The Neurological centres

None of them knew that in the future there would be a man who at the beginning of his classes would exclaim: "Let's do magic, gentlemen", but for Willtheyard how the dean started her classes were well known, her phrase was and was still valid, he used it and it was this: "Let's make history, Asgardians"

Sustaining the Changes

For Morati Agu and a good number of people, the simple fact of perceiving that the doctor of science was not recognized for having a car of the year, but for not having it, is part of the basic principle of everything that was reflected accordingly.


"Never stop dreaming that life is something more than what has been shown to us by to now, there is a wide world that awaits wise and courageous people, tell  those words to my nephews that I love them, and also  to my brother-in-law who sent him a big hug ” Morati Agu

Unfolding the Sonic Network

Undoubtedly that is what intuition is about, “It does not matter that you do not listen to me, you will always know that there is a way to get to the place you have decided, Then you will understand that what you have dreamed of is true ”, that was the expression of the scientists and with that, they would advance in search of saving the home that belongs to all of us and its natural satellite that now served as the central base for deep space.

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