the magical vision of the reality

You will find that the path of the ascended is not easy, but all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, always seek to balance what has specially marked us, understands it and forgive ourselves.

“The great madness that every human being can allow is to fall prey to his emotions but he will always be forced by circumstances to rescue his sanity to move forward”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

It is very important at this precise moment to remember the first message of The Messenger, the one with which this fourth book begins: “All passion will take you to the place from which you will not be able to escape”; As human beings, we cannot admit this as fair or permissible, if we can afford it, but it is not fair to anyone including ourselves.

That is what the eight enlightened will do now, recognize what turned them against themselves for pursuing a passion or believe that it was valuable enough to fall into madness for it.

Mercury, the messenger, the constellation of Libra and the bright evening star Venus in one of the scales of the balance

In the sky, even when they did not know it, was what later the experts would call the constellation of Libra and next to it the fascinating presence of what that the Aztecs studied and of which we have already spoken, and that most now know as the planet Venus, for them, the inhabitants of the region of whom written this tale is Tlahuizcalpantecuchtli, as lord of the house of the Morning Dawn and Under which Erandi was born from where its name means from, Dawn.

The name changed when said planet appeared at night. That is why Tlahuizcalpantecuchtli appears with two faces, one of a living man and the other in the shape of a skull. Hence, that is the reason because Erandi will be part of the Ometeotl temple, for having been born under that design with Venus as protector of heaven and earth, let us once again remember: “As it is above, it is below.”

Now let’s take into account one of the maximum deities of the Aztecs Venus: Quetzalcóatl, a valuable deity, is an example of how they are synthesized in only two aspects, which turned him into a deity of the wind, of life, of the morning, the planet Venus, the god of twins and monsters. According to these various attributions, it is known by various names: Ehécatl, Quetzalcóatl, Tlahuizcalpantecuchtli, Ce Ácatl, Xólotl, among others. (1)

Taking into account the above, who was watching that night was the deity Xólotl, the planet Venus, represented in the morning by Quetzalcóatl and in the afternoon with his twin brother, precisely  Xólotl.

Therefore the brother of darkness, the closest to Tezcatlipoca, the smoking mirror, was with them that night in the last ritual of descent towards Mictlán, the Aztec underworld. The veil that covered Xólotl (Venus) was nothing less than the Constellation of Libra, without a doubt it marked a balance, difficult to achieve just by wishing it, that would be their work that night, when holding hands they heard Dayami inside their heads who exclaimed:

“What are your priorities and what prevents you from recognizing them clearly?” 

Each of them had been hurt to leave their lands, out of necessity or because they had nothing, or no one to hold them back because their loved ones had died while trying to flee from the enemy invasion, in the same way for some of them the claim of their lovers by refusing to follow them on the chosen path, justifying that the lands should be protected although the reality was different.

Xólotl showed them the cruellest of the roads, that one in which it is easy to fall, again and again, they heard it with a grave voice inside their heads:

“If perhaps I had, what are you would and what did they serve you?”

Each one of the enlightened began to sob with rage and discouragement, then again a light appeared, this time with reddish tones that showed them a bird’s feather, the most precious to the Aztecs, that of a Quetzal and Tezcatlipoca along with Xólotl went up together above her when they are shouting:

When the Quetzal feather supported several men above

“To be as light as the feather is to strip yourself of what was not is to admit that all there were, they do not let you soul (Anxaá) heal”

Finally, they heard the voice of Erandi which was translated for them in castizo by Dayami:

“Rescuing sanity is a delicate matter, a task every day, come times of pain and sorrow, now all of you  know, all of you have been endowed with eternal voices of wisdom”

Said This, the future ascended would achieve with this learning to balance their lives and measure their strength, however difficult it might be, it would not be easy for anyone’s life is a constant movement of forces but for something we are here beyond just to do it to survive.

You will find that the path of the ascended is not easy, but all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, always seek to balance what has specially marked us, understands it and forgive ourselves.

Author’s notes:

Sky tonight app star map photographic composition with filtering by PicsArt

Quetzal plume from file picture

(1) Italian paragraph of the text: Data from Alfonso Caso Andrade, Mexican archaeologist: mx / sites / el_otono_2014 / entrale / textcontext / tepoz / aztec.htm

Let us remember that Anxaá is the soul in Nahuatl.

Integrate the force to the next level

Let us remember that the magician is the force in all magical activity, all his resources are empowered by his will.

“The influence you can exert on the forces that accompany you is vital, by coming into contact with the essence of others you can clearly understand to what extent you can intervene in any decision they make”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Dayami that afternoon got in touch with Zila to prepare them for the seventh level towards the depths of Mictlán, now they had a sigil, they recognized their strengths and understood their weaknesses, so she asked him that when they join they will leave an identity stamp before going down, that way they could return without getting lost.

Zila spoke to all of them and asked them what they could leave at the entrance that formed an intersection between the sixth and seventh levels, and the first to speak was Javier:

-We could leave the seal of power, it is our defense, everyone’s identity. as a group.

Diego shook his head negatively said seriously:

-No, that is our shield if we leave it stuck in the threshold. I think it is dangerous, it must accompany us to the end, we cannot leave it as an ornament far from us.

Patricio, who always put practicality ahead, pointed out:

-All of us have skills but the most basic of all is the one we have in our hands, with them we can mark the entrance, what do you think?

Timoteo with a smile said that he agreed to the moment that Evaristo with great disposition warned:

-There must be a way to make a stain on the stone, before starting the ritual I am going to put some elements together to form a mixture where we can ink our hands.

Jacobo with a positive attitude exclaimed:

-It is the best way to leave a signal, if it is a good idea mate, I agree, would it have to be something that did not vanish, or is the intention sufficient for it to be perceived?

Santiago finally warned:

-Right now we are a united force and I feel that the warmth of our hands with the ink that Evaristo prepares will fulfill the objective unless Dayami has something else to say, she gave us to choose a stamp.

Zila was the only one who could talk to Dayami, when they were not in a ritual circle, it was he who could perceive Dayami’s voice so they all fell silent for her to communicate again.

Then Zila affirmed:

-She says that she is fine and reminds us that her blood will be on the seal giving recognition to the ritual.

In this way the threshold was marked:

The seal of the enlightened ones on the threshold towards the seventh level of the Mictlan.

Each one of them understood that in that seal they had left a part of themselves waiting to be discovered by something unknown, when they met again in the magic circle, each one of them felt a current of wind travel through their bodies, a kind of warning of they were not alone.

Dayami addressed everyone:

“Magic uses instruments to focus us, but magic belongs to us, it is who we are and what we believe in.”

From the seal, wrapped in an energetic wind, a faint thread was detached, barely perceptible, which followed them towards the next level and took three turns in the body of each one of them as their minds imagined an intricate maze that was getting darker for them each time more and more.

Dayami spoke to them again pointing out:

“Discover in the voices what they tell you and understand who they are and why they speak to you”

This was the most complex part for everyone, it was not something shared by others, they felt alone before a test that confronted them with their feelings, the voices of those who were no longer there, their claims, and later those same voices left out the image of the person they had recognized to appear on the faces of people they had treated years later creating a strong confusion in his soul when comparing them with who they were not.

They remembered the moments when they were with someone thinking about other people who would no longer return to their lives, at that moment several of them began to despair to try to escape from those images and the invisible bond that kept them tied with three magic turns it prevented moving outside the circle.

Dayami spoke again:

“Each one must solve the riddle, must invalidate the false image and regain consciousness, there is no method in this you are alone, solve it!”

They recognized that what had confronted them in the past with living beings was now a memory, what had been spoiled no longer had a solution, but had left the teaching to be able to free themselves.

At that moment they felt that the barely perceptible rope or loop that was holding them together little by little released them from their bindings.

Dayami finally exclaimed:

“We have conquered the ghosts of the past, we have strengthened who we are on the way to the light” 

They all felt that their breathing became slow again, that they could finally separate the past from the present and a deep relief took hold from each of them. They had the option of taking the tip of that magic strand to return or doing it on their own feet, the rope would be there to guide them back to reality.

Let us remember that the magician is the force in all magical activity, all his resources are empowered by his will.

Author´s notes:

Original drawing by the author with free filter from PicsArt

The Sun doesn´t hide anything

When someone comes into your life and for many reasons you know they must be, there will be countless signs that will tell you clearly.

”Every curious mind inquires, communicates and seeks that its interlocutor does the same; the past is presented for analysis of the present, look at your roots and from there launch whatever you want the universe to adopt as its own “

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That morning under the stubborn and tenacious shine of the Sun’s rays Painani started the area where her ritual would be accompanied by the symbols of her cultural roots and she addressed the daring companion who now turned her days into something entertaining and different:

-Dear Hora I have to walk to the area where the message of the Sun vibrates intensely, that For me he represents Tonatiuh, I must know some mysteries that only he will take off and I want you to be my special guest.

From the comfort zone where I lived and nurtured my childhood, there is practically nothing left for which I must return, but I will honour what I learned and what I am.

Hora took her hands and locked them in his at the moment he said:

-All traumatic experience arises an unstoppable force that urges us to create and demonstrate that life has put us to the test, it is like rising from the ashes, returning to the world. of ideas and facts. In the plane where you are looking for what is just and true, there will be those who offer you a kind love, but many times it will be flooded with the needs that that being has to complete itself, there will always be two sides of the same coin.

Painani stared at him and found in the voice of that man who sometimes changed words giving another meaning to the sentence, but for some reason, she understood his effort to make himself understood and in the intention of his words he completed the context of what she needed to acknowledge.

At that moment he moved back and removed all his clothes and looked at her naked in the front, she was surprised, she did not expect such a reaction and she put her hands to her mouth to cover her astonishment and a little her laugh at the crazy spectacle when she heard him say:

“He who appears before you naked will show that he has nothing but his sincerity and courage and will be the only thing he has to give you.”

That is me, from the front like the face of the moon but before the total presence of the Sun that falls on my naked body and thus does not hide anything at all.

Of course, I accept the honourable invitation to accompany you and be presented to the dignities of your people. I came to the world naked, I presented myself before you naked and I will leave in the same way, when the lightning decides.

Harmony and cooperation are reserved for very few people who meet for work or the ritual of something they believe in, if you look at the horizon you will see it clearly: Look around you right now, there is no one, we are the two humans alone in this jungle space. 

Happiness is not complicated, it is not total, it is not forever, but it exists; Follow your intuition as up to now and let it be the torch that illuminates your search, in the same way, that we discovered the scorpion, we will discover much more in the future.

Among the yearnings for wealth, there are the beings that move by power and right now before the sun I do not see that intention in you, you are noble and dedicated to your millennial work, a visionary power accompanies you and I will witness their advice.

Both held hands and joyfully advanced through the spaces where the power of the Sun vibrated until Painani stopped and pointed out with her ceremonial rod the exact place to start her magical ritual.

She remained crouched touching the earth with both hands and urged her partner Hora to do the same when she said:

-Erandi is my tutor and is the custodian of the temple of the moon, she has sent me saving me from certain death, she knew of your energy, I told her that someone was following me and I could not perceive it, there is a relationship between you and my ancient stone that was given to me in the lands of a town called Chichén Itzá where the wise observers of the sky live. Ek Balam is the name of the person who gave me the stone and means the Star of the Jaguar:

Painani shows Hora the stone heaven

Let´s remember this passage:

The observer from the sky named Ek Balam offered her a small gift to will remember it despite the distance, something that she would keep with affection. These were the words that the skywatcher told her:

“All beings on the planet are skywatchers, each star has a life span and is wonderfully different from human time, remember that every moment you live creating and dreaming, A star will watch over you and will want to know about your intelligence and daring, as much as you about its energy and infinite presence during your life. Let the piece of the sky be your company and the minimal presence of a star to always accompany you ” 

Hora observed with attention and understood that his arrival at the jaguar’s trap was not a coincidence and that everything had been arranged for him to meet with her and he felt happy that out of that way and manifested it to the woman he affectionately called Negrita, analyzing the stone that she showed him, he pointed out:

-The stones that fall from the sky are valuable elements, they help us to connect with other dimensions and with what we project and in the same way, They do it with what we feel for others. Let’s wait for the message from your custody, she should know about me and I about her.

Both of them calmed their minds and remained under the shelter of the Sun and its strength to receive the magic that would connect them with the world to which they arrived serene and in search of a force that they already had and would send to the universe.

When someone comes into your life and for many reasons you know they must be, there will be countless signs that will tell you so clearly.

Author’s notes: 

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Photographic composition of the author with a free PicsArt filter: “Painani shows Hora the stone of heaven”

The crossroads after the death

The deepest loneliness can lead us to various encounters, in the end, what stays by your side is what you are, and if that something is your reflection, just become welcome.

“No one can know the force that the voice of silence of someone who has died carries with it, but you know it perfectly. You have penetrated the message sent by someone whose senses are open to understanding that there is never true silence.”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Absolutely no one will spontaneously appear out of nowhere to become your everything, nor is he going to compromise out of nowhere in your dreams. There is a clear idea when you are willing for something to happen, you have to work looking for alternatives for your purposes, someone is going to throw you into a commitment or leave you alone.

There are lucky offers every journey needs them, they don’t always appear, what usually happens is that you can identify the characters who can influence it, there are analytics and those who make decisions based on what they know.

Any offer can generate unexpected, untimely, even crazy results from people who do not measure their words or you will find the opposite, people so cautious that they are afraid of risk. Not everyone enjoys the harvest of what they have sown, they leave it ready for those who come after, some hope to see results that favour them.

Erandi knew this perfectly when she chose Dayami to navigate that daring journey, where much of what would happen was unknown to both of them. Now she returns to her land with the clear hope of having fulfilled a painful and at the same time predictive task, it was not easy to understand what she was in a world made for the living, nor to recognize what prompted her to continue with that. energy and yet she did it and was content to be able to live between life and death.

She observed the small bifurcation that showed her the path from the sea to the river, it is important to clarify what she observed, perhaps it is not the word she sensed it as everything or almost everything that she managed to feel in the surrounding reality. With a sigh, if it could be called that way, she exclaimed:

-I do not know what will become of my people, entertained in traditions and rituals, unaware of what I have perceived, oblivious to pain and death, thinking that there will always be a dignified exit to the unknown.

I wonder if at some point I will be able to find another Anxaá to share moments, it would have to be someone with my determination or stubbornness to get to where it is difficult to do it …

Maybe it is easier to be a spirit than to face the living, that’s why I’m glad to have found the eight custodians of the light, they did not refute anything I told them, they go straight ahead without fear of falling, making mistakes, they are not stopped by any structure to which they offered veneration, they know that things are They do or are not done, they do not expect to be glorified by anyone, their intuition guides them and they owed to the light.

History itself could forget them, but they know that their group, the one that has to continue will never do so, will want to label them, some flatters will want to be complacent with them, but they know they will not change who they are.

That I perceive, I am Dayami the deity of the river and I do not know if my certainties will be as I have thought them, but something tells me that there is never a certainty, only a journey where you advance with what you are and remove what no longer goes with you.

The deepest loneliness can lead us to various encounters, in the end, what stays by your side is what you are, and if that something is your reflection, just become welcome.

Author´s notes:

Anxaá Means soul in Nahuatl

Drawing of the author to crayola with free filter of PicsArt “The allegory of Dayami”

Daytime Moon

Nothing you do can change the story that is presented to you, but if you have the opportunity to make a difference, do it, do not hesitate, just act.

“A song where the greatest of hopes smiles is in the place where you hear that voice that you recognize and that vibrates with serene patience”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Those days where the moon appears in the East and smiles without being seen during the morning In the northern hemisphere, the enlightened received her without seeing her and feeling her close, from Central and South America, on the barge in the open sea of ​​the Atlantic that is increasingly moving away from the European coasts, everyone perceives her and Erandi knows it, she is custody of the Moon, we cannot forget about that.

That feeling of liberation that all of them perceive has allowed them to reason their journey, their progress and with all that to be filled with pleasant and powerful energy. Somehow their curiosity strengthens them and they discover that nothing is hidden forever, they have achieved that patience allows them to see new ideas clearly and face them.

Each enlightened motivation frees them and unifies their goals, expands their horizons, and puts them to the test. They are encouraged to observe what they had not noticed before.

Hora travels agile during the early mornings and until noon with great ease; is motivated by the moon that he does not see but feels strongly in his body, let us not forget that he is the only one among all who relates to the woman whom he perceives as an angel thanks to the stone that was given to her in the world of the Mayan sages and that allowed him to create a link with their energy.

Painani coldly meditates on the best course to get closer to her goal, she finally decides impulsively because there is no other course than the one in front of her; remember everything you have learned and move forward with energy.

Meanwhile, on the barge, the eight friends meditate under the brightness of the Sun, Evaristo points out:

-The beauty that we see in nature is something that the world’s inhabitants will always see, that will help its vividness to be eternal. at least we must remember it and make it as important as the life of every living being.

Patricio looks at him with a certain sarcasm and decides to contradict him:

-Brother, what I know is that the human is a damn predator and if he sees something free and within reach, he will take it as he pleases, just think about when they sacrifice people or animals for the offerings, whether or not you need to kill them if the festival asks for it there they go and do it. Dayami was a young girl, she now serves the light but her life would have been another, thanks to Erandi she is now a special being but how many others did not achieve that happy benefit.

Javier, who at that time covered his head with a damp cloth, addressed the group:

-Let’s go to that land and we will know about those celebrations and we will know how little Erandi has achieved to avoid it, we have travelled through places of the world where it has not been easy to stop giving injustices; not even those who trust the gods prevent them.

Zila, while salting the rest of the fish to put them in the sun, warned:

-I have known that there are places where they kill whales, some with young, how much longer will a piece of meat from the sea last in salt? I have no idea but if I had to eat whales every day I would be miserable.

Santiago looking at the wide horizon without turning to see them exclaimed:

I would like the most in life is to be remembered, when I die, as someone who left good advice to those who will come and I believe that’s what means to be alive. Santiago

-Today we are in this place and tomorrow we will be in unknown lands and what I would like the most in life is to be remembered, when I die, as someone who left good advice to those who will come and I believe that’s what means to be alive.

They all looked at each other and observed the same horizon as Santiago, they recognized that this was their moment and their opportunity as well.

Nothing you do can change the story that is presented to you, but if you have the opportunity to make a difference, do it, do not hesitate, just act.

Author´s notes:

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Song of Yaocihuatl

Song of Yaocihuatl is the voice of hope of someone who recognizes her work for the world and that with the help of the enlightened will be realized.

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Where do I put love?

The one who appears at my door in silence

The one whose face I do not discover, nor feel…

Where is the love that had a shape and is now a memory?

Yes, it is love that creates universes,

How indifferent it seems when he is silent.

Sunset allows the sun to bathe in water

give colour to the vast sea.

There I fully recognize

that outburst that is not eternal.

At last, I understand, no love belongs anywhere,

it’s everywhere, it’s all over the world

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Erandi’s expectations in the face of an unknown reality

The time will come when your hard-earned wisdom will modify what others think of you and will dignify your person by belonging to a group where your knowledge will encourage great changes.

“Knowing the shadow of a reality that you cannot speak of could make you feel a deep pain, but at the same time it could become the most powerful tool”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

It is perhaps surprising to no one that Erandi is one of the people who carries the most weight and responsibility in everything that happens around her, thanks to her communications with Dayami she knows what awaits her people and has placed her hope entirely in the eight enlightened ones, at the same time she feels the weight and responsibility of her people and her own family, but she cannot speak, cannot anticipate, only prepares strategies to fulfil a difficult task.

We know about Erandi’s partner, we recognize her as the Tlatoani of the Coyolxauhqui temple, but so far we have not revealed his name and neither that of his daughter who will soon begin to walk.

Well, the name of the couple, custodian, confidant and friend of Erandi is Quizari Taiyari, whose meaning in the Nahuatl language is: 

“He who knows about our heart.”

Their little daughter was named Yaocihuatl. 

The meaning of her name was that of a warrior woman:

 “The one who fights for her dreams and ambitions.”

Undoubtedly, her parents hoped to educate her to honour her name and were willing to achieve it. She would have to live moments of great despair and profound changes in the social structure of her people.

Seen in the eyes of the navigators who were about to arrive from the sea, her birth was linked to the water carrier of wisdom and at the same time to the planet of warriors, known to them as Mars; she would be educated to release ties in men and women, who would receive knowledge to be the light in their populations with the view of what can and should be proven. 

The vocational fire was linked to her talent, she did not recognize knowledge as something private, every door could be opened to new options; Yaocihuatl dedicated herself to convincing the Jesuit friars to make copies of every codex that had to be burned to make the true history of her people disappear.

Protective of her values ​​and her roots, she managed to evade death on several occasions; her parents trained her in the sciences and occult arts.

Meanwhile in the open sea …

Let’s go back to the barge built by Patricio, which has already been abandoned by the humpback whale and once again they sail the seas with agility and under their own means, the night arrives to join the list of moons that they list until they meet Poseidon, while that happens, they meet again to celebrate their illuminated gathering under the last quarter of the moon and it is Javier who begins the conversation with a question:

-Evaristo, we know of your gifts as a caretaker and connoisseur of remedies, have you thought about what we are going to do when we meet the woman who guards the moon?

Patricio, who always placed the detail where he put his safety before that of others, pointed out:

-I don’t want to be involved in being the culprit of his death, that would be disastrous.

Looking at him angrily, Evaristo argued:

-You would not be the only one to blame, but from what everyone has told me, we had those spots as children, that’s why the skin on Javier’s face looks like little holes, he didn’t have a mother to tell him that it should not be touched, nor scratched.

Hence the idea that the only one who could harm those people is someone with the curse of those fresh welts or who has touched another with the illness around and has not cut their nails and keeps it there or in one of their wounds.

I think we should keep our distance, especially you, Patrick, I have the intuition that arriving ashore you would be the first to see how you take a woman to bed

Patricio, puzzled, snapped:

-There is no matter that I want more than to quench my body ardours, don’t be hypocrites, you have also kept your desire, I hear all of you snort at night like males in heat, how you dare, of course, I am not the only one, of course not!

Timoteo, who was the one who always tries to unite the group with words of encouragement, pointed out:

-Brothers, calm down, Evaristo is a man with wise knowledge and what he says makes sense; Personally, I think that more than one of us wants to put someone who can be loved to bed and that takes time. Now we are a kind of ambassadors of light and we respond to it, we will be received with special dignities, do not forget it.

They all smiled convinced that their days of being seen as badly bandits were over.

The time will come when your hard-earned wisdom will modify what others think of you and will dignify your person by belonging to a group where your knowledge will encourage great changes.

Author´s notes:

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Order reality, encourage the journey!

There will come moments where the certainty of your trips will be due to the learning that you obtain from them. You can fail, but you will try again, your goal will not be perfection, but the journey. 

“The day will come when everything that you saw as an ideal will cease to be so and everything that was part of a dream will be seen objectively and every thought will become tangible. Now analyze what is inside of you so that this happens and becomes the most valuable thing ”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

While the humpback whale allowed them to see the nobility of nature, they had the opportunity to feel free of fears and encourage new dreams that for a long time they lived asleep in each of the eight friends united by adventure and now by magic.

They discovered the possibility of a new way of seeing situations, they realized that they were about to face each other with characters that had been anthropomorphically transformed by different cultures of the world, they would know what they really were like.

The talk that night in front of the moon was started by Jacobo:

– Do you realize what we are experiencing? It would have been one thing for me to find a conch in the sea and use it for purposes that are practical to us, however, the conch that I now possess is a gift from the deity Bormanicus. This is wonderful!

Evaristo, whose meaning in his name points to those who are helpful, pointed out something of great value:

-But above all, my friends, we must be cautious, they are details that we cannot disseminate, they are privileges that could cause envy and even anger in others. . We must serve in the light of understanding and be humble.

Javier with a cautious look pointed out:

– The very idea of ​​knowing that we will find a group of people who think the same and who have developed special qualities that we will learn is an illusion for me.

Smiling Zila observed the wake that was formed in the water, the whale being the one who crossed the wide sea so that they would be safe while they recovered their navigation implements:

-Just knowing that there is full certainty that we will arrive safely at the port because everything conspires to make it happen, is something that cannot be explained in words and that only magic has achieved.

Patricio and his great practicality clarified:

-There are skills that we already have and that we learned over the years, now we put them into operation and Rayo de Esperanza (Ray of Hope) is the proof. That earthquake on the hillside gave us the first certainty, but if we are going to list all the certainties that have united us, they will not give me the fingers of the hand to count them. They all smiled amused and satisfied with their achievements.

Meanwhile across the wide ocean 

Painani entered lands of exuberant vegetation, where artisans and farmers attended with special care the advice of the shaman, who wore elaborate jade ornaments; the cotton, corn and palm crops were large areas that the settlers cared for with great care.

Painani, as was the custom that she had developed in previous settlements, showed the shaman her deer hide with the inscriptions provided by a safe-conduct, for which it was welcomed, encouraging the residents to comment on the reasons for their journey; The shaman had a diligent way of making himself understood with outsiders:

If she accepted the offer in the Chorotega language of a drink of Nance liquor in a ceremonial clay pot and responded with the same words which were offered to her, even though she did not know the full meaning of these, she was immediately accepted into the group as a trusted guest.

We know the diplomatic skills of the ascended women in Erandi’s group, so we know that the result was successful, she remained among the settlers for a few days before starting her journey again.

There will come moments where the certainty of your trips will be due to the learning that you obtain from them. You can fail, but you will try again, your goal will not be perfection, but the journey. 

Author´s notes:

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There will always be two versions of the same fact

There will be no greater happiness in men on the face of the earth than in those who, serving magic, were rewarded for it.

“Believe in dreams, invent the ideal character, make it as real as only magic could”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Everyone sees the reality that surrounds them from their perspective and a few think about the idea that not everything you’ve been told could actually be that way.

But he was also known as a benefactor and creator of islands and only when his warnings were not heeded did he angrily has been sinking his trident, causing earthquakes and shipwrecks.

But he was also known as a benefactor and creator of islands and only when his warnings were not heeded did he angrily sink his trident, causing earthquakes and shipwrecks.

However, the eight enlightened, many of them with ancient roots and legacy among the Greeks, knew what this was all about and understood what had to be done; They knew there was a secret in him and they set out to discover it, in their minds they could not conceive that Poseidon explicitly asked for horse sacrifices and they were not going to be left with the doubt of asking him the question, they would. when Poseidon was face to face at some point during the trip.

Jacobo argued:

-It is the best way to start a conversation, to make an effective call to him by being interested in what he is; I assure you that humans have thought it much fiercer than it is, and they have also attached attributes of aggression that Poseidon possibly does not have.

Diego, staring at Jacobo, affirmed:

-You have the strength of the conch shell and each intonation you emit will let him know your sincere intentions. Zila listened to them attentively, he was aware that if he proposed to, he could transmit to Dayami what his companions shared and of course, this moment was special to let her know a reality that she could not see.

Dayami in the depths of the ocean was able to understand that on many occasions there are two versions of the same event. It should be reflected that the sources of information being diverse are nourished by what gives light to your path, if perhaps you concentrate on feeding that flow with the opinion of others, you will be at the height of the enlightened ones.

We do not escape that vital force and it is in this way that we attract people related to what we believe in; When the magic of balanced thinking covers your days, your philosophy of life and everything you are as a living being immersed in the ocean of experiences will teach you to unlearn or learn something new to evolve.

Anguished Patrick alerted the group that on the fifth day of the crossing the ropes had softened, to the extent that it was not easy to make the tourniquet tighten them, they needed at least a few hours under the ray of the noon sun to dry them or they would fall at the drift.

Jacobo joined both hands and with all the strength he could breathe, emulating the sound of the conch, like that occasion when he calmed the storm, suddenly the back of a humpback whale formed a giant shadow around them, it was visible in the reflects of the sea, its size and power before the brightness of the sun that spattered the sea with its sparkles.

Without warning, he gently lifted them and held them while sailing to give them a chance to dry their mooring ropes. Everyone was watching Zila uneasily, waiting for him to receive news from Dayami, after a few seconds the Celtic man announced:

– Bormanicus says that he will give you a gift, Jacobo, points out that Poseidon could play deaf if with your conch contraption you decide to call him, he also comments that will soon leave us in their domains, there are only 8 moons left and when it disappears on the ninth day, we will thus have the sign that we will be without their support.

Then the humpback whale snorted through the hole that we know as Aventador and threw a beautiful conch shell onto the surface of its barge that surprised everyone and captivated Jacobo, who over the years would protect it with joy and enthusiasm.

There will be no greater happiness in men on the face of the earth than in those who, serving magic, were rewarded for it.

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The agile conductor of emotions

When life shows you that you can be different and in fact, you have achieved it, do not doubt, continue, that the encounter with adventure is a skill that successfully developed with tenacity.

“They will know about you when penetrating the deep and unfathomable waters where there is no worthy anchor, where there is no refuge for fear”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Evaristo recognized that the rain would allow them to fill saddlebags and buckets with the precious liquid to continue the journey without fainting since none of them approached the river to collect fresh water in the bustle of going down to the beach to the ship, they realized that each signal was planned and orchestrated in such a way that there could be no margin for error.

Javier asked what they would use as an anchor if necessary, diligent and assertive. Patricio replied:

-Absolutely not, we are not going to nail an anchor to the back of a beast, if one of them is to serve as an island if necessary.

Diego did not carry a trawl net to lift some fish but the use of the trap that Dayami called nasa, was very useful, it was not easy to light a fire to cook, but the oranges and lemons they carried were a good element to cook and to eat the fish and another pieces were salted and exposed to the sun to preserve the meat and store it. In such a way that neither hunger nor thirst was seen in the plans for the next few weeks. 

Dayami had already focused her attention on any being that could impede the passage of the navigators, and at the same time, she managed to make Erandi intuitively know at the touch of the water that the men were on their way. Water apart from being a conducting medium for emotions awakened intuition and wisdom in those who knew how to do it, and each apprentice towards enlightenment trained this skill to perfection.

Painani knew that his proximity to the ceremonial centre where the sun is located was getting closer and closer, she rested from time to time and started speeding up hillsides and valleys, from pause to pause the territory was bringing her closer to her goal. Going down to the streams, she sensed the vivid presence of their colleagues in diverse and always dynamic tasks, ready to generate that fabric of experiences that gave them strength and certainty.

Hora was leaving Colombian lands to continue his journey, but not before sharing with all the ette his visions of a magical world that can only explain the scientific endeavour in which he develops his skills and shares them with joy.

The afternoon fell calmly in the waters of the open sea, the men knew that now the moon would be the bonfire that would help them meet to discuss the events and the glorious moments that awaited them.

Zila raised his arms and warned the group:

-My friends,  Dayami has spoken to me, we must be cautious, later the Bormanicus domains give way to a being whose power is immense, has a trident and the favours that he offers has an expensive cost, we will under his hands, and the expense of his decisions, I have no further information.

They would face the powerful forces of Poseidon

All the friends felt the pressure to face supernatural forces with which to cope, at that moment Timoteo spoke to them, always ready to encourage them so as not to leave a shadow of discouragement in any of them:

-Brothers, It is one thing to be warned, another to fall into unfounded fears; we are agile and our abilities have changed since we saw that light that inspired us to be different, Rayo de Esperanza ( Ray of Hope) will reach its destination.

They all smiled knowing it was true their lives were no longer the same since they discovered their abilities as enlightened.

When life shows you that you can be different and in fact, you have achieved it, do not doubt, continue, that the encounter with adventure is a skill that successfully developed with tenacity.

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