Storms of ideas, storms of vital energy

If you are what you write, believe what you say, in every word you remember you will feel that the truthfulness of your words is unforgettable, they will become part of your synapse and the DNA of the time you have lived.

The private reception

Life is a journey that not all of us live in the same way, sometimes we have the opportunity to understand that we have arrived at a place for the simple fact that something important will be revealed to us, then it is enough to wait for it to happen with a positive attitude. 

The forced agreement with Huey Tlatoani

When you take for granted that history cannot be looked at in any other way, there will always be someone who will come to you and tell you, take a good look, there is something you haven't seen, take another look at the landscape and discover it.

In your memories, there will always be the bent rod

It is possible that the society they address is not what they expect and many of the rituals and experiences will dislocate and terrify them, but the group that gives them strength is the one they have joined even before arriving, remember that was all due to a bent rod.