The future reinvents itself if it is what you really want

There are times when the truth can be placed in front of you and it will take time to understand its mystery and its realism, when you have achieved it, your world will be different forever.

“Nothing arises in solitude, all roads lead us to other beings that converge with your ideals and dreams”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At the moment that the man from the south understood that his passage through the world needed being part of something greater his life was transformed, he visualized in that figure that was flying at ground level the messenger of something he did not understand …

There are times when we need to isolate ourselves to understand the veracity of what surrounds us or disengage in the midst of deception He looked up and realized that the huge bird with shadowed wings was following in his footsteps in the immensity of the sky, encouraging the male to continue towards a rugged vision of mountains that just by looking at them caused him fear and amazement.

Nothing is more ferocious in the immense sky than the life that is shown before your eyes with all the magic of the unknown, in it you can find deep abysses of bewilderment and at the same time with the fabulous reality of all your dreams.

The hours passed and the afternoon spread scorchingly in the immensity of that vastness, the mountain peaks had white tones as if trying to imitate the white of the graceful clouds that formed in the whole environment, the man took the rock in front of him, as one who He frankly greets another being, he recognized that his materials were different and the rock would be a challenge to overcome, not the hand of a friend to whom help is offered, the rock did not embrace his hand, he remained silent and rude, waiting for the man to adapt to their forms.

Without hesitation, she took the first step and felt the dense and aggressive wind, but he took it as the only greeting that this immense mountain could offer him, her rudeness was the only thing she knew and that was enough for her to continue on her way, there was no to be discouraged, if you are a rock, you will not be something else, it will not be possible. For the man of the South to mold himself and find strategies if it was possible, it definitely was.

The next rock crumbled a bit in his hands, but the daring male-only smiled and exclaimed:

<Give me reasons not to believe you, hold my breath not to follow you. I am a fool and you will not be able to do anything to prevent my path, I can assure you>

At the top, he observed that his condor friend was lost in the immensity of the night, possibly he would find himself again in the heights and perhaps the same thing would happen as With that kind ounce, perhaps the daring adventurer would leave behind those who remain in an area because they can live in peace and joy there.

He thought of the figure of that birdman, or angel floating without touching the ground, imagined him as the most encouraging figure now that he was in the middle of heaven and earth, deftly climbing the rough skin of the rock.

In another part of the immense Painani continent she prepares her legs for a virtuous race, the terrain is once again friendly and smooth, the sands that show her what we know as the Pacific coast, allow her to advance towards the site where the lord of the days that she recognizes as Tonatiuh and says to herself:

<I am on your borders, Lord of the South, with your light I can observe my path for a few hours and it will be my destiny to follow your light.>

Erandi visited the skywatchers that day and she recognized that many of them were capable of measuring and understanding what she recognized: The belly of the Goddess of the temple was much more than the mythical image of a mystery, it was the exclamation that the most fabulous of certainties shouted at them. A silent and daring cry that many were silent and understood.

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Theremin, the voice of the ether

As they progressed in their investigations, things turned out to be a path where the light illuminated a dense darkness tunnel.

Chapter The Bridge

of Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

That night Zila had a tremendously discouraging night, his  memories of recurring dreams made him meditate on the human being that he was with others, the group he had formed, was not entirely accepted or understood by some purist scholars and even by some Asgardians whose pragmatic mentality and attached to palpable reality, did not allow them to see beyond what life was in front of their eyes.

Like a flash of lightning in the middle of total darkness he imagined floating in the enormous gap between the Moon and the Earth, the Apogee invited him to plunge into the depths of an abyss that always showed him something different from the sensory life that he had trained and with which he introduced his students.

That recurring dream of a wizard in the mist dancing around his philosopher’s stone turned into a vibrant maiden whose belly was a giver of hope in the legions of sorcerers and wizards who would live forever in their ability to teach and transmit wisdom to the entire humanity.

His engine and his discouragement in a world that invalidated him to be profuse; however, he recognized that in many of his students, there was something of the spark of a breath of magic that he taught them and that comforted him.

He did not usually arrive with a coffee in his hand to the classroom; however that day, it was impossible, his mind had not rested enough, and it was a hit of caffeine that would help him start the day.

Upon arrival, the professor to the classroom, all the students rearranged their chairs to represent that unique experience;  as soon all it was ready. Zila said:

– Let’s see, they already found a pattern between Yilia and Tai and a triangulation between them and Braulio, concentrate.

The first to speak was Jorge, who got up and extended his arms towards the place where Mazym was in Yilia’s position:

– If it were an orchestra, Yilia has the baton, professor.

Zila adjusted her glasses and took a sip of her coffee to say with total interest:

Beatriz said: I consider that Yilia is Fa; continued with Sol, La. In link frequency and a low tone, he placed Braulio in Ti, and I occupy the scale with Do, in my representation of Tai.

– Mmmh! An orchestra whose wave frequency is not perceptible, you mean a high-frequency oscillation?

Jorge was left with a curious look and did not know what to say, and then he gave the floor to Ofelia:

– From Daniel’s position, it was easy to think that he was the one who directed the orchestra, the moderator, but certainly not in the Yilia’s look is the key; we could give notes to those who form the isosceles triangle.

Then Beatriz, who was in Tai’s position, stressed:

– In Do, re, mi; there is no potency; therefore, I consider that Yilia is Fa; continued with Sol, La. In link frequency and a low tone, he placed Braulio in Si, and I occupy the scale with Do. This closes a link.

Do you think we work with that?

Most agreed; each of them took the other notes to maintain a frequency of stability and continuity.

Professor Zila asked:

– How do they achieve that those temporal or spatial episodes between them build harmony? How do we understand that their language achieves that fluency that allows them to interact as if they were natives of our world, and each one of them performs correctly and in order the next step?

Tomás, who was in the position that Erin occupied, recalled:

– Theremin, does anyone remember that fascinating instrument that, without touching it, reproduced ethereal, lucid, diaphanous sounds? Perhaps they cross the threshold of each of them; a group leader leads them.

Zila answered:

We will leave it as a possibility; now, what alternatives do you see in all this to analyze part of Tomás’s contribution?

As they progressed in their investigations, things turned out to be a path where the light illuminated a dense darkness tunnel.

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What name do we give it?

Life is one way and it belongs to many others for the magic that we harbor in our memory.

Chapter The Bridge

by Ariadne Gallardo

On that special day and once the call to the laboratory had been made in advance, Zila hurried out of the humanities module of the university where he was a professor to go to his mother’s house and give her the good news; It was a few hours until the procedure was done, he could no longer communicate with his beloved Citlali, but he mentally knew that she was as excited as he was.

He came screaming from the corridor to the house of Sofía, his mother, and told her with a huge smile and an illuminated face:

– Ma, today is the day in a few more moments the procedure will take place.

Zila pointed: She or he was born today distant from both, but not for long. Citlali must understand.

Her mother embraced him with deep joy, the only opportunity to be a grandmother was to present herself for her, and not only that, the lineage they treasured for them was fundamental and valuable. There were rules that only among wizards were recognizable and this was one of them.

Zila anxiously questioned his mother:

– Do you remember when you went to the registry and the official asked you if it was my name with S or Z, you remember what you told him, right?

– Of course, said his mother with a big smile, I told him that the name was written with Z for Zeus.

-Why Zeus, why not Zacharias or Zoo or another?

– I was referring to my son

– You know well that man before he was elevated to the rank of deity over the centuries was a man who manipulated with seduction, explain a little more to me, why him?

-Every sorcerer is seductive, it is not common for the thought of him to leave everything to chance, now with this conception, you are giving to your son or daughter previous tools, not out of evil or vileness because you know, you can do it.

Zila looked at her tenderly and responded with a happy smile, then she stared at the room where they were and took a sip from her cup of coffee:

-I must understand the relationship, find a sign. His  gaze traveled every corner of the room where they were and suddenly his gaze lit up, instantly he said:

– If there is this mother, that is the signal. He pointed his finger at a cobweb that grew silently in the upper corner of the wall. Sofia looks at the same place and  said to herself:

<Wow! For some reason I left you there, you are helping to weave the story>

Zila pointed his finger at her mother and said:

– It coincides perfectly with what the current star location demands, but there is something else, they are two Greek women with a special power: Arachne and Ariadne, both unmasked the power in turn, exposed it.

The mother passed her hand over her forehead and pointed:

-Neither of them was easy to survive the onslaught of power. Justice and honor were their flags and they will be remembered with honor by many of us.

Now let me be the one to ask: When Citlali returns for the inserts, which have you decided, will she return to the Moon, will she ask for a change of location?

Zila nervously got up from the table and shook his curly hair with one hand and looking at the window replied:

-I want to see my son or daughter grow up close, I do not tolerate the idea that he or she  grows distant, she or he was born today distant from both, but not for long. Citlali must understand.

The mother looked at him and said:

-You could have chosen the sperm bank on the Moon, but for some reason, you didn’t send samples there when she proposed it. A woman so independent and with so many responsibilities, she would have to have very strong reasons not to decide to travel back to her job position.

Zila looked at her with deep concern and for any answer, he only answered:

-I do not accept the idea that my condition prevents me from conceiving, I depend on the woman I love.

At that precise moment, her mother knew something that she could not confess to her son, something that would possibly happen many years later.

Life is one way and it belongs to many others for the magic that we harbor in our memory.

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The deep dimension of the Moon

The world is an area where we can choose the possibilities, control some details, but not all and not all the time.

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

That afternoon at his parents’ house, Zila was surprised that his mother served mole with something very similar to meat, at that time animal proteins were grown in farm laboratories, but not everyone liked its taste:

– Mother I prefer the mole with vegetables, but hey give me just a little of the hybrid meat.

The woman shook her head and smiled resignedly, looking from the kitchen at her son, she asked:

– Have you contacted Citlali? It seems that a new flotilla of Eggyanos will arrive, the morning news was commenting on it.

– In fact, I am waiting for the message from her, she must communicate to the laboratory before I do to ensure the procedure, in a few days everything could change for us; I’m very excited and so is she.

The father, he cleared his throat, was a serene man but with more traditionalist ideas and pointed out trying not to impose himself:

– I still do not understand Zila the insistence that it be at this moment when she is not present, I think it is an extravagance I would like to know a little more about it to understand you.

Zila adjusted his glasses, looking closely at his father, and nodded:

– Maybe I’m wrong father, but I think that accessing a higher level of consciousness depends largely on the gravitational influence generated by the astral planes in the conception of a human being, he or she must have their birth between 21 Aries and 15 Taurus (March 18 and April 9)

The dimension towards non-denial of evolution must be part of its coordinates at birth, I cannot modify the archetypes that the ancestors have formed to give values ​​and characteristics to the personality of human beings, which I can do together with Citlali is to create the right circumstances so that their passage through the world is powerful enough.

The world is an area where we can choose the possibilities, control some details, but not all and not all the time.

The mother came out with a cloth in her hands and placed the hibiscus water on the table and with some concern said:

– I do not doubt that you will know how to intelligently direct that child, but what about alternative B, are you thinking of withdrawing it from the Bank? there will be no control, you will not know the circumstances of its development. 

Zila passed his hand over his forehead with some discomfort and confessed:

– I admit that I am concerned, however it is evident that the women who come to that site care about the appearance of the donor, seeing a file without a photograph and that it is only exposed on certain dates of certain years, does not attract them at all. Possibly as Pa says, they consider it an extravagance and let it slide.

The father settled into the seat and taking a sip of the hibiscus water, pointed his finger at his son and urged:

– To all this, I suppose your wife is already aware of that plan, right?

Zila just smiled and admitted with a nod.

Meanwhile in a remote place and surrounded by heavy machinery is a group equipping a large hangar:

A man removes a protective helmet and approaches the control panels where Citlali is:

– We need to get everything ready, please notify us that the payroll has been sent, I do not want any of the workers to run out of credits when we are forced to cut off communication with the Earth.

Citlali, which means Star in the Nahuatl language, was an agile woman, dedicated to her work, and at that time she was about to live the greatest experiences ever imagined by other generations: The preparations for her long-distance pregnancy and the reception of the second Eggyana fleet. in the Asgardian hangars on the Moon.

Until now, communications were limited to the strictly professional, however, she requested permission to call Zila after establishing contact with Earth and verifying that the delicate in vitro procedure would be carried out at the time and date established by them.

The random factor would take its place in the process and expectations were in the hands of science and something else that they viewed with total positivism, until now.

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Mecícatl Place of Mexi, Place of the Mexitin

Life took a turn and in it, the earthlings would learn a lot in their generational journey to preserve the planet that had housed them for a long time.

Chapter The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

At 37, Zila was recognized by other scholars as one of the people who fought energetically for the city of his birth to regain its proper name. For many academics from other parts of the world, the etymologies have very deep informational gaps, it had been easy for them to give them meaning and consider them true, such as:

Mezitli, The Navel of the Moon, some mistakenly point out that: The word Mexico is composed of the word Meztli, which means Moon, Xictli, whose meaning is navel and Co which refers to the place

The truth is that by the end of the twelfth century, there was already a group that self-determined mexitin. The contrast and difference between “mexitin” and “mexicah” are quite noticeable; in the chronicles (Tezozomoc, Chimalpain, Tovar) the use of mexitin is clearly marked to refer to the group before founding their city, while mexicah is used afterward.

The research work that the Spanish missionaries did when they reached American lands, stands out in the figure of several of them such as Bernardino de Sahagún was a Franciscan missionary, author of several works in Nahuatl and Spanish, considered today among the documents most valuable for the reconstruction of the history of ancient Mexico.

Unfortunately, it was they who were charged with the unjust indoctrination of the inhabitants of these populations, considering that the Christian theology that the Catholic queen worshiped was what was most convenient for all the beings of the discovered worlds.

“They brought a leader and a lord named Mécitl, who was later called citli, hare, after he was born; and because instead of a cradle they raised him on a large maguey stalk”

Sahagún, 1985:610

Let’s read a little of what Sahagún faithfully describes his research in these lands:

Este nombre mexícatl se decía antiguamente mecitli, componiéndose de me, que es metl por el maguey, y de citli por la liebre, y así se había de decir mecícatl; y mudándose la c en x corrómpese y dícese mexícatl. Y la causa del nombre según los cuentan los viejos es que cuando vinieron los mexicanos a estas partes traían un caudillo y señor que se llamaba Mécitl, al cual luego después que nació le llamaron citli, liebre; y porque en lugar de cuna lo criaron en una penca grande de un maguey, de ahí adelante llamóse mecitli, como quien dice, hombre criado en aquella penca del maguey; y cuando era hombre fue sacerdote de ídolos, que hablaba personalmente con el demonio, por lo cual era tenido en mucho y muy respetado y obedecido de sus vasallos, los cuales tomando su nombre de su sacerdote se llamaron mexitin

Sahagún, 1985:610.

In the same way that it was difficult for the entire world to alter its calendars and homologate the judicious – in the eyes of the Asgardians – lunar calendar of 13 months, the same happened with the term used to name Mexitin or Mexican.

In the identity document of the Asgardians you could request that the original term or the vulgar or popularly accepted term be used, this gave way to world business differentiating business transactions with a delicate diplomatic touch for the Asgardians and another for the inhabitants of regions world-specific, of course, just think, of course, you now understand which group achieved the best dividends.

To speak a little more about Zila’s character, I can tell you that his pleasant life among the books was something that he considered magical and struggled to preserve at all costs, extremely intelligent, philosophical, and imaginative, with psychic gifts, he enjoyed his own loneliness of him. He did not like to consider absolutely anything at face value, studying, testing, and analyzing everything was part of his challenges and routines.

As a born seeker of truth, all things spiritual and mystical would always be his tools. The central objective of him, the investigation of the unknown and find answers to the mysteries of life.

So now he would not stop until he found the mystery behind the life of the Eggyans, those beings who inhabited a time of their generational lives beyond the Oort cloud.

The next step was to ask each of his students for an orbital analysis of the Solar System:

– Our work is multidisciplinary, although we are not astrophysicists and anything like that, we recognize the value of understanding how we move in the universe. If that track gives us results, a light on the immense bridge of our ignorance in this discovery of intelligent life beyond what we know, we will have managed to advance.

I also have news for you that all of you are going to like very much, I think so, you remember the Asgardian named Daniel, a reporter approached the Chilean Braulio, a personal friend of Tai, he wanted a separate conversation, an exclusive interview, with the Eggyans.

Later we learned that he felt that there was a lot of tinsel in the matter that was being exposed to the press and for him the part of the scientific mechanisms and the real evaluations that they had of our planet when considering it about to live a latent risk were of great importance.

Later we saw that he began to follow them constantly and is already part of the group that organizes their press conferences, well I have contacted his assistant to be able to hold a virtual chat as soon as his schedule allows.

The group of young people in his class was really surprised and grateful, they all applauded the very favorable initiative of teacher Zila.

Nota de la autora:

Etimología de la palabra Mexico

Orígenes de la palabra Mexico

The memories of history have different readings

There are roads that we have traveled without realizing it, we have traveled to distant territories that we discover like in a Deja vu, our human potential is immense and many times we waste it, can we discover something interesting?

Chapter : The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Zila observed that none of those present were with their minds in that place, each one of them kept the memory alive of that moment when the commander of the distant planet was severely prosecuted in an interview broadcast worldwide, where she was not present and it had to be covered by one of the crew members who, along with others, had already reached Earth.

The man who became known as Anay spoke of an alleged intergalactic agreement, it sounded like science fiction to everyone and of course, their visit to the high command of the United Nations had not been presented, it was truly scandalous.

The best argument they made was that if she had presented herself as an extraterrestrial, the first worldwide move would have been her arrest, until proving that her abilities would not endanger human beings.

That’s right, it was the fifth question in a panel to make her intentions known to the world since they had come from a shattered place, her attitude was one of warning and worldwide support, certain extent that point saved them.

They remembered, each of Zila’s students, without the need to speak and in that fraction of seconds that the flash of memory allows us:

The fifth question was from a small woman with very long hair who had to be asked to speak louder so that what she was saying could be understood, she addressed Anay admitting her surprise regarding the knowledge they had about earthlings:

– ” Apparently, they have been in contact with the information that Tai McGrell has made since she came to these lands, how was it possible for you to assimilate the knowledge in this efficient way or at least without apparent information gaps, secondly I understand that the institution where my great-grandmother studied was hacked by Tai, to obtain a certificate that made her pass as a graduate student in astrophysics, I find it very ingenious and I appreciate the difference in choosing my relative, but I wonder if this would not return to happen.

Zila had to clap loudly to awaken his students from that subtle lethargy and said the famous phrase that everyone remembered with enthusiasm:

– Let’s do magic young people!

This goes on let’s see which rune Ophelia will choose, if I clearly understand that the idea of ​​what we have lived lately overwhelms you is a unique experience, see it that way.

Ofelia closed her eyes and meditated with which hand she would take out of the container a rune to decipher with an ancestral instrument the present in which they lived:

– I put it aside in the other container with salts and drew it for all of you on the blackboard, this is what I had in my hands:

Zila thanked her and immediately pointed out:

The rune that chose you in energy and you to her is Ur, some brief details to start the analysis are these; represents the challenging and uncertain, in connection with everything new and unknown, usually, the magician, the ancient vitkar or völur asked themselves a question when discovering this rune:

What should you do now, will you dare to take a step to what you do not know?

Well, with those data I give you the auditorium.

Zila went and took Ofelia’s seat while she nervously meditated on the first point she would make for all of her companions who were looking at her curiously when she said:

– Doing magic from the point of view of science is one of the most fascinating challenges we can find ourselves with. Taking a step into the unknown is something we constantly do when we elaborate questions, so we turn to history books and in them, we find that the same sequence of events can be read in different ways, even though most stay with the most popular, with which it spread the most.

Commander Tai, who used the surname McGrell, acted like any pioneer in a strange land, she dared not waste time giving explanations of her origin, she mixed among the world’s settlers to find allies. It is the first thing I see in this analysis.

Zila looked at her carefully and said:

– Do you consider that the capacity and vision of this woman led her to consider alternatives and dimension strategies in a matter that for us is new but for her, it is something that she did regularly.

Let us remember textual words from Anay to the woman who points out the hacking of the institution of higher studies:

“Regarding your question, I want to tell you that we definitely did not arrive completely isolated or disconnected from who you are, at the moment that Commander Yilia located the coordinates, he realized that of all of you yourselves has called us years ago”, that Tai left part of the work on the Mega Vector Egg-1 that over time had compiled information from the Solar System, which resulted in reaching the correct zone and planning the landing.”

Yet we know that while she put on autopilot a good part of the way, arriving in the Solar System and recognizing the most exuberant and natural life on Earth was how she made the choice.

What makes you think of the expression: “That of all of you yourselves has called us years ago”?

Ofelia looked at the teacher and searched the faces of her classmates for a spark that would give her arguments to move on, she stopped her breath for a moment and exhaled with force before continuing with her dissertation.

Photo “The Ur rune” by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Bibliographic information by the book: Oracle of Runes by Pablo Runa

The good and the bad, the black and the white.

The look of the ancestral always allows us to look at ourselves as humanity, regardless of the cultural tools we have, at least it is the thesis so far, we will see what happens with Ofelia.

Chapter: The Bridge

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

All the students were attentive to the analysis that was being carried out at that time. Zila give space to his student Jorge commenting before giving the floor completely:

– Remember clearly that we are not going to talk about regressions or astral travel, we are going to locate the knowledge of these magicians to what we can analyze today as scientists, let’s not forget the year that changed everything and forever in terms of the arrival of others settlers to distant lands, today we can speak of the term “distant galaxies” with all property. For these Norse clans, their gaze was focused on the affairs of a tree with the transforming power of nature.

I keep these rose quartz runes with special appreciation, but the runes emerge from bark, the primal runes come from the Yggdrasil, a tree that was special for this culture, let’s start from that point and engrave this date in our memory:

Aries 04 0270 / March 1, 2286

That said, he went to occupy the seat where Jorge used to sit and prepared to listen to what he might say with the little information he gave him regarding that delicate work of the ancient vitkar or völur (magic makers: magicians and magicians, respectively. )

The date noted on the blackboard lasted a few moments and then faded from the touch surface, it was undoubtedly an event that had happened exactly one year ago and that no one would forget anywhere on the planet.

Jorge cleared his throat, cupped his chin thoughtfully, and began his lecture for all who were listening to him at that time in class:

– Said that way Professor Zila, these people lost their roots, it is true, they have found this space due to the feat of their commander and if I had to look at myself in his mirror, possibly we would be in a similar position in future millennia or decades, who knows?

The most worrying thing about all this is that she arrives a year before the date that you have put on the board and nobody, absolutely nobody knew it. If she had intended to harm us, to make an acknowledgment of our weaknesses and strengths in order to attack us, all of us would have been defenseless.

She had all the time to do it, but it was not like that. However, now we see her in the media trying to solve a serious problem with the university that has imposed a fine, hacking the emblematic institution despite the fact that the security centers Cybernetics are very delicate in that sense and it has been necessary to justify themselves and negotiate.

Zila asked for the floor to make a note about it:

I must clarify that they do not lose their roots, if we look at it from the point of view of the Yggdrasil tree, it is precisely in the roots where the source of knowledge is found.

Wherever you can see it, thanks to the scientific learning of the commander-in-chief who reaches us, is that she can even solve the accusations regarding hacking, her knowledge serves the university, now they will share experiences with us.

From them, we learn that knowledge is not what you treasure, it is what you share with others. Analyze now from the knowledge of these ancient magicians, the basis that forms their thought; Like the visitors who have now come to our planet Earth, their vision is not reduced, the archetype of their knowledge they spread to share what they were, it arises from the tree and its branches do not always give you the same face, they are not the reverse or the other way around.

In fact, my limited way of asking you to only choose one rune was not the customary way to read this kind of magical and energetic symbol. They threw it to the wind.

With this new information that I have given you now, tell me what you understand and how you analyze it.

All around the students change their vision of the future.

Jorge looked at him carefully and took a few steps in a circle to be able to concentrate on what he had to answer to the teacher, again he scratched his head vigorously as if trying to distribute the blood circulation that reached his brain in this way, appropriately to help you be assertive with your spontaneous presentation to the whole group.

– Seen in this way it is very similar to Internet networks, it is information that comes and goes everywhere, which is not limited, it is enough that you have the right connection and you get what is there.

She, Commander Taige used that but it went further she entered and hacked the university. If we were to see it as “knowledge is not what you treasure”, she did not need knowledge, she needed a name that will validate her on Earth in order to act.

As you have said, professor, she chooses only one rune, does not hack more than she needs, tries to be the least invasive, even when for world regulations it is seen from only one side: the good and the bad, the white and the black.

For her, the most important thing was to place herself in the registration of terrestrial life with a single click, as she said in an interview that she scandalized all the inhabitants of the Earth. Now each eggyan will be able to certify her knowledge legally. We will have teachers from another galaxy teaching classes and that is impressive.

Zila got up from Jorge’s chair and pointed enthusiastically:

— Now we can see that the analysis that was initially loaded with fear of the unknown and fear of being invaded, has been modified, it seems that it depends on the optics with which we observe events. Thank you very much, Jorge, great exhibition, now we are going to the next speaker. Ophelia, come forward and choose a rune the same way Jorge did, please.

Ofelia adjusted her glasses, touching the rings twice, she managed to make the smoke tone of the lenses become translucent and she prepared to choose the energy of that millenary tradition.

Information of the first work:  Crystal Galaxy novel by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa chapter 1 page 16

 Bibliographic information by the Book: “Oracle of the Runes” by Pablo Runa

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Five months before

From your reality to ours, there is a bridge that is fragile and can stop working properly just by wishing to do so.

(Chapter : The Bridge)

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

A structure of modules is observed where each of them connects a classroom of the faculty of humanistic sciences, several people have gathered to attend a conference in the cafeteria of one of the people closest to the group that at that time is popular specially, it is an academic of modular classrooms that connect online with students from Chile and Portugal.

Some of the students are separated from the group because their class is about to begin, when entering their module, one of the young people points to the blackboard and imitates the teacher without realizing that he is about to enter to start his class and stops to see him in his performance.

Jorge makes the gesture of the teacher who, when placing his books and work tools, raises his hand towards the students and tells them with energy and enthusiasm:

– Let’s do magic! His classmates laugh at his exaggerated way of proceeding and almost in unison everyone is silent and very serious, they have noticed the presence of Zila, their teacher.

Clearing his throat, the teacher tells Jorge:

– Mmmmh! Let’s see, do you imitate or make fun of me? He observes him with an attitude of challenge and smiles to lower the tension of the whole group, waiting for the response of Jorge who nervously responds quickly:

– Master, I like that you tell us that, it makes us feel in a different world, that world that you help us remember, we do not know if we will be ascended masters at some point, but the experience is vibrant.

Zila observes him and thanks him clasping both hands in an attitude of respect and invites him to sit down to start the class that awaits everyone and that takes them to distant worlds as pointed out by his partner Jorge.

The teacher turns his back to them to write down on the board with his finger, thanks to the heat of the human body this surface allows notes to be drawn. The tactile model precludes the use of the old chalk as pandemic dust had been banned decades ago.

The word everyone sees appear is:


He turns and watches the young people, some with pensive faces, others searching for the word on their cell phones. Then he said to them:

– Today is a special day in the life of every inhabitant of the Earth, but not very different from the way men and women of the past experienced it, great changes of today and yesterday have always occurred. So we are going to connect the energy of the two of you to the energy of the runes, we will have a week for the analysis and later we will go with other resources from a different place on the planet, in the agenda that will reach your emails you will see the list of mystical tools that we will put to work with our mind and of which we will make a historical and social analysis.

I need two volunteers, each one will take a rune when they return it leave it in the salts of the container that you see on this site, do not put them with all the others. I will not tell you why it should be this way, it is part of the research task.

With his gaze he observed the pupils, ready to be part of this rehearsal, their faces shone, they wanted to be part, but it was not he who pointed them out; he simply said:

– Only two of you to begin with, if we have time we will choose more.

Of course, it was one of them Jorge who jumped up in front of the teacher to choose a rune. The teacher held his hand up to the next participant, saying, wait your turn.

He looked at Jorge and asked him:

– Tell me which hand do you think is the one that should lift a rune?

The somewhat confused student said:

I’m a skilled teacher by logic … I want to use my right hand

– Do not give priority to one side of your body, close your eyes and see within yourself which hand is willing to share energy to decipher this moment.

The young man scratched his head and said with certainty:

– I will do it with the one that does not scratch my head is the one that is not anxious.

– Perfect, go ahead. Tell us which of them you chose and which has chosen you:

Jorge showed his teacher the drawing of the rune that he had between his fingers and noted:

I don’t know what it is called, this symbol, all I see is that it is a balanced figure, if I draw it from one side or the other it is the same.

The teacher asked him to put it in the other container and draw it on the board for everyone else. He asked him to take a seat and addressed the group that looked at the drawing, minutes later it vanished.

– Its Nordic name is madhr in Neolithic times, the first signs of its presence appear, it later extends between Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Gothic, each one of them a name whose variable is phonetic, its meaning is the same: The primitive man, the one who looks the other of his species in the front.

Now, I need you to tell each one of us, what represents the rune for you

Jorge got up and with the great decision said:

– Professor since the human being settled in this world has led the others and must continue to be that way, we cannot allow newcomers from another galaxy to come and tell us what is best for us, we must be strong in that presence.

Zila crossed his arms and leaned on his desk looking at him reflectively and asked:

– Do you feel vulnerable and fearful that a group of living beings from another world are now a presence among us and you do not recognize them as human?

Certainly, the rune represents the human, differentiated from the rest, but the human on one side is just as you have said before, a balanced figure that if you draw it on one side and the other is the same.

The students looked at each other, the subject had unusual implications. They saw how Jorge got up to work with that idea and expand the definition of it with the help of the data that the teacher would give him.

Photo The Madhr by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Information by the Book: “Oracle of the Runes” by Pablo Runa