The book that was needed at last !!!

Each artist and creator uses magic in their own way and ignites ideas with it, it is time to decide that nothing will stop us and that is fabulous

If we are made of a substance that identifies us, each creator and artist recognizes it in their own materials, therefore, let’s keep doing magic, gentlemen!

Walk the path that united the Clan of the Bird Spell to social groups that identified with them and recognize the value they had to enter different parts of the planet and thanks to their unique qualities to be part of the sympathy of others, is part of this crossing.

With a unique way of visualizing the Gods and recognizing their strength they have to travel through unknown lands, they will discover solidarity, make alliances and great loves will emerge, their stories and achievements will transcend.

 It is a fictional story that allows us to look at the legends that have been told to us with a new strategy, the main aim is to value and reflect on the ideas that we have formed from life and with which we have prevailed through the centuries.

As many of you may have noticed, we are now moving towards the fourth book, which departs a bit from the idea of Bird Spell, however, it has characters that correspond to the previous ones, and form that magical link that transcends, The Messenger It is on the way and now we all know that possibly it will stop being a short story, but I do not know that either, the only certainty is that the world opens the door to unsuspected paths and reading them among lynxes allows us to be visionaries of our time.

A piece of good news to spread to all

The book and its protagonist are fundamental on the cover

About Bird Spell 

First of all remember that the group of the Bird Spell Clan is a group that searches the world for those it can enlighten, it is not their idea of life in freedom to indoctrinate or bend, or to gain privileges thanks to their abilities. The story does not end, of course, this is the first book of Bird Spell.

The place where all the characters live is a place in the world that, like in other latitudes, sorcery begins a journey that is not understood in most cases, among myths in the face of the unknown, life tries to make its way towards the In the light of knowledge, It is not easy, there are groups that, like now, hold power, buy the privileges and favors of some and sow fear in others. Mythology and the arts of intuition will soon make their way to impose values ​​and give prominence to stories whose logic will remain in the minds of future generations impressively. 

Many will be motivated to move entire armies under the watchful eye of the King’s astrologer. Collecting taxes will be one of the tasks of the lord of the Earth, and what better way than to house this necessary imposition under the tutelage of Taurus or other mythic monsters. It is not difficult for all of you to intuit the path that awaits Bird and Star.

Many people, not necessarily astrologers, have realized that humanity in its periods of calm, only fits the mold that corresponds to it and its dynamism is motivated by the time it takes to erect monuments and temples, thanks to which it justifies them, and it is necessarily involved in repeating stories.

 I will not need to take such a distant leap, most know what it takes to understand what he lives now. I only trust that people who are now young enough to be indoctrinated, find someone like Mantis in their lives growing up, or can be reflected in the gaze of someone who rescues their power to marvel at life as Sun did. 

Make you doubt everything that cannot be changed because it is a dogma of faith and help you close the door of conventionalism when necessary, not when it can no longer be otherwise, as Sie will try. 

Let us remember that this story is fiction, in it, I modify many of the beliefs that are taken for granted and learned by oral or written tradition, in the next book you will be able to see more easily the relationship that could exist between the gods and their humanized version, what a change the possibility presents us.

Let´s and we´ll see.

Some individual traces

In this blog, the first book was not shared as a sequence, but I will only give you details that have captivated me in the second reading that I follow.

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Now that I go back down the road with another look, I am fascinated by the idea of sharing some individual traces of the journey towards the book called Bird Spell, available only in Spanish as I now take the path of translation, I find myself before a new adventure and a very different analysis format.

Discover again the history with other eyes is absolutely magic, never you can see the same in the second adventure

Let’s be faithful to the past that is a great teacher, but let’s look firmly towards the future.

Now we can remember this other passage when the sorceress called

Serpent exclaimed with restrained anger:

The sign of the chisel

– Swords, spears and shields, torture and death is sown along the way, we must be agile, skilful so as not to lose our way. Each of our eyes can see many more than just a sky, the same one that they observe without realizing its message and commitment, we can fly with the imagination, we can observe with the intuition that they fear. Our seed will be eternal, even when they cannot see how lush their legacy is.

In this blog, the first book was not shared as a sequence, but I will only give you details that have captivated me in the second reading that right now I edit to make it a book in this language, it is a challenge, I hope to achieve something acceptable, greetings readers! !!

Response to the letter of an avid blog reader

This is the answer to a kind letter from a reader of this blog to whom I send greetings and respect your privacy unless he authorizes me to give your name

Dear reader friend: in relation to the confusions that have awoken in your follow-up to reading on this blog, I will tell you some details and clues that may clear up your bewilderments:

I feel that you are in the biggest maze because to read a blog properly and taking a count that was a longer work; maybe the only one crazy to do that, is me.

You need to go to the first post, and this is the most older on that, later you can read one per one in the same timeline the oldest, the older and the less old, and then discover the new one, with the current date, so close to the present date in the calendar.

The other trouble that you have, maybe you can understand if you are reading the preface, by the way, the last posted date May 15; talking about the real sequence of the whole history. I need to say the worst scenario that you have … Please sit down and breathe slowly…

I need to translate the first book called Crystal Galaxy, and later the second book, which apparently doesn’t have any relationship with the other one, I send to you the preface copy for your knowledge, because it is not published yet in the English blog. Also, I need to send to you the draft of the Spell of bird, because it is the only work in your language that I have at the moment. I hope you can read it properly.

The fact is for me is easier to write like a book, not like a screenplay, but is a good alternative to you if you want to understand the sequence; I like the idea to publish the future a book with the screenplay, but is to remember all the work, maybe I need an employed on that, but I do not like invest any money if I do not have the certain to obtain on this some profit.

By reason of security only into your letter I can share the screeenplay draft, here the page not allow it

Thanks for your comments because Asgardia is only a subterfuge to create a different path in my book about history, is a dream very rare that I figure to change the history, the real one, just in the mind of the people that live with the same ideas to repeat the crudest history. I am a dreamer, maybe only a dreamer.

Maybe you can realize it with the preface, doest exist a Queen as an Asgardian, the characters are sorceress, they are free spirits. And the only kiss that the pioneer Barderian misses in despair is not from an Asgardian but from a scientist, his beloved Raudek Vilop, born in Eggya.

As a resident of Asgardia, I will like to imagine a different world, the fact is not possible, the life is rude, violent, dramatic; but my novel is fiction with lovely dreams of unity into humanity.

If I had in my hands a tale for Asgardian kids, maybe this will be the real alternative that I would like to read to them.

I will wait for your next letter my dear friend

PS.: As is usual with the protection of your privacy, I like the idea to put this letter in my blog, you are the most avid reader that I have, and I feel so great about this

Epilogue, the overview of the entire trip

Thanks to those who followed me, those who meditate and reflect on what I left them to think, other journeys and new adventures will come and I invite you to follow me when they happen.

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At the end of this part of the work, we can only recapitulate, look back and understand how this whole journey was so passionate and tenacious, waiting for others of equal or greater magnitude.

The story begins with the Crystal Galaxy (Galaxia de Cristal), whose time is the future, that idyllic vision where there is a kind of people who at the end of the day have been thinking the same thing for a long time and suddenly someone comes and says yes, indeed that is what they want and their path is reflected in the stars.

Later, I kept analyzing that there are no spontaneous generations and that it was necessary to review if in a world that has created a valuable and powerful culture of violence and possession, there was room for that other space that I sensed and it was simple to achieve consolidation.

I took on the task of summoning someone with enough vision to give me clues and I found her, she was listening to a beautiful bird precisely at the moment that walking through a forest falls, and her face had a mark for that reason.

Photo by

With a little groping I put my tools in front of her to see what I was going to do with them, she simply told me that she could not handle what I asked of her because her vision was not totally of this world, on one side she would intuit, and on the other eye, she would observe the reality.

Well then I understood that she was more useful than I imagined and I took her to the remote past, I placed her in the middle of the most horrible devastation that human violence can create and this is how this adventure began, she refused to die, it was not possible to kill her because she kept inside me; impossible to kill the writer.

Thus I concluded Bird Spell (Hechizo de Ave), but she could not let her intuition cease, she, the woman with the intuitive look, told me about a reality that needed to be seen from a more human way, that place where legends and myths were generated, she urged me to break them, to tear them apart and see what was inside each one of them and instead of me giving her my tools to continue, she only threw me into the sea, a violent place that was frozen and well taht was the scene where little by little other characters appeared.

Each of them lived in a world that was much more than a historical moment because what they learned there lasted for several centuries later and emerged La Travesía Atemporal (The Timeless Journey), with it new generations were born that with that new vision returned me to the beginning of my life. the first book, to the year 2287.

The woman whom I invoked to help me start all these reflections, was still in my mind, I found her in my dreams with that blood mark on her face, but she was left without saying a word. this intuitive plane or dimension somehow prompted me to continue on foot and alone.

Then I had to do with Another Gaze (Otra Mirada), I wrote a first draft that helped me to start the hard way towards some conclusion if this was possible. That other look was hers and mine, a good participatory work with which she managed to see The Bridge (El Puente) and discover the routes to cross it, I realize that looking in the dark I managed to intuit like her some details that fascinate me.

A hero appears who was a sketch in the first book Galaxia de Cristal (Crystal Galaxy) and he yells at me from far away that I needed to go to see him and understand how everything began in that time that is lost in the space of humans and I moved away with him to the reality that none of us knew in the distant land of the 7 moons called Eggya, in this way appears on the scene Los Inicios The Beginnings (Los Inicios), I definitely had to name it the second chapter, but no one would understand anything if you read it without the order established by my adventurous trip.

If something of what I have said is not taken for granted, you will be correct, the work is fiction with some reality touches, above all, it is my personal vision of the world that I would like to inhabit and that, like Sofía Galafik, the mother of Zila, I can make it grow inside me and in the vastness of my mental universe to share it with others.

Photo “the bird” by daniyal ghanavati on

Reflections in the middle of the road

The art of creating a story out of nothing and making it part of a magical world is the best excuse to stay in front of the keyboard

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter 

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa.

Today I want to comment on an essential detail regarding the term eggyan, for this, you must explain the following, like all writers, we love the epistles, those letters that come to us from friends and that we can even stamp, now there is a wonderful option called with it you don’t need paper, the letter takes its time to arrive depending on the country where you are going to receive it, it is so nice.

What is this all about? Well, I have a friend who has been interested in investigating what my story is about, and recently he told me that wants to understand what Eggya is, he found the Eggyan Egg on Facebook. But his search doesn’t have any relationship with the real truth on that matter.

No relation to the true history and the name of the planet that comes from my imagination

 I was impressed since it is someone who possibly read and did not understand what my idea of ​​the name Eggya is about, so I am going to tell you that they are the initials of my son’s name and the A at the end corresponds to my name, like this it was that I decided to baptize that wonderful space that now remains in the memory and minds of the people who managed to free themselves from destruction. At no time does the story relate to my son, it was my imagination that led me to put those words together.

That said, I will continue with the story, Raudek Vilop woke me up a few days ago with the necessary and urgent idea to explain what it was like to reach the veil of ether, that place that transforms everything and that is unlike anything we have known before, I put a small part in the podcast:

The saddest moment, full of uncertainty and a halo of hope in the distance

It will be necessary to go to the text and make it part of the story that as you know then I try with my humble knowledge of the English language, translate it in 

I take this opportunity to comment that I am analyzing the idea of ​​the compendium of history in a single volume, of course, those who read here must go back to make sense of it, there are those some follow me daily, all of them have not lost the thread of the historical time of the story, but I know that there are few and that there will be those who get bored and dedicate time to their own or other activities that take them away from the blog, it is natural.

That said, I see you in the next post, greetings and thanks for your company,  and above all thanks to my friend from the north who is surely reading me and knows that I mean him when I mentioned the where we met. By the way, only those who know the story of this blog will know how to identify me with the Avatar and Pseudonym that we use there in that epistolary and virtual space.

For now, I say goodbye and wish you all happy creative moments.

Reflections to continue the journey

In this way, I invite you to follow me in the next chapter and thank those who follow me from anonymity and those who are enthusiastic bloggers and do it with their own name, thank you all!

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Suddenly I realize that each of these three books in the series Bird Spell I, The Timeless Journey II, The Bridge, and the Beginnings III; They fulfill a task that I started in 2003 and it led me to a reflection that is important to me and I want to share it with you so that you can make your own guesses if you wish:

When something needs the impulse to continue, it will be part of your thoughts, and these have to be shared in different ways with the people who cross your path: As humans, we tend towards the perfectible, even when we know that the body we possess limits us, the distances that surround us in the immense world we inhabit and it is in that moment that the sensory ability allows us to feel the other as a mirror and reflection of the feelings that we all have.

The book speaks of our need to affirm ourselves as humanity, to recognize the other who, in their position of anonymity, feels and suffers the same as those who have the tools or possibilities to express themselves.

We suffer, we cry, we love, in our own way we realize that we have something that is fundamental, memory and with them, we can shape a viable future or let memory revive and perpetually maintain the images of the past and turn them into something immovable.

Personally, I prefer the second alternative: The dynamic where I can change everything once and for all, in my own way is the best way to jump into the abyss and be able to look at a new landscape from above with the certainty that I will. Most valuable I have my critical, analytical, observant memory, with a frown marked by the blood of the messenger bird of wisdom. Regardless of what race, culture, or belief I belong to, I chose that signature and shared it through my work with all of you who have followed me so far.

Every novelist recognizes that love is one of the most fascinating feelings that living beings have, in the case of humans it drives us in new ways to keep the flame of our brain and its active connections. Only the one who has experienced love can express it and it is almost certain that others will be reflected in the experience since it is something common to all of us.

The present love, the one that is absent and the one that is remembered with all its positive implications or not, is an engine to continue the life that we are. In my particular experience, the best love is the one that gives us the power of magic, that which is capable of going through every day to revitalize a new creation, that which is not tied to a physical body nor to their material routines.

If we look towards the eternal this is understandable, everything else has a finite time, perhaps there is the key that Ingerin Barderian spoke of, but I cannot anticipate the events that are not yet related by Raudek Vilob, she has the life her own and her search is sometimes not mine, she surprises me when she wakes me up in the middle of the night and takes me to my notebook to write the following passage.

With this, I just want to warn you that the character is a living being in the head of every writer and I am no exception.

Do you remember that in 2003 the philosopher Nick Bostrom proposed that the universe could be a monumental simulation as a whole?

Recently Fouad Khan reopens the discussion on this matter and adds that we can detect its existence by the speed of light: 

He mentioned that it can process information at the rate of one operation per second and it would have an extension of 300,000 kilometers long, where it would store all the relative information. to simulation. Khan concludes with a feeling of helplessness: “All we can do is accept the reality of the simulation and make what we can out of it,” he told Scientific American Magazine.

It is a debate that continues, for those who are thinking that I hold this theory without fuss, I want to tell you beforehand that I do not agree with it; we are more complex and internally rich to allow myself to be convinced with such an argument.

References: Space confirmed! We live in a simulation. Fouad Khan, Scientific American, April 1, 2021. Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50. Anil Ananthaswamy. Scientific American, October 13, 2020.