The North Signal

Assim intervened to comment on the following: Intuition is fundamental and the constant analysis of every detail, despite all our experience we could not fully trust the process if it were not for the ascended masters who have preceded us, certainly no one leaves at all, much less them, since they will be and are a constant presence in the most critical moments of our lives.

The Neurological centres

None of them knew that in the future there would be a man who at the beginning of his classes would exclaim: "Let's do magic, gentlemen", but for Willtheyard how the dean started her classes were well known, her phrase was and was still valid, he used it and it was this: "Let's make history, Asgardians"


"Never stop dreaming that life is something more than what has been shown to us by to now, there is a wide world that awaits wise and courageous people, tell  those words to my nephews that I love them, and also  to my brother-in-law who sent him a big hug ” Morati Agu

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