonderful gifts from which we can learn and share them when possible, they are part of who we are and what we did in the company of other beings we love.

Author´s notes:

Reference to the lunar calendar taken from:  https: //

Illustration of the constellation Scorpio from file

Time Observes

Any living experience that obeys reasons that go beyond the routine of life, involves something that has to surprise you and you should be attentive.

“Everything that you can touch makes you the owner of various creations, a good part of them do not belong to you, remember that the land you are is not the one you step on, but the one you work always thinking of a place that you do not inhabit in your time ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

There was a time when the world was not what it is now, it was not governed by the rules and borders that guard us today; its limits were different and we all hope that in the future this will continue to change.

It is good to review what history raises, whose ultimate goal is to reach what we have already addressed, those years between 2800 and 3000 that we recognize as part of the Gregorian calendar.

Each character brings us closer to what we remember and their roots have become a network of connections that are not insurmountable, but malleable and flexible, they are the warp and weft of something that we have not yet lived and that many of us want; We are going under the gaze of thunder to leave flashes between some of the pages that have already been written:

Let us remember, for example, that heartbreaking moment when the Master lying on the deck of his small Viking ship suffers and mourns the death of his beloved tutor Sol and screams between sobs under the storm:

“I will never again mud my heart with dirt”

He is aware that he will not step on the ground that saw him grow again and that causes him immense pain, but later he strengthens creating a solid space inland from Denmark next to Ellinor, the audacious woman who will accompany him to his end in this life.

So I can go pointing out each of the characters in history and their path to the future, we can see that there are very few who have to stay in the place where they were born because wherever they go they will be disseminators of great ideas and they will strengthen in the distance, recognizing that the land in which they work will be the one that will reaffirm them beyond the borders as strong beings illuminated by a light that will not be extinguished.

Perhaps the greatest fortune of each of them lies in knowing how to communicate, it is not with everyone that they will achieve that benefit, not all will read them in the same way, things have to happen that, seen before the gaze of the present, could surprise us but the root of a tree communicates in unexpected ways, so to speak.

Pay special attention to this passage:

The day after the Cacahuamilpa caverns, Zila contacted Dayami to tell her how he got that name, a Latvian word that means blue.

Let us remember that the Zila of the century that we still do not live, the XXX, according to the grandmother and great-grandmother consider him Finnish, and we do not know if the branch of his history arises there or in Latvia, but at that time the border marks were not the same, we do not know if he has a direct generational root of those who arrived in Newfoundland; or of those who inhabited the coasts of Portugal for a time.

However, due to direct generational roots or not in Professor Zila, the promise that several generations of men would bear that name is fulfilled. Regardless of this reflection, hear clearly what she asks Zila the deity of the river called Dayami:

“Tell me about the river that you most  remember or most appreciate in the land that you were born”

Zila answers:

I recall with appreciation the river Aura, in that place a wild berry and strawberry picker observed something that kept him captivated; Throughout his life, he did not forget and what I am about to tell you is not something that known.

Dayami, listen to me, I now believe this and I can stop seeing it as a legend or the vision of a madman. With everything that I am now living with, I feel that this man was telling the truth, some situations seem to have no rational explanation and certainly be seen through magic.

That man observed a woman with very white skin in a flowing dress in the middle of the snow, a white dress, accompanied by a red-furred fox with whom she was talking and from one moment to another the fox turning around made his body lights of different colours came off like a beautiful rainbow.

That is the reason why they named him Valvo, which means to look; many did it as a mockery, they were incredulous, somehow he told it with total security and I believed him.

Dayami told him:

I can communicate magically with the rivers and I know that at some point they will be part of who we are and what we want. There are raging wars in this time dear Zila, but in the future there will be other types of battles that men will not necessarily start, our work does not end and when I have news about the woman in the white dress and her fox friend I will let you know.

Now, do you understand what observes the time and what they will weave for the future?

Any living experience that obeys reasons that go beyond the routine of life, involves something that has to surprise you and you should be attentive.

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The Sun doesn´t hide anything

When someone comes into your life and for many reasons you know they must be, there will be countless signs that will tell you clearly.

”Every curious mind inquires, communicates and seeks that its interlocutor does the same; the past is presented for analysis of the present, look at your roots and from there launch whatever you want the universe to adopt as its own “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That morning under the stubborn and tenacious shine of the Sun’s rays Painani started the area where her ritual would be accompanied by the symbols of her cultural roots and she addressed the daring companion who now turned her days into something entertaining and different:

-Dear Hora I have to walk to the area where the message of the Sun vibrates intensely, that For me he represents Tonatiuh, I must know some mysteries that only he will take off and I want you to be my special guest.

From the comfort zone where I lived and nurtured my childhood, there is practically nothing left for which I must return, but I will honour what I learned and what I am.

Hora took her hands and locked them in his at the moment he said:

-All traumatic experience arises an unstoppable force that urges us to create and demonstrate that life has put us to the test, it is like rising from the ashes, returning to the world. of ideas and facts. In the plane where you are looking for what is just and true, there will be those who offer you a kind love, but many times it will be flooded with the needs that that being has to complete itself, there will always be two sides of the same coin.

Painani stared at him and found in the voice of that man who sometimes changed words giving another meaning to the sentence, but for some reason, she understood his effort to make himself understood and in the intention of his words he completed the context of what she needed to acknowledge.

At that moment he moved back and removed all his clothes and looked at her naked in the front, she was surprised, she did not expect such a reaction and she put her hands to her mouth to cover her astonishment and a little her laugh at the crazy spectacle when she heard him say:

“He who appears before you naked will show that he has nothing but his sincerity and courage and will be the only thing he has to give you.”

That is me, from the front like the face of the moon but before the total presence of the Sun that falls on my naked body and thus does not hide anything at all.

Of course, I accept the honourable invitation to accompany you and be presented to the dignities of your people. I came to the world naked, I presented myself before you naked and I will leave in the same way, when the lightning decides.

Harmony and cooperation are reserved for very few people who meet for work or the ritual of something they believe in, if you look at the horizon you will see it clearly: Look around you right now, there is no one, we are the two humans alone in this jungle space. 

Happiness is not complicated, it is not total, it is not forever, but it exists; Follow your intuition as up to now and let it be the torch that illuminates your search, in the same way, that we discovered the scorpion, we will discover much more in the future.

Among the yearnings for wealth, there are the beings that move by power and right now before the sun I do not see that intention in you, you are noble and dedicated to your millennial work, a visionary power accompanies you and I will witness their advice.

Both held hands and joyfully advanced through the spaces where the power of the Sun vibrated until Painani stopped and pointed out with her ceremonial rod the exact place to start her magical ritual.

She remained crouched touching the earth with both hands and urged her partner Hora to do the same when she said:

-Erandi is my tutor and is the custodian of the temple of the moon, she has sent me saving me from certain death, she knew of your energy, I told her that someone was following me and I could not perceive it, there is a relationship between you and my ancient stone that was given to me in the lands of a town called Chichén Itzá where the wise observers of the sky live. Ek Balam is the name of the person who gave me the stone and means the Star of the Jaguar:

Painani shows Hora the stone heaven

Let´s remember this passage:

The observer from the sky named Ek Balam offered her a small gift to will remember it despite the distance, something that she would keep with affection. These were the words that the skywatcher told her:

“All beings on the planet are skywatchers, each star has a life span and is wonderfully different from human time, remember that every moment you live creating and dreaming, A star will watch over you and will want to know about your intelligence and daring, as much as you about its energy and infinite presence during your life. Let the piece of the sky be your company and the minimal presence of a star to always accompany you ” 

Hora observed with attention and understood that his arrival at the jaguar’s trap was not a coincidence and that everything had been arranged for him to meet with her and he felt happy that out of that way and manifested it to the woman he affectionately called Negrita, analyzing the stone that she showed him, he pointed out:

-The stones that fall from the sky are valuable elements, they help us to connect with other dimensions and with what we project and in the same way, They do it with what we feel for others. Let’s wait for the message from your custody, she should know about me and I about her.

Both of them calmed their minds and remained under the shelter of the Sun and its strength to receive the magic that would connect them with the world to which they arrived serene and in search of a force that they already had and would send to the universe.

When someone comes into your life and for many reasons you know they must be, there will be countless signs that will tell you so clearly.

Author’s notes: 

You can check the passage mentioned in the full post here:

Photographic composition of the author with a free PicsArt filter: “Painani shows Hora the stone of heaven”

Are you ready to take on a new challenge? 

If life puts you before the possibility of starting a new relationship with whoever decides to do what is in their power to achieve it, do not overthink it, life is today.

“Each of your skills will be put to the test, everything has to move quickly in a terrain that you do not know. I advise you to walk with agility, flow, do not stop the results only appear like this, look around you ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Zila was convinced that his friendship and attachment to Dayami had become his strength and encouragement when he notified his friends that At last, she reached the river, he knew she would not say goodbye and would be close when he or the group needed her. With force he hears her say inside her head:

“Zila, friends, enlightened all, may the  intuition always involves all of  you!”

In each feat that they had performed, each decision was programmed and calculated as a group, they had created a solid team and strengthened by their enormous friendship. Each of them had matured in a way that surprised them, everything they did and felt was a projection of that light that never left their senses and thoughts.

Painani, for her part,  far from everything they experienced, sensed through Erandi that at any moment those men taller than them and with hair on their chests and backs, would be in the lands of their homeland to which they would never return and that she longed with the resignation of someone who knows that for certain characters from her homeland she had died and it was better to let them believe that for the good of the entire clan of enlightened ones.

Her task was not yet finished and in the land where the Sun had a special dwelling, there was much to do, matters of magic that she knew perfectly and that would give context to her adventures, her balance sheet and that of her people to perceive in the Sun the force that it has been and will be.

Something moved her to change course and begin to walk cautiously in an overwhelmingly beautiful terrain of impenetrable jungle, she perceived the danger and measured her steps, she was meditating with all the happy memories of the people who considered and even venerated the Sun and who shown their own rituals, where she sharing with all of them their own feelings about the Sun.

Painani recognized that many moments of her life had been painful and she understood that everything that had damaged her could be transformed into liberating creations; Suddenly she realized that someone was singing in a way that she did not know, in a language that she did not recognize. It was the voice of a human being, a man with a deep,  and nice voice, but everywhere she tried to see him, she couldn’t, so she followed that voice to a pit that was illuminated by the Sun and cautiously peeked out, kneeling and lowering his head, then Hora realized that at last, the moment had come, she was there and exclaimed:

-The Sun has allowed me to be seen by you, I am glad that your step did not come under the gloom of the night to this place!

Painani did not understand any of the words but she realized that they were sweet and emotionally charged, then she understood what was happening, she remembered the shaman who told her that someone had captured her with the thought.

She appeared with a huge smile looking at a man similar to those who came or had already arrived from the sea, with eyes the colour of the sky and suddenly she felt uncertain that some of them had been lost and was in that place by accident, but something into her intuition that told her that this man had not come from the sea, his journey was different. 

When he looked at her he exclaimed:

Negrita, please help me out of this place. Be careful it was the fate of a jaguar but it was not.

She spoke in Nahuatl so that he would understand that she understood absolutely nothing of what he was saying, stretching out her hand for him to do something, in the same way, she indicated that the tip of the hammock would be a good resource to help him get out of his strange prison.

Once the custodian of the lightning was free from his comfortable prison where he could meditate and imagine magical structures where life flowed especially, he thanked with reverence and touching his chest indicated his name:

-I am Hora for the benefit of my parrot friend, the custodian and protector of the Lightning by the fortune of the universe and named cricket-man by inhabitants bari of the Catatumbo river area; but you can just tell me, Hora.

Faced with such a spectacular presentation, the words that remained in Painani’s mind were that he could name him Hora, so he responded with another bow to say:

-Hora, touching her chest, she indicated, Painani.

Hora, that he was not going to stay at that, he extended his arms to the sky and asked his custodian and protector to give him the necessary agility to speak with the woman to whom he would make a surprising proposal, so using a rod he requests to her who wrote letters of her language and gave sound to each one of them and of course before night fell she could already understand with the woman she had considered an angel, then with total certainty that it was time to To make his statement, he looked at her seriously and decreed:

“Painani of the temple of the moon and custody of solar honours, I will make an experience of a year of your life in 13”

Painani with a smile answered surprised:

-If every year has thirteen moons, I think they will be the most fun and creative I will ever have, I accept with pleasure. She, the moon, whom I know as Coyolxauhqui, never shows us the same face, but she always has to look us straight ahead, let us entrust our friendship to her reflection.

Both with a pleasant smile will start a journey where there were no special plans, only the desire to share who they were.

If life puts you before the possibility of starting a new relationship with whoever decides to do what is in their power to achieve it, do not overthink it, life is today.

Author´s notes:

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The crossroads after the death

The deepest loneliness can lead us to various encounters, in the end, what stays by your side is what you are, and if that something is your reflection, just become welcome.

“No one can know the force that the voice of silence of someone who has died carries with it, but you know it perfectly. You have penetrated the message sent by someone whose senses are open to understanding that there is never true silence.”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Absolutely no one will spontaneously appear out of nowhere to become your everything, nor is he going to compromise out of nowhere in your dreams. There is a clear idea when you are willing for something to happen, you have to work looking for alternatives for your purposes, someone is going to throw you into a commitment or leave you alone.

There are lucky offers every journey needs them, they don’t always appear, what usually happens is that you can identify the characters who can influence it, there are analytics and those who make decisions based on what they know.

Any offer can generate unexpected, untimely, even crazy results from people who do not measure their words or you will find the opposite, people so cautious that they are afraid of risk. Not everyone enjoys the harvest of what they have sown, they leave it ready for those who come after, some hope to see results that favour them.

Erandi knew this perfectly when she chose Dayami to navigate that daring journey, where much of what would happen was unknown to both of them. Now she returns to her land with the clear hope of having fulfilled a painful and at the same time predictive task, it was not easy to understand what she was in a world made for the living, nor to recognize what prompted her to continue with that. energy and yet she did it and was content to be able to live between life and death.

She observed the small bifurcation that showed her the path from the sea to the river, it is important to clarify what she observed, perhaps it is not the word she sensed it as everything or almost everything that she managed to feel in the surrounding reality. With a sigh, if it could be called that way, she exclaimed:

-I do not know what will become of my people, entertained in traditions and rituals, unaware of what I have perceived, oblivious to pain and death, thinking that there will always be a dignified exit to the unknown.

I wonder if at some point I will be able to find another Anxaá to share moments, it would have to be someone with my determination or stubbornness to get to where it is difficult to do it …

Maybe it is easier to be a spirit than to face the living, that’s why I’m glad to have found the eight custodians of the light, they did not refute anything I told them, they go straight ahead without fear of falling, making mistakes, they are not stopped by any structure to which they offered veneration, they know that things are They do or are not done, they do not expect to be glorified by anyone, their intuition guides them and they owed to the light.

History itself could forget them, but they know that their group, the one that has to continue will never do so, will want to label them, some flatters will want to be complacent with them, but they know they will not change who they are.

That I perceive, I am Dayami the deity of the river and I do not know if my certainties will be as I have thought them, but something tells me that there is never a certainty, only a journey where you advance with what you are and remove what no longer goes with you.

The deepest loneliness can lead us to various encounters, in the end, what stays by your side is what you are, and if that something is your reflection, just become welcome.

Author´s notes:

Anxaá Means soul in Nahuatl

Drawing of the author to crayola with free filter of PicsArt “The allegory of Dayami”

The route that I pursue in dreams

If you have felt that this person is to you and that even with everything against it, it will be that way, believe it is true, it is real.

“We are the world we live in, we yearn for the one we build, within its structures are the highest values ​​that we never start to meditate on whether or not they will be attainable, we simply pursue them”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

In what way We respond to the villagers who recently sheltered us and appreciated who we are?

This question became the thought that two beings who did not know each other physically but both asked the same question in different geographical positions, what was there between them for there to be compelling reasons for asking that question and not another question.

Well let’s see, Painani leaves Costa Rica and goes to her next position, on the way she senses that something is taking her sleep away, that something or someone senses her and does not understand the reason, she builds in her mind the words and voices of the settlers with who shared their ideas, all of them very attentive to trying to understand each other with their way of expressing themselves and conceiving the world from their Nahua vision.

Let us remember this passage:

If Painani accepted the offer in the Chorotega language of a nance liquor drink in a ceremonial clay pot and responded with the same words with which it was offered, even though he did not know the full meaning of these, it would immediately be accepted in the group as a trusted guest.

Then she remembered that moment and realized that many of the villagers considered her one more among them, someone who did not reject something they did not know, simply accepted it with full confidence, she half between them with a step that did not allow for mistrust and With this, he won the sympathy of many, especially the Shaman who warned him:

-You have the stone of a ritual as old as the world in its formation and it resides the magnetism of responses from other worlds that have to reach your intuition. , do not let emotions contaminate it, the intelligence that the body has accumulates what we are even before we are born, but there is a leap into the void that does not take the time for any reasoning; pay attention to the way someone has surrounded your aura, your anxxá, (soul) that is how you said it, and in that intimate space someone wants to enter, be cautious, be skilful and discover it. 

At the moment that Painani remembered those words from his belt, he extracted the stone that was given to him by the Mayans and placed it on his chest, exclaiming:

“The day there is no human power to make you give up, that day you will know what you are capable for love ”

We know who it is, of course, analyze carefully, he is the man who has sensed her through his path and has imagined her as an angel with winged feet.

This does not stop here, by placing the magnetized stone under the pulse of her heart Painani awakened forces of a power that was already created, but until now it became something evident to her as well, those nights of mental agitation of loss of sleep, no they were due to external circumstances but to the evident moment that she was living and that brought her closer to a coincident, unique and special position.

 “The Message sent by the tree”

Hora for his part felt that it was not his heart that was beating, it was not him, someone else was in that place where it was possible to open a magical and intimate portal, he dropped suddenly  for something He had never experienced before and recovering, his breath he approached a tree, he knew that they could act as messengers through its branches and, touching it with special tenderness, he whispered the following:

“Touch the soul

from the wind …

feel its beat

very inside.

Clamour out to for love

the one most longed”

Neither of them knew what would happen, but Painani understood that what the shaman told him was true, that it was not otherwise and only in that way, she was approaching the man who had surrounded her soul, he had held her together for a while, she didn’t know since when but she just understood already.

If you have felt that this person is to you and that even with everything against it, it will be that way, believe it is true, it is real.

Author´s notes:

Photo composition by the author:  “The Message sent by the tree”

Nothing is stronger than the truth

When you understand the power that you are versus the energy that recognizes you as equal, your life changes profoundly and fascinatingly.

“When magical thinking tells you what is true and an alternate reality that was not easy to conceive is installed in your mind, the world becomes something different, doors are opened to a new, stronger voice and functional ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The sky showed a majestic signal that morning in the deep and vast sea that surrounded the eight navigators, no one was indifferent they immediately realized that the new moon marked the boundaries between the deities that covered the wide territory maritime and all trembled in awe of fascinating enthusiasm.

The fish in the sky

As evening fell, an impressive wall formed by the water surrounded them, a kind of insurmountable wall that seized their weak barge and made them understand the majestic power of Poseidon; it was impossible to perceive the horizon enclosed by the four cardinal points in that watery wall through which one could perceive the image of some fish swimming within it.

Zila talked Jacobo to make the conch sound before the wall of water fell suddenly and hopelessly and plunged them:

-Dayami has mentioned our project to him, our need to get alive to the other side of the vast sea,  he needs you to affirm that you are the possessor of the ceremonial conch, otherwise, we will not be able to get out of these majestic walls of water.

Jacobo forcefully filled his lungs with air and placed the conch on his lips, that instrument that had not been touched by any human let its strength be felt with a powerful tone that even impressed his companions.

The walls of water descended gradually and smoothly without even moving the barge of the eight custodians of light and a voice was heard in the heads of each one of them:

The true aspect of Poseidon

“Μπορώ να μετακινήσω εδάφη και θάλασσες, μπορώ να κάνω τα νησιά να προκύψουν από το πουθενά, αλλά εσείς, πέρα από το ότι είστε εκπρόσωποι της δύναμής, είστε το φως κάτι που δεν πρέπει νατης σκέψης. “

(I can move lands and seas, I can make islands arise out of nowhere, but you, beyond being spokesmen for my strength, are the light of something that must not be stopped by any deity and that is the power of one human before another to make the network of thought grow.)

The magic allowed each one to understand the words in Greek of that powerful voice and it was Jacobo the possessor of the conch shell who spoke:

-Mighty deity of the seas we would like to ask you if you ask the men to sacrifice horses so that your strength may be appeased.

Poseidon was present, allowing the waters that surrounded the barge to be subtly transparent until he perceived to them under the surface the presence of a beautiful seahorse that when moving the marine currents in its path formed small tridents with the water.

What serve would a land horse do me in the sea, when I am a horse that lives in the sea? Be careful, nothing is stronger than the truth, she is transparent and many men prefer shadows and deception to gain followers.

I am from the sea and my way is this and not another, now you know. I ask you to give that knowledge to those who value the truth and respect it, Dayami now knows that I do not collect my favours, that is a man’s thing, some act in the light of justice and others of deception.

Your passage through the vast sea has the protection of my allies. I see in the face of each one of you that you will not give up and that gives me the strength to accompany you to the waters of the winged serpent, you are welcome custodians of the light.

Having said this, the seas recovered their usual deep blue colour and each of the men looked at each other with a wide smile; in Zila’s head, Dayami spoke to him:

-Now we know a truth that has been illuminated under the signs of the magic that we are. Let’s move on!

Zila let his friends know and they all appreciated the free passage that Poseidon offered them, the deity moved away into the depths of that wonderful marine space.

When you understand the power that you are versus the energy that recognizes you as equal, your life changes profoundly and fascinatingly.

Author’s Notes:

Photo editing by the author of a photograph of Dmitry Andryushchenko taken at Lake Baikal in Siberia in Russia. “The fish in the sky”

Photographic composition of “The true image of Poseidon” with PicsArt filter Photographic