The maiden’s broken flute

The power of the mind can help sometimes, sometimes it is not possible to enter the thoughts of others with the ease that you want and it is history that accounts for it.

“The hunter is not afraid unless the prey catches him first; when you are not the prey but the sacrifice, it is your will that decides, but not always ”

The Messenger

The goddess Coyolxauhqui has a millenary history that was embedded in the soul of the inhabitants, which was mixed with the idea of ​​the Virgin who became pregnant by the grace of a God who was not yet known in this territory, but who served the evangelizers in a timely manner.

Sweeping the Temple in which Erandi was now meditating, was how she keeps a feather between her clothes and it impregnates her with the strong and audacious warrior Hutizilopochtli, who is born as an adult tearing his mother’s womb with his dagger.

Deep within the thoughts of the priestess there was another story, one that her conscience dictated:

“It is not death that unites them, she is not reborn, she simply changes as she walks through the immense star stage”

The noise of the feather headdress of Tlatoani, sways with the wind as he listens carefully to the words of his ritual companion and exclaims:

  • Your thoughts in other people’s ears can set you a certain and deadly trap, it is not worth putting words of reason in the deaf ears of who have created a structure for the domination and preservation of what has already been established.

Erandi looked at him serenely and with his hand he caressed the face of the man who tried by all means to protect her:

  • I understand that breaking beliefs that have a reason for others does not have good results, nor in my position is it possible, without it I could not do the opposite. Have you imagined that many of the skywatchers must think in the same way and prefer to be silent? From the star – smoking, until Tonatiuh; If we did not have full knowledge of all these data, neither Tonalpohualli nor Xiuhpohualli would give way to the festivities of the lord of the south; the ceremony of the new fire arrives on time when both calendars coincide.
  • This is right, beloved Erandi;  the lord of the north has to wait for his Toxcatl, but the maidens have to break their flutes before the coincidence of which you have spoken and we cannot change it. 

It is important to point out that even now all those who are part of an idea that differentiates them from others, who does not join the herd, who tries to look at reality from another perspective, must be pointed out if they openly declare themselves alien to what the group thinks.

They can be openly discriminated against for their mistakes, their lack of knowledge of the other, for not meeting certain circumstances,they can be relegated because the group decides that itsn´t  possible and healthy for them, of course it happens.

To Hutizilopochtli, among the Aztecs, the South corresponded to him and the North to the powerful lord of the shadows, the being to whom the dean Ana Pérez Riv paid tribute and recognized the powers of the occult, Tezcatlipoca, of course.

They say that Hernán Cortez uses an eclipse to subdue the inhabitants, thinking that they did not know it but it is important to clarify that they had a valuable job of predicting eclipses to those who feared because of the power they attributed to him from the deep mysteries that they could not be subdued by anyone and that is the reason why they offered sacrifices to Tezcatlipoca in a special ceremony called Toxcatl.

They had knowledge of the revolution of Venus and the calendars mentioned above Tonalpohualli, had 260 days and was exclusive for everything related to divinations; and Xiuhpohualli with 365, by means of which the cycle of crops and agricultural times were regulated and when both coincided the date that added 52 years was given and the ceremony of the New Fire was necessary, otherwise the return and continuity could succumb of stellar positions and appearances, where Mars and the Moon played an essential role in the same way.

Erandi, did not conceive that the relationship of the movements of the stars could be stopped by the blood of humans in sacrifice, the universe above was indifferent, their paths were there to explain constants, but she could not say it and when she did not achieve it she would have to use of other means so that this was known before others who only guessed, mixed their own ideas to the fact.

The power of the mind can help sometimes, sometimes it is not possible to enter the thoughts of others with the ease that you want and it is history that accounts for it.

Photo: Huitzilopochtli the brave warrior from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis

The Sun Stone of the Aztec calendar that has in the center the leader of the sky Tonatiuh (source Wikipedia)

The Smokey-Star means Comet

His name gave meaning to everything

Sometimes you can get far enough away from known space, you can believe that this will change your mood and your outlook, you could be wrong.

“The past is so different from the future since it houses what you cannot recognize when you position yourself in it”   

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

We Still do not know the name of the Ometeotl priestess, it is necessary to highlight who is owed and who she trusts to achieve objectives that are not common to all, within her diligent observations of the sky, she realizes that both the moon and the Sun when embracing in some way define a common form between them, Huitzilopochtli is a war strategist and before her, he adapts to their forms, he blends in with their desires and in this sense, they evoke the great beginnings together.

She does not exist without him for those who observe her, under this premise her strength is in the constant dialogues that they execute before the eyes of the beings that inhabit the known world and the one that has not been discovered.

Life flowed differently for her, her contemporaries nevertheless loved power and under those terms, they were going to engage in blood battles; They tried by all means to preserve certain intact knowledge, they engraved it in the stone of the temples; For Ometeotl, however, everything is in constant motion, for this reason, she argued:

“The processes that preserve life are and will be factors of change, without movement there is no life and no knowledge”

In those deliberations that entertained her dawns, arrived the Tlatoani of the Temple of the Moon and said:

– Erandi, observed that you meditate with the full awareness that there are battles that are coming.

She looked at him with bewilderment and pointed out:

  • I do not like that people are attacked for possessions and power, you know that.
  • We can do nothing, no magic dominates that warrior’s strength, his blood lust takes hold of an ever-growing group, the promises of wealth to those who achieve the victory of our race is a fact.
  • I have seen fire, eliminating the trail from the path of others, I have seen the might of our devastating everything that prevents the consolidation of the Tenochca Empire. I have to tell you a secret: 

“All the spilled blood will not go unpunished, there is a force whose advance will be fatal and I still cannot understand it, my rod was broken, precisely when I felt a power from the place where the sun appears, the spike that feeds the town was broken, there will be destruction, Huey Tlatoani believed himself invincible, his lineage will not achieve what was agreed in the land itself, something has to change forever. ”

That said, both visionaries looked at each other with sad eyes. In another part of the vast continent, the man from the south sleeps without wanting to wake up, his dream is pleasant, he observes the passage of a figure that he does not recognize and relates to an angel walking floats above the waters and all land surfaces, his feet fly, he does not touch the ground, he is extraordinarily light and his fantasy is pleasant until the flies bite his face and the ants bite his legs and he wakes up angry and in pain.

He realizes that there is a path that others travel and whose purposes are not the same as those he has in mind, he wonders what path someone would travel in flight and without stopping, where his route will take him and if it is just a message that he must decipher.

Painani will not know about him, that’s what we know, but somehow she will leave traces in his memory that could be useful or create a crisis for him; They do not speak the same language, they do not know the same rituals, the only thing that unites them is their need to get to where they are not recognized.

Sometimes you can get far enough away from known space, you can believe that this will change your mood and your outlook, you could be wrong.

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on

Author’s note Erandi means sunrise in the Nahuatl language

The path that you only intuit, does not belong to anyone and can belong to everyone

If you have the complete information you can give it the use you want, if you have the power behind a magician, you can be powerful and achieve what you want but not forever. If your magic does not govern your ambition, you will be able to reach a deep knowledge of the truth that not everyone will understand.

“If your sensory range is limited, you have infinite options to make mistakes”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

The priestess of the Ometeotl temple, meditated in her enclosure analyzing her small magic gadgets and special powers:

<The Moon is defeated on its way by the Sun, on few occasions during the trip it manages to convince him, to negotiate for her life and her dreams; We never know the strength and scope of that deal.>

What she felt had not only been seen and caused panic in a wide territory that formed the crown of the Earth, what we know as the North Pole, for her it was imperceptible, difficult without a doubt it was imagining the true form of the vastness that inhabited together with other living beings. She affirmed with total security:

<Observing is not enough, feeling either, only with magic I make the thoughts make sense; energies change, some messages are repeated over time, they are phrases that I have heard and understood on the lips of others and that is a constant. Voices cross from one space to another.>

While she deliberates and enters the moments where her loneliness is the tool for analysis, in another part of the world the sea becomes an overwhelming force that wrenches calm in its wake from the once bucolic landscape: 

The man from the south contemplates the coast, great clouds are hovering over his head, he perceives that his hair has grown enough to cover it and hit him on the back, the large fish jump announcing something that he does not understand, they are dolphins or perhaps whales, he cannot know it in the distance …

Painani also observes the great hump of the great cetaceans that jump from where she is and carefully says:

<It always happens that when they leave the water they connect with the immensity of a world that they touch only a few seconds and that is enough for the magic to do its part>

None of them is aware of what happens in the places of the northern ice and the deep unease of a thousand It is for the settlers the omen of something fearsome for them is coming, but more than one Monarch will know how to use it to concentrate troops and make others bow to their interests.

If you have the complete information you can give it the use you want, if you have the power behind a magician, you can be powerful and achieve what you want but not forever. If your magic does not govern your ambition, you will be able to reach a deep knowledge of the truth that not everyone will understand.

Photo Annular eclipse Jun, 10, 2021

Photo by Andrew Beatson on

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The secret agreement between the Moon and the Sun in the new lands of the north

The world expects us to be what is needed of us, only just rebellion will make us what we are and preserve our independence.

“You will have messages from the future but not the one you read in the segments of a fruit, that which is really what will come”

The Messenger

The priestess looked with care, her tools to discover what her body sensed, they were messages different from what she had received before, it was time to understand that sometimes there are stellar agreements that we do not know, that we can only feel and surprise ourselves and that mark the beginning of something completely new.

With agile manoeuvring, she threw her sticks for guess what they were saying, there was again the friendly feeling of Ometeotl, she understood the mystery of a commitment of those that are difficult to break because they do not come from the one who looks at you in the face, but from that, you still do not know and that may set the tone for your steps and your goals. 

She knew that her questions would be capable of total changes, those that her eyes would not see in the future that is projected in that being for the simple fact that you are the one who allows him to walk on your path and rule with the truth what he touches.

Away from all that concentration and ideals, with her heart in suspense, Painani continues on her way, her feet aching and her soul broken by the fear of what she has recently experienced, the sands gave way to the rocks that she had to avoid with careful steps, bandaging her feet. with the skin of the fish that served as food.

She observed the horizon that she left behind, the north that was not the same as her tutor was observing, but in the end, a place that was the navel that saw her birth and that she would never see again, she sighed with the fear of not understanding that her she was waiting and at the same time encouraged by the new dawns she sensed.

Nothing we know helps us understand what we do not know, but some beings cross the jungle with a different spirit and one of them was the man from the south:

He manages to create a favourable vision of his successes, none of them will give him certainty, his value judgments are no longer tied to those of a group, he travels alone with his resources and his decisions will speak for him, no one else will.

The condor observes the passage of the man from the south

The sky showed its implacable fury and was able to penetrate the fortress that a waterfall offered him, joyfully he received the most fascinating bath of the way and he meditated to himself:

For the man from the south to think how the group was almost always a burden, now in their moments of loneliness in that immense place, everything was different, to compete being the strongest, the best, the one who was right and the one who adhered to the decisions of the group, it was no longer necessary.

But this would not be forever, his times and schedules would be fragmented by what awaited him, his destination was not the hermitage, but a vast valley populated by others where his life would have meaning, but he still did not know it.

Compositions by the author with PicArt’s free filter
Reference of the fruit segments that is nothing other than the meridians of the earth.
Photograph “The condor observes the man from the south” by the author

No character dies adrift

In life some allies come our way and show us with their perseverance that life is a fascinating journey, we are never alone if we know how to recognize them and be part of them.

“Every forgetfulness returns, all moments are history”

The Messenger

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Taking charge of what we have built, we comment on it and we do that; otherwise, we lose the common thread of the scene that we have to live. the man from the South with all the determination launched an unexpected message of those that are only conceived when the journey needs them when there is no other way to attend to the listener.

Then he looked around and realized that the ounce was only looking at him in the distance, his territory reached that place, there was no time to change the plan, her moment was no longer that, the man observed her with those quiet nostalgia that as the days went by, he had ceased to be afraid of becoming his prey and to understand that she only took care of the passage in her territory and her space.

The man raised his arms to the sky, grateful to have managed to reach the limit of the world he knew and at the same time understand that his passage through the new path would be plagued with new predators and possibly some friends.

He felt how the shadow of a huge condor covered his body and encouraged him to continue, nothing could come between the open space of the sky and its imposing landscapes, so determined and with a firm step, he continued towards the unknown and made his way with that energy that gives him hope.

In another part of the vast continent whose name would bury stories and build others, Painani observes the piece of flint that will help her build a hunting spear and a means of sustenance; Now she knows that she is not alone, she decided one path and left the other, the bifurcation disappears as the days go by, with the career that she has been slow and constant, not abandoning is the best advice her tutor could give her and she knows it.

How many others would do the same in the course of their time, build instruments to use them and achieve their purposes? Nobody knows but what she now recognizes is that what is thought and shared creates an echo in the distance and leaves a path to follow or simply abandon.

She kept her obsidian weapon and moved away from the place where others could smell her, feel her, stalk her, covered her face with mud and her invisibility made her stronger, it is impossible to defeat a warrior disguised, her camouflage is a talent learned in that place. where it became what it now is.

The sea appeared before her eyes and she remembered the words of those who helped her at the beginning of her journey, beautiful, greenish-blue like the look of love that waits with patience and tenderness and she felt its rhythmic sway and understood that the adventure was about to change her mind. life forever, with vigour and without being entertained, she followed the path of golden sands, understanding the song of the conches and their secrets.

The intelligence of the priestess in the temple of Ometeotl had warned her of the singing of sirens, and at the same time of the immense value that a conch has to transmit messages and be part of them. Painani drew in her mind the face of that beloved teacher who set her on a path that she had possibly only travelled with the power of imagination, that intuition that had given her the absolute magic to move in the distance and perhaps in time.

The immense sea showed the solar semicircle when it vanished, losing itself in the depths of its depths; but he never stopped touching her skin, erasing her tracks as a sign of complicity, sheltering her person so as not to be persecuted by anyone who wanted to harm her.

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The most despicable dungeon

We will never know which hell is worse in desolation, but with the sea wind in our favour, everything could be different.

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

“There are no spaces of our own without the complicity of the other”

The Messenger

The priestess of the temple of the Moon was meditating on what would have to happen or arrive by the path of deep water; when a man with a feathered headdress approached her with a smile:

  • I desire that Ometeotl vibrates in your dreams, lady. I see that you have completed your liberation task.
  • That’s right, Ocelotl is a guide for her, is good that the others thinking about him as a  raptor.
  • Has your rod pointed out something you didn’t expect?
  • I cannot see in the deep horizon, but some desperate person has certainly visited the lady Moon of my temple and his concern must be such that he was not impassive in her presence.
  • The moments come in the time that they are, and not in the ones we want.

Both are observed with reflective glances, the night gave way to dawn, life has been allowed to Painani, the young woman with the winged feet thanks to the skill of the woman who changed her destiny forever.

The priestess said: some desperate person has certainly visited the lady Moon of my temple and his concern must be such that he was not impassive in her presence.

Beyond the horizon, a group of the unfortunate struggle to stay alive until the next moon, hope lost and their future hung by the gallows.

They hear the squeal of a rat…

  • Damn animals are as hungry as we are, damn it!
  • Hey, what the fuck brought you here, who did you put iron in the throat?

The inmates look suspiciously at the group of newcomers who have just arrived, they realize that the gendarme cares little that space is reduced, they will be able to hang all of them or they will die in rotten attacked by the jaws of rats.

The man with a dark complexion and braided beard does not answer, he only looks at them with disgust and anger, the same way as the others do:

  • You must be the son of an al-Majus

Another of the men with defiant attitude snaps at him:

  • The same one who has had raped so many others, leave it alone, if you make a mess again, they’ll leave us without that shit they give us for food.

The robust man with the peculiar beard with a hoarse voice muttered to the group:

  • The ship where I was sailing was sold to the Christians, the Captain kicked me down when I told him that I preferred my freedom to kiss that ass for money.

Most of them broke into mocking laughter, amidst the most varied comments:

  • Brave freedom you have won al-Majus
  • Oh!, at least I threw more than three Christians to the edge of my sword, God does not have them in Glory, direct they will have gone to hell.
  • Shut up, here comes the gendarme’s son of a bitch and he’s not alone.

The jailer approached shouting:

  • More than one wretch today will be lucky, this man who accompanies me will take you to hell!

There was a tense silence and the scrutinizing look of an emissary of who knows who looked at them but not exactly as men for the gallows; He was pointing to those he saw stronger, while the jailer urged them to get up and file out of the dungeon.

Among them was the al-Majus who the night before through the crack of that filthy place had noticed the brightness of the Moon and had begged her that it all end or his gods release him or rescue him from the filth.

We will never know which hell is worse in desolation, but with the sea wind in our favour, everything could be different.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

A different horizon orders chaos

The world of the future is something that we build in the present and if we can make its structures help us to continue towards the stars, we can revolutionize the established and be better versions of what we are now.

The Beginnings

The Bridge, Second Chapter

By Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

It is important to remember the constant transformations of the sorceress Sol, to understand that his path to the stars had happened many centuries ago, possibly this happens to the consciences that are rooted in collective thought, they are cohesive by the gravitational action of all those who think them and this, of course, is not science, only the magic of my imagination.

However, no one can be oblivious to the fact that our thoughts make others around us react, we can influence people with what we express, this is science and if it were possible to enhance it from a distance, well nobody knows. That is what dreams are made of when we project an idea and can over time make it concrete, in some way similar to what we had in mind.

Precisely those who left but were never forgotten, will live together forever in a fascinating dynamic and creating resonance.

Barderian and the sorceress Sun had put in their minds a goal under a simple statement: Preserve what matters and interest others in that awareness; Every philosopher, scientist, thinker, mystic, intellectual, writer, the social protestor is governed by very similar rules; we know by collective criteria that their ideals do not die, they also transform the people around them, their creations help society advance.

Also exist the fanatics,  who use their doctrines and teachings to attract followers and modify certain philosophies at their convenience, then, someone breaks the mold, criticizes, reflects, questions dynamize the chaos from which it will emerge with the passage of the centuries a different path.

They are those who make the wheel turns in the world upside down to discard the tinsel and every decorative subterfuge, remain perennial, eternal, united to a collective memory that regroups and sustains them even beyond their existence.

Precisely those who left but were never forgotten, will live together forever in a fascinating dynamic and creating a resonance.; Each people of the world will give them a name and value them in their own beliefs, but it is good to point out that their conscience in that swing that does not allow the emptiness in the immense cosmos does not recognize any more ideology or creed than that of being the unity of consciences to favor of what must be preserved; It seems impossible to me to imagine heaven for atheists and another for Catholics, one more apart for Muslims … I cannot conceive of something like that; I definitely cannot believe it when I think that we are all made of the same substance and in the end, there is no dress, no lavish palaces and no banquets, in a place that leaves the material of the world of the living.

We are approaching the epilogue

Once the Eggyans wore their credentials that validated them as residents on Earth, most research centers and space agencies wanted them in their facilities, their important knowledge of the cosmos, the innovations they had achieved to undertake the journey, they were placed in a privileged place to give classes and conferences.

Their forced androgyny that helped them endure the impressive journey was reversed over time, many of them fell in love again and life allowed them that the mixture between humans and Eggyans will enhance the genetics of living beings on our planet and the other spaces inhabited by intelligent beings of the cosmos.

The birth of Professor Zila and Citlali’s daughter was an event, of course, they named her Alnitak, about the flame nebula, her birthday was also received by an earth tremor in the Mexican capital, as a reminder of the day. that was conceived.

In his adolescence he sat at his father’s desk and said with total seriousness:

<Father, I do not agree that the ascended masters and mystical leaders retain that name, I think they are much more than that, let’s undertake a work To modify that idea, revolutionizing the established gives us evolutionary strength and is the best way to exclaim Let’s do magic! >

The world of the future is something that we build in the present and if we can make its structures help us to continue towards the stars, we can revolutionize the established and be better versions of what we are now.

Gif “The revolutionary chaos”

The shocking moment that no one witnessed

Some battles occur in the most resounding of silences of which we will never know and sometimes everything depends on them.

The Beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

Barderian with the shattered soul proceeded to dissect the brain of Raudek Vilob, the love of his life and giver of the vital energy that allowed him to energize every adventure, trip, endeavor, however difficult it was, she was like his vibrant light, in every task that he did, she allowed him to achieve the impossible always.

With the support of Yertei and Ontyl and advised by the entire team installed on the Moon of Medreos, they proceeded to the surgery, Barderian knew that he had to return to Eggya and spread the message of Vilob, it was important that the people knew it and were prepared by the time it all came to an end

Everyone will remember  Barderian’s depressing look, trying to be strong so as not mourn out in front of the cameras, only those close to him understood what all that was about, for other people their intuition pointed out everything they were going through, in general, there was not a day that it was not known that some other territory near the central star was dying or exploding, causing clouds of dust and falling rocks that had once been beautiful planting landscapes, literally death fell in pieces from the skies.

His last warning was to indicate that he would undertake the trip to the place with the key to the portal of stars, which he had already told them in advance, his success would prevent him from returning and his failure would not allow him to let know to anyone, he noticed them that he entrusted the future maneuvers in the hands of the team of pilots, among which were Yilia and Taige.

When he fulfilled the last wish of his beloved Raudek Vilop, head down he went to the shed where he kept his aircraft, seized with deep nostalgia, he imagined that he would feel in his body or head the voices of each of the Drieden who now they were part of his central nervous system, which would be able to shake his marrow with the presence of Raudek, who could sense it, but it was not like that.

Each dendrite was optimally integrated into his body until they became part of his being, he could not recognize among the dendrites of  Drieden and the other normal beings that now were part of his being. Nor did he know if realized all that, what was certain is that those living beings were now the electrical interconnections within their organism.

He prepared the ship to take the leap that would remove him forever from all known, his mind was playing a charade, that kind of riddle where the closest memory was his burned body without being able to penetrate the threshold and his need to return alone, just like he had done it months ago.

This time there was no return, the affront was to die or live facing a world that he did not know, of which he knew nothing and in which perhaps he would not have the opportunity to announce it to anyone.

Reach the Threshold where there is no turning back, the options are limited, live or die

The portal was in front of him, he arranged the machine horizontally and reduced its dimensions, as close to his body perimeter; like a gust, it launched itself to penetrate that place that we know as the Cave Nebula and that would later carry with pride for each Eggyan that of the Barderian Corridor.

He felt every inch of his body burn, the fireball that was his ship was pulverized exploding into pieces, his last words were:

“My love, Raudek, we are dead with everyone else this was useless”

A cloud of gases surrounded Barderian’s body who shuddered in a terrifying moan when his limbs shattered and he heard no more from him. The ship was just pieces of red-hot metal that melted, dripping in weightless volutes into the vastness of that site that gave life to thousands of stars.

Suddenly he felt aware of being a speck surrounded by others that he could not recognize and neither did they, Barderian or what was left of him, articulated an idea in his empty ether nor whatever allowed him to still think:

“I am the shipwreck of my arrogance with all of you, we fall without knowing where and even when we float in nothingness, we sink in an eternal sway where we cease to exist, the eternal revelation of an exodus motivated us and now we are pieces of stardust in the immensity of the cosmos “

That fluid without weight, elastic, ethereal, shone turning into a swaying of golden, translucent tones, where nothing and nobody heard anything, an echo crackled in the distance, the portal left behind had been crossed with Barderian and the others that perceive it. 

A silence where the wind of the fiery fire was extinguished was the only certain thing, but the uncertainty of being steam was still present in the mind of Ingerin Barderian, who refused to lose identity still lifeless, despite death itself.

Then the inconceivable happened, a fabulous fire approaches without being heard, without crackle and flames, a bolide of soft tones moves towards what remains of Barderian; he feels imprisoned in a kind of veil that contains him and he cannot avoid the proximity of that diffuse presence that he perceives without seeing it.

Perhaps the others who accompany the scattered remains of what is no longer Barderian}, feel the same but no one can know it between them; then they are impacted by the force of that mass that surrounds them without invading them, without attacking them and a thunderous noise screams without a voice, but penetrating every fiber of their weightless fluid:

“Barderian, our task together is just beginning, prepare cause that this will not be easy“

For all those who have followed the story, they know perfectly who it is and the work they will do together for the defense of the world where hope lives.

Some battles occur in the most resounding of silences of which we will never know and sometimes everything depends on them.

Photo of the Cave Nebula

How do you explain the concept of religion to an alien?

The world has been eager to repeat rituals, considering them its bastion of security without understanding that to advance as humans we need a different dynamic.

The Beginnings 

The Bridge. Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

Algyen had been left with a phrase that seemed incomprehensible to him “Inquisition” and asked the group:

– Please explain to me what concept the ancient settlers had to make Dibra, a force that should be imposed and if you were against it, it was necessary to kill you, I can’t understand that.

The eggyan stressed, for us, Dibra is a concept of spirituality, it is that moment when you can reflect in the other all your humanistic, spiritual strength to understand the needs of the other. I figure that is what you explain to us as the image of God, for us Dibra.

Anon, one of the mystical leaders present there, just a graduate student in Professor Zila’s philosophy class, listened with concentration, at the moment he pointed out with total certainty:

– Algyen, Eggyan friends; to answer this question, we must go very far in the history of humanity to a place called Nazareth, where a young man was born who understood the inequality of his people and became one of the first revolutionaries whose ideals were precisely those that humans saw at the time. another as its reflection; for the rulers in turn their ideas were a declared affront to the conservation of their hierarchies, where they had the power to be monarchs for something that was known as “Divine Designation” a well-organized subterfuge that gave them power over men and their possessions.

Years later, his personality was the flag of great battles of the most bloodthirsty to sustain the faith of Christians in the so-called “Crusades”

This man called Jehovah, for other  Yeshua, Ieshu or Jesus,  was murdered in the cruelest way imaginable, his followers needed him so that their ideals would not die and within their scarce resources and knowledge of the cosmic order, they gave an answer to his example, resurrecting his presence in the collective imagination.

Years later, his personality was the flag of great battles of the most bloodthirsty to sustain the faith of Christians in the so-called “Crusades”; support of ostentatious monuments that legalized the power of God on Earth in the figure of the ecclesiastical monarch who would occupy the papacy.

Rituals called masses were offered where a series of verses were repeated in a language only for connoisseurs, Latin, and this that I comment was repeated later in the language of each nation, the verses to adore and venerate God the father, the lavish culture of the church and its choirs sustained its rituals for almost two and a half centuries.

He did not write and it was his followers who put his words on paper, these were later modified according to the interests of the Monarchs in abbeys, He did not need temples richly decorated in gold and other precious metals, nor to repeat identical verses each end During the week in the masses that were offered around the planet, he only needed to meet with the people and talk to them about equitable conduct with their fellow men, about a serene understanding where war has no place.

In more recent times people no longer rebuild churches, breaking the structure of the Vatican, the seat on Earth of God’s power, gave way to understanding thanks to Latin American papal successors who understood that that man from Nazareth had given a diametrically opposite message to what the powerful in turn did.

If perhaps the Nazarene became an ascended being and could see the barbarism that they did in his name, I recognize that alongside sorcerers like Alnitak and others, they have not stopped fighting to penetrate the magical thinking of beings that push humanity to a way of seeing the relationships between them differently.

Currently, in this year 2287 people meet in socialization centers to remember the philosophy of theologians and make comparisons with other thinkers, finding a point of convergence; some are purists and only specialize in their own way of looking at their Dibra as you have said; We no longer contemplate the Pope in a sumptuous mansion, that place is now a museum and research center for the sciences and humanities.

Ana Perez Riv, clearly analyzed some thoughts that she herself had when remembering the ceremonial Tzompantli of the ancient Aztecs and placing her hand firmly on the table she pointed out:

– Penetrate the dark scene that allows us to see the light at the end of a deep cave flooded with fear, bewilderment, and ignorance, possibly it has not been easy for anyone, between mistakes and successes we see the weak fall, we see the subjects and servants obey and those who understand that the human is not a servant to worship emerge to no one, but a builder of freedoms to be part of the flame of knowledge.

The glances of encouragement from the visitors and their Asgardian colleagues, the mystical leaders present there, smiled, pleased by the richness of each of the reflections poured there on that historic day.

The world has been eager to repeat rituals, considering them its bastion of security without understanding that to advance as humans we need a different dynamic.

Photo The names Joshua and Jeshua in Hebrew writing with “taggim”

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The woman who looked at me from the mirror

Each of us is capable of creating memories and in them see the path traveled and value what we have learned in it

The beginnings 

The Bridge, Second Chapter

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa

To get to the full knowledge of what happened among that group for which Vidra asked, Professor Zila, took the floor to indicate:

– – It exists, and it existed, a being that saved the life of my genetic root, I say it with certainty since if it weren’t for her, I would not be here talking to all of you, she was not of my race, nor of any other, allowed that her true friends put a name to her.

As far as we know, she made deals with leaders, and mystical magicians, we have no record, maybe Odin imposed a tribute when she requested to know his secrets, because she had a luminous mark in one of her eyes, at the same time, she wins the respect from her friends, and followers; when she realized that she could fall into the clutches of some belief that would use her personality to make temples or invent miracles, and charge for them, then she decides transmuted to another being, to confuse them.

Among the initiates, and mystical leaders who knew her, a phrase that we know and value was spread: 

“Not for love, and not for power”

It is necessary to remember a character in the story Bede the Venerable, who saw the Christian religion in the 8th century as a unifying factor much more important than language and culture, and it was one of the factors that influenced the fall of the peoples of my genetic root, being Viking or magicians, it was synonymous with pagans, religion arranged to fight and destroy traditions. It was not the unique story that was pointed about by the woman of whom I speak, she describes this scenario as the eternal human voracity.

Ana nodded, and recognized that one of the most terrifying maneuvers of the conquerors was to consider religion as a tool of submission, the same thing happened when the Spaniards arrived in our territory, no one understood the true reason for our mysticism and how the churches indoctrinated they had the materials to do it, while they evangelized, they taught philosophy, they taught reading and writing. But no one escaped here and in the other Continent of an atrocity that they called “The Holy Inquisition”

Beatriz asked with great interest:

What was the name of the lady who defended the life of an ancestor of Professor Zila?

Sofia pointed out: Perhaps no one will ever know her real name, she vibrates in everyone’s mind to show a path as if it were a flame that does not extinguish.

Sofía answered with great confidence:

– Alnitak is his home, we do not know since when, that place has high ultraviolet radiation, but somehow there must be life or it is simply the place where the force that has protected the one who in ancient times was named by his white sister with him arises name of Fire.

Most people project their true essence by looking on others, for Alnitak her magic lies in that she reflects us, and has sought to unify us especially. Perhaps no one will ever know her real name, she vibrates in everyone’s mind to show a path as if it were a flame that does not extinguish.

I would like to imagine their first encounter in the vastness of the cosmos with your group, without a doubt it must have been plagued with doubts and fears; but she is a strategist and I know that she encourages those who know how to recognize on her and recognize themselves in her.

Without knowing it, and without even understanding it, each temple praises the eternal flame, the ancients lit a bonfire to dialogue and tell each other secrets, to ask the saints for a favor, people light candles.

We summarize in Alnitak a power that enhanced the light of her knowledge, although that she doesn’t like to be valued as a unique leader or worthy of that recognition, but as the instrument to create paths and build bridges.

Those present were silent, thoughtful, astonished, they understood that unifying humanity in a single fire had not been easy and they were happy to understand that the age of barbarism no longer inhabited humanity in the current year 2287, an amazing journey where the greatest enemy of another human had been precisely someone of the same species desiring his possessions.

Let us remember readers that moment when the armies unite on the threshold of the Barderian Corridor:

<Your army is powerful, I was impressed, Barderian >

vibrates the point where we place the dendrite of the daring adventurer with force when he exclaims with another electrifying impulse:

<The yours is numerous, I am surprised Sorceress>

The voice of the red dot like the garnet answers eloquently:

<It has been difficult to understand human voracity all these centuries, let’s fight together to give them more time in the System that I inhabited since time ago the changes are slow >

The yellow light is strengthened with energy and its power makes both formations vibrate:

<Sorceress, let us trust, divide into two skinny ones, using the art of deviation we will attack with all the power against the rocks that attempt destruction>

The sorceress that inhabits the dendrite of red tones like garnet shakes her group is with a phrase that we will never forget and that centuries ago the alchemist pronounced for her :

<Be amazed to be bearers of light!>

Bibliographic reference:

John Haywood’s Men from the North, Lindisfarne, Athelney, and York Chapter: Vikings in England, 789-954 Subtitle: The Unification of England, p. 115

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Photo “Fire nebula” ESO/IDA/Danish 1.5 m/R. Gendler, J.-E. Ovaldsen, C. Thöne and C. Féron – ESO

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