Reflections to conclude the short story

It only remains to reinvent ourselves and decide what follows in our own existence, to understand that reaching the other shore without burdens, without beasts that attack the soul is not a matter of now but part of a constant in the history of humanity

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“There are issues that we cannot transfer to reason, because the heart refuses”

The Messenger

We are not aware that this happened, the only one who learned from this was the one who transcended history that it was and she is undoubtedly Ana Perez Riv; She, based on intuition, followed someone’s trail, was able to look through the mirror, recognize that it was not her who was in the reflection and advanced through the threshold that was now open. Not everyone can pass, it is necessary to have something that not everyone has.

Within the fantastic genealogy, we recognize that everything returns with a different and magical form at times; That is why she carefully preserves the smoking mirror of Tezcatlipoca in her enclosure.

Now, Ometeotl, it is for the sensor, and sensitive network that gives way to the voice of the eternal and we once again find ourselves with the value of that impressive aspect that is a great instrument that we all have and that Raudek Vilob along with Ingerin Barderian recognized thanks to the Driedens, I mean the brain.

Who inhabits the construction of dual memory in the ancestral life of the roots that Ana Pérez Riv will never forget?

Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, also known as Ometeotl, place the human soul in a skull, give it life by forming it of both thoughts, the masculine and the feminine in the same being that is nothing other than the recognition of the integral human, as we see it, in the illustration:

Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, also known as Ometeotl, the duality

What about the other environments that we hardly touch?

Trade, migrations and the mixtures between different cultures brought prisoners in a boat with the promise of freedom to the shores of what the Spanish called “La Villa Rica” Veracruz. The Eastside of a sea that did not help her see What would happen possibly years later, in that way the priestess of the temple of the Moon and possessor of the gifts of Ometeotl, divined and sensed that there was hope in some and desires of possession in others.

He who travelled his journey from the South to the North, would not meet Painani, but she would transmit to him on his journey a millenary knowledge that his mind would not possibly understand when he became clouded with the beliefs that would reach him to make him part of the indoctrinated.

It only remains to reinvent ourselves and decide what follows in our own existence, to understand that reaching the other shore without burdens, without beasts that attack the soul is not a matter of now but part of a constant in the history of humanity. Taking charge of what we have built sometimes limits progress and the freedom to be different.

Author’s note: It is important to recognize that not only does the Aztec culture refer to the consideration of duality as an integral part of being, this is the example of The Messenger: Hermes had all kinds of romances. The most important of his descendants was the god Pan, born from his relationship with a nymph. From his affair with Aphrodite the beautiful Hermaphrodite was born, who later also acquired feminine features due to a nymph.

Undoubtedly the representation of the winged god of communication is not exclusive to one gender and is dual back and forth, interconnects and widens the sense of reality that we are.

The Moon is approaching Mars, Painani does not know it, she only observes

Brother or not of the Sun for her, Mars was not recognized as such, it was a dense and reddish glow that threatened the radiance of the radiant Moon, which for her would be and will be Coyolxahqui.

“Evil is not a matter of blood, nor race”

The messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

There came a moment of pressure for many nearby towns, Painani could stop at nothing, she recalled deep sadness, she knew that she had many weak points and that she could not face with the required agility some journeys, however, she could not be inclined to any other task than her own; the destination and the journey would put her to the test on various and different occasions, even without her anticipating it.

He looked at his reflection in the lake that served to refresh his aching feet, it was not the vision of the person he remembered; she realized that it was the day of the human offering and that the obsidian dagger would not pierce her chest, but that of a race sister.

The beating heart would be the catalyst for the forces where the Tlatoani of the Huitzilopochtli temple would render an account with the blood of a woman chosen to continue the times of peace in the surroundings where the Aztec empire sowed fear with its might.

The night came splendid and Painani looked up at the starry sky that next to the dazzling Coyolxauhqui, was a star that frightened her by its fierce tones lit in red and said to herself:

Conjunction of the Moon and Mars, that Painani doesn´t know

<Possibly you have drunk all the blood of the offering and now you are ready to attack with your dagger to end the beauty and freshness of the woman of every night. You will shorten her brightness, but certainly, she has to be reborn, as she always has.>  

Some memories leave our souls wounded and for Painani, her freedom meant the death of other women, therefore her commitment and her risk were worth it to be faced with courage, despite the fear and pain that she carried inside.

Brother or not of the Sun for her, Mars was not recognized as such, it was a dense and reddish glow that threatened the radiance of the radiant Moon, which for her would be and will be Coyolxahqui.

Photo of the Conjunction of the Moon and Mars

The first section of the journey

History in a space, where time celebrates its Gods, where life is strengthened by the fate of the most favoured and gifted. The memory is enough to understand how we have progressed and in what way we remain the same.

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“In her mind, the memory would be like a dagger in the soul”

The messenger

She had saved her from certain death, while she gave her a difficult task, nothing was certain, absolutely nothing; she sensed Ocelotl’s stalking gaze behind her, but the feline did not approach her, cautiously following her from a distance.


She recalled what she was told in the previous interview when she was chosen to give herself to the woman who saw Ometeotl as the ruler of the whole:

<If perhaps your intuition resides in the material, you must accept the transfer of souls, in this way you will realize that nothing is eternal and only in that way you leave the task to others. But if you are willing to accept everything that comes your way and follow the path of Painani, the goal and the glory must be yours>

However, she did not see the glory, she felt hunger and fatigue, thirst and fear of being stalked by beasts that did not have the watchdog talent of Ocelotl, of men with rapacious lust who wanted to take possession of her.

But she was trained to run with the agility of date, of a bird that gets lost in the paths of the fields and skilfully surrounds lakes and valleys, her life depended largely on speed to meet the daily challenge and up to date. next, same.

Now it was enough to be prudent and follow Citlali who shines on high and has to hide when Huitzilopochtli reigns the firmament again, he will soon tear again the white subtlety of Coyolxauhqui, in a few days she will look shattered at the top, she will take time to recover, but she always succeeds and returns to her reigning position and with that winning shine.

 She looked up in the sky and exclaimed:

Lady of the night skies gives me your energy and strength I surrender and trust in you, give me strength to face the God whose fire will temper my spirit and bend my strength, I must be reborn just like you with all the strength to fulfil my destiny.

A long journey awaited the woman with the winged feet, she was not broken, she was still grateful that she was not the maiden that in a few days they will deliver to the temple of sacrifices, where the Sun God will claim her blood.

Author’s note, reference to the link: It was the first divine manifestation that gave rise to everything. In the native Mexican language, the word “God” does not exist as such. But in their language, the word “Ometeotl” encompasses the creator of everything, the beginning, the only one. As in everything we see there are these positive and negative particles, likewise in everything we have contact with and within us.

The most despicable dungeon

We will never know which hell is worse in desolation, but with the sea wind in our favour, everything could be different.

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

“There are no spaces of our own without the complicity of the other”

The Messenger

The priestess of the temple of the Moon was meditating on what would have to happen or arrive by the path of deep water; when a man with a feathered headdress approached her with a smile:

  • I desire that Ometeotl vibrates in your dreams, lady. I see that you have completed your liberation task.
  • That’s right, Ocelotl is a guide for her, is good that the others thinking about him as a  raptor.
  • Has your rod pointed out something you didn’t expect?
  • I cannot see in the deep horizon, but some desperate person has certainly visited the lady Moon of my temple and his concern must be such that he was not impassive in her presence.
  • The moments come in the time that they are, and not in the ones we want.

Both are observed with reflective glances, the night gave way to dawn, life has been allowed to Painani, the young woman with the winged feet thanks to the skill of the woman who changed her destiny forever.

The priestess said: some desperate person has certainly visited the lady Moon of my temple and his concern must be such that he was not impassive in her presence.

Beyond the horizon, a group of the unfortunate struggle to stay alive until the next moon, hope lost and their future hung by the gallows.

They hear the squeal of a rat…

  • Damn animals are as hungry as we are, damn it!
  • Hey, what the fuck brought you here, who did you put iron in the throat?

The inmates look suspiciously at the group of newcomers who have just arrived, they realize that the gendarme cares little that space is reduced, they will be able to hang all of them or they will die in rotten attacked by the jaws of rats.

The man with a dark complexion and braided beard does not answer, he only looks at them with disgust and anger, the same way as the others do:

  • You must be the son of an al-Majus

Another of the men with defiant attitude snaps at him:

  • The same one who has had raped so many others, leave it alone, if you make a mess again, they’ll leave us without that shit they give us for food.

The robust man with the peculiar beard with a hoarse voice muttered to the group:

  • The ship where I was sailing was sold to the Christians, the Captain kicked me down when I told him that I preferred my freedom to kiss that ass for money.

Most of them broke into mocking laughter, amidst the most varied comments:

  • Brave freedom you have won al-Majus
  • Oh!, at least I threw more than three Christians to the edge of my sword, God does not have them in Glory, direct they will have gone to hell.
  • Shut up, here comes the gendarme’s son of a bitch and he’s not alone.

The jailer approached shouting:

  • More than one wretch today will be lucky, this man who accompanies me will take you to hell!

There was a tense silence and the scrutinizing look of an emissary of who knows who looked at them but not exactly as men for the gallows; He was pointing to those he saw stronger, while the jailer urged them to get up and file out of the dungeon.

Among them was the al-Majus who the night before through the crack of that filthy place had noticed the brightness of the Moon and had begged her that it all end or his gods release him or rescue him from the filth.

We will never know which hell is worse in desolation, but with the sea wind in our favour, everything could be different.

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The messenger: The substance of dreams

Painani needs to make a journey with all the training and tools that she thinking the messenger will put in her hands but isn’t like this

Short Story by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

“Of what is the substance of the deepest sorrows made, which are capable of crossing entire seas and continents?”

The messenger

Nobody was offered the best place to devote themselves to living fully, but joy is a gift that we all dare to carry in all circumstances and it is not because they do not want it, it is simply something that is not for everyone.

She observes me with the attention of a good apprentice, she has not stopped wondering why I decided not to see her and continue with my eyes covered, her voice and her inflections will give me the clue to know if she is understanding what I am saying, people need feel, touch others, feel their gaze and know they feel safe. It’s not what I need from her.

There was a time when it was necessary and the certainties disappeared, now I want her to learn that from a distance is the best way to stay close to her.

I threw my question and named her:

– Painani, tell me if you are willing to make the journey with due attention to achieve your goals and reach the place where the sun shines?

<She answers me anxiously, but she takes her time, she is not completely sure of that, of making the journey and coming out triumphant, no one knows and neither does she, the journey is not for everyone and not everyone achieves it, it is true. then I listen to her:>

-Madam, I don’t know if I can do it but I am willing to try and that is why I have come to you to guide me and give me the tools to do a good job.

-The tools are your body, your senses, and the intuition that you already have and that is not different from that of any other human being, only in the mystery of the trip will you be able to awaken all those abilities that you do not know you possess.

-Will the journey make me stronger?

-I do not know, nobody knows it is part of life and in it, you must find what is necessary to achieve your goals, it only depends on what exists in your mind that you manage to do a good job, or throw away what you could be valuable.

Everything that covers the scope of our soul is not enough for us to be capable of being what we are not, those were the words of the man who was looking for the soul with winged feet and who would make a journey from South to North.

The gaze of the ounce followed him closely, she felt its fear in the sweat that passed through the wind

The gaze of the ounce followed him closely, she felt its fear in the sweat that passed through the wind, the animal did not dare to touch it, could not, there was some ingenuity and courage in that person that for the ounce’s intuition deserved of all your respect.

Some people can live during the most sinister situations without being annihilated by predators just because they are surrounded by an aura of such brilliance that it is impossible not to be enthralled by them.

Neither of them has the same beliefs, they have not grown up under the same terms but something has brought them closer together, that breath of a force more powerful than the reality that they have both witnessed, suffered, and enjoyed.

She, Painani, will make the trip because it is part of an ancestral ritual of her culture, he will do it without knowing that there is a hidden mysticism around his trip; He is driven by adventure, the need to find something better than what he has left behind.

Thus begins this journey, my presence will be able to watch the journey from afar, I have achieved the ability of not needing a physical body to be present in that place where I have been called, few know my name, everyone recognizes the strength of the messenger.

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Mantis the sorceress in Crete

I like to remember some passages about the first book to all of you, now that I’m editing the paper book

Is very special to remember some of her phrases:

She plays a relevant role in the story beyond the life of the creature that was left under her guardianship.

The ancient Greek art of reading the waxes of a candle, the most valuable instrument of Mantis

<The thread of time weaves life and unravels stories with the same force, we just have to give events time to recognize ourselves in them.>

Some passages are so important to remember

<When someone does not look you in the face and says something very nice, I need to untrust him… Maybe he would have to respond to the one who actually brought him here. It’s definitely not me.>

Author’s photograph: “The candles speak”

The bird and the mouse

Nature always shows us a wise and real teaching

by Ariadne Gallardo 

There was in the middle of a forest a bird that liked to travel through different places and look down on the best fruit to bring it to its beak, it could learn some sounds that were pleasant to it and make them part of its repertoire.

On the other hand, the mouse also made rounds in the wide forest but less frequently, it was easy prey to predators that could look at it from above, its attitude was reserved and cautious and it ate many times what fell from the trees.

For its part, the bird could be selective with what it carried to its beak, it also delighted the inhabitants of the place with its melodious voice; the mouse was glad because what it ate gave it the privilege of emitting deep guttural and regurgitating sounds that he appreciated and considered unique.

The bird that had learned the world much more easily than the mouse knew that they were simple burps and to some extent despised the grey-hued animal when it wore a harmonious blue plumage.

They were both happy in their way and they recognized that engaging in a conversation with each other was impossible, crossing the same path, just the same.

If you meditate on your surroundings, it is easy for you to realize that you live surrounded by mice and songbirds, each one in their own space and working for their particular interests, their ideas and musical tastes will not be shared, but their happiness and their space it is valid and respectable.

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The greatest reward in the hall of death

There are times when we recognize our limitations, but there will always be a small window through which we can look at that light that captivates and surprises us.

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Taige when expressing that comment looked with tenderness and love at the eyes of her beloved Yilia and remembered something that she did not say to anyone,  they were precisely the words of Barderian before the answer she gave him:

<In something we are alike dear Taige, we are two crazy lovers that we can never be next to the person we love due to circumstances, but we lead them as an indelible mark forever>

Barderian said to Taige:

<In something we are alike dear Taige, we are two crazy lovers that we can never be next to the person we love due to circumstances, but we lead them as an indelible mark forever>

Professor Zila suddenly understood that all human pain does not fit in the feeling of an Eggyan when losing his root world and searching for words with some difficulty, he finally got to the point:

– I figure out there were many deceased who were lost in the immensity of the cosmos trying that incredible and dangerous attempt, could you explain that part of the story to us, I must understand that many of the words that support your story are the closest to our understanding, the translator is impressive, it is also the age we observe of all of you after such a long journey.

At that they knocked on the door of Dean Perez Riv, they were Braulio and Frint who had just arrived from Chile and they hugged with great joy, after the presentations, Yilia asked Braulio to comment to all those present about his experience with the bioconnector.

Braulio sat down, took a sip of the delicious coffee with cinnamon that Ana prepared, and warned:

– I must confess that in the long run, I have managed to capture details that at that time did not correspond to the translation, well says Professor Zila, our Eggyan friends They look for words that achieve the similarity and give us a general context of a reality that we can hardly imagine but that memory I have alive as if it had been yesterday. I remember saying to Tai:

(Let’s go to the stage as Braulio lived it)

-I put myself in your hands, Tai, from now on -announced Braulio, slapping him hard on the back of the neck

Tai answered him seriously in front of the group in Mar del Plata: 

– For me this answer is a step towards intimacy, friend, you have decided to give me your essence so as not to lose me.

-Karina looked at them with tremulous emotion, her eyes flickered with tears, her friend willingly agreed to put something on his head in an act of loyalty and friendship towards an alien.

Braulio was excited about the experience since he would be the first Earthman with an alien device in his body:

-Verify me, I will be able to understand emotions that I cannot conceive, I don’t know what I can achieve but I thank everyone so much. Let’s move on to the procedure …

Tai nodded and without delay began:

She took out a sharp syringe without a receptacle for liquids and withdrew its connector from the back of her head, near the cerebellum, took it with an instrument, to look at it through a lens and separated a portion of it and said aloud:

This part contains traits of my genetic memory, when coming into contact with Brany’s cells, I suppose there will be a fusion to create a linked world of ideas, composed of both memories.

Paula smiled and commented: This is similar to what happens when a stem cell is touched by the genetic arsenal of another being, you remember biotechnologists, who have turned other living beings into resistant machines against pests and insecticides that could exterminate all a plot of strong fruit. In our world, genetic engineering was highly criticized until a few decades ago.

-Perhaps Paula, in a certain way the life of planet Earth is a mirror of the achievements of other worlds from the human perspective, the fauna, and flora, they are also living beings. This is not far from the conception that is thousands of light-years away.

Tai recovered her bioconnector, placing it in the back of her brain, with the syringe in her hand, she went to Braulio, placed the bio-connector on his arm, centimeters below his shoulder; his friend shuddered at the metallic cold on his skin and then nothing; apparently nothing.

It will take one to three hours to see the first symptoms, I can not give you any antecedents, the bioconnector that I have was placed in my early childhood, several centuries ago.

Taige clarified to the group regarding the last sentence mentioned by Braulio that although it was in some way true, the reality is that within her being there was not a unique Eggyan inhabited as they had already mentioned before, given the need to preserve ourselves, we had was recourse to contain in ourselves the dendrites of a significant number of Eggyans who could not travel individually and that we managed to mix with the genetic material of the Drieden, we enhanced their vitality and at the same time, they helped us to remain of a reasonable age during the trip.

Frint intervened in that part as a connoisseur and specialist of the brain issue:

– The brain is the one that directs its electrical pulses to the spinal cord, the spinal nerve of a living being consists of 31 pairs of nerves, in our case the multiplicity is very higher.

We could say with all property that the hall of death, chose to reward us uniquely and we can divide it into inner dendrite and diffuse and amber dendrite, about the second, Vidra can explain it in enough detail.

Do you remember the message that all of you heard in the celebration of your ritual? they were sent a message to all of you during the ritual that they performed in this beautiful house.

The astonishment was present among all the attendees, some of them with clear signs of exhaustion, the dawn was advancing and Ana addressed the group:

– Dear Frint, thank you for your words to my beloved home, I imagine that it would be good for you to rest, I notice exhaustion in many of those present, I offer them my rooms.

Most agreed with a grateful smile, without a doubt the world opened a window to the unknown that somehow resembled eternity.

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Reference of the color text: Crystal Galaxy novel by Ariadne Gallardo Chapter 4, Friends and reunions, subtitle: How and where to take off?

Crossing the portal or falling into the abyss

All of them shared their doubts and questions, fascinating reflections that would lead them by the hand on a journey where the recognition of the unknown would amaze them.

The beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

In Mexico City, the Felguerez Galafik house was full of happiness, Sofía prepared the favourite cake of her daughter-in-law Citlali, cake with strawberries and chocolate, the reception was waiting for the group of 28, everything was expected and exciting.

Sofía prepared the favourite cake of her daughter-in-law Citlali

Citlali felt renewed as if the presence of her daughter in her body fortified her and gave her reason to feel full of energy. Zila arrived with his father and his mother-in-law who was returning from a trip to the north of the country, pleased to have her daughter back on planet Earth; Thirty-one people would witness what Zila would reveal to them from his long and fascinating talk with the Eggyans.

The vast majority arrived with a gift for the married couple whose pregnancy had modified many of their interests and activities, at the moment the issue of Citlali returning to the international lunar platform was not discussed, the doctor had recommended rest for the first three months for avoid surprises that could catch them off guard.

Ana Pérez Riv arrived with a gift in her hands and pointed out:

– In a few weeks the baby will let you know its gender, but since you want to keep it a secret, please will not open my gift until its delivery.

The couple looked at her with a knowing smile and Zila winked at the dean who was pleased by the presence of all the attendees.

The table talk accompanied by the delicious chocolate and strawberry cake left many questions in the audience, especially when it was mentioned that thanks to the brains of driedens many of them had the opportunity to cross the portal.

Ana Perez Riv deduced that it was impressive what the mind can do to matter and meditated on the issue of the “Intergalactic Federation” considering that many of them should not be only entities absent from matter, since there was evidence of those who had managed to cross the portal.

Some questioned themselves with deep seriousness the causes that prevented Barderian from crossing like the others; In this, Zila made a clear and precise deduction:

– The woman he loved with deep passion was prey to paralysis and we already know what that represented for her life expectancy. I do not doubt that he has offered his own life jumping into the void in search of the slightest hint of light that she left.

Citlali hugged him tenderly, without a doubt that would make a passionate lover in the face of the loss of his greatest love.

Gala, who was part of the mystical leaders present there, expressed her doubt regarding how they used the brain of the driedens seeking compatibility with those who were not and what technique they would use to concentrate that power in a bio-connector.

Ariedré, resolutely argued that without a doubt that was the question that everyone wanted to know and pointed out: “Perhaps the technical or more sophisticated part of this innovation belongs to the knowledge of the neuroscientist Ontyl”; Does anyone intuit the reason why they remain in Mar del Plata?

Most, including Ana, silently shook their heads in negative sign, she added:

– It is exciting to know that two direct descendants of Driedens are among the Eggyans; for them, the baby of Zila and Citlali would be precise that a scion or Drienden; Doesn’t the detail that the ship has offered for the person who required it seems distinctive? Maybe they knew about the pregnancy.

– Citlali put both hands to her mouth in surprise and recognized that the dean’s intuition was the most perceptive.

Zila said that they found, thanks precisely to their intuition, the right people to carry out their plans, simple people who had been fighting for years to create that human bond between the beings of the planet and felt gratified that they were all within that peculiar group.

Ana Perez Riv made a reflection that left everyone present thoughtful:

– It is important to recognize that when we start the disseminating ritual we invoke the most distant root that gives us belonging on this planet, I have the impression that in the galactic plane that they move that sign of permanence is diluted, the unit is no longer linked to the ancestors, but the human as an entity of light.

Zila reflected on it and remembered that recurring dream that sometimes was repeated with some insistence and recognized that perhaps for that reason he affirms himself as a man of the Earth and established a point of reference unlike them who no longer had a place of reference.

Perhaps we never recognize those we imagine as part of our roots in that plane of consciousness, it is a question that is not easy to take off and  

perhaps it is only part of our intuition but not of reality as such.

Alig, Zila’s father felt that many of the comments exceeded his understanding of reality and expressed his admiration for being part of a family where magic enveloped their days and gave a valuable tone to each sunrise.

All of them shared their doubts and questions, fascinating reflections that would lead them by the hand on a journey where the recognition of the unknown would amaze them.

Photo Chocolate and Strawberries Cake by Pinterest

Subtle truths not perceptible to all

There are moments in life that seem daunting and looking towards a horizon that we do not know does not always allow us to visualize certainties, but this was not the case and it was encouraging.

The beginnings

The Bridge, second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Vidra continued with the speech and made Professor Zila understand that perhaps what he related to a hobionte for them was defined as a galactic network, and she affirmed, my father tried to put a name that was understood at the time by the group of scientists and he naming it that way: The intergalactic federation, however, in fact, and from what we saw from the panoramic view of our ship, that perception I could not compare it now with that denomination.

I must admit that for humans it gave the desired result, talking about a group of beings connected in various galaxies to help each other, gave meaning to a reality that perhaps many of you <or of them> will never have the opportunity to see as such.

They, the network’s trainers, would never pay a special tribute to some of its members, but I suppose there are people among them who have led forces for a long time, who have unified powers, and who have intensified the network. They direct a message that is part of the history of what thousands of human beings have written, done, and created in various parts of the cosmos.

Therefore, Professor Zila, I can assure you that the mystical leaders have managed to be part of it, I am certain that they were there under a band of intense reddish tones, validating what strengthens us as part of the eternal, that which escapes us from our hands. by leaving the physical body that we are.

We did not have time to know if it would work, if we could create a genetic inheritance of a value for the generations that we would no longer have, there would no longer be living bodies to connect with the notion of a world beyond themselves.

In the plane of reality and beliefs that we had, the concept of celestial divinities, of Valhalla, of adoration of a creative being whose glory exalts you with eternal life if you have fulfilled its precepts or punishes you in hell if you have,  not mean nothing to any of us.

Things remained for many in the shadow-light of an unknown reality full of uncertainty, let me recall a passage from those moments of great discouragement:

Yertei said to Raudek: we are receiving a message, we must figure it out, for some reason it seems that we have the opportunity to preserve the lives of some of us

When Raudek Vilob realized Barderian’s physical situation, she approached my father and told him that she had no logic for her or the group to try to reach an ethereal world and beyond all logic, she did not understand what was happening with those bright and pulsating brains in the middle of those that remained inert, then my father replied:

<Raudek, we are receiving a message, we must figure it out, for some reason it seems that we have the opportunity to preserve the lives of some of us, that is what I intuit>

At the moment Vilob organized a series of tasks and this was the next step of the investigation:

Ingerin Barderian and VF team, Test Number 3:

Step One: Tissue Compatibility for Bonding.

Step number two: astrocytes that form scar tissue can serve as a connector between an inert brain and a dry brain.

Step Three: Ependymal cells help form part of the pathway through which cerebrospinal fluid circulates. They can generate efficient feedback.

Raudek asked someone from the team to maintain communication with the hospital where Barderian was staying to find out his health status and to know if he could receive the weekly report of their investigations, Vidra points out to the group that silently listen to her with full attention, she looked at Taige to continue the history:

Taige never communicated directly with Raudek but reported the interest of Ingerin Barderian who wished the brains were brought to Medreos. Then Ethym one of the eight scientists advised her to take them to the neuroscience hospital since a Medreos-Eggya link would be made with them.

Taige’s help was vital as the tests were replicated with Eggya’s hospital and that helped us buy time and create alternatives.

At that moment Zila’s cell phone started ringing, it was her mother, she needed to go home and she wanted him to know.

The Eggyans understood and suggested that Zila found fascinating:

– Professor Zila we would like to continue the talk after you report what we have talked about to the mystical leaders and our next meeting will be with the 28 people who invoke the forces of the network. We feel  grateful if you to accept it

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